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2003/8/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:29248 Activity:nil
8/5/3   /vol/office will be unmounted on Wednesday at 5pm.  If your proceess
        keeps the fs from unmounting, your process will be shot.
2003/8/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:29249 Activity:very high
8/5     help, there are commas INSIDE the fields of my Comma Separated File
        E.g. column 136, is  "lastname, firstname".  Now, being so
        damn clever, i figured that hey, i'll just make the field separator
        \",\" but that doesn't work 'cause the number fields aren't quotated.
        What should i do? -phuqm
        \_ ~scotsman/bin/
           But you could just go through and add quotes around the currently
           nonquoted fields.  I've seen some stupid csv handling in any number
           of products.  Basic csv is: 1) comma separated 2) if field contains
           a comma, surround with "'s 3) if field surrounded by "'s contains
           "'s, escape the "'s as "".  Many people can't get this through
           their skulls.  --scotsman
        \_ clever? use tabs as delimiter
           \_ I didn't generate the file. -phuqm
           \_ self-depricating sarcasm is a sign of maturity. insults are not.
        \_ Find which lines have excessive # of commas and massage those data
           lines differently? Or if ALL lines are "lastname,firstname"
           then just treat it as an additional command-separated field.
           Or convert the data so that the where quotes and commas occur,
           convert them to 3 commas or some OTHER field-separator like
           # or % or something not used anywhere in your datafile
           It's very simple, so maybe i do not understand what ur asking.
           \_ Oh the sanity and simplicity of it all! Can't you make it more
              complex to show your superiority?
        \_ this is a standard CSV format.  the comma is a delimiter but the
           "x,y" is _also_ counted as a single item.  oddly enough, CSV files
           have 2 delimiters and you need to program for both the simple case
           and the "matching double quoted" case.
           \- use (f)lex --psb
              \_ use perl. type perl csv in google.
                 \_ sigh... this was covered in one of my cs60c projects.  now
                    they just type keywords into google and copy the results.
2003/8/6 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29250 Activity:high
8/5     Off-by-one error in realpath(3):
        (Just in case some of you aren't subscribed to the security
         announce lists)
         \_ Ah, the wonderful joys of C programming.
                \_ And you prefer?
                  \_ nothing. For some tasks there are no better substitutes
                     yet, unfortunately.
                     \_ everything should be written in vax 11/780 assembly
                        like the good old days!  where'd my pdp-7?
                        like the good old days!  where's my pdp-7?
                        \_Back in my day, we didn't have no fancy terminals,
                          we wrote programs by wiring the accumulator to the
                          cycling unit, and we liked it! -- grumpy old man
                          \_ Yeah!  You tell em!  Hey wait, you had wires?
                             We didn't have wires....
2003/8/6 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:29251 Activity:moderate
8/5     I'm contemplating on getting a set of Cleveland or Ping Irons. What
        are the pros and cons of using graphite vs. steel? And should I get
        flex/regular/stiff? Thanks motd god.
        \_ get steel shafts, and the flex depends on your swing speed which
           is typically measured with your driver and 5-iron.  you can get
           this done at any shop.  and i've used ping irons and cleveland
           wedges, and they're both fine, it's just what you're more
           comfortable with.
        \_ what is your handicap?
        \_ if you have to ask you don't know
2003/8/6 [Recreation/Activities] UID:29252 Activity:high
8/5     I've noticed that there's been a lot of TV/magazine/radio coverage
        on golf lately. Is this because of Tiger Woods?
        \_ Yes.  People love watching an Asian guy play golf.
           \_ This is inspired.
              \_ Truly.
2003/8/6 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29253 Activity:very high
8/6     Supreme Court - Ginsburg: Int'l Law Shaped Court Rulings
        Why limit ourselves to the EU, I think we should really
        push for diversity and incorporate decisions from North Korea,
        Zimbabwe, and Sudan.
        All you purported civil libertarians, this is the true
        danger to our republic.  If you want to invent law, do it
        through the legislature not activist judges.
        \_ There are worse things to worry about on the Supreme Court than
        \_ I love reading freeper links.  The comments remind me just how
           insane you freaknuts are.  Calling for lynchings and revolution
           over a justice saying she looks are what other countries are
           doing as guidance is hillarious.
        \_ there are worse things to worry about on the Supreme Court than
           Ginsburg.  Sadly.
           \_ Good point!  When there's more than 1 problem we should only
              look at them 1 at a time and ignore the rest!  I love that sort
              of purist linear thinking.  Are you running for CA Governor?
        \_ Not all international legal ideas are bad things.  Both
           Napoleonic law and English common law set useful precedents (in
           our case, what do you think our corpus of laws is loosely based
           on?)  And as for your "North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Sudan" argument,
           why do you believe that we, at least in theory, have an independent
           judiciary?  Do you think there are laws governing every single
           possible facet of society and conduct, or is the judiciary actually
           supposed to have some leeway interpreting what's applicable in
           various cases?  And concerning Scalia's statement that "the court
           should not 'impose foreign moods, fads, or fashions on Americans.'",
           look to yourself.  Don't you think that is highly ironic, given that
           Hilary Rosen has been appointed to help draft copyright law for
           Iraq?  I would be highly interested in your responses.  -John
                \_ Please refer to my aforementioned statement, but I will
                   reiterate.  You are welcome to whatever English
                   law not already included in the Constitution (although
                   how can you improve upon Constitution?) - but do
                   it through the legislative process.  Bypassing the
                   legislatures perverts the entire process.  In other
                   words, the process is just as if not more important
                   than the law, in part because of stare decisis.
                   One example, FDR implemented the New Deal by forcing
                   Justices to resign and stacking the court.
                   \_ You're still mad about that whole New Deal thing
                      aren't you
                     \_ The Constitution says nothing about the death
                        penalty, abortion, traffic tickets, and a whole slew
                        of other issues.  These are open to interpretation by
                        judges and courts.   You'll note the article's use of
                        the phrase "guidance"--there is nothing preventing our
                        judiciary, created under the Constitution (how can you
                        improve upon the Constitution?) from looking to other
                        legal, philosophical, ethical, societal, and political
                        models for ideas on how to interpret the law of the
                        land.  In addition, have a closer look at the article's
                        reference to treaties--the Constitution provides for the
                        ratification of treaties by the legislature--if the US
                        Congress and Senate accept our adherence to an intl.
                        treaty, the judiciary may very well use it as a source
                        of guidance for legal judgments, if that treaty does not
                        contravene the Constitution itself, according to the
                        Supreme Court, whose job it is to interpret that
                        document.  -John
                        \_ Correct, however the SC isn't necessarily talking
                           about treaty based rulings but just whatever the
                           EU happens to be doing this week or next.
                \_ Look if congress wanted to say something about it, they
                   could have said it. the only reason why the supreme court
                   is involved in the first places is that congress was mute
                   about the subject.
                   \_ The Constitution does not leave for the SC the right to
                      invent new law where the Congress has failed to create
                      one, but only to interpret existing laws as written.
                      The SC is *not* a "fill-in-the-blank" law making body.
                      Or at least was never intended to be until recently.
2003/8/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:29254 Activity:high
8/6     First Larry Flynt, then Angeline, now, Gary Coleman!  Nice one!
        Don't you guys LUUUURVE chaos?!
        \_ how about everyone here puts in ten bucks and we run a
           candidate named "csua motd"?   all campaign slogans will
           be generated right here in this file.  now *that's* chaos.
        \_ I'm voting for Carey M., the porno queen.  Better chaos than the
           pure corruption and stupidity we've had to now.
2003/8/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:29255 Activity:nil
8/6     About the email attachments yesterday: AppleSingle includes the
        Data-Fork and the Resource-Fork in one file. This is not a
        cross-platform-compatible way to send attachments. AppleDouble
        splits the Data and Resource forks, and allows users on any
        platform to get the data easily. also:  " Macintosh documents do
        not always need to be sent in a special format.  Those documents
        with well-known MIME types and non-existent or trivial resource
        forks can be sent as regular MIME body parts, without use of
        AppleSingle or AppleDouble." I don't know who determines which
        files get this treatment.
2003/8/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:29256 Activity:low
8/6     In C++, if I need to keep an STL vector around (because it's a field in a
        class I still need) but would like to minimize its memory usage, how do
        I do it?  resize(0), clear(), reserve(0), or something else??  Thanks.
        \_ none of those will deallocate already-allocated memory. use the
           "swap trick": assuming your existing field is f, do
           vector<foo>(f).swap(f). Or since you want just an empty vector
           apparently, vector<foo>().swap(f) will suffice. -jl
2003/8/6-7 [ERROR, uid:29257, category id '18005#45.3875' has no name! , ] UID:29257 Activity:high
8/6     Hmm, Fox News has Bush's reelect number at only 36%.  But he still
        beats all the announced Dem candidates.  Maybe its time for Hillary
        or General Clark to announce?
        \_ It's still too early to tell what's going to happen. However, if
        Ahnold wins the governer's seat you can be pretty sure the republicans
        are going to hold on for at least another four years. As for you
        dems who are hoping for a repeat of 92, get over it. Dubya is the
        only president to actually help WIN seats during the midterm elections,
        plus his legendary record in Texas makes him utterly unpredictable.
        Hell, he wasn't even SUPPOSED to win the 00 election.
        \_ Don't worry, public opinion of Dubya's administration has been
           going downhill, and even finding Saddam/Osama might not be enough.
           Re Dean, it still seems to be more "who is our Democratic
           savior???" vs. serious Presidential contender.  2004 looks to be
           well on its way toward another who-would-be-less-inept election.
           \_ Still, Bush is expected to enter next year's general
              election with five times the amount of money on hand as the
              Democratic nominee.  By spurning federal funds, just as he did
              last time, he's free to raise sinful heaps of money like
              from his corporate cronies.   -a glum Democrat
              \_Vote for John Edwards in 2004, the most charismatic,
                electable, best-funded Democrat.  Best of all,
                Bill Clinton's advising him.
              \_Yes, Bush will have heaps of money, but this may ultimately
                not be enough.
            \_  You people are SCARY - Edwards and Hillary?  At least
                investigate the Clinton scandals to see what they were
                up to - factually refute for yourself.  Just what we need -
                trial lawyers (along with unions, the primary constituencies
                of the Democratic party) to have more power in this country.
                Then we can sue every business in America - an unlimited
                source of state revenue, what a bonanza!!
2003/8/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/DailyCal, Recreation/House] UID:29258 Activity:low
8/6     Where is a good place in Berkeley to buy high-quility used business
        office furniture (file cabinets / chairs / desks / etc)?
        \_ There used to be an ad everyday in the daily cal for a used
           office furniture warehouse in Oakland or Emeryville.  I really
           miss the desk I bought ($30) from them.  It wasn't big brandname
           (think Vietnam era instead of <DEAD><DEAD>), but very serviceable.
           And the selection was pretty good.
        \_ There's a Used Office Furniture Outlet on the 1400 block of
           Park Ave in Emeryville.
           \_ Is that "Interior Motions"?
        \_ Berkeley Outlet, 711 Heinz Ave.  I've found some great stuff
           at quite good prices there... (steelcase, etc)
           \_ Great, thanks.  I think that's the one I'm looking for.
        \_ UCB Excess & Salvage
2003/8/6-7 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:29259 Activity:moderate
8/6     I overclocked my FSB and memory and AGP. Everything worked fine for
        about 20 minutes. Then things started to crap out. I went down again.
        But the AGP video card is... um, fried. Word of advice. If you must
        OC your computer, make sure you do it during the first 30 days,
        when you can return the components back to Frys Electronics.
        \_ the "better" motherboards allow you to change the system bus w/o
           changing the AGP bus
        \_ Word of advice: don't overclock your computer unless you can afford
           to buy all new parts every 6 months because even if they survive
           the first 30 days you're still pushing them beyond spec (it's
           called overclocking for a reason) and running them hotter than
           they're intended, thus they will die sooner.  Do you *really* need
           an extra 3 FPS?  No.  You really don't.
        \_ I think reminders like this are funny and important.  Don't reply
           to spam.  Don't OC old hardware.  Treat every gun as if it's
           loaded, unless you're pretty sure it's not.
           \_ No.  That's "unless you're pointing it at someone you don't like"
              \_ Wow.  Lots of dumbasses on the motd today.  More than usual.
                 No wonder some people are into guncontrol. -- gun owner
                 \_ Excuse me, but if you could stand still for a moment, I'd
                    like to check to see if my safety is on.  Thanks!
        \_ What AGP card was this? By "AGP" I hope you don't mean the AGP bus.
           \_ You can OC the AGP bus but it's a *really* useless and stupid
              thing to do.  Tell your friends, be the life of the party!  Buy
              a new video card!  Make my Nvidia stock go up!
2003/8/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:29260 Activity:nil
8/6     > ping
        ping: cannot resolve Unknown host
        Some people should not be allowed near the DNS zone files.
        \_ Journalism is practiced at Cal??
           \_ Only the yellow kind.
              \_ Isn't that why everything is named after Hearst?
                 \_ No.  Everything is named after Heart because their family
                    donated a shitload of money without which Berkeley wouldn't
                    exist as it does today if at all.
                    \_ William and Phoebe are nice people, but who the heck
                       is Tan Kah Kee?
2003/8/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29261 Activity:high
8/6     Hey, so now that this recall mess is going on, where is Mr. "We Are
        A Republic, NOT a Democracy"?  You were ALWAYS on the motd before,
        but you are suspiciously silent of late.  Too busy filing your
        candidacy papers?
        \_ the soviet union was a republic.  u.s.a is a democrisy..
        \_ It's still a republic.  Do you *really* need a 3rd grade level
           lesson in the difference?  Don't make me spank you.
        \_ The U.S. is both a republic and a democracy, if you look at
           the dictionary definitions.  Then again, you could say some
           Liberal changed the definition of democracy under our noses.
           \_ No, it's a republic with strong democratic influence.  Anyways,
              in response to the poster above, the U.S. is a republic, that
              does not state anything about California.  How California
              chooses to elect its governor (in a democratic method) does not
              reflect upon our federal government.  I would hope a Berkeley
              undergrad would be able to decipher the difference.  And what
              exactly about the recall are you complaining about?  The fact
              that Gray Davis is trying to subvert the whole democratic ideals
              of our nation?
              \_ Please post the dictionary definition of democracy closest
                 to what we have in the U.S.  Feel free to post republic too.
              \_ The democratic ideals of a few rich conservatives that lost
                 a general election, but weren't appointed to the post like
                 El Presidente Bush so they subvert the will of the people
                 with this recall?
2018/12/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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