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2003/8/14-15 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:29342 Activity:high
8/13    Read your Soda mail on the web:
        No warranties, but you can mail me w/ questions/comments.
        IMP does this semi-securely(?) using IMAPS (port 993). -abe
        \_ so wait, it uses imap-ssl but you suggest we login via
           plain text http? brilliant. why not just use something
           like instead?
        \_ who would trust your site anyway? if people want something like
           \_ and to connect to it over straight http...
           this, csua should just install squirrelmail or something.
        \_ Which could very easily be used to gather passwords.  Come on,
           people... SSH tunnels and IMAPS are really not that hard to set up.
           \_ Not that easy if you are on some webterminal while on vacation.
                \_ I found that going to the putty download page and running
                   from there often worked to ssh in.
        \_ Of course I could easily use it to gather passwords. CSUA *should*
           install something like IMP (or squirrelmail, or whatever), but they
           haven't, so this is an alternative. of course, you have to trust
           me and my server (which I probably wouldn't). -op
           \_ not for "you" to gather passwords.  for a man-in-the-middle
              between you and the hapless user. --scotsman
           \_ I guess it's about like but it's a potential
              security/privacy hazard.  So, if I may speak for the motd,
              we thank you but respectfully decline.
              \_ Um.  It's nothing like  the url shortener doesn't
                 have anything to do with your login on soda.  and it doesn't
                 \_ um. the reading comprehension thing again. -not 2 up
                 open you up to having your account nabbed by a sniffer.
                 Again I say come on... --scotsman
                 \_ um. the reading comprehension thing again. -not 2 up
        \_ Wow that's great!  It uses my MSPassPort(c), right?  I use my
           MSPassPort(c) for everything!  But if you're not MSPassPort(c)
           compatible your site will never grow!
        \_ guys, come on. It's a PROOF OF CONCEPT. Give the guy a break.
           Change your password and give it a try, then change it back.
           If it's cool maybe we could sign a petition to install similar
           stuff on trusted CSUA machines. Now if only we could petition
           a Recall on Poliburo, that'd be even better.
           \_ arnie for csua president!
           \_ Why would you trust a CSUA machine?
                \_ I trust any CSUA Linux/BSD machine over any corrupt and
                   disfunctional CSUA Poliburo any time.
        \_ it is a nice program, thank you!!
2003/8/14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29343 Activity:very high 57%like:29339
8/13    Warren Buffett hired as Schwarzenegger's campaign adviser:   (
        \_ Great. He can help invest all of that surplus money CA has.
           \_ Buffett is a Democrat.  Interesting.
              \_ Buffett is an interesting guy.  Read about him!  -brain
              \_ So is Ah-nold's wife. Is the guy really a Republican?
                 \_ he's not a true Republican.
                    \_ what makes someone a true republican? an MOTD vote?
                       at least he is willing to work with ppl based on
                       who they are not who they vote for.
                       \_ And we want Warren Buffet running this state?  Why?
        \_ Not a troll... what issues make Arnold Republican? Might be a troll:
           What makes some call Dean a Commie/Socialist (is it a health-care
           thing, or the bush-bashing thing) while others say that he is more
           \_ Dean's a commie because he raised taxes and guaranteed health care
              to every child up to age 18.  He's a conservative because his
              economic policy is very centrist-- don't borrow from the future,
              balance the budget, and so on.
           conservative than the other Democrats. --not too political
           \_ Dean's a commie because he raised taxes and guaranteed health
              care to every child up to age 18.  He's a conservative because
              his economic policy is very centrist-- don't borrow from the
              future, balance the budget, and so on.  [formatd]
           \_ Who knows? He won't talk about what he stands for until he's
              good and ready for it. Suspect pro-business, fewer regulations,
              less welfare. The standard centralist Republican line.
              \_ He's already on record as pro-welfare.
                 \_ Being pro-welfare isn't like being pro-life, there are
                    man different levels of pro-welfare. Not many on pro-life.
                    \_ Pro-life?  What does that even mean?  Who is Pro-death?
                       \_ I'm not taking this troll.  try again later.
           \_ I don't think he's a true republican
           \_ i just found out that arnold supported prop 187. -ntp
              \_ uh-huh... so...?
              \_ Holy shit!  So did a *majority* of voters since it passed!
              \_ dude, Pete Wilson is his mentor
2003/8/14 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29344 Activity:very high
8/13    I just found out that the US Military shifted from using lead bullets
        to depleated uranium so that they can penetrate better. While lead
        is pretty bad environmentally, how about depleated uranium?
        \_ you're kidding about the how bad part, right?
           \_ DU is bad, mmmkay
        \_ DEPLEATED!  I mean BALEETED!
           \_ DELTEATED!  ...Del taco?
        \_ URL?  And no lead is not an environmental catastrophy.  There were
           200 bullets fired for every soldier killed in WWII yet I've never
           seen a report about mass lead poisoning in France, Russia, or
           Germany.  Troll?
        \_ DU decays into lead eventually, so you've got the worst of both.
           \_ If it decays into lead then there's no uranium, so...?
              \_ uh, the fact that it decays means it's giving off radation,
                  \_ Yes, it radioactively decays off its energy until each
           diameter or more. Such as the out of the GAU-8 or CIWS or the
                     uranium atom changes to lead which is stable.
                  \_ And you're surrounded by all sorts of radiation from
                     womb to grave and somehow you survive, yes?
        \_ That's not true. DU is generally used for rounds 20 mm in
           diameter or more. Such as the out of the CIWS or GAU-8 or the
           the main gun on a M1 tank. As for small arms, like the M-16,
           there are plans to replace that with a tungsten or other non-lead
           core sometime in 2008. But the standard M855 currently has
           steel tip with a lead core.
        \_ Also, DU, having a multi-billion-year half-life, is radioactive
           only in the mildest sense.  Most lead used is as/more radioactive
           than DU.
            \_ Yes DU is mild, but surely more radioactive than lead.
                \_ It's not the radioactivity that is harmful.  The dust
                   can get into the water supply, or be inhaled, and it's
                   toxic-- more toxic than lead.
                   \_ But it's in other countries, so what?
                      \_ It's in other countries that our lying president and
                         his family can't seem to keep our military away from.
                         This means soldiers die, which is bad.
        \_ maybe the radiation is what gave the soldiers the weird Gulf
           War syndrome?
           \_ It is thought to be one of many contributing factors.
              \_ Good use of the passive.  "It is thought".  That's good.
        \_ This is a very very old news. DU bullets were used even during
           the Desert Storm I. I'd like also to point out that they're used
           only in certain types of armor piercing weapons that are used to
           destroy tanks and other armored vehicles (including the the 30mm
           gun in the A-10 attack plane)
           \_ nearly all munitions for M1 Abrams are DU, as well as the armor.
              tomahawks are DU tipped.
              \_ The Bradley fighting vehicle uses DU ammo for its autocannons.
                 I recently learned, much to my surprise, that a Bradley blew
                 up a few T-72s in the recent Iraq war, using it's guns, which
                 didn't seem large enough for the task...
                 I guess DU really is better. -- ilyas
        \_ Did you know the fuel the airforce uses is incredibly toxic yet
           they fly those things all over the planet?  How can we let that
           go on?
           \_ you sound like a wife of an auto mechanic who complains
              that his clothes get dirty when he is working
              \_ More like coalworkers' wife and black lung.
2003/8/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:29345 Activity:high
8/13    And down down down goes the roller coaster:
        \_ the most suprising thing about this plot to me is that the data
           appear to fit to straight lines.  this seems very odd.
                \_ what happened in 4/2003? And yay for the data.
                   \_ The codpiece victory walk on the aircraft carrier...
                      oh how soon they forget...
           \_ Study some statistics..  It's a correlation.  Also, consider
              how people in this country look at short and long term history.
              \_ i have studied statistics and i don't understand why they
                 are straight lines. please explain. -!pp
                 \_ We're a very "what have you done for me lately" culture,
                    and have remarkably short memories.  This accounts pretty
                    strongly for both the linear decreases and the sharp
                    upticks. --scotsman
                    \_ no, it doesn't.  why is it linear, and not, say,
                       an exponential decay?  if you extrapolate that line
                       for a few more years, you get to zero. i would have
                       thought it would approach some "who cares" asymptote.
                       \_ There are other graphs on there from polls from
                          other presidencies.  They each have a very
                          characteristic feel to them.  With Bush, I think his
                          administration is so tight lipped, and has had the
                          media so much in their pocket that they have a good
                          deal more control than others over perception.
                          Weekly reports of another super conservative nominee
                          or new environmental regulation struck down causes
                          a trickle drain on his popularity.  Then they pull
                          a stunt like the aircraft landing to get people
                          excited and stupid again. --scotsman
        \_ It's also interesting how certain poll groups are consistently
           lower/higher than others. The %-age difference btwn Harris (blue
           diamond) and AmResGp (yellow diamond) is especially pronounced.
           \_ Harris is the king of "give the people what they payed for."
              They're incompetent, corrupt twits.  --person who worked
              on a project they headed
        \_ His disapproval rating (image002.gif) is a lot more scattered.
2003/8/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:29346 Activity:high
8/14    The terrorists have won:
        \_ if i have absolutely no idea who those two chicks are or what
           this is about or why i should care, am i unhip?
        \_ Is that what I get when I die and go to heaven?
        \_ What is it? Company firewall blocking
                \_ potential underaged Playboy Bunny Twins.
                \_ mary kate and ashley, h-h-h-h-ot
        \_ can't connect, mirror?
2003/8/14-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:29347 Activity:low
8/14    Is there a libc function that returns a count of the occurences
        of char c in string s, instead of the first index?  Thanks
        \_ No, but really: i = 0; st = s; while (st = strchr(st,c)) {i++;st++;}
          \_ why strchr instead of just directly accessing the string as an
             \_ No particular reason.
                i = 0; st = s; while (st) { if (*st++ == c) i++; }
             \_ poignant irony. you use strchr to prevent the bug the above
                code suffers from. also, you should use for loops. it'll be
                more readable. -ali
                \_ ^(st)^(st && *st)
2003/8/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:29348 Activity:high
8/14    NYC and parts of the Northeastern US (and Southeast Canada) hit by
        massive power outage. Reports of smoke from ConEd plant in Manhattan.
        Started at 4:14PM EDT. One plant out may have caused a cascading effect
        on the rest of the system. Welcome to California's pain Easties. (Some
        details gotten from 740AM)
        \_ OH MY GOD!!! SKYNET IS BECOMING SELF AWARE!!! Soon all the
           electronics will shut down in preparation for dooms day and
           John Conners will be assassinated by drones!
           \_ As long as it's Eddie Furlong. Nick Stahl actually did a decent
              job in T3.
        \_ nice try.  we lost power for all of about 10 seconds in southern
           connecticut.  and this is with a severe spike in power useage from
           air conditioners, powered by plants that go back to the 19th
           century in some cases.  we pay less money than you for better
           service, and that's with a de-regulated power system.
              How long are they going to keep the 9 nukes down for "safety"
              reasons while they ream your ass with power rate increases?
           \_ and yet we never had such a massive outage.  Plus those poor
              NYC folks are unarmed.
              \_ They've got boards, they've got nails. They're armed.
           \_ Let's see, should I believe you or AP, which says that power
              is out in NYC, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto? hmmm...
                \_ dear moron, (is there something about soda geeks that
                   makes them incapable of reading english?), the above
                   even if he did understand the person he is responding to
                   poster does NOT say it didn't go out in those other
                   cities, nor does he imply it.  You are an idiot. trust
                   me on this one.  Anyone who says "should i trust you
                   or the media?" as a rhetorical question is an idiot
                   even if he does understand the person he is responding to
                   (which you clearly didn't) -phuqm
                   \_ op said "welcome to California's pain Easties" Jackass
                      #1 said "nice try" I said "who should I believe" you
                      defended Jackass #1. Guess that makes you Jackass #2.
                      "Nice try" implies that op was wrong, in the English
                      langauge at least. Trust me on this one, I speak
                      English far better than you.
                      \_ Aside from minor capitalization issues, which you
                         seem to suffer from equally, what is wrong with his
                         English?  Plus he knows how to SPELL HIS LOGIN, which
                         is a damn sight more than I can say for you, monkey
                         boy.  -John
                         \_ What is it about the phrase "nice try" that you
                            do not understand?
        \_ it's just Con Ed trying to get in on the Big Money that the
           power companies in Texas made off of California.
        \_ Did "The Worm" do it?
           \_ Yes he did, and it was great! -yermom
        \_ The office of Canadian prime minister said a lightning strike on
           a power plant near Niagara Falls, New York, was the cause of the
           blackout. (nytimes)
2003/8/14-15 [Reference/Military] UID:29349 Activity:moderate
8/13    I'm nearing 30 and I want to do something more fulfilling with my
        life. I've designed/coded/debugged/sysadmed/whatever my entire life
        \_ Go to the Caribbean and open a bar.  -John
        \_ Go skydive.
        and I just need a break. Has anyone joined the army/navy/marines
        as late as 30? How about the reservers? Please share your experience.
        \_ The military is not fulfilling.  End troll.
        \_ You can join the military as long as you are under age 35, so you
           still have time. It depends on why you want to join. If you want to
           be gung-ho and are fulfilled in life by taking other lives, consider
           the special forces, ranger, seals, etc. If you want to step back
           just a tad, consider the marines (note: if you leave the marines,
           they'll never let you re-join). If you want to hate life, join the
           army. If you like the water and staying in tight quarters with other
            \_ you can't join the rangers or SF without joining the army.
           men, join the navy (or ymca). If you want to do something more
           cerebral, and they are picky about applicants, join the air force.
           Actually, the military might be a good start in life (e.g., getting
           away from home, seeing the world, picking up skills and girls), but
           most ppl that join later in life have tended to want a steady job
           and a pension in 20 yrs. Of course there are exceptions. If I had
           to do it all over again, I'd pick the air force. - ex-army guy
           \_ Lots of military people on my gf's side of the family, including
              West Pointers. Most are Army and at least two made it as high
              as colonel. Their advice: Air Force. Much cushier and the people
              are smarter. Their bases are also in better locations. --dim
              \_ But in the Air Force only one out of who knows how many
                 actually gets to fly a plane.  The dumb ones don't get to do
                 \_ sure but everyone gets a chance to fly Pipers and Cessnas
                    at the airforce flying club.
        \_ Join the Reserves. If you find you really like it, you can always
           go active duty. If you don't, it is only one weekend a month.
                \_ 1 weekend a month in IraqIranistan.
                   \_ Oh yeah, I forgot. If you join the reserves with Bush
                      in power, you are likely to get pulled into active
                      duty and deployed overseas. Maybe not...
                      \_ And get paid less for it. Pentagon to back off pay
                         increase of $75 a month for "imminent danger pay" and
                         $150 a month in "family separation allowances."
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