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2003/8/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:29287 Activity:moderate
8/10    Dear google employees (and anyone else who may be in the know).
        Does google penalize for having a bunch of sites on the same I.P.
        Address?  My google ranking just dropped through the floor and
        the only change has been that A bunch of sites that i'm hosting
        just got included in google that are all on my same I.P.  I suspect
        it must, since they all link to me so I would have expected their
        inclusion to help, not hurt.
        \_ Why do you care so much about your google ranking?
            \_ i'm a business.
                \_ What kind of business?
                   \_ there's only 2 kinds of small businesses on the net:
                      porn and spam.
                      \_ you're an idiot who needs to get out more.
                      \_ and candy.  Buy more candy!    -brain
                         \_ is that the stripper running for CA governor?
                            \_ shes not a stripper.. she an "actress"
2003/8/9-10 [Computer/HW, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29288 Activity:moderate
8/8     I know this has been asked before but what is a good place to get
        rid of a really really really old PC Case (not ATX)? BTW I'm keeping
        the power supply just cuz it's cool.
        \_ Sell?  Try ebay or CL.  Get rid of it?  CL, motd, or throw it out.
                              \_ CL?
                                 \_ craigslist
        \_ Alameda County Computer Resource Center
           1501 Eastshore Avenue, near Gilman
           \_ Thank you for this.  It's the most useful thing I've seen
              on motd in at least a decade.  -pld
2003/8/9-10 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:29289 Activity:nil
8/8     savvy Photoshop people:  is this faked?
        \_ Completely. Don't even have to be an expert to tell (different
           skin tones from face to body, shifting @ the neck). Who's that
           supposed to be, anyway?
           \_ not necessarily- sometimes the girl's foundation is lighter
              than her tan in real life.  Not very professional, but it
        \_ It is real. the color of her face matches her breasts.
2003/8/9-10 [Finance/Investment] UID:29290 Activity:nil
8/8     Is there a good way to short tech stocks besides shorting QQQ
        or shorting individual stocks?  QQQ is too general and has some
        non-tech stocks and is also overweighted by dell, intel and msoft
        which I don't particularly want to short.  Shorting individual
        stocks is too much work and has high overhead.  I see a whole
        bunch of tech stocks that are overvalued but shorting just one
        or two is too risky for me.
        \_ Options. They are cheap to buy. --dim
           \_ and easy to lose your shirt on
        \_ You could short an exchange traded fund like IIH if you can find
           one that trades over $5 still.
           \_ Why must it be over $5?
2003/8/9 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Reference/History/WW2] UID:29291 Activity:nil
8/8 A very informative and alarming RealPlayer video about the revival of
        Communism in Venezuela and Latin America in general.  The first
        45 mins is all that isnecessary. Chavez has been providing air
        support for FARC guerrillas in Colombia.
        \_ oh no!  GASP!  COMMUNISM!  yawn.
                \_ Stalin, Pol Pot, the Stasi, the Cultural Revolution.
                   Yup. Communism is a laughing matter. Go read about
                   the purges, mass killings, prison camps and grow up.
                \_ 20th  Century Democide
                   Communists / Socialists resposible for 120 million deaths
                   last century.
                \_ yeah all that money we spent to crush the soviets and hold
                   them back was wasted.  we just should've explained to them
                   that all we wanted was peace and a mcdonald's in red square
                   and they'd pull the tanks back from eastern europe, free
                   hungary and the czechs and hey what the hell, let the
                   ukranians go, too!  oh wait, all that only happened after
                   our system proved superior to their system and we were on
                   the verge of total war until then and would've been wiped
                   out if we hadn't destoyed them utterly.  i like your
                   deep and well thought out line of reasoning.  you're
                   special.  very special.  special K!
2003/8/9 [Computer/Theory, Politics] UID:29292 Activity:nil
8/8     <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ A spanking ? Yeah.. shows their intelligence / maturity level.
           \_ What, did you get your sense of humor amputated at your bris?
2003/8/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29293 Activity:high
        What a funny load of crap. Clearly they haven't heard of FREEbsd.
        \_ go ahead and laugh. In the end, technology alone will not
           get you cookies. Took me 10 years to realize that
                                        -former linux/bsd/tech fanatic
            \_ Did I say it would?
            \_ Wait another 10 years. Microsoft will not be a monoploy.
               What is the key to cookies, oh enlightened cynical one?
                \_ OS2 was a superior technology but it lost. There are many
                   other factors such as the user base, development base,
                   marketing, and many many others. Superior technology
                   alone makes engineers happy and proud but does not make
                   it a great product.
                        \_ don't forget many other factors such as ease
                           of use (for grandmas grandpas), visual appeal,
                           support, peer pressure, etc etc.
                   \_ i'd make a comment on this, but i have to go watch a
                      movie on my betamax now.
                         \_ Why did OS2 loose? because mircosoft made
                            things incompatible. I believe free software
                            will overcome all non-technical obstacles
                            because it is free and developers and users
                            like it. Companies like IBM and Oracle are
                            doing the advertising for Linux. And most tech
                            companies hate Microsoft. Was OS2 free?
                        \_ If Sony had only licensed it to Porn companies,
                           then Beta would have succeeded. Alas, since VHS
                           sucks so much, it made DVD more appealing.
                        \_ VHS won because it was better in ways that people
                           cared about.  Why would you want to use a format
                           that wouldn't let you record a two-hour movie?
                    \_ Why did OS2 loose? I believe free software will
                       overcome all non-technical obstacles because it is
                       free and developers and users like it.  Companies
                       like IBM and Oracle are doing the advertising for
                       Linux. And most tech companies hate Microsoft. Was
                       OS2 free?
                        \_ many reasons, not the least of which was it needed
                           several more megs worth of memory to run at any
                           decent speed and at the time that was 100s of
                           dollars worth of computer equipment.  Plus it
                           was UGLY in a way that made windows look pretty.
                           \_ Sounds like OS2 was not "superior".
2003/8/9-11 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:29294 Activity:moderate
8/10    I just build a AMD2500+ computer and overall I'm pretty happy with
        it. However it seems to output a lot more heat than my P4. Is this
        \_ yes AMD cpus consume more power and run hotter
        \_ I hope you're not settling for a stock fan, and you have at least
           2-3 case fans.
                \_ 2 blowing in (with filter), 2 blowing out, and 1
                   circulating inside. It's still pretty... warm. Is it
                   mostly from the CPU? My MB has a fan for its chipset,
                   my AMD has a huge ass heat sink with fan, and even my
                   ATI All-In-Wonder Card has a fan.
                        Actually I'm kind of disappointed now with the
                   power consumption. Do AMD & Intel publish their power
                   (wattage) somewhere?
                   \_ Exhaust fans are generally more effective than
                      fans blowing in. I think it has to do with turbulence
                      fans blowing in. I think it has to do with turbulence
                      vs lamnar air flow. to get the heat out. AMD CPU's
                      chips are hotter.
                      vs lamnar air flow. to get the heat out.
                      \- hello, it's perhaps not intuitively obvious but
                         this is a case where you dont want completely
                         laminar flow. the pressure differential you can
                         achive is linear in air flow and exponential in
                         a factor based on turbulence. this is why some
                         fans have non-smooth blades to increase turbulence.
                         mirco design issues [like fan blade shape] as well
                         as macro ones [location of fans and components
                         demending on their heat properties ... tolerance
                         and production] is a big design problem. i used to
                         work on modeling flows at IBM Almaden. so in
                         disk drived you want laminar flow to avoid platter
                         vibration and for cooling you wanted more turb flow
                         for greater heat capacity. it's a pretty cool [NPI]
                         area to see real applications of theory/math. --psb
                         \_ Wow, interesting! Thanks.
                            \_ Did you design anything we would have heard
                               of or used?
                               \- I worked mostly on models and design tools
                                  [first doing what you might call conservation
                                  law drivien aggregate calculations and then
                                  describing the components in sort of a
                                  black box fashion only exposing the char-
                                  acteristics relevant to thermal modeling
                                  from where you'ld sort of interatively
                                  converge on a couple of designs you'ld
                                  evaluate in greater depth]. BTW, this isnt
                                  a bad WEEB pg on this:
                                  BTW, this was written in a pretty crazy
                                  way ... it was all controlled by some codes
                                  in common lisp, which built some stuff in
                                  C but also used the c pre-processor to
                                  build some fortran codes from some canned
                                  parallel libraries for some special big
                                  machines at livermore. --psb
2003/8/9-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:29295 Activity:kinda low
8/10    Rise of Nations, yay or nay?
        \_ Is it like Civilization?
        \_ I hear it is a good game, but I never played it myself.
        \_ It is awesome, especially if you like RTS games.  Two
           thumbs up.
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