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2003/7/20-21 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:29083 Activity:moderate
7/20    When the bridge walks down the aisle, what is the name/composer of
        the song that plays?
        \_ bride?
        \_ Wagner?
        \_ It's the wedding march from Lohengrin.  The music they play
           when the couple walks out is the wedding march from Mendelssohn's
           Midsummer Night's Dream, I think.  -John
           \_ second that.  It's Mendelssohn's that is more popular.  Another
              piece often used in wedding is Mozart's Marriage of Figaro
              (i think)         -kngharv
        \_ This is freaky.  I know it doesn't work with cable modem but
           it's freaky.
        \_ In Da Club, by 50Cent.
2003/7/20 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29084 Activity:insanely high
        Oh no!  We are screwed!
        \_ couple points. 1.  Thanks for the article.  2.How come NY Times
           didn't publish this article *BEFORE* the damn war started?
           It might just persuade public opinion to some degree.
           3.  Does any of the Sodans actually believe that democracy
           and the well-being of the Iraqis are USA and UK's objective?
           \_ 1. nothing new here.  2. it has nothing to do with anything and
              the NYT published far more biased anti-war nonsense before the
              war.  3. In part.  4. The NYT has a really shitty track record
              for reporting and editing in the last few years, maybe you should
              find another source for your news and information.  5. Why does
              the NYT *not* tell you about the 90+ mass graves that have been
              found to date?  Why does the NYT *not* tell you about how well
              the vast majority of the population is doing now than under the
              mass murdering butcher Hussein in terms of everything from basic
              service improvements such as power and water all the way to the
              right to *not* get dragged away and executed just because?  No
              matter what happens now, the people are better off than they were
              before and we had a moral obligation to help them as much as
              we could.  Freedom is a messy business and it will take time for
              life to settle down there but it *is* improving and is already
              better than they had under the Baathists.
              \_ we had to kill them to save them.  They are happy now.
              \_ If the mass majority of the people are doing so well, why
                 are they dancing in the streets celebrating around destroyed
              \_ Don't kid yourself.  US always puts its own self-interest
                 first.  That's why Donald Duck approved all 50 cases where
                 bombing may likely kill 30 or more civilians.  Every single
              \_ 90+ mass graves?  Is that from the same source that told
                 us about Iraq buying African Uranium?  Or that Iraq has lots
                 of chemical/biological weapons?  Haven't you learned by now
                 to take the words of these liars and blindly-following media
                 with a grain of salt?
                 to take the words of these liars and blindly-following-afraid-
                 to-appear-unpatriotic media with a grain of salt?

              \_ "The very first report, as I recall, was of mass graves that
                 turned out to be cemeteries. But because the news accounts on
                 CNN repeated incessantly that they were "mass graves," it
                 simply confirmed the public's predisposition to believe that
                 Saddam Hussein was a genocidal maniac. Ever since, the Times
                 has been reporting on bodies being turned up by the hundreds
                 or thousands in one place or another, and in each instance the
                 dispatch suggests that these were the result of Saddam's

                 My caution is the result of having consulted experts in the
                 history of Iraq, who tell me there are most certainly mass
                 graves all over the country, because it has been at war since
                 1958. That is, "Nineteen Fifty Eight," when the monarchy fell.
                 I'm advised that most of the slaughter that occurred over this
                 period was in these early years of civil war, when there really
                 were men and families lined up along ditches, machine-gunned
                 or in other ways executed. There are also stories of "mass
                 graves" that followed the 1991 Gulf War, when the USA urged the
                 Shi'ites in the South and Kurds in the North of Iraq to take
                 up arms against the Baghdad regime. I think even Human Rights
                 Watch would have to say that "rebels" who are trying to kill
                 "loyal" should expect to either succeed or pay the consequences,
                 as they did when the USA was nowhere around to back them up."
              \_ Remember the truck they said was used for making chemical /
                 biologial weapons?  Experts have come out and said that that's
                 nonsense.  Guess that's why you no longer hear about it.
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7/20    motd restored after h0zer nuked it
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