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2003/8/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:29228 Activity:high
8/3     How does eddie bauer make their khakis wrinkle-resistant?
        \_ He speaks English, unlike the poster below.
           \_ which would be true had that post not been nuked
        \_ With the same technique white guys use on their penis.
        \_ the all powerful liberal media lovingly blesses
           each fiber.
        \_ he coats it with special spunk.
        \_ microfibers
        \_ something to do with nanotechnology.
           \_ is it the same thing as peach-fuzz stain resistance?
              \_ Is Quasy granddson and fairness to all humilition of childrn
                 in US country!
                 \_ all our base are belong to you!
                    \_ AIIIEEEEE!!!!
2003/8/4 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29229 Activity:very high
8/3     Do you guys that besides Uday and Qusay Hussein, amoung the dead was
        one of Saddam's grandson?  What make us different, if we doesn't
        seems to care about killing children who is relate to Saddam?
        \_ I speak english - try again.
        \_ Good grief, you can't be serious.  Surely you can tell the difference
           between our assault on an armed house (when our troops told them to
           come out, they answered with small arms fire) and the Husseins'
           methodical torture, murder, and rape of Iraqi citizens.
           \_ obviously, it's not just his english skills that are lacking.
        \_ Me no Uday and Qusay Grandssons and killing Iraqi children is as
           caring seems differnt but, ah!  Yes?
           \_ The student becomes the master!
        \_ The grandson was busy firing his AK-47 from underneath the bed
           before he got shot.
        \_ a lot of people won't think that way.  They will think that
           USA on in its vengeance, trying to kill all Saddam's male
           heirs just because Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1991.
2003/8/4-5 [Science/Electric] UID:29230 Activity:moderate
8/3     What's the relationship between WATT, VOLT, and AMP? I have a power
        supply that is 12V and 2.1Amp, but it is unable to drive a bulb
        that is 12V and 55Watts. I know there is not enough ampere in the
        power supply, but how do you derive the relationship?
        \_ power[Watts] = voltage[Volts] * current[Amps].
           also note that if you're dealing with AC, the current and voltage
           are RMS, not peak to peak.
           \_ 12V, battery power, hence DC. What's RMS? Richard Stallman?
              Average power?
              \_ rms:rms and an internet worm will get you into any host!
              \_ Root Mean Square
                 \_ yes, and from a practical standpoint, for sinusoidal ac
                    currents, it's a factor of 1/sqrt(2) different from peak
                    to peak for voltage, and hence a factor of 2 different
                    in power.
           \_ thank you. So 12V*2.1Amp=25Watts, and I'm ~2.5 Amps short of
              driving the 55W bulb, right?
        \_ Watts is a measurement of power.  You can measure your car's
           horsepower in Watts.
           You can think Amp as measurement of flow rate, similiar to
           how fast water flows out of the toliet water tank when you flush.
           Voltage is pressure.  In order to have water flow from one
           place to another, it need to have differences in pressure.
        \_ What the "VA" used in the battery backup specifications mean?

           Tricky part is to get a feel of what are these units.  For
           example, one Amp is HUGE amount of electricity flow, even with
           reasonably small voltage, it may kill you.
           \_ "it's volts that jolts and mils that kills"
2003/8/4-5 [Science/Biology, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:29231 Activity:very high
         \_how many times are you planning to post this?
           \_ How many times have you seen it on the motd?
              \_ this is the second.
                 \_ Is this serious or a parody?
                    \_ parody
                       \_ It's not parody.  It's the truth.
                          \_ You can't handle the truth!
                             \_ Qusay's childrn are humilited by this rights
                                of Americans in Iraq space!
                                \_ Can't we all just get along??
                                \_ Hey look, Mr. Perfect English is back!
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