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2003/8/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29200 Activity:insanely high
7/31    Even the American lackies are deserting us as allies now:,2763,1007288,00.html
        \_ You're right, let's track down saddam and reinstate him as leader,
           everyone would be better off.  You impudent twit.
           \_ Heh, reinstating Saddam would be really funny because then it
              would be yet another 1950's style "American installed brutal
              dictator" situation.  He's a bastard but at least he'd be our
              bastard!  Great plan!
           \_ Why don't we just leave? Since when is it an American issue what
              kind of government some Arabs halfway around the world have?
                \_ Having already intervened and taken down their gov't,
                   how would you morally justify allowing a descent into
                \_ Because stability around the world is in our interest
                   economically and security wise and militarily in too many
                   ways to even count.
                   \_ Saddam was well contained and has been under control
                      since the end of the first gulf war.  Nothing
                      unstable there.  No WMD, no Al Queda, just oil.
           \_ learn your history, son.  We've been fucking around with
              Arab's government for half century (hint: Iran).
              \_ Arab's government??? nice grammer.
              For politicians, loosing on average one man a day for an
              Army of 100k plus is an acceptable price to pay.  I just feel
              damn sorry for the soldiers on the ground, who has to put up
              with 130 degree heat in full-gear, on constant alert, and
              risk being hit.
                \_ Boo hoo.  They signed up.  It's an all-volunteer force and
                   has been since Vietnam.  Imagine that?  They'd asked to go
                   out and do what soldiers do?  Shocking!
                \_ Please let me be there to watch when you insist to an
                   Iranian that he's an Arab.  -John
                   \_ C'mon, it's the motd.  Ignorance is strength!  Ask him
                      about lose vs. loose as he's fleeing Bongo Burger.
                      \_ woah! are you saying they have 802.11b at bongo
                         burger now?! -alum
                         \_ Not unless there's a health code violation with that
                            number now.  -John
                            \_ It wasn't a very big cockroach.  Just a wee one!
                \_ You Enlish always conflate the ethnicities in the middle
                   east. Turks, Israelis, Iranians, Pakis and afghans aren't
                   arabs. Don't let my name fool you into thinking otherwise.
                   \_ Middle-easterners are all arabs, US-er's are all WASPS,
                      out to crush Muslims, and Frenchmen are all cheese-eating
                      surrender monkeys.
                      \_ At least the last part is true.
2003/8/1 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:29201 Activity:nil
7/31    When someone dies before reaching the age for social security, does the
        spouse or children get anything?
        \_ Yes, they do. Read your SS statement. Kids get money until age
           18 and the spouse receives extra money monthly at retirement.
2003/8/1-2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29202 Activity:high
8/1     About the spam thing that I tried to get delisted from: 80 spams
        of the same format yesterday.  Not worth it.
        \_ told ya
        \_ well, if they're all the same format, it's easy to filter out
           anyway, so you didn't really lose anything by trying. Not like you
           would've gotten no spam if you hadn't done anything.
           \_ 80 extra spams a day?  That easily triples my total, which I
              have to vet before I can delete en masse.  And w/r/t 'same
              format' that only means a small disclaimer at the bottom that
              explains how I can delist myself, which is harder to filter
              on.  I'm merely telling people that the old logic still holds
              true: never respond to spam.
        \_ real solution, get a domain name, get a rotating email account
           that looks something like joe2002, joe2003, etc etc. And every
           year, email your closest friends that your email is changing.
           Change your procmailrc to reply to your old email address
           that announces your new email address.
           \_ anything but joe2004.
           \_ Domains get more spam though for having so many addresses,
              and ISPs typical send all to your mailbox.  Last month I
              got 73,000 messages, of which 300 were real.  Whitelists,
              blacklists, and confirm routines did the job well.
2003/8/1 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29203 Activity:very high
8/1     "When one watches some tired hack on the platform mechanically
        repeating the familiar phrases--'bestial atrocities', 'iron heel',
        'bloodstained tyranny', 'free peoples of the world', 'stand
        shoulder to shoulder'--one often has a curious feeling that one is
        not watching a live human being but some kind of dummy: a feeling
        which suddenly becomes stronger at moments when a light catches
        the speaker's spectacles and turns them into blank discs which seem
        to have no eyes behind them."
        - from George Orwell's 1946 essay "Politics and the English Language"
        \_ Stop picking on Gore.  He's not coming back.  Let him be.
        \_ Clinton and Reagan had charisma.  They could really connect with/
           entertain the American people.
2003/8/1 [Reference/Tax] UID:29204 Activity:insanely high
8/1     Do people actually believe Bush's tax cut has turned around the
        economy?  It appears that the economy has turned up on its own
        before the tax refunds triggle down to people pocket.
        (no, this is not an attack on Bush.  Most of the economic
        stimulus packages in history kicked in after the economy has
        turned around on its own).  Can we somehow partition to cancel
        the tax cut?
        \_ Yes. No, it hasn't turned around, it merely stopped getting worse.
           Not true.  No, you can't "petition" to stop the "trickle down".
           Go away, troll.
        \_ More partisan bullshit- 1) tax cuts started two years ago
           2) economy is still weak.  3) the 'official recession'
           happened during a fiscal year put forth by Clinton.
           \_ don't bring facts into this.
        \_ the tax cut was never about turning aruond the economy. it was
           about tax cuts for the wealthy.  Just like the iraq war was
           never really about WMD's.
                \_ You wanted tax cuts for the poor then?  THEY DON'T PAY
                   TAXES!!!  Duh.  That's always been the lamest line
                   against tax cuts.  Yeah I think it's unfair that someone
                   paying $500k a year in taxes will be paying $450k a year
                   in the future thus getting $50k a year on it while the
                   drunken bum I step over every morning to get into the
                   office will be getting $5 a year in cuts.  That bum should
                   get the same $50k/year in cuts, right?  Let's give the bum
                   a cash credit of $49,995 a year to make it 'fair'.
                   \_ I hate to bring facts into this, but the poor pay
                      a larger percentage of their income as taxes:
                      \_ but they fail to mention they get it all back
                         in the refund at tax time
                         \_ I didn't know payroll taxes were refunded to the
                            poor ...
                            \_ They're not.  The poor are getting money back in
                               the form of various free services such as free
                               medical care, housing, etc.  What do you think
                               pays for all that stuff?  Mana from heaven?
                \_ My mom runs a small business.  She got an appreciable tax
                   break.  That's a good thing.  -John
                   \_ Therefore she must be a leech sucking off the hard work
                      of the little people.  Anyone making $50k or more is
                      wealthy to the socialists in the Gore/Dean side of the
                      Democratic party.
                        \_ Note the "small".  She does not make $50k/year.  Have
                           you ever wondered why in every poll taken, more
                                \_ They're deluded.  Small estates rarely
                                   feel the real pain of inheritance taxes.
                           not-too-well-off entrepreneurs oppose things like
                           inheritance taxes than billionaires, by percentage?
                           Land of opportunity and all that..kind of makes you
                           wonder.  -John
                           \_ They're deluded.  Small estates rarely feel the
                              real pain of inheritance taxes.
                              \_ Question of principle.  Maybe naive, but
                                 there's the dream of making it... -John
                              \_ Bullshit.  As the going-to-be-someday-
                                 hopefully-in-the-far-distant-future inheritor
                                 of a small estate I can assure you when all
                                 is said and done the government will have got
                                 a *lot* more of it than me since it got taxed
                                 already, and will get taxed again before any
                                 comes my way.  It won't be a small estate
                                 when it's done.  It'll be a nice car and a
                                 _part_ of my mortgage, maybe.
        \_ Economy will appear to do ok until middle of next year,
           then drop back into recession late next year when the
           stimuli run out of gas.
           \_ The idea is to give the economy a kick so it'll get going on
              it's own.  The government shouldn't have to continuously
              stimulate the economy.  That just causes inflation.  C'mon
              people, take Econ1 or something.  This is all *really* basic.
              Read the business section once a week.  Do *something* to
              educate yourselves.
              \_ Nothing wrong with the idea, but it doesn't always
                 work.  Also, tax cuts for the very rich doesn't give
                 economy much of a kick, at least according to Warren
                 Buffet.  Similarly, big spendings on defense is not
                 the best way to stimulate the economy, not that
                 big defense spending is necessarily wrong.  You are
                 being sophomoric.
                 \_ I don't take economic advice from people who aren't in any
                    way hurt by any economic policy in this country short of
                    total seizure.  Buffet can afford to pay off his guilty
                    feeling for being rich.  The money matters to the rest of
                    us so-called "very rich".  My wife and I both work 60+
                    hours a week each and *earn* every penny we get.  You can
                    bet your ass we're going to be voting for anyone who will
                    cut the ridiculously high taxes we pay that goes to people
                    who do *nothing* to improve this country.
        \_ Hi Troll!
2003/8/1-2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:29205 Activity:very high
8/1     Fence vs. Wall. Who the hell calls a concrete structure a fence?
        \_ What the heck are you talking about?
           \_ Israel's new "security barrier".  It's a fence in some
              places, and a wall in others.
        \_ your defense is only as good as its weakest point, thus a fence
        \_ C'mon, the anti-Israel troll lobby has smeared the motd enough
           lately.  Give it a rest or come up with something original.  We
           all know, understand, and agree that killing all the Jews is the
           right answer to freeing the poor oppressed innocent harmless
           Palestinian freedom fighters, ok?  Just let it go.  It's done.
           \_ That's right. Anyone who says anything bad about anything
              Isreal has ever done is secretly an anti-Semite who wants
              to kill all the jews. You tell em!
              \_ I did tell em!  At least we agree on something finally.  Jews
                 are bad, Arabs are good, dead Jews are better still.
           \_ I want to know who the hell has heard of a "concrete fence".
        \_ The Great Wall of Israel?
           \_ The Great Fence of Israel, you anti-Israeli troll!
        \_ It's the only right thing to do.  You can only throw hand grenades
           so far over an 8 meter concrete wall.  -John
           \_ Of course it is the right thing to do... but it's a fucking
              wall, not an 8 meter concrete fence...
        \_ Why is it nobody ever seems to mention that there is a fence around
           Gaza and there is only a small percentage of the violence that
           stems from there?
2003/8/1-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:29206 Activity:moderate
8/1     Snapfish engineering was really happy with the Berkeley resumes
        that came in for the junior java position.  We're now hiring a
        mid level unix admin.  It's a 24x7 job in SF working in my group.
        Roughly 100 Solaris/Linux boxes and 90 terabytes storage in production.
        Cal degree a plus.  Inexperience *not* a plus this time, sorry.  Email
        me with questions and resumes.  Yes, it's a pager job.  That's what
        24x7 means.  -reiffin
        \_ no day off for you!
        Roughly 100 Solaris/Linux boxes and 90 terabytes storage in production.
        Cal degree a plus.  Inexperience *not* a plus this time, sorry.  Email
        me with questions and resumes.  -reiffin
        \_ Run from the pager.
        \_ so is it a trend now to hire more junior positions (which are
           plentiful & cheap) than a few skilled positions due to the fact
           that within the past 30 years computer science has been studying
           how complex tasks could be abstracted, decomposed, and
           repartitioned into smaller, simple, and more manageable tasks?
           \_ he just said midlevel, not junior. go away.
           \_ Not to mention finding idiot juniors who are perfectly happy
              to be saddled with a 24x7 pager with a 15 minute turnaround.
              I seriously hope you don't have just one person on that sort
              of pager schedule.
        \_ Really, a single person on 24x7 pager?  Sounds like a job
           description written by someone who's never carried one.  You'll
           need at least two people, or the poor bastard will burn out in
           < 1 month.
           \_ It isn't the only person on the pager.  It's a rotation. -reiffin
           \_ You troll so stupid, you make reiffin look smart. ;-)
2003/8/1-2 [Health/Men] UID:29207 Activity:moderate
8/1     Which one of you sodans coined the term "big oppressive white penis"?
        It was either aspolito or someone similar...
        \_Nope not me.  Anyway wasp white penis tends to be anything but big.
         \_ oh and I can't find a single use of that term in the motd archive
        \_ Was it seano? -geordan
        \_ Fortunately no one is similar to aspo.
        \_ Boredcast Message from 'seano': Mon Jun 15 13:35:19 1998

           this mulan thing is my mastubatory fantasy about
           beating asian races with my giant oppressive white penis
2003/8/1-2 [Reference/Tax, Finance/Investment] UID:29208 Activity:insanely high
8/1     Regarding stimulating the economy, how about creating new
        infrastructures like super highways, subways, dams, and other
        things that we have not been building since the 30s and 40s?
        It will create a LOT of job opportunities for the poor. I mean,
        this whole tax cut thing does nothing for people who are laid off,
        and the only people really benefiting from it are the people who
        already have a lot of money or people who have stable jobs.
        \_ why work so hard when we'll get it for free soon enuf
        \_ And who's going  pay for this? local gov't? According to
           Davis we're broke. Anyway, the public works programs of the 30's
           have been largely discredited by economists as failed social
           experiments. Dams, btw, cause major ecological disasters for
           people living downstream. Also, remember that there's a long
                        \_ and upstream
           term cost to junk like subways and highways. If they're not
           maintained they break down, and it only makes sense to build
           this if there's a need for it.
                \_ Germany dithered for years about building the Transrapid
                   (look it up) citing ecological damage, economic necessity,
                   (their train system is in chaos compared to 10 years ago),
                   labor problems, bla bla bla.  The Chinese, meanwhile, told
                   Siemens to go ahead and just do it, and now have a working
                   super-high-speed rail corridor near Shanghai.  In the 1930s,
                   before people knew the damage dams did, FDR went ahead and
                   blew wads of cash on big prestigious projects, giving the US
                   a massive boost in electrification, as well as a ton of jobs
                   that helped kick-start the economy, critics be damned.  Now
                   for 10 points, what's the lesson here?  -John
           \_ Which economists? Milton Friedman maybe. Many (most?) economists
              disagree with your statement.
        \_ bush does not care about the poor or what's really good for
           the economy. fuck the republicans. All they want is $$$ for
           themselves. They don't give a fuck about people who gets laid
           off or otherwise have no money. Short of a revolt, there's nothing
           to be done. wait for the next election.
           \_ I think you should step forward and kill him to save us all.
              Afterwards I'm sure everyone will understand when they have jobs
              and stuff from the policies you implement such as...?
              \_ building infrustrature, pump $$$ into the economy (instead
                 of tax cuts, wars), there are a billion things to do.
              \_ How about tax cuts for the middle class?
              \_ remember how shitty the economy was when Clinton took over?
                 guess you are too young to remember those times. There ARE
                 things to be done. It's just Bush has his own agenda and is
                 not doing any of it. Rich people don't give a shit. Actually
                 rich people does not like booming economy because it makes
                 them less 'rich' compare to the rest of the people.
                        \_ Clinton inherited 2 quarters of 4% GDP growth,
                           lest we make up facts.  The first act of his
                           presidency was to RETROACTIVELY raise taxes.
                           This depressed economic for quite some time, to
                           the point his 1996 reelection was in doubt.
                           Don't let the facts get in the way of your
                 \_ I actually think you are right. "Old money" gets annoyed
                    when there are too many new millionaires sniffing around.
                 \_ Clinton didn't actually do anything.  It was all cyclical,
                    with some perception mixed in.  -John
        \_ here's an idea, instead of giving the poor people a break (e.g.
           creating jobs for them), how about substantial tax raise for the
           rich? I mean, 90% of US is owned by 5% of the US population
           anyways. Oh wait, they also control (via lobby, SIG, etc) our
           politicians. Nevermind.
        \_ You are amazingly stupid.  The rich who get more $$ in their cut do
           what with the money?  Put it in mattresses?  No, moron.  They invest
           it, create business opportunities, etc.  That creates jobs, without
           corrupt Gov't middle-men (re: The Big Dig).
           \_ All those Coach handbags, Cartier watches and Tiffany Diamonds
              don't really do much for the economy. I am not convinced
              "the rich" are any wiser investors than bad ole' gubment.
              \_ Ah yes, because no one is employed manufacturing, shipping, or
                 selling those things, right?  Enough with the class warfare.
                 \_ Amazing how tax cuts for the rich are called "returning the
                    people their money" while tax cuts for the middle class
                    are called "class warfare." You can tell when the other
                    side has no facts to back up their position. They have
                    no other choice but to turn to ad hominem attacks.
                    \_ Hello Mr. Pot.  Meet Mr. Kettle.  I didn't call tax cus
                       for the middle class class warfare.  The claim that rich
                       people spend all their money on luxuries is class
                       warfare.  How you can have a tax cut for the middle class
                       that does not benefit the rich more?
                       \_ Cutting payroll taxes for instance, since income
                          above $78k is not taxed. The claim that luxuries
                          do not stimulate the economy is not class warfare,
                          simply an observation that you do not have any
                          reply to except to charge "class warfare."
                          \_ you're a few years behind, dude.  Try 87k,
                             and that is because Social Security pays
                             based on how much you put in.  Hence, a max.
2003/8/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:29209 Activity:nil
8/1     Pretty cool: Birdman flies unaided across English Channel in free fall:
2003/8/1-2 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:29210 Activity:kinda low
8/1     Are people really naturally just idiots? There's an email with a virus
        floating around in our company, and everyone is panicking like little
        girls. Seems like everyone is doing a reply all stating this is a virus
        or asking what to do or having conversations ("Hey Bob, I think this is
        a virus. What do you think?"). FUCKERS.
        \_ I think you are old enough to know the truth.  Yes.  Yes they are.
        \_ They're just trying to do anything to avoid work.  You know, like
           writing to /etc/motd.public.
2003/8/1-2 [Recreation/Music] UID:29211 Activity:moderate
8/1     Anybody else like ABBA music?
        \_ you should probably watch Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.
        \_ yes (afraid to admit it)
         \_ you can dance!
        \_ Me!
2003/8/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:29212 Activity:nil
8/1     Is there any way I can ifile to tell me which words were most important
        in its decision to categorize something as spam/!spam?
2003/8/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:29213 Activity:high
8/1     Poll, how many of you Asian men feel frustrated by the U.S. media
        that denigrates Asian men? You know with the media, stereotype, etc?
        Damn white oppresive penis: .
        Horray for white penis:

        Poll, how many of you whities prefer status quo in the media?
        Horray for white penis:
        It's evil, but I like it:
        I think there should be equality:
        \_  Just watch out, when the whites leave everything
            will go to hell.
            \_ don't worry, the bananas and oreos can take over
            \_ fuck off whiteboy.  You day is over.
                \_ Guess who has the guns.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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