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2003/7/25 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29133 Activity:high
7/24    How can it be that writing to a 1GB microdrive is slower than writing
        to 1GB of compact flash ram?
        \_ why would you think that a spinning platter would be faster than
           solid state?  -tom
           \_ because you had a lot of memory keys that worked at USB speed,
              and it wasn't unreasonable to assume that the flash memory
              itself was about as fast as the USB 1.1 interface speed. -!op
        \_ aren't there slow elements in a microdrive?  Like say MOVING PARTS?
        \_ maybe spin up, disk seek time?  Isn't flash pretty fast?
        \_ What's your interface?  USB 1.1, 2.0, or FireWire?  Even if it's
           one of the last two, you have to remember it wasn't too long ago
           you had 4 GB full-size hard drives with < 5 MB/s transfer.
           I can imagine flash memory can be 5 MB/s or faster.  I just
           looked it up, and an IBM microdrive has a 5.6 MB/s media transfer
           \_ Perhaps within a camera? My Canon S45 takes both compact flash
              & microdrives
              \_ I did another search, and one page has a microdrive using
                 a CompactFlash II interface.  The drive has a max sustained
                 transfer rate of 4.2 MB/s, whereas the interface can go
                 up to 13.3 MB/s.  So sure, you can have flash memory faster
                 than the microdrive.
                 \_ Dunno why you'd want microdrive in a camera anyway.
                    Compact Flash costs less and has no moving parts
                    \_ because there was a time when microdrives
                       were much larger than compactflash
                       \- i use microdrives and 256, 512 CFs. is the
                          data xfer rate really a big deal? i rarely
                          am shooting continuous mode ... and  suppose
                          it is epislon faster on playback but that sucks
                          up a lot of batt power. the only case where i
                          would for sure prefer one over the other is if
                          you are going to altitude. then pick cf. --psb
                          \_ There is no reason to use a microdrive these
                             days.  They are slower, use more power and
                             are significantly less reliable than CF.  -tom
                             \- dont be an ass tom. if you have one, you
                                might as well use it. perhaps there isnt
                                much reason to buy one today but as usual
                                you overstate things based on your own
                                limited experience --psb
2003/7/25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/SW/Security] UID:29134 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Any recommendations for high-speed access in La Palma, Ca?  I have
        SBC for phone service, but ironically, I can't get the Yahoo/SBC DSL
        deal where I live.
        \_ try using to search
2003/7/25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:29135 Activity:high
7/24    How many of you are going to recall Davis in Oct?
        Yes ...
        No ....
        \_ I think, based on the things out of his control (i.e. dot com
           bubble, corrupt power companies), I think he's done a good job.
           He's the reason why gas stations can no longer can charge for
           air/ water in CA.  I hated that!
           \_ Uhm, no.  He helped create and maintain CA's tax system which
              was *heavily* based on money from cap. gains (stock options) and
              thus had the entire state deep into the dotcom bubble.  He also
              did nothing to get us out the power mess and in many ways made
              it worse by being spineless and by signing even more bloated
              contracts with the same people who fucked us/him the first time
              around.  At best he's a boob.  At worst he should be the first
              against the wall when the revolution comes.  How can you live in
              CA and somehow believe this vapid career politician is somehow
              merely a victim of circumstance?  Do you say the same thing about
              Bush and the federal economy?  Oh poor George inherited this mess
              from Clinton and it's all someone else's fault!  No.  If GWB gets
              crushed in '04 it'll be because of the economy and rightly so,
              the same as Davis today.  There's always another politician.
              This one had more than enough chances and did nothing each time.
                \_ There was not much whoever inherited the White House could
                   have done.  The late 90's were nothing more than a speculative
                   bubble.  Greenspan injected 5 trillion into the economy
                   over the period.
        \_ Davis attacked Riordan in order to face Simon.  Davis concealed
           the magnitude of the deficit.  Davis and his pals increased
           state spending without adequate preparation for a tech bubble
           burst.  The first reason is enough for me to vote to eject Davis.
           -Democrat in L.A.
        \_ Ahhhhhhhrrnoold!
           \_ I'm totally voting for Arney if he runs.  Too bad he can't
              follow in Reagan's footsteps and become President after but
              we can always just ignore the Constitution since it's a living
              \_Demolition MAN!
              \_ If he wins, that means no more new blockbuster action
                 flicks from him!!
                 \_ Yeah, but then you can have quotes like "Your tax
                    proposals will be Terminated!" and "I'll be back ...
                    if you elect me for a 2nd term!"
           \_ If he runs, he needs a speech therapist like he had on the set
              of True Lies. You can barely understand him in all his other
                \_ so is his speech impediment due to learning disabilities
                   or just that that Scandinavians speak like that?
                   \_ He is from fucking AUSTRIA!  OSTERREICH!  GET IT,
                      you fool!?
                   \_ I think he modeled himself after Hans and Franz on SNL,
                      but he has much bigger muscles.
            \_ If the Republicans were dumb enough to not realize that Davis
               campaigning against Riordan should have made them more likely
               to vote for him, there is no help for them. Davis has the
               right to campaign for whomever he chooses, just like any
               other American. I agree with you on the rest of your points
2003/7/25 [Uncategorized] UID:29136 Activity:moderate
7/25    This is to the person that's using the RAIDKing device.  Have you
        found out the manufacturer yet?  Thanks.
        \_ This afternoon.  I'll post.  I was out yesterday.
2003/7/25-26 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29137 Activity:moderate
7/25    On a related note, what's a fast CompactFlash brand?  Or are they
        all about the same speed?  Thanks.
        \_ The new Lexars have pretty fast write times.
        \_ Vikings.
           \_ Thanks!
           \_ According to the forums on that site, a lot of people love
              Transcend for their speed and reliability. I have their 1GB
              model, and it's worked like a charm.
2003/7/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Music] UID:29138 Activity:low
7/25    Kraftwerk is releasing a new album:,12102,1004937,00.html
        \_ Touch my monkey.
           \_ Monkey, monkey, monkey!
              \_ Did you say sandwich monkey?
2003/7/25 [Uncategorized] UID:29139 Activity:moderate
7/25    Cubans make freedom bid in floating Chevy truck
        \_ Shoulda used a Ford.  -John
                \_ This is the first thing that came in to my mind when I read
                   the op earlier.  I realized it was not funny so I did
                   not post it.
        \_ Sounds like they've been watching Junk Yard Wars on cable.
2003/7/25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:29140 Activity:nil 71%like:29093
7/22    Looking for junior java developers.  Limited salary & IQ are pluses.
        \_ limited IQ is a plus???
2003/7/25-26 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29141 Activity:very high
7/25    Anyone changing their file-sharing behavior in response to recent
        RIAA subpoenathon?
        \_ When I get one I'll worry about it.  There is nothing to fear but
           fear itself!
        \_ i don't really do any file sharing.  but i will *never* ever
           buy another cd from those evil motherfuckers ever again as long
           as i live.
                \_ Ditto.  -John
                      \_ So all three of you are going to stop buying music and
                         only listen to radio and MTV???  Forever?
                         \_ I barely ever watch TV, rarely listen to radio,
                            and have bought 1 CD set in 9 months, in addition
                            to very rarely burning a copy off a friend.  So
                            why shouldn't I be able to change my consumption
                            habits because of something I loathe?  -John
                            \_ If you don't buy music then a boycott doesn't
                               mean anything.  I'm going to launch a boycott
                               of Russian wines.
                \_ I've found an acceptable compromise is to buy only used
                   CD's.  This allows me to consume new music, without
                   directly supporting the RIAA.  Also, since there are great
                   independent music stores in the Bay Area, I can support
                   local business.  I think it's a good balance.  On a side
                   note, I think it would be cool if someone implemented tip
                   jars for used CD's.  Basically, when you buy a used CD, you
                   can voluntarily pay a few bucks extra, and that money gets
                   passed directly to the artist.  If artists saw significant
                   revenue from something like this, it might encourage them
                   to pursue alternatives to contracting away all rights to
                   the majors, and this, in turn, could lead to real choice in
                   the music market. -dans
                   \_ tip jars?  you think raw cash on the counter top is going
                      to go to the artist and each will get the right amount?
        \_ I always have sharing turned off. I'm a leecher. I'll worry about
           the RIAA once they start cracking down on those people.
2003/7/25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:29142 Activity:nil 85%like:29093
7/22    Looking for junior java developers.   Limited job experience is a plus.
        Thank you for not editing a *job posting* and not fucking with other
        people who are trying to get jobs, pay their rent, and buy food.  It
        might be *you* someday that needs a job and not a butchered posting.
2003/7/25-26 [Consumer] UID:29143 Activity:nil
7/25    On another related note, I love my Hitachi 7200rpm notebook drive.
        Too bad it's on backorder from the cheapest place.
        has it under "hitachi 7200rpm 9.5mm".
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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