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2003/7/16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:29051 Activity:high
7/15    What's the best language for web scripting these days? Perl? PHP?
        Python? Something else?
        \_ PHP is really fast.
           \_ php is a pos if you need to do anything real. Perl or
              jsp/jsf is the way to go.
                \_ starting a new perl process for each web page
                   being served up will be much slower than php.
                   I'm curious if anybody has opinions on mod_perl.
                   \_ My understanding is that with mod_perl, perl outperforms
                      php--without it, it loses.  But I haven't run any
                      comparisons myself.
                      \_ I've coded in both and supported lots of coders in all.
                         PHP has the quickest dev. times, is easiest to do almost
                         anything and has had the least problems.  (really none).
                         It's just my experience, but i've been on two bigish php
                         projects with no problems and have never dealt with a
                         java or mod-perl project where there wasn't some
                         weirdness that had to be worked through.
        \_ i guess cold fusion is completely dead
        \_ do we have a LAMP set up on soda?
        \_ 'best' for what?  fastest?  more secure?  best supported?  best
           dev environment?  it's like asking if one OS is 'better' than
           another.  is this a somewhat subtle attempt to start a flame war?
           you need something less subtle to get a good flame fest going.
2003/7/16-17 [Finance/Banking, Reference/Tax] UID:29052 Activity:high
7/15    Is there a reason to keep pay stubs?
        \_ Double-check your deductions.  I've been shafted a few times when
           the company has either 1) deducted the monthly medical payment on
           both bi-weekly paychecks, and 2) failed to deduct the payment at all.
        \_ if your company goes under and you dont get a W2 at the end of the
           year for taxes, you'll need the pay stubs for proof of income and
        \_ You need pay stubs when you apply for a mortgage loan.  --- yuen
           \_ You just need the most recent one. I never save them. I just
              verify that the latest matches the previous and toss the
              previous one.
              \_ I just applied for a loan last month and my agent asked for
                 three months' worth of pay stubs among other things.  --- yuen
                 \_ I guess YMMV. I didn't even have to supply a single one.
                    They just called my employer.
                    \_ 3 month's worth is standard.  they called your employer
                       because you didn't have 3 mothn's worth.  get it?
2003/7/16-17 [Computer/SW] UID:29053 Activity:nil
7/15    What's the best way to remove type3 fonts from file that's
        being converted from ps to pdf? Thanks.
2003/7/16-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:29054 Activity:high
7/15    What are some of the effective ways to vandalize a car? Tire slashing
        and key scratching are old...
        \_ after yesterday, I've been kinda tempted to get a slingshot that
           throws ball bearings... -chialea
           \_ Why stop there?  A certain fellow named Winchester once remarked
              that a gun is merely a machine for throwing balls.
        \_ Sugar. -- ilyas
                \_ can you elaborate ilyas?
                   \_ you put it in the gas tank. it kills the engine.  the
                      same is true for any diesel with mothballs in the fuel
           \_ or mothballs for a diesel
        \_ you use key to scratch the car, make sure you scratch the paint
           entirely.  Then, you pour a little bit mercury on the exposed
           metal.  the car owner probably need to get the entire panel
           \_ What does the mercury do?
        \_ There are only a few exposed areas on a car: windows, tires, paint,
           locks, exhaust, gas intake, and sometimes there will be an exposed
           antenna, ski/bike rack or other random bits.  There's nothing wrong
           with a good car keying or tire slashing to send your message.  The
           traditional car keyed message lets you *really* tell them exactly
           how you feel and why.  Let us know how your 30 days in jail and
           $5,000 fine went when you get out.
           \_ only morons get caught with something as simple as vandalizing.
              \_ as someone who has never vandlized more than your neighbor's
                 drive way with an egg at halloween how would you know?  there
                 are cameras *everywhere* today.
        \_ This is the reason why I think singaporian law is superior to US
              But seeing as how this is a .44 magnum, the most powerfull
           law.  Singapore canes punks like you.  let's see how tough you are
           when they have your pants down and whip you with a bamboo cane.
           \_ Now, you're probably wondering: did I fire all six shots or
              only five?
              I must admit in all the excitement, I kind of lost track myself.
              But seeing as how this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful
              handgun in the world, It could blow your head clean off.
              So there's just one thing you've got to ask yourself:
              do I feel lucky?
              well, do you?
           \_ Hey, he might even get a hard-on.  Who knows about punks like
        \_ I have heard this story from a friend. It happened in ex-USSR.
           Once some guy who had an argument with someone else who lived in the
           same apartment building threw a brick at his foe's car from his
           14th floor balcony. The car engine has been completely destroyed.
           It takes some skill not to kill anyone this way, so don't try this
           at home.
                \_ ah, in mother Russia, you take laws into your own hands
                \_ In Soviet Russia, brick shits you!
2003/7/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29055 Activity:high
7/15    Do you think they had sex together?
        \_ Wow, British girls are hot.
           \_ Please tell me you're kidding.
              \_ Do you really need me to tell you something that obvious
        \_ Yes, of course they did.  You're in college.  Don't you know that
           *everyone* is having sex if they have access to it?
        \_ The marine got caught:
2003/7/16 [Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:29056 Activity:nil
7/15    Is there any software that converts video from .rm (real video?)
        to mpeg format?
        \_ Yes.
           \_ not free, though.
              \_ Can you tell me what they are, even if not free.
                 Please please please (google gives me a messed
                 up jumble).
2003/7/16 [Computer/Networking] UID:29057 Activity:nil
7/15    What's the PDA of choice these days? Looking for ones that include
        WiFi (or at least expandable to WiFi).
        \_ tungsten T has bluetooth.. tungsten C has 802.11b but no bluetooth
           ipaq 5400's and 5500's have both 802.11b and bluetooth built in
           and any PDA w/ a compactflash slot can have any of those as an
           expansion card (or even SDIO)
        \_ do you mean bluetooth or are there 802.11b/g pdas out now?
           \_ 802.11b. I know the Palm Tungsten/C has integrated 802.11b, but
              what about others?
        \_ Still using palm v.  works great.
           \_ still using Handspring Visor Platnium.  quite a rugged device.
2003/7/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:29058 Activity:kinda low
7/16    Can anyone recomend a book or web resource about electroplating for
        an amature?  I just want to plate aluminum on copper or copper on
        \_ High school chem textbook?
2003/7/16-17 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:29059 Activity:kinda low
7/15    Seen the Dungeon Siege II trailer?  Anyone believe that the whole
        thing is really from the in-game engine?
        \_ Sure, why not? Looks about par as far as game engines go. The Doom3
           trailer was much more impressive graphics wise, and that was all
           in-game engine driven too. If it were CGI, I'd expect a lot more.
           \_ I wonder how much hardware it takes to play a game that looks
              like that during game play without slowdowns.
              \_ Most likely ATI Radeon 9800 and an insanely fast 2+Ghz CPU
2003/7/16-17 [Health/Disease/General] UID:29060 Activity:nil
7/16    CSUA men: Assuredly avoiding prostate cancer!
2003/7/16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29061 Activity:moderate
7/16    So, neocons, do you still think the Iraq war was a good idea?
        \_ death is always good
        \_ Give it up. We still think Vietnam was all good.
        \_ C'mon, the neocons want to provoke N. Korea into a war so the
           U.S. can be morally justified in taking them out.  That would
           then leave Iran to deal with.  They'd get three wars in one
           administration! :D
           \_ then they could wrap themselves in the flag again and accuse
              anyone who complains about deficits and lack of money for
              domestic stuff and dumbass tax cuts of being commies.
              wars are darn good and so are deficits. bring it on.
2003/7/16-17 [Science/Biology, Science/Space] UID:29062 Activity:kinda low
7/16    Wednesday Funnies
        1. Men hunting nekkid women:
            \_ " Video for this story is no longer available."
        2. Creationist Science Fair:
2003/7/16-17 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:29063 Activity:nil
7/16    Does WindowsXP have a Print-to-PDF functionality built-in?
        \_ haha is this a serious question - that's like asking
            do we have to pay for each piece of commercial software?
           \_ exactly. if it were built-in, then adobe wouldn't be charging
              $150 for acrobat 6.0.
                \_ macs have it built in and adobe still sells acrobat for
                   os x.  Acrobat does a lot more than just convert to PDF.
        \_ Your best bet is probably print to ps and then use ps2pdf. But
           Adobe really is the gold standard ... they make "better" pdf
           than anyone else (ps2pdf, pdflatex, etc.) ... smaller, cleaner.
2003/7/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:29064 Activity:insanely high
7/16    Did something nasty happen on the internet today around 1245pm?
        \_ Yermom is probably responsible.
        \_ My IE6 on XP crashed around that time, but it happens all the time.
        \_  An AT&T trunk went down...
        "Customers in the West Coast region may be unable to connect due to
              network conditions. For your reference, our ticket number is
              XXXXXXXXX. Our engineers are working on the issue. Thank you."
              \_ Makes me wish a real Skynet disguised as supervirus was about
                 to start WWIII. Esp today, the 58th ann of the 1st atomic bomb
                 \_ You'd be one of the first to die.  Just go do it and save
                    the rest of us the hassle of your suicidal plunge.
              \_ massive DOS attack
                  \_ Where can I get confirmation of that?
                  \_ Is that documented anywhere?
2003/7/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:29065 Activity:moderate
7/16    It might be a tad difficult to wear a shirt over this:
        \_ I think that may very well be the idea.
        \_ If she didn't have those she could wear a pair of thimbles.
2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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