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2003/8/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29214 Activity:very high
8/1     Is it legal for a married woman to lie about her marital status
        during a sexual relationship with a man who isn't her husband?
         \_ Is she having sex while under oath in a court of law?  Kinky.
        \_ uhh, yes dumbass
           \_ I wonder how people like this got into Cal sometimes.
               \_ Who are you speaking of?
                  \_ OP
                     \_ is it that you really don't know how cal admissions
                        works, or that you are so naive you think gpa + sat
                        scores predict intelligence?
            \_ Okay smartass, If her husband comes home and murders her
               lover, how is she not at fault for putting her lover's life
               in danger without him knowing, since she didn't disclose
               this? How are you so damn sure, and why the fuck is this a
               stupid question? I've never had an experience that made me
               even consider this scenerio until now.
               this? How are you so damn sure?
                \_ it is a stupid question
                \_ irrelevant.  if the husband commits murder, it's his own
                   damn fault for pulling the trigger.  No one forced him to
                   go that extreme.
        \_ Is it illegal for a single woman to lie about her age during
           a sexual relationship with a man who isn't her husband?
                \_ Not if she's above the age of consent.
                   \_ ObGoats.ex
2003/8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:29215 Activity:nil
8/1     How come so many lawyers are alcoholics?
        \_ Because lying kills the soul, and alcohol numbs the pain caused
           by the death of the soul.
2003/8/2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:29216 Activity:insanely high
        How the Bush Tax Cuts really break down.
        \_  What an idiot.  You mean people who make $1 million+ get much more
            back than people who make less than $10,000?  Wow, what a surprise.
            Hey, what precisely is the average tax burden of someone making less
            than $10,000?  Moron.
        \_  Do yourself a favor and actually track down the statistics
            of who pays income taxes and the distribution of rates.  What
            you posted in partisan vitrol - it only reveals how
            irrational you are.
            \_ And do yourself a favor and track down who really pays
               social security tax, sales tax, etc.
                \_ Here ya go, somehow I doubt you care, you much rather
                   demagogue and assuage your liberal guilt:
                    This is Brookings Inst, so it is still left of center.
                    Exactly how do you think this country survived until
                    Wilson had the 16th Amendment passed?
                    One does not tax yourself into prosperity - in order
                    to increase economic prosperity we need to make
                    it cheaper to do business in America.  This entails
                    eliminating taxes and government restriction.
                \_ iraq, liberia, most of the former soviet union
                   have no ability to collect taxes and no government
                   restriction, you should move there.
                    \_ You only included federal taxes. This is state tax in CA:
                       One cannot "tax cut" youself into prosperity either.
                       Look at the countries with the lowest tax rates, they
                       are hardly examples of prosperity. I think we can agree
                       there is a golden mean, somewhere between nothing and
                       everything, that the State should take.
                        \_ Yes but you're making the common mistake of
                           seeing causality in cases where there is none.  There
                           are many countries with low taxes doing very well,
                           but one assumes a minimum degree of economic,
                           social and political stability before this is
                           applicable.  Monaco, Luxembourg, the UK (compared
                           to Germany and France), and Switzerland have at
                           least relatively low taxes and show higher degrees
                           of growth and investment than their neighbors.
                           Germany recently cut both business and personal
                           income taxes and noticed a strong surge in growth
                           and job creation.  -John
                           \_ The fastest growing economies in Western Europe,
                              Ireland, Norway and Luxemborg, are all high
                              tax states, at least for individuals. They all
                              have low corporate tax though, so there might
                              be something there.
                    \_ Don't forget to lower minimum wage!  Also, make sure
                        to let the largest corporations import their work
                        force and set up tax shelters so we don't have to
                        deal with those pesky unions and accountants.
                    \_ In order to prosper in America, we need to round up
                       all the scared little white men like you and castrate
                        \_ Hmm lets consider the contributions to modern
                           civilization.  I sense race envy.  Your very
                           presence in this country exposes your hypocrisy.
                           \_ How do you know?  Perhaps its a part of a
                              nefarious plot by the Elders of Zion to
                              infiltrate your country and impregnate
                              your women.
                              \_ Yes, but that's stupid, so I'm not overly
                                 \_ You are far to easy to troll, but then
                                    that may be because you too are in fact
                                    a troll.
        \_  Having done plenty of fact-checking on Ivins, I can't believe anyone
            listens to her anymore.  She's her own little New York Times.
            \- ivins is a dumb cow. she's certainly not politically
               insightful but the amazing thing is she's not funny.
               she and andy rooney should be tied together and floated
               out to sea. ALFRANKEN at least can be pretty funny. --psb
                \_ The Mobile Uplink Unit finds truth where others fear to
                   tread.  -John
2003/8/2-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:29217 Activity:moderate
8/1     Any recommendations for an excellent 802.11 cardbus card for linux?
        \_ Netgear MA-401.  Works perfectly on FreeBSD w/ my dell laptop.
            \_ Thanks.
               \_ Oh yeah, if you order before early September (I think)
                  from there's a $10 rebate.
                   \_ Cool, thanks again.
            \_ That card is 802.11b. Any recommendations for 802.11g,
               or is "g"  overkill or not standardized yet or something?
                \_ Linksys 54G is ok--the one I have came out before the
                   standard was finalized, and FreeBSD <5.0 doesn't support
                   the card.  -John
                   \_ Does the antenna detach from the card w/o taking the card
                      out of the PCMCIA slot?
               \_ go g if you can afford it. it's backwards compatible and
                  will be much faster when it becomes standard. of course,
                  if you just have dsl and use the wireless in your home or
                  in internet cafe's, any speed above 100KB/s is not needed.
                  \_ Who has only 100kb/sec on their broadband?
                     \_ He said 100KB/s, not kb.  But a large portion of the
                        dsl lines get ~150KB/s.
           \_ Does any companies other than 3com make a 802.11g CardBus
              card with a retractable antenna? I can't find any info on
              Linux drivers for the 3CRPAG175
           \_ I get cruddy reception with both of my MA-401.  The built-in
              on my laptop gets better receptions.
2003/8/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:29218 Activity:nil
8/2     no one shall violate our soldier's right of pursuit of Happieness
        (i.e. raping underage Japanese girls)
        \_ Actually, handing all accused soldiers over to the japanese
           legal system before formal indictment is asking for trouble.
           You think they'd get anything even resembling a fair trial?
2003/8/2-3 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:29219 Activity:moderate
8/2     Google groups so bugy. 9 links after a search and only 7 have stuff.
        They can't even reproduce this:
        \_ True, google sucks.  How much have you paid them in the last 4-5
           years they've been around?
2003/8/2-4 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:29220 Activity:high
8/2     Has anyone played Medal of Honor online/multiplayer?  Any good?
        The XBox version sucks.  -John
        \_ Because the Xbox is the same as buying a 3 year old PC.
         \_ not quite.  The fact that it is a single target lets you do a
            hell of a lot more machine specific optimization, and the
            bus architecture is more suited to games than a pc is.  So go with
            a year or two old.
            \_ Nyet, comrade!  Most of the high end games such as FPS and
               flight sims are optimizing for both the cpu and video card
               on PC's.  The xbox version isn't going to ever compare to
               the PC version of anything only a year old.  Two is pushing
               it.  I've played plenty of both and the xbox just looks lame.
               You can turn on *everything* on these newer games on an older
               PC system and play 640x480 (similar to the TV the xbox is
               sending output) and get more FPS than you'll need and it'll
               still look better than xbox.  What xbox has going for it is
               the console thing with game paddles, etc.  Sometimes keyboard
               and mouse just doesn't cut it.
                \_ yes they are optimized but not nearly as optimized.  It just
                   just isn't possible.  (That being said a lot of xbox
                   developers are just lazy.)  And as far your resolution
                   claims, we these days fill rate is rarely the bottleneck,
                   especially not at 640x480.  (ok, if you have a full screen
                   particle system with 100s of alphaed particles, but I'm
                   not talking about that kind of case.)
                   \_ the screen res. is a minor side issue from where I was
                      really trying to go: xbox is a console.  consoles have
                      an advantage in HID and the owners expect less as well.
                      any PC game that came out today looking as lame as the
                      best xbox game isn't going to break even or probably
                      get shelf space.  consoles are the low end of the game
                      market.  buy a pc if you want real gaming.
               \_ luckily, first person shooters and flight sims aren't
                  very entertaining
                  \_ i agree, however a few million others think otherwise.
                     what are you playing if not fps and flight sims?  ive
                     been playing NWN and C&C:Generals lately.
                        \_ flight sims sell for crap these days.  There
                           is a reason they aren't being made much anymore.
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