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2003/7/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:29151 Activity:nil
7/26    Batman meets Alien and Predator!
        \_ batman vs alien: he'd cook up some high tech formula and zot it.
           batman vs predator could be really cool in a large cityscape like
           gotham/new york.  the aliens just aren't a bfd when the protagonists
           have real weapons.
           \_ "Just once, I'd like to meet an alien menace that isn't immune
               to bullets"  -Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart
2003/7/27 [Uncategorized] UID:29152 Activity:nil
7/26    Now it's murky:
2003/7/27-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:29153 Activity:moderate
7/26    Clean out your crap in /csua/tmp!
        Big files are fine, big files that live there for 2 years suck.
        \_ How do use 'find' to find all files owned by me?
           \_ find /csua/tmp -user phillip
                \_ But those aren'tmy files! theyre owned by some body
                   named philip!
                   \_ heh
        \_ Use philcompress!
           \_ Please, somebody, please: explain who this Philip Nunez guy is,
              and why does/did he write "compression" utils that move the target
              file to /tmp?  Is he related to kinney?
              \_ It seems very unlikely that he's related to kinney.  Perhaps
                 you should email him and ask...he's got a soda account.
              \_ i'll spill it.  there never was a philip nunez.  it's an old
                 inside joke that most of the people using it probably don't
                 know the origins of.  just start making the same jokes and
                 you'll feel like you fit in, too.
                 \_ REDCRAYON!
                    \_ B1TCH!N CAM3R()
                 \_ Those jokes don't work with cable modem.
        \_ Phillip Nunez for California governor!
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2003:July:27 Sunday <Saturday, Monday>