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2003/7/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29000 Activity:very high
7/10    "Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False"
        \_ What baffled me was that I think there was a good
           case for invading Iraq.  Bush just failed to make it for some
           reason, and choese to bullshit his way through instead.
           \_ Powell wanted UN support, if not a UN coalition.  The only
              way to get UN support was to show Saddam still had WMD in
              violation of previous UN resolutions.  They couldn't find WMD,
              hence the problem.
        \_ this liberal media bias is getting out of hand. it doesn't
           matter. the U.S. needs to kick every hostile states' ass.
           \_ So its okay to lie about the reasons for war and the killing
              of soldiers, but lying about a blowjob is an impeachable
           Bush did the same thing a month ago, but no one said anything.
              offense?  I donut geddit.
              \_ lying under oath is impeachable offense. lying to
                 the public is expected.
              \_ The problem is that the headline doesn't match the story.  The
                 headline vastly overstates the article.  A better headline
                 would be:  "CIA officials warned members of the President's
                 National Security Council staff the intelligence was not good
                 enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy uranium
                 from Africa."  (to cut and paste from the article)  The
                 headline is pure spin.
                 \_ I believe the implication is that if the NSC staff
                    was warned, Bush would have heard about it, unless you
                    want to blame Rice.
                    \_ Implication is different than fact.
        \_ It also bothers me that Blair is taking all this flak for
           switching from "finding [actual] WMD" to "finding WMD programmes";
           Bush did the same thing a month ago, but the U.S. press didn't
           note the change in wording at all.
           \_ Yeah poor Tony.  The British press are so vicious.  I agree with
              you.  They should've left Blair alone.
              \_ At least our media knows how to be patriotic.
2003/7/11-12 [Recreation/Humor] UID:29002 Activity:high
7/10    Matrix Ping Pong. --chucky
        \_ that was actually quite amusing.
           \_ no, it was really fucking funny and quite clever too.  thanks
              for the URL, chucky!
        \_ Any urls for the actual .wmv?  (non mms://)
           \_ I put a copy I got on bittorrent in /csua/tmp (pingpongmatrix.wmv).
              I'm deleting it in a few days though, so get it now if you want it.
           \_ I put a copy I got on bittorrent in /csua/tmp
              (pingpongmatrix.wmv).  I'm deleting it in a few days though, so
              get it now if you want it.
              \_ danke
                \_ double danke.  That kicks ass.
        \_ is also impressive.
           \_ but their timing was a little off.  I thought the one with a
              \_ It isn't CGI... These are actual people.  Grow up.
                 \_ I was being nice with the "little off" phrase.  Take
                    a look at the ball shadow when she bounces it off the
                    wall.  Timing's way off that it's rather distracting.
                    Stop assuming it's immature to be critical of something.
                    \_ That's not "critical".  It's picky.
              mirror wasn't so bad considering most of it was done by kids.
              Can anyone who speak Japanese tell me what the hell those three
              kids in white were doing?
              \_ possibly: which number was it?
        \_ This is a regular show in Japan and one of the best.  Thank you
           so much for posting that-- expect to see it in the Fwd cycle
           in the next few days. --erikred
        \_ So umm, do you guys find that laugh-out-loud funny? I don't see
           what's so great about it. Mildly amusing at best.
           \_ Can you not appreciate the skill involved in such a performance?
           \_ Yes.  It was laugh out loud funny.  Maybe you prefer pie in the
              face humor?
2003/7/11 [Industry/Jobs] UID:29003 Activity:very high
        They say new jobless claims hit a 20-year high
        but i am wondering if any of this is due to the
        fact more people were employed during the dot-com
        boom so there are more potential workers out of jobs
        and also, is it because they are simply more people
        in the workplace due to population growth and the fact
        that the past good economy got some people to get off
        their lazy ass and get a job? Or are all these factors
        already deducted from the statistics?
        \_ percentages of poeple filing are really high too.  The fact
           is that things are bad out there.
        \_ It's sort of like how recent movie hit all-time box office
           highs in ticket sales, but do they consider that tickets now
           average nearly $10 while in 1977 i saw Star Wars for $3.00?
           \_ Well, at least one site,, does (Gone With
              The Wind is #1 all-time)
           \_ Yeah I hate that.
        \_ actual unemployment is usually a lot higher than the published
           the figure most of the time.  Further, If a person who is too
           lazy to look for a job, he won't be counted as an unemployed.
           Population is always growing, so that is not an excuse.  The real
           issue is that we are in a post over-produced economy, and there
           isn't a clear way to get out of it.  History is not very
           encouraging, as last time we got out of the mess by declar war
           on Germany and Japan.
           \_ See?  Bush is trying to get us out of the oncoming Depression!
              Why can't we all just help him start WW III ?
           \_ Anyone too lazy to look for a job (your crack mama) shouldn't
              count as unemployed.  She goes on permanent welfare and ends up
              counted under a different statistic and rightly so.  Part of the
              problem in tech is the H1b program.  With zillions of qualified
              Americans unemployed they're still letting in foreigners under a
              program intended to let in foreigners only to fill jobs where no
              qualified American is available.  And worse is abuse of the L
              program which has even fewer restrictions on who can come in, do
              what, for how long and how much.
              \_ what a shitty little troll you are.
                 \_ I'm glad you took the time to respond to something that
                    professional economists and others have pointed out for
                    years with an empty personal attack.  My points stand and
                    you're wasting bits until you say something worth posting.
                    \_ Businesses have cried that there aren't enough H1b
                       visas issued!  It's all about the free market; local
                       labor prices themselves right out of it.  Why pay more
                       when you can get an H1b guy who won't complain or
                       join unions?  Are you saying that companies that are
                       using H1b's are intentionally driving this economy
                       \_ The H1b program was not created to push labor prices
                          down.  It was very specifically created to allow
                          companies to hire foreigners when there wasn't a
                          qualified American available.  It had nothing to do
                          with the free market or labor rates.  Any other use
                          is an abuse of the program.
                          \_ that's how they described it but it's pretty clear
                             that in practice it's just a cheap labor device.
                             "qualified" and "available" in that criteria are
                             just too hard to enforce.
                             \_ No, there are very clear regulations that state
                                how much effort a company must go through to
                                try to not only hire an American but *replace*
                                H1b workers with an American.  The only problem
                                here is abuse of the program which the feds
                                allow by ignoring it.  The difference here is
                                that I'm talking about the law and you're just
                                writing whatever you 'feel'.
                                \_ His feelings are as valid as a law that
                                   is ignored.
                                   \_ No because the law could and should be
                                      enforced.  His feelings should not.
                                \_ Abuse is not the "only problem". The law
                                   itself is the problem when it is too hard
                                   to enforce/easy to abuse. God you're dumb.
                                   \_ It isn't too hard to enforce.  They
                                      choose not to.  Thanks for the babyish
                                      personal attack.  You look so smart now.
                       \_ Business would prefer to pay $1/hr to workers for
                          80 hour work weeks, are you in favor of that, too?
                          \_ Yes, and it would work like this:  There aren't
                             that many people willing to work in those
                             conditions, and there would be a labor shortage.
                             To attract more workers, businesses would raise
                             wages and/or give other benefits, until a balance
                             was reached.  Free market all the way.
                             \_ Let's see, there are 800 M Chinese willing to
                                work for $1/hr and 100M Americans who are not.
                                How low do you think wages would go under your
                                \_ who the hell are you to cry about your
                                   artificially high wages??  If businesses
                                   *want* to lose money they can overpay
                                   for american workers.  Get some more
                                   marketable skills; not all workers add
                                   the same value to a company.
                                   \_ There are so skill so marketable that
                                      your job can't be outsourced for less to
                                      a third world country.  What set of
                                      skills should we all go get that can't
                                      be sent overseas?
2003/7/11 [Uncategorized] UID:29004 Activity:nil
7/10    Motd poll--Favorite element
        Aluminum:  .
        Berkelium: .
        Gold: .
        The Fifth Element: .
        The chick from the Fifth Element: .
2003/7/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29005 Activity:moderate
7/10    Fuck you, motd censor.  You will be caught.
        \_ So silly.  Just write the scripts and catch them and get it over
           with.  I've been telling you this for months.  15 minutes of
           scripting and cron and you'll know all.
           \_ Cron is _not_ the way to go.
              \_ It's one way.  There are others.  It's the way I chose.
           \_ Why should each interested person have to reinvent the wheel?
              Why not post your code?
              \_ Because I'm not a believer in the GPL.  I did the work, I get
                 the benefits.  I choose not to share.  Anyway it's only going
                 to lead to a nasty witch hunt and we've had enough of those
                 over the years.
        \_ it's jwang.  He runs a motd diff script every 60 seconds and wipes
           anything he doesn't like.  The only way he'll stop is if he gets
           a job or a girlfriend.  Right now he has neither and has all the
           time in the world to do this.
              \_ rory, you run a non-world readable script. i don't.
                 excuse me while i get back to work. --jwang
           \_ that jwang guy sure works a lot for being unemployed
           \_ ok, so now youre post has been up for more than 60 seconds, so
              either you're wrong or the individual in question actually
              likes this thread.  i think there are lots of censors, and
              that they all suck.
           \_ Where can I contribute to the 'get jwang laid' fund?
           \_ A lot of people run motdwatch.  So what?  You've proved nothing.
              You need to correlate motd changes with non-idle times, not
              simply toss names around because you can type 'ps'.  That doesn't
              cut it, son.  -!jwang
              \_ you need better trolling fu.  I don't even have to log in
                 to post to the motd.
                 \_ do you run motdedit?
                    \_ no one uses motdedit.
                 \_ it's not a troll.  i wish you clowns would stop over
                    applying the term to everything.  just because someone
                    doesn't agree with you does *not* make them a troll.  i'm
                    glad you're really smart and can edit the motd without
                    logging in.  that doesn't make you a troll anymore than
                    I am for defending jwang.
        \_ censor?  To me it seems like the trolls are being removed at
           the end of the day.  This wouldn't be limited to just one
           individual, but anyone who feels like they're increasing content
2003/7/11-12 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29006 Activity:moderate
7/11    Anyone know how to block SPAM easily on soda? I use pine 100% of the time
        and my account is getting TONS of spam. Thanks (noah)
        \_ forward your mail with procmail through spamassassin.
           try "locate .procmail | xargs grep spamassassin" to see
           how other people do it
           \_ But be careful.  I got too many false positives and stopped using
              spamassassin because of it.
              \_ If a message gets falsely flagged as a false positive at the
                 score of 5, it deserves to be so. There's gotta something
                 -really- wrong with it.
              \_ I set mine to 2.  5 was too high.  Crap was still getting
                 through.  Since my friends don't sell viagra, it works 100%.
        \_ man spam
        \_ ifile!
2003/7/11-12 [Computer/HW/Scanner] UID:29007 Activity:nil
7/11    How well do business card scanners work?
        Will they actually take the info and put it in a nice CSV file for me?
2003/7/11 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:29008 Activity:moderate
7/10    Che,
        As of midnight, The Guevara family residence at: 333 Soda Hall
        #1776, Berkeley, Ca 94705 is Pre-Qualified for a 5.13% 30 YR Fixed.
        I have prepared these monthly payment examples for your Berkeley
        Click Here Now For a 1 Minute Quick Quote.
        Thank You,
        Belita Fidella
        American Refinance Group
        \_ Kind of her to pre-qual you Che.  Too bad you're both dead and an
        \_ just take the loan and run
2003/7/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29009 Activity:nil
        \_ this is lame.
        \_ No, it's very funny.  Is that you BDG?  -BDG #1 fan
2003/7/11 [Recreation/Media] UID:29010 Activity:nil 75%like:29014
7/11    Have you ever seen a movie where all of your friends liked it but
        you just don't get it or don't like it? I'll start:
        Spirited Away
2003/7/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:29011 Activity:moderate
7/11    What are some interesting commands? I'll start:
        more -> less
        man  -> woman
        \_ rm -f /etc/motd.public
        \_ make, cc
2003/7/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:29012 Activity:high
7/11    What hypothetical scenarios has to happen in order for Bush to lose
        re-election in 2004?  I'll offers a couple:
        a) american soldiers getting killed by an angry iraqi mob and his
           body dragged through the streets.  All on live TV.  Just like what
           happened in Somalia.
        b) stock market goes back into the pre-war lows.  Dow has to go below
           7000.  And another big coporation collapsing like Enron.
        c) real photos of bush sniffing cocaine.
        \_ a) wont matter, been there done that, b) that'd do it, c) even if
           they were real most would think they were fake anyway, the public
           has seen way too many photoshop jobs by now.
        \_ Democrats get a clue and remove head from ass. Only the dumbass
           Dems would've let him win in the first place when he was the
           less popular candidate.
           \_ The opinions of dead people in Chicago don't count.
              \_ Nor do the opinions of black people in florida.
                 \_ nonsense.  completely made up.  however if you're on the
                    florida panhandle the press is likely to announce the
                    polls are closed and your state's voting is done an hour
                    early.  or maybe someone will enforce the local deadlines
                    and standards for military votes in violation of previous
                    federal law and agreement.  sorry, your feelings dont jive
                    with the facts on this one.  although if you're black and
                    in pennsylvania we count your vote many times in some
                    precincts where the total vote count for Gore was over
                    100%.  The New Math?
        d) Tenet took the blame for the uranium thing right?  Credible CIA /
           Bush administration underlings come out as whistleblowers.
           \_ This will be difficult for the dems to use since tenet is a dem
              who was initially appointed by clinton and kept by bush.
              Nothing like having an important member of the opposition on
              your side.  And don't forget, clinton already admitted he
              believed the same things bush did.
        e) Economy continues to slide, with unemployment going up until
           election day.
        f) A fucking miracle. GWB is the new Teflon President.
        \_ domestically, GWB is a lib, what are all you democrat ninnies
           complaining about?  On foreign affairs, he is reshaping the world
           and transforming our strategic objectives, we are in an era
           not seen since WWII.  You have worked yourselves into such a frenzy
           you completely miss this.
           \_ no, he is not a lib. in what way is this era like WWII?
              what a dumbass.
                \_ Please cite meaningful conservative policy he's
                   enacted - ooh a 30 $ billion a year tax cut out of
                   2++ trillion federal expenditures.  The US geopolitical
                   strategy has been redefined to fit the post
                   Cold War, this significant departure will shape the
                   world for 20-30 years. Clinton and GB I wasted
                   the peace dividend and their 12 years in office in
                   this respect.
                \_ I love how your idea of count point is to blurt out some
                   drivel and personal insult.  That may work in the dorms,
                   kiddo, but no one here with a brain larger than a pea is
                   reading that crap, nodding their head, and going "uh huh!
                   yeah! what he said!"  say something worth the bits or
                   don't bother at all.  Debate is much more enjoyable when
                   the other side actually shows up.
                   \_ i don't bother anymore. i've read the motd long
                      enough to know when it's useless to argue with the
                      people who express opinions like the above...
                      "democrat ninnies"? oh yeah that's intelligent.
                      i simply point out some of the more ridiculous
                      stupidity. the whole iraq thing was such a joke.
                      the tax cut was worse than a joke. bush's nepotism,
                      policies do not win elections in this country.
                      his stupidity in speeches, his tactless diplomacy...
                      like the poster below it makes me embarrassed for
                      the country.
                \_ George W. Bush is an embarrassment to our country.
                   He may have brilliant people on his staff or whatever,
                   but he's just plain stupid.
                   \_ You and Ann Richards should hang out sometime.  He may
                      be an idiot as a student, and I think his foreign policy
                      sucks, but to the extent that his job is to win elections
                      he is *very* smart and good at his job.  Good or bad
                      policies do not win elections in this country.  He's
                      not an idiot at all at the things he cares about.
                      \_ in what way did that require smarts of him? he has
                         been surrounded by coddlers and coaches all the time.
                         the man can barely talk straight. his connections got
                         him where he is.
                         \_ when he was a freshman rushing DKE, he was the only
                            person among the frosh who could recite the name of
                            every single member of DKE having just met them
                            once.  The ability to instantly network with people
                            and make the right kinds of friends quickly does
                            not qualify one to lead the free world, but to
                            deny that bush has this skill is a mistake.
                            that mbeing said, I should point out that
                            the Yale DKE guys are
                            a bunch of fucking hooligan criminals(I used
                            to live next to their house).
2003/7/11-12 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29013 Activity:high
7/11    does spamc/spamd have a similar option to spamassassin -d ?
        \_ man spamd
           \_ -d, --remove-markup    Remove spam reports from a message
              I did man spamd and spamc and couldn't find anything...
              I looked at the source and couldn't find anything. lame...
2018/12/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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