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2003/8/7-12/1 [Finance/Investment] UID:10002 Activity:nil 66%like:10692
8/6/3   /vol/office is back.
2003/8/7 [Recreation/Computer] UID:29262 Activity:kinda low
8/6     is there a way to remove a friend from friendster?
        \_ Someone should start a CSUA Motd profile on this so that all the
           motd losers will know every other motd loser by one degree of
           \_ wow!  we should all be on friendster then we can be losers twice
        \_ [Edit Friends] -> [Delete Friend]
           \_ :'(
              \_ There, there...
2003/8/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29263 Activity:very high
8/6     Arnold Schwarzenegger's running for governor.
        \_ Too bas hes a RINO.
        \_ Too bad hes a RINO.
           \_ What do you care?  You're not voting anyway.  If the election
              gets even 15% of eligible adults I'll be shocked (because I'm
              going to stick a finger in a wall socket to celebrate).
              \_ So, what was voter turnout in CA in 2000?
                \_ Interesting that you are able to divine the future.
                   I voted for Simon in 2002 and will vote for
                   McClintock this fall.
                   \_ McClintock?  You're kidding, right?  Why him?  At least
                      the porn queen has nice tits.
        \_ If he wins, there must be something about being in Predator (see
           also: Jesse Ventura) that gives governor-hopefuls a chance.
           \_ Jesse didn't just have a chance.  He won and governed better
              than certain CA governors we know.
           \_ By your logic, all the other actors in the movie, including
              Jean Claude van-Damme will run for governor one day. (Van Damme
              was the predator for one day but complained about the suit.)
              \_ How broken is this logic?
                 \_ Quite solid.  Philosophy 25.
        \_ I think he is going to win, though.  Then again, for some reason
           he reminds me of Ronald Reagon, someone I would much rather
           to forget.
           \_ If you're going to insult the man at least spell his name right.
              How many real reasons can you have to hate someone you know so
              little about?  I voted for Reag_A_n.  Were you even in HS yet?
              \_ you're over 40 and you're insulting someones spelling
                 on the motd.  awsome. so this is what we all have to look
                 forward to.
2003/8/7 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29264 Activity:nil
8/6     A vote - how many of you liberals (not classical) have read
        The Road to Serfdom by Nobel laureate Hayek?
2003/8/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:29265 Activity:very high
8/6     Everyone blames the governor. Don't you have to also look at the dumb-
        asses in the state legislature? I think no one really knows who their
        state rep is or what he/she does. That's the problem when there are too
        many people for voters to worry about.
        \_ Don't worry, this whole thing is just a bake sale for the state.
           At $3,500 per candidate we'll pay of the deficit in no time.
           \_ LOL this is cool
           \_ I know!  We can just tax people for voting!  We can have a poll
              tax!  That'll fix the economy right up!
        \_ The legislature is and has been controlled by the dems.
        \_ I blame the legislature.  I just don't currently have the option of
           dumping any of them and with the gerrymandered 'safe' districts all
           over the state, I never will.  There's no point in voting in most
           CA elections because whoever is assigned by the Democratic party to
           run in each district gets it.  The primaries are just the Dem way of
           telling us who is going to run that region for the next few terms.
           The only reason I show at the polls is for the national vote which
           usually doesn't matter and the initiatives which still do.
2003/8/7 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29266 Activity:high
8/6     The Next Governor of California!
        \_Gray Davis will be terminated.
        \_ I think we should vote for her instead.  Yes, she is on the
           \_ Her bio says she lives in Florida...
           \_ She's got my vote and who cares what state she lives in?  Davis
              lives here and what good did that do us?
2003/8/7 [Finance] UID:29267 Activity:very high
8/6     How many of you liberals have read The Road to Serfdom
        by Nobel laureate Hayek?
        \_ if he's not a physicist, a chemist, a biologist/medical researcher
           or a writer he's not a nobel laureate in my book.  the econ and
           peace "prizes" are a joke.
           \_ alas, so are you.
              \- er i think you can have issues with the literature
                 prize, but the econbn prize is pretty solid, although
                 prize, but the econ prize is pretty solid, although
                 there are trends. name a couple of econ nobels you
                 would revoke. --psb
              \_ why bother posting 4 word, 1 liner drivel like this?  does
                 this sort of post really make you feel smart or something?
                 \_ yes, does questioning people's motivation make you feel
                    smart or something?
2003/8/7 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:29268 Activity:very high
8/6     This is the same question I have asked before.  I am trying to
        do something to file in a directory, which the new filename is
        actually based upon the old filename,  something like
        mv *.aaa *.bbb
        With MOTD god's help, I got something like the following worked:
        ls -1 *.ps | sed 's/\(.*\)[.]ps/ps2ascii \ \1.txt;/'

        However, it doesn't execute.  Even if I put back-quote and/or
        put eval in the front, it still doesn't execute:
        eval `ls -1 *.ps | sed 's/\(.*\)[.]ps/ps2ascii \ \1.txt;/'`

        Any suggestion on how to make that line be executed?    -kngharv
        \_ umm, that seems like a really retarded approach. you should be
           more careful about who you take advice from. why not this:
           for f in *.ps; do ps2ascii $ $f.txt; done
           \_ because it doesn't work. ps2ascii would try to open
     here is a way you can do it:

              for f in *.ps; do ps2ascii $f `echo $f|sed 's/.ps$/.txt/'`; done
              \_ oops, forgot about the .ps.txt thing, and your above thing
                 is inconsistent with your cmdline. anyway, since OP is using
                 csh, it would be even easier to use the r modifier.
           \_ that would make too much sense.  the sed version has that classic
              'job security' look to it.  ;-)
              \_ err.. do this for loop in a command line?  --OP csh user
                 \- i would do something like this:
        ls *ps |sed 's/[.]ps$//' |awk '{print "ps2acii " $1".ps" " "$1".txt" }'
                    and then pipe that to sh or to a file and then edit and
                    runthe file. obviously be as careful as you need to be.
                    this is a cleaner and safer way to do it if you are not a
                    shell wizard. --psb
2003/8/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29269 Activity:high
8/7     If everyone who posts to the motd put in ten bucks, we'd have enough
        to run a "csua motd" candidate.  This could be highly amusing.
            \_ 3 words: Partha S. Banerjee. Eveybody meet in front
               of Sproul at noon. Bring papers for Partha, $10 a head and we'll
               get the signatures from passersby. Watch out, Ahnuld.
               Partha is on the war path.- parthaphile
        \_ 350 people post to the motd?
        \_ We'd be the only candidate who wouldn't need another candidate to
           argue with. We could hold internal debates.
           \_ And maybe take over the legislature.  Grid lock would be more
              efficient run through the motd.  Just wipe and start again when
              it runs too long.
        \_ Phil Nunez for Governor!
        \_ There's only about 15 people posting here on a semi-regular basis
           and 3 of them are die-hard pro-davis fanboys.  Phil gets my vote
           if you can get him on the ballot.
           \_ This might be hard to understand, but its possible to be both
              anti-recall and anti-Davis.  Think about that for a second before
              the knee jerks.
2003/8/7-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:29270 Activity:high
8/7     Where do I go for upgrading my car audio? And tinting my windows?
        I don't know anything about this stuff and just want some decent
        service without getting ripped off too much. Are their some
        respected stores I should go to? I live in South Bay.
        \_ so you're going to pay to decrease your visibility and increase
           your chances of being pulled over...why exactly?
           \_ as my grandmother put it "you'll never get a girlfriend driving
              that car!"  You tint your car to make it look cool, you hosers.
           \_ not to mention increase your chance of getting your car broken
           \_ because i want better audio and tinted windows?
              \_ can i pay you not to move into my neighborhood?
                 \_ aren't we stereotyping?  What's wrong with wanting
                    better audio?  op is not necessarily going to
                    get 1000 watt subwoofers.
                 \_ okay. is paypal alright with you?
        \_  Frank's of Berkeley on Addison in downtown Berkeley does
            excellent car audio work.
2003/8/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:29271 Activity:nil
8/7     Any recommendations for data recovery software? I need to get
        a few files from a broken NTFS hard drive running windows xp home.
        Cheaper is better.
        \_ there's free shit on the net.  google.
        \_ tiramisu for NTFS can be found , fits on a floppy.
        \_ $70.  I've used their FAT
           version, and it did a very decent job.
        \_ Drive Rescue.  Used to be freeware, but now is not.  You can still
           download a freeware version from:
2003/8/7-8 [Computer/SW/Editors] UID:29272 Activity:high
8/7     Anyone remember the name of that windows text editor that was
        created by that Jesus freak guy? Its like (free|share)ware or
        something. I remember someone posting a link here a while ago
        and reading the guy's account of how he was divined by god to
        create it. I was telling some friends about it and they didn't
        believe me. thanks.                             - rory
        \_ nevermind, a bit more creative google'ing revealed the link
           if anyone wants a humorous read.
        \_ Man i am glad i've always pirated ultraedit.
        \_ Who cares who made it?  It's a good editor.
           \_ it doesn't matter... but that's a funny read, if you ask me
        \_ Wow, I didn't know Jerry Falwell could write a good editor. I
           use it daily. I guess the Opiate of the Masses does do something
           useful every once in a while.
        \_ Sex and Safesex are good note editors. written by Justin Frankel
           of winamp fame. personally, i like good ol' Textpad.
        \_ Just cuz you have no religion ( i dont either) doesnt mean you
           should call him a freak. it is his source of drive. you and him
           are just one in six billion. we draw inspiration from diff places
           \_ Yah, it's not like it stopped Dubya from squishing Saddam et al.
              \_ More blood has been shed in the name of Jesus Christ than any
                 other cause in recorded history.  GWB doesn't have a lock on
                 that plan by any means.
           \_ Or the Taliban from creating suicide bombers. Go god!
              \_ The Taliban didn't create suicide bombers.
                 \_ Are you being a semantically nitpicky ass, or is there
                    some bigger point you're trying to make?
2003/8/7-8 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:29273 Activity:high
8/7     Can someone tell me if the following attack will help bring down
        google?  It makes money primarily by selling sponsored links.  Web site
        operators pay something like 25 cents each time a person searches
        for something and clicks on the sponsored link leading to his page.
        He has to pay regardless whether the person makes a purchase or
        moves on without even reading the page.  So... build a program that
        searches for all sorts of keywords and clicks through all the
        sponsored links.  Do this automatically 24x7.  The businesses paying
        for the sponsored links will see traffic go up but not their sales
        or even "viewing time" because it's all automated.  They'll eventually
        reach a point where paying for the sponsored links is not bringing in
        new business.  So they stop advertising on google.  If enough people
        pull out, google's revenue will dry up.
        \_ There is no way to quickly kill google.  However, as useful as I
           find google, I fear it will die a death of a thousand cuts, if for
           no other reason than because they made an html link worth money.
           This alone will mean that they are pitting themselves against
           the intellects of every greedy hoser out on the internet, and that's
           a battle they cannot win.  I already found lots of kinds of queries
           degrade in quality significantly over the last year, because people
           are starting to find ways to hose google successfully.
             -- sad google user
           \_ Why does their pay-per-click marketing mean that every hoser
              on the internet will want to battle with them?  Google can
              charge for the links because they have a lot of traffic flowing
              to their site.  Not every hoser has that advantage.
              \_ You don't understand.  Because google is useful, and because
                 their algorithm is based on links, links acquire value.  As
                 soon as something like that acquires value, hosers will find
                 a way to generate this value for themselves, to the detriment
                 of the community at large.  There is no way out for google,
                 because the problem is essential to what they do.
                   -- sad google user
                 \_ Once google's relevance is ruined by people who are
                    gaming the system, someone with a new algorithm will
                    step in to fill the void.  That's how google gained
                    momentum in the first place -- they used a different
                    algorithm that worked better than the existing ones.
                    \_ Again, there is no way out, because the problem is
                       fundamental to searching the internet.
                         -- sad google user
                    \_ The tragedy of the commons does not have a technical
                       \_ it's called a cobalt-60 bomb
                       \_ I love when you talk about the tragedy of the
                          commons.  It turns me on when you get concerned
                          about the farmers in great britain and how they
                          use their land.  Do it some more!
        \_ is there some search engine you prefer, or do you just want to
           make the internet less useful?
        \_ By saying "help bring down", I assume you DO want to bring down
           Google. Why?
            \_ yah, why? but, i bet a sustained long term attack would be
                difficult to sustain from many ips, and even so, the result
                would probably be a change in their ad pricing structure.
            \_ His website probably isn't the first link in a search.
            \_ Some people are just haters and can't stand to see anyone
               else succeed.
        \_ Google would just block out the ips you used.  What you can do
           is this: some keywords (like the keywords spammers bid on) are
           very expensive, on the order of $5 per click.  Search for
           "email marketing" and click on all of the links.
        \_ Do you think you're the first person to run scripts against google?
           They get something like 140 million queries/day the last I read.
           You're going to ruin them by pounding them from 4 or 5 ips?  I don't
           think so.  You'll find yourself on an ACL and they and their
           customers will sort it out in a quick email, end of story.
2003/8/7-8 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:29274 Activity:nil
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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