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2003/8/18 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/HW] UID:29378 Activity:nil
8/17    My company uses Micro$oft exchange server.  Based upon its
        functionality, it seems to be more than a simple mail server, as it
        got scheduling, and other functionalities which Outlook depend upon.
        Well... I hate outlook.  Is there any other open source alternative
        that contains most of the Outlook's functionalities? thanks
2003/8/18 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:29379 Activity:nil
8/18    Is there a command line or system function that returns whether
        a Mac is using AC power or batter?  Also, man 5 crontab on OS X says
        that @AppleNotOnBattery will skip a cron job if it runs on battery
        but it does not really work.  Is this a bug with the man page or
        with Darwin cron?
2003/8/18 [Uncategorized] UID:29380 Activity:nil
8/17    now i suspect the guy who censored MOTD is a Jew.
        \_ ooh! ooh!  i suspect you're an idiot. - !Jew
2003/8/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29381 Activity:high
8/18    Is there a tool that will intelligently make 700MB ISOs out of
        many Gigs of files in a directory structure? i.e. split up the
        files by directories of the appropriate sizes...
        \_ not sure, but please email if you find an answer - noah
        \_ yeah I need something like that for my digital camera files!!
        \_ What about something that will just split a directory into
           subdirectories of size < n?  Options regarding grouping
           (capitalized names come first?  sort by date?) would be helpful
        \_ There are freebsd ports that do exactly that.  Are you using
           Windows or Freebsd?  There are free/shareware Windows programs
           that do the same.
           \_ well I at least am interested in the freebsd port.  What's
              it called?  tia.
           \_ question suppressed until poster learns how to format posts.
                \_ ok you need to die. - danh
                   \_ this made me smile :') - ! above poster
           \_ I would prefer something that runs on Linux. I suppose I could
              try to use Windows. - op
              \_ You'd use windows before freebsd?
                 \_ You'd ride bike before drive SUV?
        \_ Burn-to-the-Brim? --jameslin
2003/8/18-19 [Finance/CC] UID:29382 Activity:insanely high
8/18    Do the current berkeley undergrad student ids have that sticker that
        says Fall <year>?  Or have the system been upgraded to use magnetic
        strip like credit cards?  I'm asking because I've been using my
        old ID to get student discounts.  This works in places far away from
        berkeley (and I look young I must add :-).  I'm wondering if I try
        try my luck at stores near berkeley.  - alumni '93
        \_ general rule: no sticker is better than expired sticker.
        \_ Didn't they change the look of the ID cards at the end of '99?
           So Berkeley area places might notice a difference...
        \_ It'll probably still work; since nobody gets a student ID every
           year there are probably still grad students who are proud of
           the retro look.
           \_ Very true. I've been using my ID card from '95 without a single
              incident.  Not even a look or a question.  But if they ask,
              just say you're a grad student or just taking your sweet time.
              \_ Grad cards look different, both old and new. You're right
                 that retailers probably won't know the diff, though.
        \_ if you were really rich, would you still try to get student
           \_ personally, i'm not rich and i don't use my student id any
              more (graduated '00). i have a good paying job and it seemed
              kinda petty to keep on busting it out for the $2 at movies i
              would save. besides, it's just the whole principal of it for
              \_ Isn't the difference like $4 nowadays? - id-less observer
              \_ principle
              \_ I am rich and have a high paying job, but I am still taking
                 classes part time and has a student ID card for that.  Can
                 I use my studnet ID card for movie discount, in principle?
                 \_ um, yeah, i use my stud net ID card for discounts on
                    lots of other things too, like lapdances and porn videos.
                 \_ what kind of classes? not english classes, i assume.
                    \_ never!  i hate english, it's an ugly language
           \_ Why not?  You think the rich got and stay rich by throwing their
              money away and paying more for the same thing when all they have
              to do is flash a card they're required to carry anyway?  "The
              rich" are human beings the same as anyone.
              \_ What the fuck are you saying?  That rich people got rich
                 by scamming with their expired University id's?  Try staying
                 on topic here rather than making idiotic and irrelevant
                 extrapolations to prove your 'point'.
                 \_ on topic? on topic? lol.  dude, the op just wanted to know
                    \_ Uhm, none of it.  That's why I'm posting to the head,
                    if they can get away with using their old id card to
                    get discounts.  the answer would appear to be
                    "probably."  that's a one word anwser.  what component
                    of the flame war below is "on topic" excactly?
                    \_ Uhm, none of it.  That's why I'm flaming the post that
                       started it, fool.
                       \_ if you're going to be persinckety, it was the post
                          one level up from that, "if you were really rich..."
                          that started the whole thing. turd burglar.
                          \_ Well, I chose to flame you, doofus boy.  Now
                             take it like a man and admit you're wrong.
                             \_ you've just proved yourself to be an
                                illiterate so that makes your 'victim' wrong?
                                what planet are you living on where being a
                                proven idiot makes you the 'winner'?  sober
              \_ Yep, the rich got and stay rich through theft and fraud.
                 \_ Cry me a river, poorboy.  I worked my ass off for years
                    for my money (like the majority of wealthy people) while
                    you bitched and moaned and did nothing for yourself.  I'll
                    bet you got laid and partied more than I did.  You have
                    that going for you.  It's worth something, right?
                    \_ It does take effort to restrain yourself to your trust
                       fund money while waiting for Grandpa to kick the bucket.
                       I admire your inner strength.
                       \_ awww, leave the poor bastard alone.  he probably
                          wasted his youth working 90 hour weeks as a sysadmin
                          keeping the machines running for someone else's
                          startup and now he just hates everyone.
                          \_ no, I started and later sold my own business while
                             you were drinking and getting stoned.  no trust
                             funds here, kids.  hard *work*.  something you're
                             unfamiliar with.  try
                             \_ this sucks. why should I pay to look up a word
                                definition when I can just use the merriam-
                                webster online dictionary for free?
                                \_ what the hell are you talking about?
                          is free. i just tried it.
                                   \_ See, we're back to not throwing money
                                      away. The circular argument is complete.
                                      GOTO: Why not?
                 \_ To all those arguing about the ethical ramifications
                    of continuing to use your old student id, look at
                    this way: did you *ever* get a single fucking discount
                    from the foul-smelling excuses for movie theatres
                    while actually a student?  Or did you pay full price,
                    and then sit through 15 minutes of 10-10-321
                    commercials in an uncomfortable, sticky seat?
                    \_ I don't think CRAZY HORSE gives student
                       discounts. - danh
        \_ it doesn't work for me anymore at AMC Marcardo.  They seem to
           recognize the old ID.
                \_ LAME LAME LAME. Just xerox someone else's ID, like one
                   from UC Davis or UCLA, then modify it on photoshop, then
                   print it nicely on Kinko's color laser. No one ever knows
                   what UCI/UCR/UCSD/UCX cards look like anyways.
                   \_ or do what i do, go to school forever (you can never
                      have too many advanced degrees).
           \_ i tried it successfully at Century Theatres recently.
        \_ Two suggestions for you tightwads:
           1) If you are still a student (ugrad or grad), get a new ID for $10
              a few months before you graduate.
           2) If anyone ever calls you on your IDs date, just say that you were
              an undergrad and now are a grad student. you dont get a new id if
              you are a grad student (do you? even if you do, who knows this?)
              -- 00 grad, cheap, forgot to do #1.
2003/8/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:29383 Activity:insanely high 66%like:28720
8/18    John's bored link of the day:
        \_ possibly not work-safe.
                \_ Completely harmless and silly, ffs.  I never post non-work-
                   safe stuff for you bunch of old women.
        \_ this set off my less-than-intelligent network filter, but it's
           not work-unsafe.
           \_ silly humour offends your intelligence?  thicken that skin, kid.
              \_ i think he's insulting his network filter, not the link.
                 \_ at last, someone who understands me.
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