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2003/7/12-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:29014 Activity:high 75%like:29010
7/11    Have you ever seen a movie where all of your friends liked it but
        you just don't get it or don't like it? I'll start:
        \_ Wouldn't the world be a dull place if we all liked the same stuff?
        Spirited Away
        \_ For me it's often I like it but none of my friends do as is the
           case with Spirited Away.  Try not to watch it to "get it."  But
           try watching it to enjoy the story telling.  It may help you
           appreciate it, and maybe even "get it."
           \_ what, sometimes a story is ... just a story?  Not some huge
              sledgehammer moralistic or egotistically philosphical wank?
              \_ You really need to see Spirited Away on a big screen
                 (projection TV or projector->wall is good) with good
                 sound to appreciate it.
        Being John Malkovich
           \_ One of the few movies I chose not to finish.
                 \_ If I need a bigscreen and sound systm then how is it any
                    different than any other hollywood summer fx flick?  A
                    story shouldn't need that.
                    \_ sometimes, it's not the effect, but the plain simple
                       gorgeous shots done by say kurosawa.  big picture is
                       not the same as big effects.
        Being John Malkovich
           \_ One of the few movies I chose not to finish.
        \_ There's something about Mary
        This is Spinal Tap
        \_ Spinal Tap was so fucking funny!  "But... this one goes to 11" and
           you *know* you're the #1 Big Bottoms fan!
        Forrest Gump ..
        Worst in Show
        Big Trouble In Little China .
        Austin Powers (all of them)
        \_ If you didn't like the first or even the second one, what made you
           watch the last of them?
           \_ cable and peer pressure -- I am weak.
              \_ Austin Powers doesn't work with cable modem.  Bastard.
        \_ clerks
           \_ Or any movie by Kevin Smith (is that his name?)
                                        \_ costner
                                           \_ idiot.
        \_ Gone with the wind: I saw this on the big screen years ago and it
           was easily one of the shittiest movies I'd ever seen.  Her acting
           in particular was quite painful.  He looked like he knew it was a
           shitfilm and was enjoying mocking it all the way through.
        \_ Shrek
        \_ Nemo!  Do not see Nemo!
2003/7/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:29015 Activity:kinda low
7/11    Why does rlogin open two connections?  How does the server tell the
        client to listen and associate the "backwards" [S->C] connection with
        the initial connection [C->S]  ???
        C->S foo.978    49640      0 24820      0 ESTABLISHED
        S->C foo.977      bar.975      49640      0 24820      0 ESTABLISHED
        \_ One is the KVND listening in on your unencrypted connection.
           \- hello rlogin uses out of band signaling. read the rfc
              or one of the stevens book or UTSL or mail me if you think
              i might not dislike you. --psb
              \_ You think the KVND is limited by your puny and pathetic RFC?
                 For reasons of their own they've not yet pointed their orbital
                 mind control lasers in your direction, but oh, soon, very
                 soon now, my friend.
2003/7/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:29016 Activity:very high
7/12    In "A Clockwork Orange," the street hooligans of the dark future
        speak in a strange hybrid of Russian and English.  Now everywhere
        i look i see street hoodlums with chinese characters tatooed all
        over their bodies.  life imitating art?
        \_ Fashion, my friend. Think designers, feng shui, zen, etc.
        \_ Lamerz imitating basketball players.
        \_ Doubtful.  ACO is a little too obscure to be at the root of this.
        \_ Heh, Tatooing yourself with something trendy... hehehe....
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