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2003/8/27-2004/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:10001 Activity:nil 61%like:29474
8/26    new SSL certs for imap/pop and stunnel. bugs to root.
2003/8/27-10/22 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:10007 Activity:kinda low
8/27    My computer WinXP has a lot open but isn't actually DOING ANYTHING
        and yet explorer is running in the background at 50% of CPU and up
        (on a 1.6G processor) and i can hear my hard disk being accessed
        like mad.  Is there any software that can tell me what is going on?
        What files are being accessed?  What the hell explorere is acutally
        DOING?  ok thank(ia).
        \_ Try the utilities at  Process Explorer will
           tell you the CPU usage of various threads within the explorer.exe
           process.  Filemon will tell you who is causing all the disk
           activity.  --sky
        \_ Probably some virus or spyware.
        \_ search for filemon.
        \_ Press Ctrl-Shift-Escape and sort processes by CPU time.
           Click View -> Select columns and choose some I/O operations.
           \_ ctrl-alt-delete shows task manager in xp, and is easier to type.
              but still, that doesn't show in any degree of detail what's
              actually going on.
              \_ Have you tried View -> Select columns yet?
2003/8/27-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:10017 Activity:nil
8/26    Carpool from eastbay to santa clara, 8-5pm ?
        email if interested.
2003/8/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:29479 Activity:nil 50%like:12001
8/26    What's the difference between Math 55 and CS 70?
2003/8/27 [Computer/Networking] UID:29480 Activity:high
8/26    I get my DSL from SBC (which uses PPPoE), and when I connect the
        DSL modem directly to my freebsd machine it connects fine (using
        /usr/sbin/ppp). But when I go through a Linksys router, to
        share our DSL line with my other roommates, I can't connect
        anymore. Is there something special I have to configure on my
        machine to be able to connect? Thanks.
        \_ I imagine the Linksys router "hides" the PPPoE end of the DSL
           line, i.e., all your computer should care about is turning
           on the DHCP client (any PPPoE thing should be off).
                \_ How do I do that? (I'm a newbie still)
                   \_ I'm a FreeBSD newbie, but I imagine it's "turn off
                      /usr/sbin/ppp" and "turn on the DHCP client".  There
                      should be a FreeBSD FAQ on that.
        \_ 1. Make sure your router is actually doing PPPoE (ie, verify that
              your roommate can connect to the internet.)
           2. dmesg|more and look for your ethernet device, possibly xl0
              or something similar.  Edit /etc/rc.conf and replace any
              ifconfig_xl0 lines with ifconfig_xl0="auto", which will handle
              the dhcp client for you.
           3. If anything goes wrong, mail your friend who helped you set up
              your machine.
                \_ I actually just turned off ppp and then ran dhclient, and
                   everything worked out fine. (except that now I lost my
                   ability to host a webserver since I don't have a real IP
                   \_ All routers like this I've seen allow you to route ports
                      or port ranges to a specific client behind it.  I run a
                      webserver behind one of these routers just fine.
        \_ My God, they let people like you on the net?  That's shockingly
           dangerous.  Do you make sure to respond to all spam and open all
           attachments from Tiffani?
                \_ My God, the did let me on the net! Are you shocked?
2003/8/27 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:29481 Activity:high
8/26    Would I get the cheapest notebook computer from  Dell?  Or would I
        also need to go to Best Buy and check out similiarly equipped ones
        from Toshiba, HP, etc.?
        \_ Their specials on the 1100 probably are as good as it gets for
           a 7lb, 2ghz+ model.
        \_ Dell laptops suck.
           \_ did you see the new D series notebooks?
        \_ uhh. i don't know what you would do, but there are things you
           should do.
        \_ You would get the cheapest notebook computer from  Dell because
           you wouldn't checkout Best Buy and check out similiarly equipped
           ones from Toshia, HP, etc.
        \_ shop around.  Dell is not so cheap anymore.
        \_  right now.  Inspiron 1100 for $674
           \_ anyone know the weight on this? Video card?
              \_ look it up, fucker. try pulling your own weight for once.
                 \_fuck off.  I looked where i knew to look (the dell site)
                   i pulled up the "system details" that info ain't there.
                   This is common stuff i'm asking for that every other
                   Manufacturer shows in the analagous display.  I don't
                   know why Dell is lame or why you are such a twit.
                \_ I love you guys! - danh
                   \_ um, yeah. i guess being such a twit is why it takes me
                      30 seconds to find out that it starts at 7.22 lbs
                      and the base model has integrated "Intel Extreme"
                      graphics. train harder.
                      \_ cool, put a handle on a brick and call it portable.
2003/8/27-28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:29482 Activity:moderate
8/27    I just gave a security presentation to a bunch of MBA students working
        on a market strategy for  Aside from a mildly
        unfortunate name, they have a cute idea, but it seems slightly
        gimmicky to me.  While I can think of nice roles for some kind of
        "secure" storage like these, what's the almighty motd's opinion?  -John
        \_ sounds like hogwash.  Either the user can't get data between the
           two systems, or it's vulnerable to attack.  -tom
        \_ what do you have in mind re: unfortunate name? gitano? guano?
                \_ Puerile, but yes.  And as the PC (that's what it is) runs
                   XP, it is vulnerable to attack--the idea is to use the
                   flash memory between the two PC units to manually move
                   sensitive data back and forth.  It's got a built-in KVM
                   switch to let you work on both units, so you could connect
                   the internal unit to a 'sensitive' network and share it with
                   PCs there.  Or something.  I think the idea has some merit,
                   but they're going about it all weird.  -John
                   \_ Isn't this just reinventing sneaker net? --dim
        \_ I tried to figure out exactly what they're doing but wasn't willing
           to invest that much time doing so.  Can you explain it in a few
           short sentences?  Generally, people with important data seem happy
           with their current level of security.  If they weren't then you'd
           see products from the major vendors (EMC, Hitachi, IBM, Netapp, etc)
           to address the issue.  You don't but I wish them well anyway.
2003/8/27-28 [Science/Space] UID:29483 Activity:moderate
8/27    Check out mars tonight. It will be closer to earth tonight
        than it has been for the last 60k yrs:
        \_ Rats.  I checked it out last night.
                \_ Just go again today.
                   \_ I think you missed the sarcasm
        \_ It was closest last night at about 3:30am.
           \_ Recheck your facts...
           \_ 2:51am PDT.
2003/8/27-28 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:29484 Activity:low
8/27    This is a question for Imaging gurus.  I have a few JPEG
        files which I'm not able to view on my PC.  However, I am
        able to view the thumbnail of the pic in Windows Explorer
        in XP.  When I try to load it in 'xv' on unix I get the
        following errors.  The image is located at /csua/tmp/photo18.jpg.
        Is there any way to fix these JPEG errors?  Thanks for any
        help. -  madhav
        - Corrupt JPEG data: Premature end of data segment
        - Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers
        \_ Opera and mspaint display it just fine.  Save as a different
           format maybe.  "SOI" = start of image.  -John
           \_ Thanks.  I tried on my work PC (W2K) and it seems to open the
              image fine without any problems in Netscape 7.1, IE 6, MS Paint,
              and MS Photo Editor. -madhav
        \_ Where did the image come from?  If it is from a digital camera,
           it is likely that they did a "smaller+regular" image trick.
           Basically they stored a smaller version of the image at
           the front to allow faster preview inside the camera.  Maybe
           "xv" just does not handle this case?  (Sounds like John's
           assumption of having "two Start Of Image" may back this up.)
           \_ The image came from my Sony Mavica CD-200 digital camera.
              What is weird is that not all pictures have this problem, only
              1 in 25-30. -madhav
           \_ I did a bit of digging, and apparently some jpeg file formats
              like SPIFF use SOI markers to indicate that the following
              information is format-specific.  Some decoders don't understand
              the tags which follow the additional markers, and just look
              at the SOI bits themselves.  Page for SPIFF is at
              What's the picture of?  -John
              \_ The picture is of the valley as seen from Jungfraujoch(highest
                 train station in Europe approx. 11500 feet) in
                 Switzerland. -madhav
2003/8/27-28 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:29485 Activity:nil
8/27    Is there a good website that does SecureDigital memory comparison?
2003/8/27-28 [Computer/Domains] UID:29486 Activity:low
8/27    What is a good domain registration service?  Is dotster any good?
        \_ "Good" for what?
          \_ "Good" as in being nice to people, as in treating customer with
             courtesy. =D
             \_ i gave them money and they gave me a domain name. i did
                not get a blowjob, however, if that's what you're asking.
               \_ huh? what am I asking?  I just mearly defined "Good".
        \_ cheap w/ good interface:
        \_ rocks.  -John
2003/8/27-28 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:29487 Activity:low
8/27    in osx my finder doesn't get a little triangle in the dock and I
        can't tab to it and when i right click in the dock it says finder is
        not running.  If I kill the old running it relaunches
        the finder and the new one is found in the dock.  Does anyone have
        an idea what is going on?
        \_ obUseRealOS.  obGUIsNotForRealMen.  obReboot.
        \_ Finder is treated as a special "Application," so it is not supposed
           to be on the dock.  If you mess around enough, you can of course
           defeat that rule.  Is that what you want to know?
           \_ no finder is ALWAYS on the dock and I can't remove it.
              But having the finder not alt-tabable usless on the dock kinda
              sucks.  This happens every time I log on too.  As I said,
              restarting the finder by killing it makes it work fine.
              \_ Call Apple.
2003/8/27 [Uncategorized] UID:29488 Activity:kinda low
8/26    someone tell me i'm not the only one getting spam with the subject
        "best child pornography site" offering to give me a good deal on
        liquid heroin.
        \_ hey!  don't tell everyone about it or you'll drive up the prices!
        \_ Funky.  My coworker just got one of those.
        \_ In the meantime, feel free to report it to the Internet Watch
2003/8/27 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:29489 Activity:nil
8/26    Can someone recommend a free quick and dirty Javascript tutorial on the
        web? Sorry, I don't have time to go through the 900 page ORA book
        just to implement this silly little bookmarklet.
        \_ has a decent reference. just stfw for some
           little examples. javascript is a fairly straightforward language.
           \_ yes, but not the various very broken implementations.
              \_ true, but a "free quick and dirty tutorial" wouldn't help
                 you with this either.
2003/8/27-28 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:29490 Activity:high
8/27 - anyone ever done this, or
        have any tips on a good field to do it on in the Berkeley area?
        \_ this was fairly popular among bike geeks 4 years ago, I'm not
           sure if there are too many people that still play bike polo
           \_ see an article in June 22 2003 NY Times magazine entitled
              "The Marketing of No Marketing" ... about Pabst Blue Ribbon
              drinkers, with an intro about bike messenger's playing bike
              \_ i've read that article, and i never said that nobody plays
                 bike polo today, just that it was fairly popular a few
                 years ago and that it isn't as popular now
2003/8/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29491 Activity:nil
8/27    "Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Sex Secrets of Bodybuilders"
        1977 interview:
2003/8/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:29492 Activity:high
8/27    thank god you fuckers deleted the one remotely interesting thread!
        that was a close one!
        \_ If you really liked it, you could restore it. Go home now.
           \_ restore what?  the same knuckle dragger would just delete it
        \_ someone please restore it?
           \_ no, please don't! what was it about anyway...
2003/8/27-28 [Health] UID:29493 Activity:moderate
8/26    get infected --Jon:
        \_ I love the zombie mob effect.
        \_ just goes to show how totally unprepared mankind is against a
           zombie attack.  won't somebody please think of the children??
           \_ I feel your pain!
2003/8/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:29494 Activity:high
8/26    Invaluable history on the First Amendment
        Justice Rehnquist's Dissent in WALLACE V. JAFFREE (1985)
        Read this is you are intellectually honest.
        \_ most ironic freeper quote of the day, from the comments on the link:
           "Now, we're on the edge of the judiciary taking over. Obviously, we
            can't let this happen. We need to resist, protest, make loud noises
            and, most of all, elect conservatives who will appoint and approve
            conservative judges."
            \_ Shrug.  No different than the left thinks and say everyday in
               far more public forums.  -- (I)
        \_ There is this great theocracy known as 'Iran' you
           are free to immigrate to, have fun.   Anyway the above
           opinion was the dissenting one, why do i waste my
           time responding to the freeper guy, goodbye - danh
           \_ I read freep, but I disagree with anything that resembles
              a theorcracy. Religion should only be a matter of faith.
           \_ LOL you don't even read the link.  I would characterize
              your behavoir as partisan emoting.  And you call yourself
              a (computer) scientist - rational indeed. -op
              \_ And you obviously took exactly what you wanted to from it.
                 Find Luis Gonzales's comments.  Some of the most cogent on
                 the page (more so than Rehnquist's).  Simply looking at the
                 context in which this _DISSENTING_ (you do know what that
                 means, right) opinion is presented should tip you off to
                 the deceptive attitude of the initial poster. --scotsman
                        \_ The Court refused to enforce the 14th
                           Amendment for 90 years - is the per curiam
                           in those cases equally legitimate? -op
        \_ My name is Bill O'Reilly -- I'm intellectually dishonest, so I
           can't read that.  This is the no-spin zone! -bill
           \_ WTF does O'Reilly have to do with *anything*?
        \_ Minority Opinion, thank the Goddess. How you freepers would wail
           and scream if some pagan tried to put a statue of Pan up
           in a government building, using government funds. This is
           nothing but an elaborate rhetorical attempt to justify
           forcing your beliefs on others.
           \_ If the Framers of the Constitution were all pagan, and
              most of America today were pagan, then they wouldn't have
              a problem with a statue of Pan.
           \_ The 10 commandments don't advocate a state religion.  They are
              simply Judeo/Christian tradition.  The same tradition this
              was founded on.  Would you have them remove "In God We Trust"
              from our currency?  Does it really matter what's on it?
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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