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2003/7/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:29080 Activity:nil 53%like:28810
7/18    hey mikeh - nice your freaking perl jobs already!
        \_ stfu malcolm.  you're the one running mutella.
2003/7/19 [Transportation/Car] UID:29081 Activity:insanely high
7/17    Dear John, I would like to know what disolves easily in gasoline
        and could potentially ruin the engine or at least degrade its
        performance severely. I would like the compound to disolve in
        gasoline so it's difficult to diagnose or trace the cause of
        the engine failure. At any rate, I don't think sugar works as
        the fuel line and filter will only allow gasoline to pass through
        and I highly doubt it's a proven technique (just an urbane legend).
        Thanks John!!!
        \_ I'm a nice guy, I like people, I wish we could all just get along
           and not hurt each other or vandalize other peoples' cars.  That
           said, \
                irresponsible_activities/164831.html and if I ever
           catch you near my car I'm ripping off your head and shitting
           in the hole.  -John
           \_ oooh, aaah, do they have big dicks where you come from?
                \_ Yes, and big sticks.  -John
        \_ please try this out on your own car first.
        \_ never pour just sugar.  pour sugar in solution.
        \_ POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!  -80s rock fan
        \_ any one of a mess of nasty organic solvents should work, doing
           a terrible job on the rubber pipes and fittings in the engine.  Try
           acetone or MEK.
        \_ dumb ass, brick through the window or soda in the tank.  now get
           the fuck off the motd, idiot.
2003/7/19-21 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/Theory] UID:29082 Activity:high
        Maybe in another 10 years this sort of thing plus the advancement of
        computer graphics in general will lead to all hollywood movies being
        done on computer and the end of the super rich empty headed hollywood
        actors running around mouthing off on late night talk shows.
        \_ You forget that all the animated features use big celebrities
           for voices.  Computer-generated speech will suck for a long time
           to come.  -tom
        \_ I'm not going to recomend it as a *good* movie exactly, but
           the movie "simone," with Al Paccino explores this idea.
        \_ Oooh!  Genetic algorithms!  Must ... put .. on cover ... of wired..
        \_ Here Here to that. I was hoping to give them all a 9mm hemmorage 1st
         \_ First of all it is hear hear.  Second of all wow aren't you a
            big man.  I bet all the chicks flock to your manlyness
        \_ But then whose lives will we vicariously live?
        \_ yes we need good down to the earth "real" looking
           guys like Eric Raymond on the tonight show
           \_ WTF would anyone put a geek on a talk show?  Maybe they'd start
              putting interesting people on them instead of entertainment
              figures or better yet just cancel the entire late night genre.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2003:July:19 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>