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2003/8/21 [Reference/Religion] UID:29417 Activity:high
8/20    Public museums that house religious artifacts are
        \_ url?
        \_ Drat.  There goes the Declaration of Independence.
        \_ hmm. time to load up on ammo -Arnold
        \_ They are taking God away from us!
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:29418 Activity:high
8/20    What's the difference between First Class Mail and Priority Mail
        in the USPS delivery system? Does one use a different plane/route
        than the other?
        \_ First Class: by ground  $0.36 cross country in 3-5 days ground
           Priority Mail : $3. 2-3 days xcountry by air.
           "What's your priority?"
        \_ First Class, Jojo is extra careful with the hammer.
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:29419 Activity:low
8/20    Been a long time since I work on C/C++.  Can anyone help make
        sense of this message?

        main.o: file not recognized: File truncated
        \_ Maybe the .o was originally compiled for a different architecture?
           \_, I am doing a clean build.
              \_ problem with the compile options and compile line?  What is
              \_ Are you building on a nfs mounted volume? (perhaps on
                 Linux using v2?)
                 Linux using nfs v2?)
        \_ filesystem full or hit quota?
2003/8/21 [Transportation/Car] UID:29420 Activity:moderate
8/20    Any tips on good motorcycle insurance companies?  Been licensed
        2 years but not insured, $480/yr from progressive seems a bit
        steep? (especially compared to my much lower car insurance -
        unfortunately my car insurer doesn't do bikes...). Thanks! - mds
        \_ If that is full coverage, that is cheap. If not, that is about
           5X what it shold be. If you have a perfect driving record,
           try GEICO. -ausman
           \_ if you are under 25 and you've only been riding for 2 years
              and never owned (and had insurance which you are supposed
              to have) a bike before that is a bit high, but not 5x too high.
                \_ over 30, married, but never owned...  Waiting to hear
                   back from geico, any other good ones?  Thanks! -mds
           \_ thanks for the tips!  With geice, it was just ~$100! -mds
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:29421 Activity:high
8/20    I'm trying to setup my debian linux server to accept dial-in PPP
        connections from my Linux laptop and a win98 machine that is out of
        town. I'm already running mgetty as a fax and text-login server.
        What's the best method for making connections easy for both the
        windows and (debian) linux boxes?  There's CHAP and PAP, and I'm
        not sure which (if either) to pursue.  Has anybody here done this
        and can point me in the right direction? Also, which kernel modules
        do I need to load? The laptop runs the 2.4.18-686 kernel, and the
        server runs the 2.4.20-3-686 kernel. Thanks..
        \_ that stuff sounds boring. go to the beach.
        \_ with so many self proclaimed LINUX USING! nerdlings around here I
           thought this would have been answered already.  guess talking about
           it is a lot different than knowing anything about it.
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29422 Activity:high 60%like:10146
8/20    OpenBSD 3.3 patch for a semget(2) bounds checking error:
        \_ Anyone successfully upgraded 3.1->3.3 x86 from source?  -John
           \_ Trivial.
                \_ I Keep getting "internal compiler error" when building gcc
                   according to the mini-faq.  Just wondering.  -John
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:29423 Activity:moderate
8/20    Google calculator
        \_ I dont really get the point of this feature... what does this
           have to do with web searching? seems pointless to me
           \_ Just because it has nothing to do with searching doesn't mean
              it's not cool.
        \_ Very cool!!!
        \_ Haven't any of you guys used /usr/bin/units? Sheesh.
2003/8/21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:29424 Activity:very high
8/20    I leave the motd for a few hours and all the Jew bashing threads are
        gone.  How can I feel superior if you keep purging the Jew bashing?
        \_ damn you Jew
        \_ that is why I suspect the motd censor is a jew earlier. Whoever
           behind the deletion of "Jew bashing" will actually fuel the
           anti-semitism than helping it.
           \_ You're an idiot.  I was being sarcastic.  You're exactly the
              sort of racist fool I was _trying_ to insult.  I'll make it
              easier for you to understand next time.  --op
           \_ dude, did you guys actually go to Cal?
           \_ Look, I'm as liberal as the next guy, but not supporting the
              policies of Israel is not the same as Jew bashing, ok?
              \- I shall soon issue a major statement on the Jews now that
                 I am done offending the homosexuals and blacks. --psb
              \_ I'll bet you even have a Jewish friend, too, right?  Or at
                 least there's a Jewish guy in one of your classes that showed
                 you his notes once and you didn't burn them.  Next time, you
                 can draw a little yellow star of david on each page so he
                 knows you're in solidarity with him.
                 \_ i am jewish, and i grew up in a town that was 30% jewish.
                    probably about a third of my friends are jewish, and i
                    celbrate some of the jewish holidays.  and i think
                    isreal can go fuck itself.
2003/8/21 [Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:29425 Activity:very high
8/20    why the hell is it so hard for people to understand the concept of
        not opening random attatchments to emails?  if some gangs of kids
        ran around and spraypainted the word "go" on all the stopsigns
        would worldwide car traffic be brought to a standstill by these
        same fucking idiots?
        \_ "WET PAINT, DO NOT TOUCH".  -John
        \_ yes, if they did a great graphic artists job and you can't
           see red at all (ie: all green with white GO letters)
        \_ picking out an attachment w/ a virus is like picking an Iraqi who
           is a terrorist
        \_ that's not a good analogy. try this one: if you got a mysterious
           but not too threatening looking envelope in the mail, would you
           open it?
           \_ a better analogy: if someone sent you a mysterious looking box
              that had some wires poking out, an odd scent, oily spots
              leaking through the paper, no return address and a small plume
              of smoke was rising from one corner, would you open it?
              \_ haha, right. if i sent you a letter that said I'M GOING
                 TO KILL YOU written in something that looks like blood,
                 would you open it? i bet you would.
                 \_ No, I'd bring it to the cops for forensic analysis.
           \_ It's not a matter of "opening the letter". It's like, if someone
              sent you a letter containing a hypodermic needle, would you
              go ahead and inject it into your bloodstream? Now what I don't
              understand is, why call it a virus? These things are just
              programs people run. Trojans.
              \_ Because the press has to make it easy on the public.  Having
                 viruses, worms, and trojans just confuses people.  Any
                 Trojans sounds like condoms anyway.  They don't want to
                 tell the public to not use Trojans.  And also the Press is
                 stupid as well and mostly doesn't know better either.
        \_ Funny story: I'm not stupid.  I know the attachment thing, and
           I'm good about it with pine on soda-- not that it matters, but
           still.  But at work, where Outlook is forced on me, I open
           attachments with wild abandon.  I just don't care, it's easy,
           and as a stooge I assume that other people take care of my
           security.  My code is backed up on a server regularly, so I don't
           worry much about losing work.  Hell, I wouldn't mind having my
           machine hosed, just so I could upgrade it a bit.
           \_ i open attachments on mutt with wild abandon. the difference
              is mutt doesn't treat the attachment as an executable.
              \_ "Gay Abandon."
           \_ That's a funny story?  Stay off stage.
           \_ I used to fire people like you.
              \_ And then the boom became the dotbomb and you're no longer a
                 Vice President of Geek Things and now flip burgers and change
                 tapes.  Thanks for sharing.
        \_ Don't you miss the days of the "Good Times" hoax, when you couldn't
           get a virus by reading email?  Leave it to Microsoft to make the
           hoax a reality.
           \_ NO CARRI{{|{{{~
        \_ Why do they keep sending spam? because someone responds to it.
2003/8/21 [Uncategorized] UID:29426 Activity:kinda low
8/21    buy a grilled "stuft" burrito for georgy
        \_ I get it. Arnold=beef, Davis=chicken, other 134 candidates=stuffed
2003/8/21-22 [Academia] UID:29427 Activity:low
8/21    Has anyone satisfied the American institutions requirement by taking
        the exam instead of enrolling in PolSci 1. How hard is it to prepare
        for the exam? Would it be possible to prepare for it by say doing
        some reading during the winder break? Is it more or less work than
        actually taking PolSci 1?
        \_ I did it.  You just read three books and take a really easy test on
           them.  I think you pass if you convince them you actually did the
           reading.  I actually only read two of them and was able to find some
           online essays on the third which gave me enough to pass.  I
           guarantee that PoliSci 1 is MUCH more work.
2003/8/21 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29428 Activity:high
8/21    Anyone else watch Arnold's press conference? Comedy gold.
        \_ BTW, now that Arnold's going into politics, did he say that he won't
           be making any more movies?  I don't have much confidence on him as
           a governor, but I sure love his movies.
           \_ What sucks is that True Lies 2 is on the shelf again cuz of
              America's newfound sensitivity to terrorism.
        \_ Does Arnold promise to show his ass if he's governor, or let state
           senators put out burning cigars on his hand?
        \_ Anyone else watch Davis's "I have a dream" speech?  Comedy gold.
           I don't care at all who replaces Davis but he has to be replaced.
           The rest of the bums we can get at the next election cycle.
           \_ What?  He thinks he's MKL Jr?  Oh, he has a dream indeed then.
           \_ It is hard for me to imagine anyone voluntarily watching
              Davis speak. Was it really that enjoyable? -motd liberal
2003/8/21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:29429 Activity:nil
8/21    smurf finally writes a game:
2003/8/21 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:29430 Activity:very high
8/21    Lop-sided boat, top-less sunbather on the mainstream 'Net(worksafe)
        \_ the Captain of the boat just wanted to get a closer look and grounded
        \_ Looks like C or D.
           \_ Fake and D.
              \_ How do you know it's fake?
                 \_ Never gotten a girl in bed, huh?
                    \_ Not really, but just haven't gotten a D-cup girl in a
                       long while.
                       \_ Sigh. Yeah, that's it. She's lying down. They aren't.
                    \_ the lotharios of soda confer
                 \_ They're defying the laws of physics.
                    \_ what laws of physics would those be?
                       \_ gravity
                          \_ you're an idiot.
                             \_ *sigh* does it have to be explained? breasts
                                are mostly fat. Fat does not have the stiffness
                                to not droop when a girl's on her back. since
                                they're still "up", it's "defying" physics.
                                \_ "like icing off a hot cake"
                                \_ Maybe the saggy old women you sleep with.
                                   I have known women with real breasts that
                                   big that point straight up like that when
                                   she was lying down. It is rare, but not
        \_ Some censoring god at Yahoo fell asleep?
           \_ Yahoo very frequently has partial nudity.  grow up.
              \_ I don't think he was implying it was a Bad Thing (tm), just
                 surprised Yahoo! would let it through.
                 \_ I didn't either.  But being surprised at (dun dun dun...)
                    bare breasts on a yahoo news photo is childish.
              \_ I'm not saying it never happens. Shit, yahoo posted
                 decapitated bodies and severed heads pictures from mideast
                 terrorist attacks. I downloaded and saved them too. -op
        \_ boats never tilt like that.  it must be violating the laws of
           \_ Really, go buy yourself a sense of humor.
                \_ Jew-loving godless Euro freeper motd troll!
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:29431 Activity:kinda low
8/21 running Linux
        \_ they have been using akamai services for DNS and some web traffic
           for quite a while. dunno why this story was just now written since
           it's old news.
           \_ Because most tech journalists suck even more than other
2003/8/21-22 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:29432 Activity:kinda low
8/21    Is for real?  Anyone tried it?
        \_ Their homepage is pretty worthless
        \_ the RIAA is going to start funding settlers now
2003/8/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29433 Activity:very high
8/21    Amazing how fast "old Europe" and the "irrelevant UN"
        are being asked to help shoulder the Bush Admin mistakes:
        \_ ?? What's this have to do with the Jews murdering babies in
           Palestine and drinking their blood in their Jew rituals??
        \_ UN is dying to get back in the game, become relevent again.
        \_ how about, "it's damned expensive to do it alone, I'll get these
           UN doofuses to send troops, and we'll still retain ultimate
           \_ Yes. That's why I think that the UN and all those countries
              that were opposed to US actions in Iraq should not involved.
              Let the US and Bush's admininistration pay the price of
              their unilaterality.
              \_ The UN is there.  Or *was* there until they got blown up.  Now
                 they'll leave and not come back and teach the killers that
                 they've got no spin and can get anything they want with a few
                 bombs and a score of dead.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.
        \_ "Mommy, what's the EU?"  "Honey, it's sorta like the USA except
            they're more stuck up about it." --1d93d050106585ca20a36ff620fb02e1
            \_ "Daddy, what does 'regret' mean?"  "Well son, its better to
               regret something you have done, than to regret something you
               haven't done.  And by the way, if you see your mom this
               morning, would be sure and tell her...SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!"
               \_ you are my hero.
               \_ What's that from?
                  \_ if you cant find it on google, one answer is: Orbital.
                     \_ Orbital sampled it from one of the more strange
                        Butthole Surfers albums.
         \_ it's like the USA except they believe in godless darwinist
        \_ I don't have any problem with the UN being there proving a nice
           soft fat easy distracting target so real Americans are less likely
           to get killed.  Are you one of the morons that thinks the Iraqi
           people were better off with Saddam?
           \_ Are you one of those nitwits that believes Saddam posed an
              imminent danger?
              \_ Are you one of the morons that thinks the Iraqi people were
                 better off with Saddam?  I said nothing about imminent danger.
                 You refuse to answer a simple qustion because it doesn't jive
                 with your dogma.  The answer is obviously, "No, the Iraqi
                 people were not better off with Saddam".  Thank you for not
                 \_ So we went to this war for this reason? Are you joking?
                    Half of the world probably thinks they're worse off under
                    their current rulers and Saddam's regime in the 80s was
                    just one of the many tiranical regimes that US supported
                    around the world. This would not stand as a legimate
                    reason for a war from the point of view of most Americans.
                    It's only now being used as a lame excuse to distract
                    people's attention from the fact that the Iraq's WMD
                    threat still hasn't been proven.
              \_ Who's calling me a nitwit?  Saddam was an EVIL man, and
                 history will show we made the right decion. -Dubya
              \_ And do you know no history that might always make right
                 and history is written by the victors?
                 \_ This nation acted to a threat from the dictator of Iraq.
                    Now, there are some who would like to rewrite history;
                    "revisionist historians" is what I like to call them.
                    \_ this is one of my alltime favorite W quotes.
                    \_ isn't California used to be Mexican?
           \_ Are you one of the dipshits that pretend they actually give a
              shit about the Iraqi people?
              \_ Unlike you, I actually do.  I assumed there was no real threat
                 from Iraq but was perfectly happy to see the US invade because
                 I firmly believe a tragic error was made in 1991 by *not*
                 going in and finishing them off when the people were with us.
                 \_ The person above, I believe, was referring to this
                    administration, not to mention others before it.  Do you
                    honestly believe that this country would ever use its
                    military force for humanitarian reasons?  Have we ever?
                    Mind you, this is totally separate from the question of
                    "should we?".
                 \_ Bush Sr.'s assertion is that the coalition in 1991 would
                    not accept pushing to Baghdad.  The mission the Arab
                    countries signed up for was to liberate Kuwait, not to
                    depose Iraq.  I suspect this is why Bush Jr. is easy
                    to rile up when it comes to "revisionist historians".
           \_ um, do you think the Iraqi's are better off right now? At least
              before, there was an infrastructure and security. people had
              jobs. now they get theird foods from trucks. do you really think
              the iraqi's are better off right now? if your goal is the long
              term welfare of the iraqi's, there were MUCH better solutions
              for the kind of money the US is pouring into Iraq. With that kind
              of money, you could easily finance a revolution, for example.-ali
           \_ who cares about the Iraqi people!   The Iraqi oil is MUCH better
              off without Saddam.
              \_ Get it off your chest.  I'm sure ranting is more fun for you
                 than actually debating anything.  When you've calmed down and
                 grown up, please come back.  Some of us would like to talk
                 with you in a mature way about adult topics.
                 \_ I love this.  This is the Standard Motd Chestnut!  Its
                    always phrased in exactly the same way, with a slight
                    change of words each time...which leads me to believe
                    its the same person every time.  !op
2003/8/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:29434 Activity:nil
8/21    Have an earache? Get a vasectomy!
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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