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2003/8/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:29232 Activity:very high
8/4     To follow up my post a few days back, 3com says the 3CRPAG17 is the
        only 802.11g card on the market with a retractable antenna. (patents)
        Unfortunately, this card uses a new 3com propriatary chipset, the
        name of which isn't available until the card starts shipping at the
        end of August. No Linux drivers will ship with it. She said linux, BSD
        and OSX drivers will all probably come out later. I'll wait.
        \_ Of course *nix drivers won't ship on day 1 on a brand new product.
           \_ Someday that will change.
              \_ You mean they won't ship at all?
                  \_ Yeah, clearly Linux and BSD are going nowhere.
                     Windows is the best OS.  Just ask the virus writers.
                     \_ Just living out here in the real world.  'Best' in
                        what way?  Viruses or no, it's what sells.  It's what
                        they make drivers for first and always.  Any other OS
                        and you're waiting, maybe forever or rolling the dice.
                        When your mom is running *nix at home and your work-
                        place converts the recptionist, HR, and finance to it,
                        lemme know.
                        \_ my mom's linksys router runs linux.
                        \_ i run on your mom, and i run linux. does that count?
2003/8/5 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:29233 Activity:very high
8/4     What sort of food will change the color of various body fluids?
                \_ if you eat enough of 'em  beets'll turn pee pink
        \_ Certain vitamin supplements make urine green.
        \_ if you eat enough of 'em  beets'll turn pee pink
        \_ Asparigus makes it stinky. Vitamin C makes it REALLY yellow.
         \_ b12 makes it almost orange it is so yellow.
        \_ Enough wine will make your spit turn purple.
        \_ cantaloupe will turn your shit green, blueberries -> blue
         \_ and beets will make you convinced you are shitting blood
        \_ I don't know about color, but last time I ate really hot
           buffalo wings, my penis stings when I pee.  Only time that
           happened even though I ate spicy stuff all my life.
           \_ that wasn't the food.  that's an STD.  get to a clinic.
        \_ And for something men will prolly want to try
         \_ Just eat lots of pineapple and don't smoke.  Rumor has it
            being vegan helps too, but I've never tested that one out. -aspo
            \_ that's just wishful thinking, look at your teeth, do you
               think man was meant to be a vegan?
2003/8/5 [Consumer/Audio] UID:29234 Activity:nil
8/4     Any recommendations for a mini audio system with the following
        capabilities: am/fm, mp3, cd/cdr/cdrw support, internet
        streaming radio.  I know the Philips Streamium MC-I200 has these
        features, but I'd like to know what else is out there.  Searching the
        web yields a lot of random results.  I'm hoping Soda  users can
        provide their personal experience.
2003/8/5-6 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:29235 Activity:high
 8/4    Question about the computerized GRE:  Does one just walk into a test
        center and ask for a time?  Does one call the test center?  I come from
        the age of paper tests and filling out forms, etc., I am not familiar
        with this "first come first served" policy that states.
        \_ talk to the gre people.  I think you have to schedule ahead of time.
        \_ uhhhhh, going back to grad school in the rat race?
           \_ urrrr. doy?
                \_ rofl i haven't heard doy in ages!! :P
        \_ you can't just walk it, they're usually booked up 1-2 weeks in
                   \_ me either.  we used it at my HS in the mid 80s.  it's
                      better forgotten.
        \_ you can't just walk in, they're usually booked up 1-2 weeks in
           advance. Bay Area is around 3 weeks. Make sure you go to the test
           site first and see what it's like. Not all test centers are the
           \_ which ones are the "nicest?" (oyster point, alameda,
              100 california in SF?
                \_ I went to the one in Pleasanton (north of Walnut Creek),
                   I loved it there. Not crowded, easy parking, and people
                   were nice. Then I was kind of disappointed with my score
                   and decided to take it with other people in San Jose. Do
                   NOT go there! Parking sucks, you'll be taking the test
                   with other people (and a lot of them will happen to type
                   fast and loudly cuz they're taking the LSAT/GMAT with
                   essays) and the air stinks. Lots of distractions, and the
                   proctors don't care about you. SAN JOSE SUCKS. I scored
                   100 less than the first time. Ok good luck.
                   \_ Pleasanton isn't north of Walnut Creek. Do you mean
                      Pleasant Hill?
                      \_ it's all on the other side of the bridge n tunnel
                         so who cares?
2003/8/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:29236 Activity:nil
8/4     I am a cheap bastard who knows RF, but doesn't know jack about DSL.
        What exactly is a dsl filter?  what rolloff frequency is needed?
        can i just make a rc filter or pi filter with a pair of modular jacks,
        or is it an active filter of some kind? i already stfw'd and all anyone
        wants to tell me is where to buy one.
        \_ What are you trying to do?
           \_ I think he's trying to steal DSL off his phone line or something
              like that and his time has zero value but I'm just guessing.
              Think of Qusay's children!
              \_ no, i'm paying for dsl, and already have one filter for
                 my phone.  i just want another filter for my other phone
                 so it doesn't interfere with the dsl or cause odd noises
                 on the line.  given that i spend alot of time making rf
                 filters anyway, this filter might well take me ten minutes
                 to build if i know what frequency i'm trying to filter.
                 since a new filter is about 15 dollars, i would have to
                 value my time at 90 dollars an hour for it to not be worth
                 my time to make the filter. since i'm a grad student, my
                 time is worth considerably less than that.
                 \_ but you've already spent more than that time Sing the FW
                    and typing stuff on motd. and since you already "know RF"
                    you aren't even learning anything.
                 \_ Doesn't SBC give you like 3-4 of the filters anyway?
                    I seem to recall having many extras, send me an email
                    if you're local to Berkeley and I'll bring one in - mds
2003/8/5 [Recreation/Humor, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:29237 Activity:very high
8/3     [jesus propaganda censored]
        \_ "Jeesus Loves You - So Stop Mocking Him!"
        \_ you moron, it was a joke.  a *joke*, son, dontcha get it?  it was
           *funny*, son!  you were supposed to *laugh*, not come on here
        \_ "Jeesus Loves You - So Stop Mocking Him!"
           censoring shit you didn't read and looking like an *idiot*!  son.
           \_ yhbt. fucker.
              \_ why do anonymous people try to save face?  it wasn't a
                 troll, you're just an idiot for deleting a good link.
                 \_ I was implying that the deleter was a troll, not the
                    original poster.  and the fuckers who use the "son"
                    language all the time are typically among the most useless
                    and annoying on the motd, which is why i correctly
                    identified you as a stupid fucker.
                    \_ useless to you only because the truth hurts, SON.
                 \_ You's not THAT hard to restore.  If it matters
                    so much, just fuckin' restore it and be done with the
                    censoring weenie.
                    \_ if it was just deleted, sure, but to say it was
                       deleted because it was something it wasn't?
2003/8/5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:29238 Activity:insanely high
8/4     Why can't U.S. allow assassination of say, Sadam or Bin Laden? Why
        is bombing (which is messier) preferred over assassination? Wouldn't
        both effect to take out or weaken leadership, hence both are
        \_ AFAIR, there was a long standing executive order that assassination
           is not to be used as a policy.  I believe Georgie Jr. nullified that
           \_ Gerald Ford signed the executive order in the 70s and it has
              never been revoked.
        \_ you really think we haven't sent out special forces teams
           to try and hunt down and kill him?
        \_ I believe we used laser-guided bomb / cruise missle to do the same
           thing, caused some collateral damage.  But when other people
           do it, it's called act of terrorism
           \_ who let the tamil tiger hippie have a soda account?
           \_ yeah, they really wanted to kill just that one guy who jumped off
              the Twin Towers but accidently killed everyone else. Take your
              hate America B.S. somewhere like Cuba or Iran or Germany
              \_ Or France and Belgium.  I honestly wonder sometimes if the
                 various EU countries lost too many real men during WWI/II and
                 literally just don't have the right stuff in their genes now.
                 \_ is this your explanation for russia, china, new zealand,
                    canada and most of the rest of the world as well?
                    \_ Yes. And California, New York and all those wussies
                       in Hawaii, too.
                       \_ No, that's just a case of trash flocking to trash.
                    \_ China?  Pacifists?  Are you nuts?  The Russians aren't
                       either, they just can't afford an army.
        \_ Who says we can't allow the assassination of anyone?  That isn't a
           law, it isn't in the constitution, Congress never voted on it, the
           Senate never affirmed it.  That was just Jimmy Carter telling the
                                                          \_ Bzzt.  Read a book.
           world, "we're nice! don't attack us!" shortly before the whole Iran
           hostages embassy fiasco.  Being nice always worked well in world
           politic.  We can, we do and we should.  What's the question?
           \_ You're an asshole.
              \_ Yes, I am, but that has nothing to do with what I said above
                 about the US/Carter assassination policy.  It is all 100%
                 factually correct.  Maybe next time you'll show up with some
                 counter-facts instead of your little dirty-boy's mouth.
                 \_ 100% except for the Carter part.  Oh, and the Iran hostage
                 \_ You scare me. I hope someday you read a book.
                    \_ You still haven't corrected anything with facts, just
                       useless personal attack.  It's too bad facts scare you.
                       \_ It's too bad you haven't gotten laid lately.  Or
                          \_ only by yermom
                          \_ Keep trying.  I'm an asshole, I get laid, and I'm
                             still right and you're not.
                             \_ Hey asshole.
           \_ I don't usually waste my time with morons, but since you
              keep spouting the same lies, I am going to smack you down:
              Guess who was President in Dec 1981? Not Carter, dumbass.
              \_ now start your stopwatch and wait for the thread to get
              \_ Carter freed the hostages, but due to "unusual circumstances"
                 their flight to Germany was delayed so that it would land
                 a few hours into Reagan's presidency, so he could steal all
                 of the credit for their release.
                 \_ No unusual circumstances. The Iranians did it on purpose
                    as a final slap against Carter. Of course they did get
                    all of those swell spare parts, a cake, and a signed bible
                    from Reagan later on...
        \_ Because assassinations work both ways. At a certain point in
           "civilized warfare," specific targeting of enemy officers became
           "uncivil." It was thought that the lack of officers would lead to
           chaos in the field and uncontrolled slaughter would result. This
           was a "do as I say, not as I do" policy and officer targeting
           continued for the most part although officer ransoming and prisoner
           exchanges were much more prevalant then. IOW, we say no assasination
           but we'll do it given half a chance. If they did it, we'd call them
           barbarians. Neat, huh?
2003/8/5-6 [Reference/Tax] UID:29239 Activity:high
8/5     Do I really have to give an extra 15% to the gubment for SE tax if I'm
        a contractor vs. W-2?  This was not in formulas previously posted
        to the motd. I'm suing!
        \_ extra 7.65%, dumbass.  And it's deductible.
           \_ i thought it was 15.3% -
              \_ Everyone has to pay 7.65%, SE pay it twice.
                 \_ or, to be a bit pedantic:
                    Everyone has to pay 15.3%, but employed people have the
                    first 7.65% taken out in the form of reduced salary which
                    is paid to the gubmnt by the employer.
2003/8/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:29240 Activity:moderate
8/4     Anyone have a good one page description of XForms?
        \_ So you find th W3C specs a bit too long and unreadable?
        \_ Do you find th W3C specs a bit too long and unreadable?
2003/8/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:29241 Activity:very high
8/5     I have a friend who is trying to send a PDF attachment, but it
        comes encoded as:  Application/MAC-BINHEX40 instead of
        Application/PDF. She's using Eudora 5.2 and Mac OS 10.2.6. She says
        that the choices for encoding attachments in Eudora are: Apple
        Double (MIME), Apple Single, BinHex, and Uuencode data fork. and
        BinHex is checked. Why would MIME not be the default?
        \_ Again (somehow my previous post got deleted) Use Stuffit Expander,
        that should be able to decode a Mac BinHex format to something you
        can read. Yes, they have a PC version. It's shareware.
           \_ Do they make a Linux version?
        \_ Duh, because Apple is a proprietary company.
           \_ What is the best encoding to use?
              \_ Something that as many other people as possible will have such
                 as UU or MIME.  The point of encoding is to make sure other
                 people can decode it at the other end, yes?  So it doesn't
                 help if you use some encoding method that's a few % smaller
                 in transit but the other side can't do anything with.
        \_ BinHex preserves the resource fork along with the data. Yes, it's
           specific to Apple, but there should be translators (i.e., data
           extractors) available for other OSes.
           \_ I shouldn't need an "extractor" to read a PDF attachment.
            \_ you do, it just is built into your mail reader.  P.S. using
               the apple mail client you don't have this problem.
                \_ That's the solution, EVERYBODY USE THE SAME OS!
                 \_ I meant if you send mail with the apple mail client you
                     \_ You write so clearly and accurately. How can I
                        ("you") send mail with the apple mail cient w/o
                        buying the apple OS? Do you mean if "she" sends it
                        with "the apple mail client", instead of eudora?
                    pathetic moron.
                     \_ How can I send mail with the apple mail cient
                        w/o buying the apple OS? Do you mean if "she" sends
                        it with "the apple mail client", instead of eudora?
                        When you say "you", who are you referring to?
        \_ The answer is: Apple Single.  Apple Double encodes both the data
           and resource forks as separate MIME attachments. Apple Single
           just encodes the data fork. Why can't you Apple people just give
           a straight answer? Is it because you cling to the useless resource
           fork, or because you're inbred and none of you use any other OS?
           \_ Thank YOU! People like you keep the world moving. Apple people
              can't give a straight answer because they don't understand
              how their computers work.  Apple should understand this and make
              their computers "play well with others" by default.
                \_ actually Apple has thought of this.  Resource fork
                        is optional on the new OS X...
2003/8/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:29242 Activity:nil
8/5     Definitely work safe:
        Go Larry!  Larry Flynt for governor!
        \_ amen.  if lived within 100 miles of LA, i'd go.
2003/8/5-6 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:29243 Activity:low
8/5     I have a motherboard that supports up to AMD Athlon 3200 with
        PC3200 RAM. Say I put in Athlon 2500, which RAM should I get?
        I could get PC2100, 2700, or 3200, but if I use 3200 will it be
        utilized at all?
        \_ There's some doubt as to whether any of them take advantage of
           PC3200.  Go to tom's hardware guide for benchmarks.
           \_ Tom Pabst is an egotistical dick. Try Anandtech instead.
2003/8/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:29244 Activity:high
8/5     Does one have to be a California citizen, US citizen, a permanent
        resident, etc. to win the CA lottery?  Someone told me that if
        someone is here on a tourist or student visa and if they don't pay
        taxes here, then they are not eligible to win.  Is this true?
        \_ there's something ingenious about a tax that only applies to
           morons who don't understand statistics.  we need more idiot
             \_ I used to think the same way.  But it's not true.
                The lottery is essentially gambling with no risk.
                You put in a very small insignificant amount of
                money.  Most likely you lose it all, but what
                difference does it make?  (If you put in $1000 a week
                or some significant amount, then you are a moron.)
                And 1 in a 40 million chance, it changes your life.
                Sure, the expected value of a $1 ticket is less than
                50 cents, but that's not the point.  The point is you
                lose virtually nothing and just maybe you will be
                rich.  Going to Vegas, on the other hand, people seem
                to always lose hundreds of dollars in one weekend.
                And when they win, it's typically not enough that
                really makes any difference in their lives anyway.
                Even though the expected earnings on each $1 you
                spend in Vegas is far better, people tend to lose a
                lot more in a weekend in Vegas than they do in
                playing the lottery each week all year.  If you play
                the lottery responsibly, you can't lose (a
                significant amount of money).
        \_ i have no idea.  on the east coast, however, this is huge
           pain in the ass.  everyone is eligible for all the lotteries,
           so when the stakes get really really high traffic jams appear at
           the borders from all the idiots driving over the border to
           buy tickets.  of course, the circumference to area ratio is
           much higher in the little east coast states, so more people
           are affected by border idiocy.
        \_ No. 5:
            \_ This doesn't seem to answer my question.  It says how much
               they withhold in taxes if you are a US citizen or a
               permanent resident.  What if you are a tourist?  Are you
               still eligible to win?
                \_ This only says that "No ticket shall be sold to, nor
                   prize paid to...anyone prohibited by law or regulation
                   from purchasing CA Lottery tickets ... and/or winning CA
                   lottery prizes."  So, what is the law or regulation
                   about purchasing lottery tickets?
                   \_ Just call and ask them you lazy bastard.
        \_ No one gets out of California alive without paying taxes.  Even
           the dead pay taxes here.
           \_ that's fine, as long as the dead get to vote.
           \_ woohoo! more dead money!
           \_ since dead people don't have any money, they don't pay any
2003/8/5-6 [Computer/Rants] UID:29245 Activity:nil
8/5     Forget outsourcing to India, I'm going with chimpanzees:
        \_ old.
2003/8/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:29246 Activity:very high
8/5     Be careful what you read in public. Sad what America is turning into:
        \_ that's nothing,
           is much more frightening - danh
                \_ The public defender even recommended 4 months, so
                   clearly this is not the whole unbiased story.
           \_ much more frightening and much more believable.
           \_ this particular type of hysteria predates 9/11 by a good 20
              years.  ever since Wargames came out, prosecuters and judges
              have been on the lookout for "evil geniuses."  unfortunately,
              they set the bar pretty low both for evil and for genius.
              a guy from my highschool got crucified by the local law
              enforcement types for some crap on his bbs, and i'm pretty
              sure the numbnuts prosecutors were convinced he was going to
              start WWIII from his commodore 64.
           \_ this kinda thing use to be covered by "free speech", but I
              guess that's a thing of the past. Heil Bush! Heil Ashcroft!
              \_ You guys do realize he was encouraging people to throw
                 maltav coctails at police, right? I'm not sure that was
                 ever ok.
        \_ Here's the article that guy was reading:
                   and whine.
                \_ This same rhetoric was incessant during the Reagan
                   administration.  We saw the result - althought, granted
                   Bush is no Reagan.  Fox news has ~ 2 million viewers,
                   compared to upwards of 40 million for the broadcast
                   networks.  I enjoy reading you sissified twits squirm
                   and whine, so keep Raging against the Machine.
                   \_ are you sure it's 2 million and not closer to 100 million?
          \_ This is an unreadable screed, even to one who is generally
             sypathetic to the position.
2003/8/5 [Uncategorized] UID:29247 Activity:nil
8/5     Are you being massively ink spammed?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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