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2003/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:29017 Activity:nil
7/12    Suggestions for a good take-out deli near campus? (Actually, near
        Emeryville would be even better.)
        \_ I like Emery Bay Cafe in Emeryville; at Christie and Powell near
           the Denny's and Allegro Ballroom. -chaos
2003/7/13 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:29018 Activity:moderate
7/12    In Linux, what's the best way to get info on a partition:
        whether or not it is formatted, etc? (thanks editor)
        \_ prompt# dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/xxxx count=99999999 bs=1024k
           replace "xxxx" with your hard drive device name.
           \_ wow it's the linux comedian!  i hope flies shoot
              out of your penix, ok tnx.
           \_ you are terrible. the count and bs are unnecssary.
        \_ Is this asb?
2003/7/13 [Recreation/Food] UID:29019 Activity:high
7/13    Coming to visit berkeley, want to go to chez panisse, do you think
        we'd need to make reservations for the restaurant? cafe? Are things
        slowed down enough such that we dont have to worry about the cafe?
        \_ Why don't you just call them?  It will be faster and you will get
           a more accurate answer than by asking us.
2003/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:29020 Activity:nil
7/13    ''Job Exports May Imperil U.S. Programmer''
2003/7/13-15 [Consumer/Camera] UID:29021 Activity:high
7/13    A friend wants to make a documentary with a digital camcorder. She has
        about a $3000 budget, give or take, for the camera alone (not tripod
        and such). People seem to recommend Canon. Anyone here have one? Is
        there something else she should look into? If she doesn't have to
        spend her whole budget so much the better. She's new to this digital
        stuff, but not to film making. She's considering the XL1S and GL2.
        Still images aren't needed and wouldn't be used. --dim
        \_ I've used both Sony & Canon. Canon's have slightly better
           optics, Sony's don't break as much. All generalizations are false.
        \_ The GL series is not a "real" camera- try using zoom and focus
           and you'll see what I mean.  Of those two models, the XL is the
           camera of choice for indie filmmakers- I've been on several shoots
           camera of choice for indie film makers- I've been on several shoots
           with the XL and it worked out fine.  Bonus points for use of
           you'll blow u pthe camera).  Also note the XL's tendency to
           Canon's other lenses with the XL (you need an adapter though or
           you'll blow up the camera).  Also note the XL's tendency to
           "idle out" (turn off when not in use) is painful but that's really
           the only bad thing about it.         -brain
        \_ Why not Sony VX2000?  It's almost the same as the Sony's
           professional version (PD150).  From what I understand, both
           are highly regarded.  According to Canon site, XL1S doesn't
           actually have enough pixels to cover full DV resolution.
           GL2 and VX2000 do.  GL2 uses smaller CCD, though.  I don't
           know why I'm even saying all this since I'm not all that
           knowledgeable about these things, but I can tell you that
           if I were buying one for myself, I'd get the VX2000 or
           PD150.  At least, all the mentioned units have separate
           CCDs for the primary colors.  Most of the consumer crap
           \_ Sony makes some nice cameras, to be sure, and the VX2000
              is very nice.  Both the Canon XL and the Sony VX are known
              as "prosumer" and get used for independently-produced
              films quite a bit.  Let me know what you decide on.   -brain
              \_ he's really making a low-budget porn flick and behind the
                 scenes of so he can more with that flick than he did as SW E
        \_ Maybe you can just rent one...perhaps from Adolph Gasser.
           \_  Whoops.  You're totally right, I didn't even think of that.
               If you are making this film in the bay area, check out your
               local public access station for very cheap equipment rentals.
               For example the Palo Alto station has cameras for $10 / day.
       is their home page (click on "Producing")
               See also the SF Film Arts Foundation at
               Also check out their links on that same site     -brain
        \_ Theres a new HD camera that does 720P/30 that is supposed to
           be pretty cool.  See -ax
           \_ Saw this, but wondered about the low price tag. If it's that
              great then why is it cheap (relatively)? I'm skeptical. --dim
2003/7/13 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA] UID:29022 Activity:high
7/13    To the (thankfully deleted) MBA troll:  I don't have anger management
        issues.  You're an idiot.  Note subtle yet crucial difference.  -John
        \_ personally, I did not participate in the troll/flamewar, but
           as a grad student in physics at a top school, i do not think you
           can discount my freinds as idiots, and everyone i know has
           complete contempt for MBAs, including faculty who've taught
           them at the bschool.  With a few notable exceptions, they are
           backstabbing idiots. If you don't want to see people badmouth
           MBAs, don't post about MBAs.  You're whining will not make poeple
           MBAs, don't post about MBAs.  Your whining will not make poeple
           start respecting MBAs.
           \_ You are an idiot. I think people have contempt for those who
              have an MBA and use that to mean something or to throw their
              weight around when it's just a Master's degree. If you take it
              at face value it's not bad to have. A lot of my coworkers have
              advanced degrees in Physics, EE, Aerospace engineering, and
              such and a lot of them later on got their MBA, too. One in
              particular has a PhD in EE and two Master's degrees. He got an
              MBA, too. Is he an idiot? The only idiot here is you, but I
              attribute that to inexperience. The more you can educate
              yourself the better. Even if MBA is about socializing that's
              a good skill to have and management definitely appreciates the
              effort. You'll probably get an MBA 15 years from now yourself.
        \_ I find this whole thread quite entertaining.  Let me give you all
           a little wisdom that you may not understand right now but might
           eventually get it in future.  "Formal education will get you a
           good job, self-education will make you rich."  Entreprenurial
           capitalism is not measured by the number of degrees you have, but
           by how much passion and hard work you put into your ideas and your
           company.  The world's richest man is a college dropout.  If you
           want to help run a successful company and be on a salary and bonus
           plan, then an MBA will get your there.  But if you want to be
           a "millionaire next door" (just like the book), don't get an
           MBA, start your own business.  Be passionate about selling your
           dream.  And don't ever give up.  -self employed sodan
2003/7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:29023 Activity:insanely high
7/12    I haven't commuted from the east bay in a really long time, if I
        were to drive from Concord to Mountain View during morning rush hour
        how early should I leave? I want to get there around 10:00 or 10:30.
        On a completely unrelated note, did you know you can actually break
        your arm while arm wrestling? this just happened to a friend of mine.
                \_ Commuting from Concord? Concord to Walnut Creek = 20 min.
                   then Walnut Creek to the Bridge = 20 min. then Bridge to
                   to SF = 10 min. Down 101 to Mt. view. 20 min? Sounds like
                                   \_ 45 minutes, not 20 min.
                  at least 1 hr 10 min with traffic, if you are lucky.
        \_ i would bet about 2 hours..
        \_ From North Oakland(claremont ave) to Palo Alto takes me
           40 minutes, without traffic (e.g. 930am), FWIW.
        \_ From North Oakland(claremont ave) to Palo Alto (San Antonio Rd)
           takes me 45 minutes, when there is no traffic (e.g. 930am).
           Taking dumbarton.
           Taking dumbarton. Avoid SF and Bay bridge, dont be stupid.
           You might be able to take 680 and 237, if you're very lucky.
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