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2003/7/24-25 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29120 Activity:moderate
7/23    I know it was on the motd a while back, but wasn't paying attention.
        Any recommendation for a RAID enclosure that uses IDE HD, but has
        an external SCSI interface to connect to your computer?
        \_ I use this:
  which is the same as this:
           It's really made by "miti" or something like that in San Jose.
           I'll find out if you really care.
           \_ It would be appreciated.  I'd rather deal with a local vendor.
              \_ I'll look at the box tomorrow or ask my local vendor for you
                 and repost.  I'm sure this whole thing will be gone by then.
2003/7/24 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:29121 Activity:nil
        Hunt a naked woman
2003/7/24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:29122 Activity:nil
7/23    Speaking of characters in politicians.  what disturbs me the most is
        not that President Bush, intentional or not, mislead the public, but
        rather, as the issue getting out of hand, President Bush started to
        blame the subodinate for things which *HIMSELF* should of bear the
        full responsibility of.  What disturb me even further is that the
        general public seems to accept this downshift of responsbility and
        allow President Bush get away with it.
        \_ Dubya:  The Great Delegator.  I noticed this as well, and it
           doesn't bother me that much, but I'd much prefer a brainier
        \_ I am a Bush basher, but this one does not bother me much. It is
           just a different management style. Bush probably really doesn't
           do much but smile for the cameras. I am sure he is telling the
           truth when he says that he has no idea of the stuff he says is
           true or not. "The President of the United States in not a fact
           checker." -GWB
        \_ You are right, this is much much worse than taking millions of
           dollars in campaign contributions from PLA generals, all the
           while relinquishing all eight of our nuclear weapon designs.
           The horror.
2003/7/24 [Uncategorized] UID:29123 Activity:low
7/23    Looking for an RealTek 8139 100Mb NIC, -daveh
        \_ ebay item# 3036938942
2003/7/24 [Uncategorized] UID:29124 Activity:nil
7/23    [motd meta-thread about haters censored]
2003/7/24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29125 Activity:nil
7/24    To the germans are idiots dude, look what americans thing:
        30% say the Bible is the "actual word of God" to be taken literally
        26% thought various disasters in 1999 might "foreshadow the
            wrath of God"
        28% say the government should have the right to control news reports
        20% believe that the killing of civilians in Vietnam was
            "relatively rare"
        Among others. for more
        The thing is 20-30 percent of people anywhere hold ideas that to
        you are total whack and could be used against them in an insanity
        \_ 20-30% percent of Americans think only Germans believe stupid things
        \_ Is that the same 20-30%?  Then  perhaps it's the stupid 30%.
           I mean, average is pretty dumb, and if these people are the bottom
           30%, then they're really dumb.
        \_ 8% fear they are "very likely" to be shot or badly hurt by a
           \_ You know how many live in a place 'less nice' than you do?  They
              have a very reasonable fear that it is very likely they will be
              shot or badly hurt by a stranger.  We didn't all grow up behind
              tall pearly white gates with guards.
                \_ funny neither did I
        \_ 34% think the US has found WMD in Iraq (55% of Fox viewers)
           22% think WMD were used against US soldiers in Iraq
           people decieve themselves to believe all kinds of crap all the time
        \_ 30% maybe it is? 26% maybe they do? 28% of course it does.  start
           writing false reports and a paper can be sued for all sorts of
           things. 20% it's a meaningless term.
2003/7/24 [Finance] UID:29126 Activity:nil
7/24    Faith based economics:
        \_ Mission accomplished!  Bring em on!  Let's roll!
2003/7/24 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/HW/CPU, Politics/Foreign] UID:29127 Activity:very high
7/24    Want to waste a little time?
        It's a 2 page IQ test.  When it asks for email address at the end,
        just give any fake address.  You'll still get the results after you
        submit the form.  My score was 135 and rated "visual mathematician"
        \_ 160+ here.
         \_ liar
        \_ I scored 136 and was a "visionary philosopher"
        \_ doesn't IQ test depend of age also?
           \_ Technically yes -- but the emode people claim to use a
              different method to arrive at similar results.  *shrug*
        \_ 135, Facts Curator
        \_ 135, Visual Mathematician. -ucla cs guys
           \_ Ditto.   -mice
        \_ too many people getting 135.  I think there's something wrong with
           the test.
           \_ I think 135 is perfect score minus one. This test is too easy
              for sodalites. We need one where the middle is higher.
              \_ 138, visionary philosopher.
              \_ Then it isn't an IQ test.
           \_ My understanding is that anyone can completely legitimately
              make a test with any scale and call it an "IQ test".
              For a standardized test you have to go for specific ones,
              i.e. "Wechsler IQ test."  I'm not certain, though. -niloc
           \_ It could be timed, hence all the "philosophers" and "curators".
        \_ 136, "visionary philosopher"
        \_ Ack! Only 133.  Must be the chocolate for breakfast.  I'm a Word
           Warrior.  I have exceptional verbal skills and easily make sense
           of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to
           solving problems.  My strengths make me a visionary!  Even without
           trying I'm able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas!
           That's why I waste my time posting on the motd and wall all day.
           I'm just waiting to pop my next creative idea on you and take over
           the world and be the next Netscape!
        \_ 140, eh hem!
        \_ 84, Precision Processor!
        \_ 140, Visionary Philosopher
        \_ 129, precision processor -ax (I get from 129-14X on these sort
                of tests, but I've never put much faith in IQ tests.)
                A question- What is your IQ on this test vs how much
                money do you make?
                \_ IQ doesn't mean anything! It is bullshit! You can be
                   a dumb ass and still make tons of $. I know I do, cuz
                   my EQ is very very high                      -mr liao
                \_ I never took an IQ test, but you can be the Leader of the
                   Free World with the right connections! -dubya
                   \_ Although you don't see it you are actually making a very
                      good point.  Not the one where you attack the President
                      mindlessly but where you point out that with the right
                      connections you can do anything and be anyone.  "It isn't
                      what you know, it's who you know" will always be true.
                      \- hello i think the main problem with the "IQ test"
                         is that it isnt timed. e.g. someone who can do the
                         nasa alien question in 10 sec vs. 30 sec.
                         i didnt spend a lot of time on the pattern match
                         questions for example.
                         ok tnx --psb 138/fact curator
                         \_ I like how you use the example of a part of test
                            on which you happened to do particularly well.
                            What if other people used the same argument about
                            the verbal or math portions?  Your capability to
                            perform pattern matching does not impress anybody
                            with half a brain.  And may I ask why you thought
                            the alien NASA question was particularly difficult
                            that it should deserve special merit for finishing
                            \- that's not what i meant about doing the
                               pattern matching quickly ... i probably did
                               lousy at that because i didnt spend much time
                               on those. i dont think you can compare a
                               135 in 10 min and a 140 in 20 min. how much
                               time you spend on the "which one doesnt
                               belong" type Qs i think also makes a diff.
                               \_ I am not defending the validity of any test
                                  which claims to be able to categorize all
                                  of human intelligence with any accuracy or
                                  precision by asking 40 simple questions.
                                  However, IQ tests in general do not test
                                  your ability to think quickly, but your
                                  ability to concentrate, visualize an answer,
                                  and verify the answer.  Hence, no time
                      \_ Who's attacking the President?  If they have a
                         problem, they should tell that to me in my face!
        \_ 140, but it recorded one of my answers incorrectly and scored it as
           wrong.  How is the IQ of the people who made the test?
        \_ 136, Visionary Philosopher, and no idea what the heck the answer
           was to the "rose" question. What is it?
           \_ tempting.  Look up the phrase on google.
2003/7/24 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:29128 Activity:nil
7/24    I'd like to add another item to Germany's list of problems: idiocy. The idea that
        911 was some sort of US Government ordered attack especially after
        numerous previous attempts and statements by known terrorists is well
        beyond stupid.  That enough people in the government could get
        together and pull this off without a leak is sheer insanity.  That
        20-30% of Germans feel this says they're either genetically defective
        or there's something in the water.  Send in a UN Eco Squad to test the
        water immediately!  Save the Germans from their own bad water supply
        before it's too late!
        \_ They're not idiots.  They're just very...assertive as a whole and
           once they latch onto some notion, that's obviously fact.  No more
           than any other country.  -John
           \_ They latched on to the notion despite a huge body of evidence
              and history to the contrary.  Brilliant.  Did all the smart ones
              get weeded out in WWII?
        \_ a lot of germany does have pretty bad water. but i think there is
           value in the idea that the whitehouse influenced the attacks by
           providing hints. if you look at the New American Century, it doesn't
           sound like it's beyond those guys to do something like that.
           \_ influenced?  Nonono, it says they believe the US Government
              planned and executed.
        \_ So what; 20% of Americans believe the sun revolves around
           the earth.  -tom
           \_ Even if so, this is harmless.  Germans thinking 911 was a
              US government conspiracy is not.
           \_ one stupidity doesn't justify or excuse another.
                \_ my point being, "people are stupid" is not specifically
                   a German problem.  -tom
                   \_ stupidity is not a specific german problem, but it is
                      a problem.  and this particular german stupidity is
                      dangerous and egregious.
                   \_ yeah people are stupid in many places so it's ok!!!!
                      you must work for the government.
                        \_ this response indicates which side of the line
                           you belong on.  -tom
                           \_ was there an insult in there somewhere?  you
                              can try harder than that.  after lunch of course.
           \_ In addition 30% of Americans can't find Iraq on the maps and
              %68.22 of all statistics are made up ;)
              \_ There are 3 types of people in this world - those that can
                 count and those that can't.
              \_ Americans being unable to find anything on a map has no
                 bearing on anything.  Germans thinking 911 was some bizarre
                 US government conspiracy despite tremendous evidence to the
                 contrary is dangerous because they make policy decisions and
                 elect their leaders based on that stupidity which hurts us
                 all.  And no it isn't 68.22%.  There are studies that show
                 that 85% of all people who say some percentage of statistics
                 are made up are making that up when we all really know it's
                 only 38% of all statistics that are made up.
2003/7/24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:29129 Activity:nil
7/24    Related to the recent LANMANAGER password attacks:
        Vulnerabilities in Win2k kerberos authentication.           -John
        \_ I've decided it doesn't matter anymore.  If you run windows you
           just have to assume the whole thing is broken top to bottom and
           the rest is just details.
2003/7/24 [Uncategorized] UID:29130 Activity:moderate
7/23    InterTrust vs. M$:,15114,466180,00.html
        \_ oh f*cking please.  i suppose anyone who uses encryption is
           in violation too.  this is about as frivolous as patenting linked
           \_ Aren't linked lists copyrighted by Dr. McCarthy?
           \_ oh f*cking please.  go learn what a patent is and how it gets
              enforced and come back.  you sound like a slashdotter with the
              standard ignorant "i just patented bad patents!!!!". this gross
              lack of understanding has been explained and corrected here and
              at /. numerous times to no avail.  go read an archive.
              \_ and your point is?
                 \_ you're right.  it's the motd.  i should have come to expect
                    this sort of unbreakable ignorance.
              \_ obviously someone living off his patents
                 \_ no but if I was I'd have earned it. and even if I was that
                    doesn't make what I said any less valid.  personal assault
                    doesn't win points.  the next time you invent something
                    worth more than a buck, lemme know.  I'll gladly take that
                    mean nasty worthless IP off your hands.
2003/7/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:29131 Activity:nil
7/24    Da censor wuz here.  Da censor knows all.
        \_ 33% of censored posts are true
           \_ 100% of censors are assholes.
2003/7/24 [Computer/Theory, Politics] UID:29132 Activity:nil
7/24    All right:
        Emotional IQ test.  I want to see how many of you are the wonderful
        human beings I know you are.
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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