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2003/7/30 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:29175 Activity:kinda low
7/29    I've been struggling with cygwin all day and getting nowhere.
        I'm trying to get it to run init and startup xinetd, sshd, etc
        from /etc/rc.d/rc?.d just like on a real unix box and I'm not
        getting anywhere.  There's an error in the init.d/functions file
        which prevents anything running properly and when I try running
        xinetd by hand, it runs as my user and not SYSTEM even though
        I setuid'd xinetd.exe and tried a bunch of other things.  Has
        anyone here got any of this working and if so, please tell me
        how explaining very very slowly because I'm feeling really
        stupid right now.  And no google didn't help at all.  Thanks!
        \_ there is a cyg program to install your sshd (and anything
           else) as an NT service.  Set that to start automagically
           and you will be good to go.  google for "cygwin sshd
           install" and i'm sure you will find it.
2003/7/30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29176 Activity:very high
7/30    I have had the same email for about six years and only get about a spam
        a week.  i use not use spam filtering software.  why don't i get any
        spam?  how can this have happened?  am i just a loser?
        \_ post your email address.  your popularity problems are easily fixed.
           soon you'll get a mortgage to pay for your penis enhancement and the
           viagra you'll need after they break your dick and tiffani will be
           there for you with live chat to get you through it all.
        \_ Have you ever used your email address on the web for anything, like
           ordering online, or signing up for a website, or mailing list? Is
           your email address anywhere on the web (like someone's webpage)?
           If not, consider yourself smart for not doing so.
           \_ my email is certainly findable in an online directory, and with
              the web(google will turn it up.) this is why i think it is not
              smart, but just really really odd.
        \_ The e-mail harvesters automatically ignore ""
           \_ having a name like will get lots more spam than
2003/7/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29177 Activity:very high
7/30    What is the definition of a "separation" of two married people?
        \_ Oh BDG, where art thou?
        \_ It means they are separated. Easy, huh? If your wife leaves you
           for a man with a bigger vocabulary, but doesn't ask for a divorce
           then you are separated. If you agree to spend time apart to sort
           out your feelings you are separated. Separated means you broke up,
           but that you haven't filed for divorce. Separated people sometimes
           get back together, just like dating couples who break up.
           \_ It's not that simple.  There is a 'legal separation'.  Often
              people separate to see if they can work out their differences and
              get back together when they have.
              \_ You can't work out your differences with someone you're
                 avoiding.  It's divorce for people without the guts to get it
                 over with.
                 \_ Some people have gotten to the point where they can't be in
                    the same room without arguing.  Separation for a while can
                    allow cool-down and make it possible for people to talk
                    rationally again.
                    \_ If it's that bad they *should* be divorced.
        \_ It means you're both out fucking other people but promising not to
           use that in divorce court.  The marriage is dead and the ex-couple
           is probably staying together in the legal sense for other reasons
           which have nothing to do with emotional attachment.
        \_ If somebody has "filed for divorce" but their spouse won't sign
           the "papers", then what happens? mutiality isn't required, right?
           \_ Divorce still goes through; mutuality is not required.
              \_ I thought it varies by state?  Divorce laws are local, not
2003/7/30 [Consumer/Audio] UID:29178 Activity:kinda low
7/30    Suggestions for MP3 ripping software and file-naming convention
        for a ripping orgy of my entire CD collection.
        \_ I use CDEX. It's free. It works. Haven't tried other stuff
           though. As far as naming convention, make sure to begin the
           filenames with their 2 digit track index, so that songs
           automatically get sorted in the normal play order when you
           tell whatever mp3 player to sort by filename. -bz
        \_ for Windows?  Exact Audio Copy.
           \_ Make sure you also have the latest version of LAME with it.
2003/7/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:29179 Activity:moderate
7/30    What is a refferal site?  I'm purchasing a data feed and being told
        that i can't "use it for a referral site".
        \_ If you don't know, you're not.
        \_ What's a data feed?
2003/7/30-31 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:29180 Activity:insanely high
7/30    I'm a caucasian guy. I kissed my first Asian girl recently. No
        complaints, but she tasted different from caucasian women. Her skin,
        her lips, all of her tasted different and it was noticeable even with
        her lip gloss. She tasted like Asian people sometimes smell (not
        offensive). She was born in the USA and is All-American so it is not
        like she was eating strange foods. Is their chemistry so different?
        Do caucasians taste funny to Asians?
        \_ I read a psychology today article about 8-9 years ago saying that
           immunological markers can be smelled, and can act as pheromones.
           People with immune systems that can handle different antigens
           than one's own may be a base for attraction, since biologically
           it's a benefit for offspring to get genetic material from parents
           whose immune systems cover different areas.  So.  Maybe the
           difference in pheromones are perceived as "tasting good."
           Anyways, it's a random theory.                      -sax
           \_ How does it explain that I'm attracted to my sister more than my
              \_ you've been watching too many Melrose Place reruns...
              \_ It doesn't.  That's a different theory known as "The Sick
                 Bastard Theory Of Attraction".
        \_ Maybe certain brands of cosmetics is more popular among Asians then
           \_ It's THAN, people.  Say it.  Than.
        \_ Which pair of her lips did you taste again?
        \_ Did she taste like spunk-encrusted surface of your monitor?
           \_ Only when I was done with her.
        \_ Yes they have very very different chemistry. Of course they're
           different! I had a whitie gf and she didn't taste very good, I'm
           guessing it's cuz of all that burger/pizza/cheese stuff that
           was kind of offensive. On the other hand they were, in general,
           more horny and I found it more satisfying in bed than uptight
           Asian girls. On the other hand whities were self-righteous and
           kind of more bitchy than Asian girls when they have PMS. I
           guess you just have to find out what you like and just go for
           it.                                  -studly asian man
           \_ Who are you, Studly Asian Man? -lonely asian girl
           \_ How-many-inches studly are you?
           \_ I've never had any problems finding horny asian chicks.  They
              fuck with the best of 'em.
        \_ I think regardless of whether the Asian person was born in the U.S.
           or in Asia, there's a huge chance that he/she has eaten Asian food
           the majority of her life. (from living in the Asian community) I
           was told (by a white gf) that I have Asian taste (when we kissed)
           and of course since I've never kissed an Asian girl, I wouldn't
           know how THEY taste. These days, thanks to Altoids or Orbitz, you
           can simply mask all these undesirable "taste" in your mouth.
           \_ I use battery acid.  After she's had a drink her natural taste
              is completely masked by the acid flavor *and* she won't be
              bitching at me for anything.  Ever.
2003/7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:29181 Activity:nil
7/30    Any one wants to hedge on RMB?
2003/7/30-31 [Computer/Theory] UID:29182 Activity:high
7/30    Any math major here?  There was a claim that "a^n + b^n = c^n has no
        positive integer solutions a,b,c,n for n > 2."  Ten years or so ago I
        heard that nobody has found yet either a proof or a counter-proof for
        this statement.  Is it still the case today?  Thx.
        \_ Is this the theorem that some enlightenment-era math
           type (Fermat? Euler?) claimed to have proven in the margin of
           one of his journals?  If so, I believe it was solved recently
           by a British guy using some rather advanced number theory.
           I'm not at all a math major, but I remember the story--
           supposedly Fermat/Euler/Whoever couldn't have proven it because
           the background theory or methodology didn't exist back then,
           and people seemed to believe that F/E/W knew he hadn't proven
           it, but claimed to have done so because he thought it was
           provable and wanted someone else to do it.  Apologies if I'm
           way off.
           \_ It was Fermat's Last Theorem, and he claimed to have a "truly
              remarkable proof" that would not fit within the constraints
              of the margin.  Euler tried and failed.  The British
              mathematician actually failed his first time, but then came
              back with a proof a year later that has since been accepted.
              It wasn't that it was impossible that Fermat had the proof,
              only that the British guy used something entirely different
              from what everybody else was trying to use, he did not use
              number theory.
              \_ It's not really accurate to say that Wiles ("the British
                 mathematician") "failed his first time." Even in between
                 the time a gap was found in his proof, and when he was
                 able to fix it, most experts thought the proof was
                 essentially correct. It would have been truly astounding
                 if a manuscript that large and that original had been
                 perfect the first time around. Also, I'm not sure what
                 you mean by "he did not use number theory," since the
                 whole paper is number theory. It is true that he used
                 lots of concepts that were not known in Fermat's time.
        \_ it still cannot be proven in Star Trek TNG, so it's hopeless
           now. ;)
           \_ "I love you, but I do not love you!"
              \_ "This statement cannot be proven."
        \_ It has been proven recently, after 300 years or so of failed
           attempts and false proofs. Search google for "fermat's last
           theorem" for details.
                 \- this was a troll, right? anyway, the people working on
                    the FLT were really working on deeper conjectures like
                    the ABC conjecture ... the  FLT would have been a small
                    byproduct. the people who claimed to be working on the
                    FLT itself were probably cranks. berkeley's K. Ribet
                    was a big player in this story. --psb
                    \_ There's an episode of Nova where he is talking about
                       FLT at Caffe Strada.
2003/7/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:29183 Activity:nil 80%like:29199
7/30    Return of the King teaser trailer: /csua/tmp/
2003/7/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:29184 Activity:low
7/30    Suppose you got an illegal copy of Windows XP, found out that some
        features don't work, and bought a legal copy. How you you re-enter
        those registration codes that you needed during the OS installation
        phase? Thanks.
        \_ haha, you really mean you just got a new reg code...
2003/7/30-31 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:29185 Activity:kinda low
7/30    John Gilmore flies again, turns around international flight
        because of a dangerous political button.  Also included is a link
        to a column Declan McCullagh wrote 5 years to the day before
        September 11, 2001.
        \_ Declan McCullagh is an idiot.  He's semi-famous for being Declan
           McCullagh and that's about it.
2003/7/30 [Science, Politics] UID:29186 Activity:nil
7/30    Damned chocolate power bars.  So nasty.
        \_ The "power" part should've clued you in with regards to taste.
2003/7/30-31 [Computer/Domains] UID:29187 Activity:kinda low
7/30    I need the absolute cheapest price to register a new domain.  I've
        seen $7.95.  Anything lower than that?  It's for something really
        silly so I don't care about any extra services, etc.  Thanks!
        \_ do you really? what's a dollar anyway, cheapskate.
           fwiw, is $6.95.
           \_ because it isn't really worth $6.95 for the joke but someone
              else thinks so.  thanks for the info.
2019/08/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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