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2003/7/15 [Transportation/Car] UID:29036 Activity:nil
7/14    Looking for pictures of Nazis driving Mercedes autos and riding BMW
        bikes, what is a good place to start?
2003/7/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:29037 Activity:low
7/14    When I was in CS61A there was a program that would let you view
        your scheme code as a flowchart. Does anyone remember the
        name of the program?
        \_ When I was your age, cs61a was called cs60a and we used real
           editors (emacs without hilit mode) and real workstations like
           the Apollos and later on the really awsome DEC3000s.
        \_ you probably mean envdraw, but that doesn't do flowcharts.
2003/7/15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:29038 Activity:nil
7/14    Crisis continues: US may abolish H1-B visa,50
2003/7/15-16 [Reference/Tax] UID:29039 Activity:moderate
7/14    I've not worked for a year (ok I have as a temp and have made about
        $5K this year) and I'm thinking about excercising my options which
        according to eTrade is worth about $50K. What is the tax implication
        for doing so?
        \_ Excercising and selling or excercising and holding?
        \_ I assume you mean exercise and selling.  It is a damn good time
           to do it (not nec. all if all 50K is profit).  It is basically
           treated as income and since you are in a lower tax bracket...
                                -not a tax attorney
           \_ but it is still capital gain.  If you can offset any loss,
              may as well do it.
              \_ It is not capital gain if it is a disqualifying disposition.
                 Check out the following link for more info on it.
        \_ What are the odds the stock is going to rise this fall as the
           economy recovers?  If yes, can you afford to wait?
        \_ There are more than one type of option, with different tax
           ramifications.  Are they ISO options or NQ?
           \_ they are NQ                       -op
              \_ I had NQ's from Intel, and cashed out when I left (turned out
                 to be good timing).  I was required to exercise within 90 days
                 of leaving.  You have NQ options after a year?
                 Anyway, the taxes work like this:
                 Market Price - Option Price = $x
                 That $x is taxed at income rate (not capital gains).  There may
                 also be a short term capital gain/loss if the market price
                 changes in the time between exercising the option and selling
                 the stock. -emarkp
           \_ Do you mean NSO?
              \_ No, I meant NQ--as in 'non-qualifying' options.  What don't
                 they qualify for?  I dunno (as opposed to ISO--Incentive Stock
                 Options) -emarkp
                 \_ They should a lot like NSOs to me. I have never heard the
                    term NQ before, but it makes sense, since NSO stands for
                    Nonqualifying Stock Options. NSOs are a bit more
                    complicated than you described, since you can file a 63b
                    and they start to act like an ISO in many respects then,
                    but if you just excercise and sell them, emarkp is correct.
                    OP, if you want to perhaps reduce your tax burden, but
                    take on additional risk, look into filing a 63b
                    \_ I cashed out in 2000 and haven't had the need (or
                       opportunity!) to look into it.  I don't know what a 63b
                       is and it's quite possible that 'NQ' was Intel-speak or
                       that NSO is simply another TLA for the same thing.
2003/7/15-16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:29040 Activity:high
7/14    We have a lot of games that kill Nazis and Japs (Medal of Honor,
        MS Combat Flight Simulator, etc etc etc). Just out of curiousity,
        do the Germans/Japanese make games that kill the Allies?
        \_ while there is plenty of nazi paraphenalia in Japan, I have never
           seen a game where you actually fight the US.  There are plenty
           where you try to take over Asia though!  Also I believe the
           swastika is illegal in Germany.              -brain

           \_ Wolfenstein 3D is illegal in Germany for the Nazi imagery.
              Probably the original Wolfenstein was not illegal though because
              the graphics were so shitty!
                \_ Games involving killing humans are illegal there.  C&C
                   had humans replaced by robots.  There is a game called
                   'camp commander' in the underground nazi scene in .de
                   that's a resource-management game involving sending "Turks"
                   off to concentration camps.  There are a few games where
                   you play nazis/japs, like Battlefield 1942, and the old
                   Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (the sound clips in
                   BF1942 are absolutely hilarious.)  -John
        \_ i wonder how come we don't have any game like "Slave Tycoon."
                \_ that'd be REALLY cool too. I'm looking for similar games,
                   like Clubbing Baby Seals and Tiger Hunting
           \_ You should play Fallout 2.  Jet, man, Fucking Jet!
        \_ there are lots of games where you can play a Japanese Zero and
           shoot the Americans, or drive a Panzer tank and kill the Allies.
           \_ or play the iraqi killing american troops.
        \_ Not really because those Japanese and those Nazi are 'gone'.  The
           people there now (mostly) don't associate themselves with those
           dead empires.  Do you associate yourself with the slave holding
                \_ No but it's a reeeallly touchy subject in both Japan
                   and Germany.  Infinitely more so than anything you can
                   imagine here about slaves or indians.  -John
           south in this country?  The natives?  The Spanish who held CA?
           The French who held the center of the country?  The Russians who
           held Alaska?
           \_ I associate myself with cowboys who kill injun savages.
        \_ Are there any games where I can play Israeli troops and exterminate
           palestinians?  I'm too much of a pussy to join the Israeli army
           to do that, so I want to do the next best thing.  Thanks.
           \_ No, but I've seen the "Palestinian Pizza Bomber game" followed
              closely by the sequels, "Disco Bomber", "University Bomber",
              "Bus Bomber" and "Hotel Bomber" which were all included in a
              special "Push them into the sea" pack which had a special addon
              where you get to toss old wheelchair bound Jews into the sea
              from a cruise ship you've taken over.  I'm looking forward to
              "The Last Arab/Israeli War" game where the Arabs attack (again)
              and win this time and you get to play Arabs butchering Jews in
              the streets en masse while the UN passes resolutions against
              the wicked Jews for getting in the way of your axes and bullets.
        \_ Can we have an adult themed fantasy role playing game like
           ultima6 or something but with lots of kinky sex?
           \_ Write it and they shall cum.
2003/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:29041 Activity:nil
7/14     "We don't know if it's true - but NOBODY can say it was wrong -
         that is not known." -Ari Fleischer
2003/7/15 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/Rants] UID:29042 Activity:nil
2003/7/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29043 Activity:high
7/14    motd poll:  how many sexual partners have you had?
        married: use m -- single : use s
        0: s s
        2: m s m
        3: s
        4: s
        5-10: m s
        10+: .
        40+: s s
        4000    -Wilt
        \_ after or during?
           \_ during.
        \_ Smart enough not to get married: .
           \_ Cool! 2.5 less kids to congest our planet!
              \_ Since when does not getting married mean not reproducing?
        \_ do dead people count?
           \_ If you have to ask, then you don't know.
              \_ Exactly!
        \_ Why stop at 40+?
           \_ I stopped counting at 40 so I don't know what the exact
              number is, but it is certainly less than a hundred. If
           2. someone who gave me oral and let me cum between her thighs while
              totally naked, but no vaginal or anal penetration.
           3. someone whom I fingered while she's having wet dreams (I think
              she even had an orgasm cuz I felt some contraction), but she
              didn't even know afterwards.
              you want to make a little box for 100+ go right ahead.
        \_ Do these count as sexual partners:
           1. someone who let me caress and kiss her breasts, but nothing else.
        \_ Does my spouse count?  Does yours?
           2. someone who gave me oral and got my oral and let me cum between
              her thighs while totally naked, but no vaginal or anal
           3. someone whose vagina I penetrated with my fingers while she's
              having wet dreams (I think she even had an orgasm cuz I felt some
              contraction), but she didn't even know afterwards.
           4. my wife.
           \_ Define it however you wish, but I would say no, yes, maybe, I
              certainly hope so.
              \_ define it however you wish!?  this is an anonymous ASCII poll
                 damnit! wae have standards! there are rules! they must
                 be obeyed!!!!!
2003/7/15-20 [Science] UID:29044 Activity:nil 75%like:29086
7/14    NBT Technology is now looking for good QA Engineers:

emacs user was here
2003/7/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:29045 Activity:high
7/14    What is a good place in San Francisco to see live lounge piano playing?
        \_ Lefty O'douls.  Good corned beef too.
        \_ any bad low end dive?
        \_ Tiki room in the basement of The Mark.
        \- lush lounge
        \_ Power Exchange and Diva's
2003/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29046 Activity:high
7/15    Has anyone successfully upgraded from FreeBSD 4.x to 5.1?  I'm
        running into trouble with doing a make buildworld from cvsup on
        libpthread, which seems to be a known problem dating back to
        May or June judging from the mailing lists, but I can't find a
        solution.  Binary upgrades don't work, according to UPGRADE.TXT -John
        \_ I was planning to move to 5.1 myself, but I wasn't planning on an
           upgrade.  You're moving across versions to a non-STABLE release...
           isn't it time to wipe & reinstall all your old packages anyway?
           I'm really only replying because I'm curious about your primary
           reason for choosing the upgrade path-- maybe it applies to me.
        \_ Yes.  It wasn't a problem.  Over time I upped my 4.4 -> 4.6 -> 4.7
           -> 4.8 -> 5.0 -> 5.1.  Trivial.
2003/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:29047 Activity:kinda low
7/15    What's the best way, using free software, to merge two eps files
        into a single pdf document?
        \_ using latex, put them into one ps document, then
           ps2pdf them?
           \_ Actually, I just found this:
        gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sOutputFile=testout.pdf \
        Page1.eps Page2.eps
        works great.  thanks anyways. -op
        \_ you can also use psmerge | ps2pdf
           \_ cool, thanks.
        Okay, a related question, I have a ps file that has type3 fonts.
        What's a quick way to remove them?  They are unnecessary and
        don't work in xpdf.
2003/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:29048 Activity:nil
        Bruce Schneier's crypto-gram, scroll down and read the last part.
2003/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW] UID:29049 Activity:nil
7/15    What's with people signing posts as -op? Being anonymous on the motd
        really takes away from that community feeling and reduces the motd to
        yet another web B-board. Do people really have good reason to hide
        their identity when asking digital camera questions?
        \_ Sign your post, you hypocrite!
        \_ People who don't sign their posts are lame.  -John
           \_ Thanks for registering your opinion.
        \_ With all the "personalities" in my work, social, and net lives,
           it's nice to be able to keep a low profile where I can.
        \_ If you want community feeling, go find a community.  This is nothing
           more than a world writable file on a closed computer system.  It is
           not a community.  Stop pretending it is.  Examples of real
           communities: church, tennis club, running club, biking club, even
           the linux users groups count.  The motd does not.
2003/7/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:29050 Activity:nil
        \_ Bad emphasis. Needs more Rs, fewer Ds and Ss. Grade: C-
        \_ And more !!!!!!!  C- was too giving.
2020/02/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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