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2003/7/21 [Science] UID:29086 Activity:nil 75%like:29044
7/14    NBT Technology is now looking for good QA Engineers:

crack user was here
(used your gf's crack)
2003/7/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:29087 Activity:low
7/21    What is "cornholio"?  I know this is a term used by Beavis/Butthead.
        But what does it refer to?
        \_ Beavis: "I AM CORNHOLIO.  I need T.P. for my bunghole."
           T.P.      = toilet paper
           bunghole  = where your poop comes out of
           cornhole ~= bunghole
           "Are you threatening me?!?"  Also, "Cornholio" sounds like
           Don Corleone.
           \_ thanks for the pop culture explanation
2003/7/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:29088 Activity:high 57%like:27265
7/21    Dr. Who thread deleted.
        \_ You bastard!
        \_ I missed the only Dr. Who thread the motd has ever seen?  You must
           be *punished*!
2003/7/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:29089 Activity:high
7/21    Rory Solomon, this is no way to live a life.  You are consumed with
        the motd and that is bad.  Being the self-appointed Jewish Motd
        Reactionary serves no purpose.  I hate seeing a young man with a bright
        future wasting his life away at the motd.  Checking it every minute
        and jumping at any thread that has the words "Jew" or "Israel" in it.
        For your own good;  you're better off spending your time volunteering
        at a Jewish Community center than trying to defend Israel in a
        forum that most people here know is a joke. -yarofatslav
        \_ Could someone explain what this is about? I have no idea. I haven't
           posted to the motd in days... and if you really want to get into it,
           I would describe myself as sympathizing more strongly with Palestine.
           WTF??                - rory
           \_ There are some weird people on motd.  I wouldn't worry about it.
              \_ And they're often *very* *very* wrong about who is posting
                 what.  I don't know why rory would want to fall under any
                 of these
                 definitions with a bunch of murderers like the PLO but hey,
                 if you wanna hang out with butchers, it's your right.
                 \_ Troll alert!  Danger, will robinson, danger!
                    \_ No troll.  It's all true.  Sorry you don't like reality.
                 \_ Yes, every Palestinian is a member of the PLO automatically
                    at birth whether they like it or not. Thank you for
                    having the good sense to recognize this.
                    \_ Maybe if they didn't dance in the streets on camera
                       after 9/11 I might feel sympathy for them but for now,
                       I agree with John.
                       \_ For some reason, your response reminds me of the
                          Ku Klux Klan scene in O Brother Where Art Thou
                          \_ Nice round about way of getting in the "Nazi!"
                             slam!  Your sociology professor would be proud!
                             That was much better than coming up with some
                             meaningful statement of fact or an opinion on the
                             topic itself while still making a personal attack
                             that almost didn't quite look like one.  But it
                             did.  I'll be happy to chat with you on any topic
                             when you can stick to the topic and not make it
                             into a personal attack.
                             \_ Have you seen that scene before?
2003/7/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:29090 Activity:nil
7/21    Is there a term to describe the converse of "currying"?  i.e., taking
        a function of no arguments and wrapping it in a function that takes
        one, unused argument? --jameslin
        \_ Function type casting.
2003/7/21 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:29091 Activity:nil
7/21    does anyone know where i can find a sound file of the TARDIS
        dematerialization noise from Dr. Who?  I find paging through the
        Dr. Who fan sites to be pretty tedious.
        \_ you can also get the soundtrack somewhere or buy the
           Doctorin' the Tardis song by the Timelords aka KLF.
           Not so sure if the sound is in the song.
           \_ i just want the  "rrrrrRRRRRrrrr   rrrrrRRRRRrrrrr" noise.
              it should be like a 20 second sound bite or something.
              \_ Look for a CD of Dr. Who.  I'm sure they are out there.
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