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2003/8/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29435 Activity:high
        Forget Arnold's possible tax plans.  With a list like this lining up
        against him how could I possibly vote for him now??
        \_ According to the article, Woody Harrelson is diametrically
           opposed to abortion rights, gay rights, and gun control. Perhaps
           Woody should stop putting PCP in his bong....
           \_ perhaps you should stop taking the New York Post seriously.
              \_ Damn your cynical, fact-based logic!
              \_ Aesop's fables is similar
           \_ Woody is the man!  If he can't stop Arnold, no one can!  I see
              the President of the West Wing is on the list, too.  Now I
              *know* I can't vote for Arnold.
        \_ He lies. Penis not as impressive as implied in Twins...
           \_ look it's a PENIS!! lollerskates!!!!1
2003/8/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:29436 Activity:very high
8/22    Which court has higher power, a US District court or a
        state Supreme Court?
        \_ Federal courts have jurisdiction over Constitutional
           matters, which, unfortunately thanks to the loose
           constructionists (ie. libs), basically means everything.
           So in practice the Fed trumps all.
           \_ Actually, this isn't a liberal/conservative thing, it's
              part of the constitution, Article VI and the precedence
              of McCulloc v. Maryland. However, the Bill of Rights does
              provision that non-delegated rights (read, enumerated rights)
              are reserved for the states. So in other words, if the Fed
              doesn't give a crap about xyz, then the state has the right
              to do xyz. A prime example of this was slavery, which before the
              civil war and 13th was offically a state issue (with
              the exception of the Missouri Compromise when things got out
              of hand).
                        \_ States do not have rights, only people do.
                           \_ Don't forget corporations!  They have rights too.
                              \_ Not really.  Ask Nike.
                           The Constitution was framed to enumerate
                           their state governments.
                           powers delegated to the Federal government,
                           everything else defaulted to the people and
                           their state governments.  The Constitution
                           was meant to restrict the Federal government,
                           not citizens.
                           \_ That's why the 2nd amendment exists, so the
                              government can restrict gun ownership.  Oh wait,
                              uhm, errr, nevermind!
              \_ "The powers not delegated to the United States by the
                  Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are
                  reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
                  Amendment X, US Constitution.  In other words, if it's
                  not in the Constitution (or its Amendments), it's a
                  State issue.
                  \_ Uh, not exactly. It basically means any Law passed by
                     Congress is the Law of the Land. If Congress passes
                     an unconstitutional law then it can be contested and
                     overturned by the Supreme Court. However, Congress can
                     try to amend the Constitution so that its law is
                     constitutional. A prime example is Income Tax.
                     \_ Howzabout this:  if it's not in the Constitution,
                        it's a State issue; however, the Fed. Gov. can
                        make it a Federal matter by passing an amendment
                        or passing a law that the courts fail to strike
                        down as unconstitutional.
           \_ looks like the conservatives, particularly Ashcroft, are the
              ones trying to deny state rights these days.  -tom
              \_ hey, you're your dead senator's wife.  what's the problem?
              \_ a politician flip-flopped when it suited him.. really rare
              \_ The Justic Department does not enact laws, they enforce them.
                 National defense is the primary responsibility of the Federal
                 \_ True, but the Justice Department also puts heavy pressure
                    on lawmakers of the President's party to toe its line.
                    And sometimes it quite simply ignores laws.  -John
                    \_ "Heavy pressure"?  Golly, that's mean of them!  Those
                       lawmakers that are only held to account by the voters
                       are under "heavy pressure" by some paper pusher
                       appointees in the JD!  Mean, mean, mean, I say!
                    \_ [plonked again]
2003/8/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:29437 Activity:nil
8/22    Has anyone installed a DVR-105 in a Mac? Did you have to install
        the firmware patch to get DVD-RW working? tia.
2003/8/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:29438 Activity:nil
8/22    Here is the text of the proposed Victory Act:
        Now, I think the Patriot Act is unamarican and that Ashcroft is
        a pretty bad guy,  but I'm missing where the Evil is in
        this new act.  can someone point it out, or is it just hype?
        some of this even seems pretty good, like allowing harmless old poeople
        to leave prison if they're proven to be nonviolent.
2003/8/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/SCO] UID:29439 Activity:high
8/22    Lois Boland, director of international relations for the U.S.
        Patent and Trademark Office, said that open-source software runs
        counter to the mission of WIPO, which is to promote intellectual-property
        "To hold a meeting which has as its purpose to disclaim or waive such
        rights seems to us to be contrary to the goals of WIPO," she said.
        \_ Lessig on the subject:
        \_ Microsoft reduces visibility of open source with big lobbying $.
           \_ The PTO predates MS by about 90 years.  Let it go.
              \_ let what go?
              \_ Lois Boland does not.  The office is old and established;
                 the appointee is younger and bribeable.
        \_ For related discussion, see blurb on Petra Moser
           \_ Can you give me a better url than that?
        \_ Yes, that's their purpose.  There isn't an anti-intellectual
           property rights part of the government.  That's because in this
           case they're there to defend the rights of people who created
           something, not people who want to use someone else's stuff free.
           \_ You misread Boland's intent. He said that the government
              is not interested in supporting the rights of people
              who want to give away their own creations, only those
              who wish to charge for them. This is actually a pretty
              extreme position to take.
              \_ People who want to give away their stuff have 2 simple choices
                 which don't require a lot of PTO assistance.  1) BSD style
                 free-beer license, 2) Everything else such as GPL, or license
                 for a dollar or whatever.  People in neither category require
                 a large government agency to referee or interpret anything. I
                 understand what he was saying and find nothing extreme there.
                 \_ What does the word "contrary" mean to you? It is clear
                    that she believes it is her job to stop #2, even though
                    open source developers have the same IP rights as anyone
                    else. It is not a matter of getting government support,
                    it is the government opposition that is extreme and
                    \_ The PTO takes no action pro or con on people who want to
                       give their stuff away.  The very concept that people who
                       want to give away their stuff for free need some sort of
                       government protection is bizarre at best.
                       \_ Have you followed the SCO vs Linux lawsuits at all?
                          People trying to give stuff away are being sued,
                          so yes, they need some kind of protection, or at
                          the very least, not the active hostility of the
                          agency whose job it is to monitor such things.
                          Boland's statment makes it clear that she is
                          "con" such activity.
                          \_ SCO's position is that people are trying to
                             give stuff that doesn't belong to them away.
                             \_ SCO's position is they have an really
                                awesome reality distortion field that will
                                destroy IBM
                            \_ SCO's position is that people are trying to
                               give stuff that doesn't belong to SCO away.
                               \_ Actually, that's SCO's critics' position.
                                  SCO really does think that the UNIX bits
                                  belong to SCO.
                \_ GPL requires every bit as much government protection as
                   any other licensing scheme that places restrictions on
                   the "getting" party.   Possibly more. -phuqm
2003/8/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:29440 Activity:very high
8/22    I just got a new computer and I wanna try out its capabilities
        (I got 3GHz, 2Gig RAM, and a Radeon 9800 vid card). I want to
        try out games where you see a LOT of blood and body disfigurement,
        preferably where you're a general or a gunner trying to get rid
        of a swarm of inferior army. What are some games that'll satisfy
        the above requirements?
        \_ Watch Al-Jazeera
        \_ use your imagination.
        \_ Quake 3 alpha?
        \_ In Civ1 you run a vast civilization and destroy entire races.  I
           think you're looking for civ1.  On the other hand, anyone who spends
           a few grand on parts they don't need probably has a of more spare
           cash around.  I'll be your "Game Consultant".  I charge $250/hr or
           per question with a minimum charge of 4hrs/4questions and you pay
           in advance.
                \_ civ1? As in Sid Meier's Civilization? I played that on
                   my 386 game. Pretty cool. No blood though.
                   \_ Yeah, but think of the blood involved in wiping out
                      multiple enemy civs that might have a few million people
                      _each_!  That's more blood per turn than all the Quake,
                      Doom, RTCW, etc, games ever played combined!
        \_ Serious Sam
           \_ And SS2. These two harken back to the Doom/Doom2 days when
              there were a shitload of monsters all coming after you all at
              once. This one outdoor level with two pyramids took me ten tries
              to pass (but my oh my, how high the death count was)
        \_ Half-Life 2 is what you'll want next month. There's nothing right
           now to really push your system. For relatively recent action games
           try Jedi Knight 2 or Battlefield 1942 (online only).
        \_ Gunmetal ( brought my
           Athlon 1700 + GeForce 4400 to its knees, and not even at max
           graphics quality.
           \_ his machine is over twice as fast as yours btw
              \_ It's all about the graphics card, not the CPU on these sorts
                 of games.  Stick in a 100000ghz cpu and a shitty GPU and it
                 won't run any faster.  Bottlenecks, kids.  Think bottlenecks.
                 I guess bottles aren't shaped like that anymore.
                 \_ cpu is still important. 100000ghz cpu would probably do
                    much better than any existing gpu, assuming software
                    rendering support.
                    \_ yeah plus that 9800pro is a lot more powerful than 4400.
                       easily 2x fps with anti-aliasing and aniso filtering.
                       with fewer features the games become CPU-limited.
                    \_ Bottlenecks!!!  Your memory and system bus can't feed
                       your infinite mhz cpu.  So no, it won't go faster due
                       to software rendering without some incredibly rebuild
                       of all the buses *and* hey guess what?  Your monitor
                       is hooked up to your video card (shocker!) and again
                       you're stuck with whatever copy-to-video-ram speed
                       your video card can do.
                       \_ *sigh* I had just bought the Athlon+GeForce last
                          year, and though it's plenty fast, I'm dreading
                          seeing how HL2 or Doom3 performs. Thus far, only
                          Gunmetal chokes my system... well, that and that
                          ATI-happy benchmarking program, 3DMark2003.
                          \_ I still game on a P3-700.  Until very recently
                             it was a p3-450.  The 700 was an upgrade.
2003/8/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:29441 Activity:nil
8/22    Flashback Friday:
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