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2003/8/12 [Recreation/Computer] UID:29316 Activity:moderate
8/11    Anyone notice an increase in spam since joining Friendster?
        \_ You can just create a yahoo mail acct with a user name that
           no spammer would ever guess and sign up for friendster. If
           you start getting spam then you know that friendster is an
           e-mail harvest.
        \_ nope, and I'm still a 5 digit member
2003/8/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:29317 Activity:very high
8/11    Is there any solution to hinder people's effort to decompile
        the java .classs files back to the source?  What is the keyword
        for these things any way?  "salting" the .class file?
        \_ In general, decompilation is hitting against the Halting Problem,
           since you need to analyze code.
           \_ true, but even the simple process of renaming each method &
              variable to "a", "aa", "aaa", ... etc will make the code at
              least as unreadable as your 61b project partner's.
        \_ the keyword is obfuscator; look up a product called "Dash O"
           (-O, optimize) to start with.
           \_ thanks   -kngharv
2003/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/Virus, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:29318 Activity:high
8/11    I recently installed XP on my laptop, and it's been fine for the
        past few days. STarting today though, I get an error during
        boottime saying Windows can't open up the file TFTP2396, and
        it prompts me to give it a program to open it up with. I hit
        cancel, and then about 10 minutes later the "WinNT Authority"
        hits me with a dialog box saying it has to shut down the machine
        in 60 seconds (and then starts counting down). Anyone have any
        ideas what's going on? Thanks.
                \_ Cool, thanks a lot.
        \_ Learn to use a firewall and turn off unnecessary services.
           What version of XP are you using, Pro?
                \_ wouldn't this be caught by anti-virus programs?
                  \_ do even drugs catch mutated viruses? have to keep
                    updating after new viruses appear
        \_ And while you're at it, use ad-aware every so often in addition to
           keeping your anti-virus software updated.
        \_ So many stupid suggestions so far. Solution is to not use WinXP.
           \_ LINUX RULEZ!  *BSD IS DEAD!  RIDE BIKE!  D00DE!1   Isn't that
              what you meant to say?
              \_ don't you think maybe your zealous hatred of linux is just
                 as useless and silly as the linux crowd's zealous hatred
                 for windows you're mocking?
                 \_ erm.. where do you see "hatred of linux" in the previous
                    post?  can we get a reading comprehension requirement
                    for motd posting? --scotsman
2003/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29319 Activity:nil
8/11    More Georgy Discussion.
2003/8/12 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29320 Activity:high
8/11    Here is a pretty lame question but after watching a few Civil War
        documentaries, I wonder why neither the confederate and union soldiers
        dig protective barriers (trenches) to minimize loss. Also given that
        the guns they used were pretty weak why they didn't hide behind
        light barriers (wooden or copper, etc). Also they could have mounted
        canons behind a movable protective shell (primitive tanks). They
        could have done a lot, but instead they fought like stoneage
        primates with guns. WTF?
        \_ Because you forget that tactics always lag behind technology in
           every war. I mean, haven't you ever heard of the expression that
           we are always fighting the last war? It means that tacticians
           are using old techniques in a changing battlefield.
           Technically speaking, you could say that the Civil War could've
           just been postponed for 80 years until we had the bomb, then it
           would've been a on day war by just nuking Richmond.
        \_ Don't forget the Revolutionary war, where they marched in tightly
           packed formations, the better to be picked off by inaccurate musket
           fire, or the First World War, with cavalry charging the machine guns.
           Future generations would probably find our approach to war
           equally insane (what, they flew around in steel coffins which would
           explode on their own more often than from enemy fire?  WTF?).
           Maybe the problem is more essential than technology or military
           doctrine...  -- ilyas
           \- well there are lots of norms that in one sense seem irrational.
              it's "legal" to spray the other side with automatic weapon
              fire, but i believe it is not legal to use a powerful laser to
              blind the enemy. does the CA law on speed traps make sense?
              it seems like a cop gets in more trouble if they scientifically
              measure your speed. --psb
              \_ there is rational behind soldier marched in tighly packed
                 formation, as muskets are so inaccurate that they need a
                 packed firepower to do decent damage.  What was changed
                 in Civil War was the wide spread use of RIFLES.  Neither
                 the south nor the north was prepared for this.   If you look
                 at the photos taken on siege of Richmond, you will see that
                 both North and South started to dig trenches for their cover.
                 Too bad Europeans didn't learn anything from it, thus, they
                 repeated the same mistakes 40-50 years later.
                 \_ I agree with you regarding muskets being inaccurate,
                    and that accurate rifling was unexpected.
2003/8/12 [Uncategorized] UID:29321 Activity:nil
8/11    any recommmendation on good FTP server for my windoze box?
        I have tried Filezilla (no I8n  support), and war FTPd.  I wonder
        is there any other choice.
2003/8/12 [Reference/RealEstate, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:29322 Activity:nil
8/11    You aren't a REAL geek unless you've got one of THESE in your house:
2003/8/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29323 Activity:kinda low
8/11    How does one determine which debian CD a specific package is on.
        I've searced google and debian, and can't find out where to look.
        \_ No reason to.  You use CD1 to install, and then net to grab the
           rest.  If you don't have net, put the package on a CD or on a
           floppy, and use dpkg to install.
           \_ Well, actually I DO have a reason:  I've installed debian
              (via my net) for somebody who doesn't have good net, and I
              want him to have the option to easily install more packages
              from CD in the future, as needed. I would like to know which
              CD's contain which packages, so that I can possibly rule out
              downloading all 7 CD's with jigdo.
        \_ I guess you could install your own system packages with
           apt-get install package --download so you save the debs
           and then burn those to cd
        \_ 'the .jigdo file for a CD contains a list of all packages that
           are on the CD. The files are compressed with gzip, so use
           "zcat somefile.jigdo | less" or similar to view them.'
2003/8/12-13 [ERROR, uid:29324, category id '18005#32.4632' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:29324 Activity:insanely high
8/11    Al Gore speaks to
        \_ time for Al Gore to "move on" himself
        \_ hear hear.  Gore has very good speech writers. -nivra
        \_ Wow, that really was a good speech.
           \_ Yeah, it's a good one when you're hearing what you want to hear
              even if it isn't true.  And no, it isn't a good speech.  It's
              \_ Name some instances of lies in there.
              just a very standard speech.  Nothing in there is going to rev up
              the crowds or get people out to vote for Gore, for any other
              Democrat or against Bush.  There's nothing new in it.  It's
              uninspiring like the man himself.  "Gore is a stiff" was the
              mantra in 2000, and 1999, and 1998, and 1997, all the way back
              to when he was running for President himself (you remember that,
              right?).  This isn't newsmedia created distortion.  This isn't
              a Steve Job's Apple commercial.  This is reported for 12+ years
              because it's true.  The man is a stiff.
              \_ In 2000 it was about personality-- Gore was stiff and
                 Bush was the honest, plainspoken Everyman.  I was on the
                 fence back then, but I've since decided I'd rather have a
                 stiff than a liar.  -- conservative
                 \_  he was most un-stiff on SNL. He was hilarious.
                 \_  also, didn't fiscal responsibility used to be a major
                     part of American conservatism?  you should check out
                     and vote for Dean in the primary.
                     \_ No Republican can be for a socialist like Dean. That's
                        like Jews for Jesus but worse.
                        \_ A socialist? Dean?  Read his platform.  Dean is
                           more conservative than Bush, except he's not a
                           religious loon or a born-again military man.
                           No more listening to talk of "evildoers."
                  click on "Issues".
                                \_ Better yet look at his record in Vermont,
                                   which has the 4th highest tax burden in
                                   in the US.  California is up there
                                   as well - surprise surprise.
                                   \_ Vermont is also fiscally solvent and
                                      has 96% health care coverage for children.
                                        \_ Oh, its for the children.  I see
                                           now.  Too bad hillary care failed
                                           in 93, eh comrade?  Vermonts
                                           budget tripled from 91' to '02.
                                           Lets just socialize everything.
                                           \_ You prefer destabilizing entire
                                              geopolitical zones, breeding
                                              the next generation of terrorists,
                                              and running our economy into the
                                              ground while foisting religion into
                                              government?  Attaboy.  Let's roll.
                                              \_  Im sorry you cant understand
                                                  the necessary geopolitical
                                                  risks Bush is taking.  The
                                                  Middle East must cleaned up,
                                                  or in 10-15 years the fights
                                                  will be in the streets of
                                                  America.  Exactly what
                                                  laws are foisting
                                                  Christianity on this
                                                  Country?  This country is
                                                  historically Christian, and
                                                  a very strong argument can
                                                  be made that social decay
                                                  is because we have strayed
                                                  from any spirituality.
              \_ Blah blah blah.
                 \_ Truly brilliant reply!  You'll knock em dead with that
                    depth of thought and hard core logic!  I love it when I
                    hit home so hard people like you feel the need to reply
                    but are left with nothing to say.  Made my day.  Thanks!
                    \_ It was reported for 12 years straight because its easier
                       than thinking up something new to say - ! the person
                       that said "blah blah blah"
                       \_ If it wasn't true they wouldn't be saying it 12+
                          years later.  New things sell news.
                    \_ My post had as much content as yours. Read yours again.
                       "it isn't a good speech, it's standard, gore is a stiff,
                       just a long boring drivel with no points to debate.
                       Take it to Free Republic.
                       \_ See?  There you go.  At least now you're trying.
                          Sort of.  Maybe next time you'll add something or
                          refute what is said.  Is calling me a freeper meant
                          to be your lowest insult?  I think they're idiots
                          but if you think I'm a freeper you don't know what
                          a freeper is.  At least try to understand what a
                          thing is before you accuse someone of being it.
                          \_ Blah blah blah.
              \_ It's so true, you hear what you want to hear.
                 \_ Since Gore is politically dead, I don't care either way
                    how stiff or dynamic he is.  His speech means nothing.
              \_ Actually, I felt the speech was fairly original. Thus, my
                 original comments praising the speech writers.  It's not a
                 speech that's meant to "rev up crowds or get people out to
                 vote for Gore."  It's a speech that presents the recent
                 events in a slightly different light, tying in Bush's
                 "compassionate conservatism" with the "ideological
                 righteousness" of right-wing Christian conservatives.
                 Certainly he didn't bring up any new facts or reveal
                 new information.  It was just a cogent, powerful summary
                 of his opinion on the recent events and the recent actions
                 of the Administration.  Oh, and as far as "stiffness" goes.
                 All we have is the transcript of the speech, and I'm sure
                 his presentation of the speech has more to do with how
                 "stiff" he appears than the content of the speech has. -nivra
                 \_ It was a lecture.  The man sounds like one of my less
                    interesting history profs.  If there was nothing new and
                    everyone already knew it all and it wasn't to rev anyone
                    up, then why is he giving it?  To hear his own voice?
                    \_ read my post. I didn't say there was "nothing new." I
                       said he introduced no new "facts" or "information,"
                       and also said it presented the events in a "different
                       light."  Basically, I think it's an interesting take
                       on the situation, and that's what's original about it.
                       Oh, and also that it was well-written and persuasive,
                       although it did have minor problems, as well. -nivra
                    \_ In other words, he summarized and analyzed the
                       information on the Bush administration, and it doesn't
                       look good if you care about America. Gore in '04!
           \_ yup. it felt very presidential. too bad he didn't have that
              air about him during the elections in 2000.  -nivra
              \_ I think that bad air in 2000 was somewhat of a media creation.
                 The media likes to simplify elections into stories that play
                 well on TV - this isn't necessarily a political bias but
                 the nature of TV.  The story from early on was "Bush is a nice
                 normal guy" and "Gore is a stiff."  Anything that conformed
                 to that storyline was hyped up, and anything that deviated from
                 it was played down or ignored.  Television is quite a reality
                 distortion device - its too bad real life isn't so simple.
                 \_ free yourself from the filter:
                    this site has all of the cspan channels as well as cspan
                    radio streaming over the web for free.
                        \_ CSPAN is my favorite channel, along with the
                           the history channel.  -freeper guy
                           \_ you should still check out the web site.  it's
                              like having cspan, cspan2 and cspan3, all with
                              TIVO.  it's not like you need a nice picture for
                              talking heads anyway.  for instance the speech
                              this thread is about is archived there.
           they have a streaming vid of speech and text, without salon's crap.
        \_ Ah yes, Al 'no controlling legal authority' Gore.  Its ok to
           take millions in campaign contributions from Chinese Communists
           as long as he makes you feel good.
           \_ No matter how many times you repeat that lie, it does not
              become more compelling.
             \_ Democrats Are Fined $243,000 for Fund-Raising Violations
                Clinton and Chinese Missiles
        "... Hughes Space and Communications Company of violating U.S.
        national security 123 times by knowingly sending detailed missile
        and space technology directly to the Chinese army."
                I can continue with many more links, but I'll let you rebut.
        \_ Go read the Thompson report for a more accurate and in many
           ways, far more disturbing picture of both Democratic and
           Republican fund raising abuse:
           PS $243,000 ain't millions and almost all of the money Clinton
              raised was not from "Chinese Communists" it was from Taiwanese
              and Indonesians. That doesn't make it right, but it does,
              however, make you someone who swallows Right Wing propaganda.
2003/8/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:29325 Activity:nil
8/11    Rise of Nations is indeed pretty cool. However, I wish they'd put in
        more blood and body disfigurement as to simulate reality better.
        The atomic blast is REALLY cool. Really like it. I give it 8/10
        just because there isn't enough bloody graphics.
        \_ i would like to bring to your attention the irony of the following:
           \_ are you referring to the canon being the age of "enlightenment"?
             \_ yeah. for example. it gets more an more ironic after the
                cannon. -ali.
             \_ I followed the link expecting to see a Bach score...
                \_ at least you weren't expecting to see Bach score.  then
                   you would have been even more dissapointed.
        \_ Change your monitor settings to increase the red level.
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