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2003/8/8 [Transportation/Car] UID:29275 Activity:high
8/7     Where can I buy one of those computers that connects to
        a car engine and queries it to see exactly what is wrong
        with it when the "check engine" light comes on? I'm sick
        of having to pay the mechanic close to $100 every time
        it comes on. Thanks.
        \_ what kind of car?
                \_ a Jeep Wrangler
        \_ check your gascap.
        \_ a lot of cars have alternatve ways of reporting diagnostics.
           on toytas for example, after shorting the right wires, the engine
           indicator light blinks in a pattern that identifies the problem.
        \_ If your car is new enough (I think >= 1994), you can use the
           OBD-II tool to retrieve the fault code.
        \_ Switch your car to use Linux/Open source. Or ride bike.
        \_ Davis Instruments' CarChip
2003/8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:29276 Activity:nil
8/7     Where is nweaver?
        \_ obDoingYermom
2003/8/8-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:29277 Activity:low
8/7     Is it just me or is Soda's POP3/IMAP security certificate broken?
        \_ Does anyone besides me read CSUA mail on the web (i use imp)?
        \_ Yup, it expired.
2003/8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:29278 Activity:nil
8/8     Tomorrow 5pm is the deadline for getting on the ballot.  You can't
        win if you don't play!
2003/8/8 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:29279 Activity:nil
8/7     Kobe's defense " I was just obeying my thirst"
        \_ "I'm an oppressed member of the minority community and this
            racist prosecution shall not stand!  If the glove don't fit,
            you must acquit!  I'm setting up a fund to hire investigators
            to find The Real Rapist!"
2003/8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:29280 Activity:moderate 50%like:29284
8/7     Best campaign site ever!
        \_ Truly rad, my life is complete.  Thank YOU!!!
           \_ OMG WTF LOL!@@@!!!!!!
2003/8/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:29281 Activity:nil
8/7     What brand of 802.11b wireless router can provision (grant access) to
        specific MAC addresses?  Do ISPs get mad if you resell their service?
2003/8/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:29282 Activity:insanely high
8/8     So why did Israel break the ceasefire? No flames please, I am
        seriously trying to understand this.
        \_ ??? They didn't.  URL, please.  CNN reports nothing about it.
              \_ This says no such thing.
        \_ It isn't a ceasefire when the other side is still shooting and
           taking public 'credit' for killing your civilians.  Can you ask
           a more loaded question next time?  Thanks!
           \_ Please show me evidence that Hamas or Fatah is taking
              "credit" for this. That is what I was asking for.
              \_ Arafat's boys have taken credit for several attacks
                 recently.  Read the papers everyday.  I shouldn't have to
                 provide you proof that the sky is blue or water is wet.
        \_ Did you read about the recent kidnappings of israeli teens by
           terror groups?  Israel never broke any ceasefire agreements
           \_ How about that big wall cutting into Palestinian land? I guess
              they should be proud the land is going to better use huh?
              \_ Oh yeah, a little construction vs actual kidnapping and
           \_ I thought they were still classified as "missing."
              \_ One was found dead recently.  Some palestinians tried to
                 force a soldier into their car recently, but ran when he
           \_ I think you're misusing the term 'flame'.
                 cocked his rifle.  His superiors gave the soldier a hard time
                 for not firing and ending their reign of terror.
                 \_ I did not know this. Thanks for telling me. I know
                    the US media only ever gets 1/2 of the story and
                    usually the details all mixed up at that.
        \_ I think even mentioning Israel on the motd qualifies as a flame.
           Its almost like a motd corallary of Godwin's law.
           \_ I think you're misusing the term 'flame'.  You probably mean
           \_ very good point... shall we call it the MOTD Corallary and
              try to circulate it in general use? Someone mail the jargon
        \_ About the infamous West Bank wall. I am wondering whether the
           Palestinian claims that the wall is a land grab attempt is true and
           to what degree.  Does anyone have a URL for a map that shows where
           this wall will pass and Israel's actual internationally recognized
           \_ What's so infamous about a wall?  If Canadians were coming over
              the border to commit suicide bombings every day, we'd not only
              start building walls, but raid and invade parts of Canada on a
              near daily basis until we broke their will or killed every last
              one of them.  Walls?  That's tame compared to what most any
              other country would do in Israel's position.
           \_ In order to have an internationally recognized border, your
              existence must be internationally recognized.  Israel isn't
              while numerous other 3rd world states with infinitely worse
              human rights records (such as *all* of their neighbors) are.
              How can anyone seriously expect the Israelis to respect anything
              "international" when they don't even exist legally to a large
              chunk of the planet?
              \_ I meant the internationally recognized border as in what UN
                 and countries who do recognize the state of Israel think
                 their border is. And please don't change the topic. I asked
                 for the map, not an excuse for building the security wall.
                 And BTW, Jordan and Egypt have signed peace agreements
                 with Israel a long time ago, so it's not like none of their
                 neighboors are not recognizing them.
                 \_ fortunately, our local google hater has not yet brought
                    google to it's knees.
                 \_ True, they did.  After getting beaten into submission.
                    Several times.  Anyway, to answer your question, there
                    really isn't such a thing.  You want the pre-67 borders?
                    Post-67?  What about all the deadman's land both
                    populations have expanded into since 47?  There just
                    aren't any nice clean lines anywhere.  That's part of the
                    problem.  Borders aren't real.  If someone pays you taxes
                    they're inside your borders, if not then not.
                    \_ It is exactly this kind of idiotic thinking that has
                       put Israel in the position it is today, with 200k
                       settlers smack dab in the middle of 3.5M Arabs,
                       neither of who is going to move. This desire to
                       have it all will inevitably lead to Israel's demise,
                       at least as a Jewish state. Perhaps it will live on
                       as a multi-secular state, sort of like Lebanon. Too
                       bad you didn't reign in the fanatics while you still
                       could have. It is too late now.
                       \_ Israel can't be a multi secular state because one
                          of your segments wants to genocide the other major
                          segment and 'push them into the sea'.  Yes, it's
                          now too late for the Muslim fanatics to genocide
                          the Jews.
                       \_ By that "thinking," it was alwas "too late" for
                          Israel.  5 million Jews in smack dab in the middle
                          of 200-300 million Arabs, a lot less than 6%.
                          Also, I wouldn't trust a map that declares,
                          "The Palestinians agreed to settle for 22%," when
                          so many are holding out for more.
                       \_ Anyone who calls Lebanon a "multi secular state"
                          has no business advising anyone on their affairs.
                          Lebanon is a chaotic puppet state run by Syria and
                          has been for decades.  You're either deeply confused
                          and misinformed or just plain nutty.
                          \_ What would you call it then? There are people
                             of more than one religion there, aren't there?
                             Being like Lebanon is not a thing to aspire to.
                             \_ I'd call it a Syrian run shit hole puppet
                                state, just like I called it above but with
                                extra emphasis because you didn't read it
                                the first time.  Lebanon is not a country.
                                They don't have a government of any note.
                                Holding up Lebanon as an example of something
                                to emulate is simply bizarre.  If your only
                                standard to call something a multi whatever
                                state is 'people of more than one religion
                                there', then every country in the world
                                fits your description, many of them far better
                                than the wreck that is Lebanon.
                                \_ This is the kind of future Israel has
                                   bought for itself. Watch and see. If
                                   you are not familiar with Lebanon's
                                   attempt to set up a multi-ethnic
                                   Constitution and the resulting civil
                                   wars, then more the pity to be you.
                                   Not that history is your strong point,
                                   but Syria has only occupied the country
                                   since 1990, not "many decades" as you claim.
2003/8/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:29283 Activity:kinda low
8/8     "The site dedicated to Human-Equine Transformation"
        \_ thank you for posting that!  now i know what's been missing all
           my life!  my magical horn!
2003/8/8-9 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Reference/Military] UID:29284 Activity:kinda low 50%like:29280
      That campaign site is a gold mine.
        \_ Old news.  The question everyone wants to know is...does the
           action figure come with a 1:6 scale cup to memorialize the drug
           test he skipped out on in 1973?
           \_ Just how many drug test have YOU skipped out on ?
              \_ None.  AND I haven't run for president.
2003/8/8-9 [Health] UID:29285 Activity:moderate
8/8     Russian health resort vs Guantanamo Bay prison:
        \_ This must be CIA propaganda - we all know the US is evil
           and the source of all problems in the world (particularly
           \_ Yeah!  Death to those evil Amurikans!  Hate them all!  Much
              better to live in some shithole.
              \_ one of you two dingbats needs to recalibrate your
                 sarcasm filters.
                 \_ we both know what's up.  you're the odd one out here.
                    go re-read what we both said and recalibrate your own
                    filters, oh great dingbattish one!
        \_ as if this guy has ever been to a Russian health resort. Unlikely.
           \_ how would you know?
2003/8/8-10 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:29286 Activity:moderate
8/8     Is there any way to run a cvs server without root such that it can
        support windows users without ssh.
        \_ man pserver
           \_ no joy.
        \_ another way is to download cygwin, install it in windows,
           use the cvs via ssh at the command line - danh
        \_ man pserver
           \_ no joy.
              \_ Um.. okay, read up on pserver on the cvs howto page.
        \_ You can use .rhosts file.  Better to use ssh such as plink though.
2018/11/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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