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2003/7/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:28985 Activity:very high
7/9     Are the native method implementations of any java environments
        freely available for viewing?
        \_ maybe SWT's gtk bindings?
           \_ i'm thinking more of the core java api. -op
        \_ I recall when I downloaded and installed the JDK, it had
           an option to include the source code. Which I did.
           \_ i don't think that includes the native methods, but thanks anyway.
           \_ i don't think that includes the native methods, but thanks
        \_ if no one erases this a 3rd time, why don't you try:
           \_ just what i was looking for. thanks!
2003/7/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28986 Activity:moderate
7/9     How do I find out the CPU speed of a UNIX SUN sparcstation?
        \_ /usr/platform/<something>/sbin/prtdiag
           \_ psrinfo -v is the correct method (prtdiag isn't
              supported on all platforms and doesn't report
              the cpu speed properly on some sun4u boxes)
        \_ dmesg.  It's the first thing you see at POST.  -John
           \_ on some systems dmesg reads from a log file
              that gets log rotated, so the post info gets
2003/7/10 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28987 Activity:high
7/9     Today's quote:
        "We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the
         night to visit violence on those who would harm us". George Orwell
        \_ Yes, and the same could be said if you were a Nazi under Hitler.
           \_ It could?  No, not really.  BTW, you lose.  You're not only the
              first to mention Hitler or the Nazis but went straight to it.
              \_ Yes, it applies.  No, you lose.  Try again.
        \_ In our age there is no such thing as "keeping out of politics."
           All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of
           lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia.  -George Orwell
        \_ Who is harming who?  It's only now that we are admiting our leader
           lied to get popular support for the war, we essentially destroyed
           all the infrastructures.  We are "rebuilding" Iraq financed by
           bonds backed up by next 10 years of oil produced by Iraq, which
           only US Firm and its allies are benefiting.  Frankly, this is
           imperialism at work, almost as blatent as Britian's Opium War
           150 years ago.  And you are saying that they are harming us?
                \_ Stupid or naive - you decide:
                \_ they're screwing us anyway with terrorism, we'll screw
                   them with imperialism
                   \_ you really think that they were the one who fired
                      the first shot?
2003/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:28988 Activity:nil
7/9     I'm trying to manually set the DPI for XFree86 using kdm.  I know I can
        do startx -- -dpi XX but I don't know how that applies to kdm.  Where can
        I set this?
2003/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:28989 Activity:nil
7/9     Ben Johnson outsprinted by gypsy kids:
2003/7/10-11 [Reference/Languages] UID:28990 Activity:high
7/9     Hey you russian lurkers, I'm curious about the cyrillic language.
        Back in the soviet days, the USSR imposed cyrillic on everybody.
        I'm wondering how many of the former soviet states have their own
        language.  Written and spoken of course.  Does Ukraine have their
        own language?  I know Serbia uses cyrillic also.  Any other country?
        And since the breakup, are people going back to their native language?
        \_ Racist!
           \_ This is such a controversial thread. I don't understand how the
              anonymous self-appointed nazy motd censors haven't deleted it yet.
              \_ That's "Nazi", dimwit.  Don't you kids learn *anything* about
                 the most basic parts of 20th century history anymore?  I
                 *know* you're not getting any civics lessons.
        \_ cyrillic is not a language.  it's a script.  most former soviet
           states have their own languages.  some use cyrillic or a variant
           thereof (like ukraine) and some do not.
           \_ at best, it's an alphabet.  We use a modern day Latin alphabet.
              We don't speak Latin.
              \_ I speak Latin.  Ok well no but I knew a girl who was a
                 Latin major.
        \_ Every soviet republic has its own language.  Most soviet schools
           mandated you learn: (1) russian, (2) your republic's language,
           (3) some 'foreign' language, usually English, but sometimes
           German, French, or some other.  Yay soviet education.  Not all
           languages are based on Cyrillic, usually only Slav ones.  Some
           are even based on Latin script.  As for your last question, I
           don't know about other republics, but Ukraine is definitely going
           nationalistic, and using Ukrainian as the official language for
           everything.  -- ilyas
                \_ Ah the Roman effect. When the empire collapsed everyone
                   ditched Roman and went nationalistic.
                   \_ And why not?  Why keep the language and culture of the
2003/7/10-11 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:28991 Activity:kinda low
7/9     what does " 16x16 compatability" mean in regards to memory. My
        laptop uses 256MB DDR SO DIMM (266 MHZ) and i want to buy another
        but i don't see any mention of 16x16 vs 16x8 or anything like that
        in my specs or the specs of my memory.  (only when i go to buy..)
        \_ It's the density of the chips on the memory board.  It isn't
           important as long as you match the rest of the specs.
           \_ like cl2.5 vis cl2 ?
              \_ Only to a degree.  I really meant like the correct type of
                 memory in the physical and electrical sense.  After that
                 it's all mostly the same.
2003/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:28992 Activity:nil
7/9     So, what are the cheapest "trusted" SSL certs out there?
        \_ Get a standard Windows install, open MMC, look in the certificates
           snap-in for trusted root certificates, go through those.  Or failing
           that, in the 'security' settings of any browser under whatever
           incarnation of a 'certificate authorities' listing you have.
           (Thawte no longer exists.)  What do you need a trusted root CA
           chain for?  You can very often get away with issuing your own.
        \_, price starting at $50
 , price starting at $150
           Never used either of them, so YMMV.
2003/7/10 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:28993 Activity:high
        In the second paragraph: "Another toyed with changing the address
        to 112 Livingston Street." What's that a reference to?
        \_ it looks like 110 Livingston Street was an address synonymous
           with government hell, so the idea would be rename it to 112
           Livingston street so it wouldn't have the old name hanging over it.
           \_ That reminds me of how they voted recently to rename
              'South Central' to 'South LA', as if a new name makes it any
              less of a hellhole.  -- ilyas
              \_ Racist!
                 \_ Capitalist roader!
              \_ there is difference between actually being hell and
                 merely being associated with hell.  --demon by association.
              \_ Image is everything in media and business. No one wants to
                 live/work/shop in South Central or East Palo Alto, but South
                 LA and Ravenswood are different. Can't blame them for trying.
                 \_ You can blame them for trying to paper over their mess
                    instead of *doing* something about it.  I hate quitters
                    like you.  Better to be a hater than a quitter anyday.
                 \_ have you seen EPA recently?  It has cleaned up a lot.
                    However it still has the name against it.  Jsut like
                    they are trying to call Hell's Kitchen Clinton these days.
                    Changing things for the better doesn't help much if
                    everyone still associates the old name with badness.
2003/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28994 Activity:nil
7/9     Perl question:
        I'm trying to lowercase my HTML tags. that would work if I could get
        perl to execute my lc... the e flag doesn't work because I don't want
        to evaluate the "<>" in the second half of my regex.
        However, it does work when I do something stupid like:
        \_ I believe s/<(\/?[A-Z]+)>/<\L$1\E>/g would work.  -niloc
           \_ Thanks, I adjusted it to: s#<(.*)?>#<\L$1\E>#g
              to work for things like <A HREF="yomama">
2003/7/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:28995 Activity:nil
7/10    What happened to /csua/bin/thumbnail_index?  Any replacement?  Thx.
        \_ try out /csua/bin/genethumb instead - danh
2003/7/10-11 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:28996 Activity:very high
7/9     I just read an NYT story about playing poker on the web. anyone know
        of a "reputable" casino for low-rollers? yahoo games aint cuttin it.
        \_ Yeah I run a game.  You start by transfering $500 into my paypal
           account and I'll get back to you.
        \_ Just go to one of the card rooms. There are many in the Bay Area.
           I think you are nuts to trust an on-line casino based in someplace
           like Trinidad-Tobago, but if you really want to throw your money
           away goferit. Perhaps you should open an account with E*Trade
           and daytrade penny stocks. -ausman
           \_ Can you imagine being a software engineer for such a casino:
              "Eh, can you create a 'difficulty' setting ... if I increase
               the difficulty, the players have a harder time earning money..."
               \_ what the fuck are you talking about
                  \_ Bot casino. Very thin ice and begging for a lawsuit.
                     \_ Try suing.  You'll get further spending your money
                        hiring a mercenary hit squad.  They aren't in this
                        country you wanker.
           \_ did you read the NYT article? i guess a lot of "pros" have
              switched to playing online... this year's Poker World
              Champion had never played in the poker-circuit and came in
              and won $2.5M. they made an analogy to a Japanese "rookie"
              who came from Japan after playing there for several years.
           the time charges will eat into our bankroll.
              \_ Actually a bad analogy. There is a luck element to the game.
                 You can't fight good cards. There are so many field players
                 at WSOP, it's much much harder for the pros to win it.
        \_,,, and
  are all fine. Very low limits if you want to
           play ($.25-$.50). The problem being that people are willing to
           lose $1 on a longshot, so you get a case of "no-fold-em" poker.
           Live action in the Bay Area, lowest limits are at the Oaks, but
           the time charges will eat into your bankroll.
           \_ No fold em is great. That is how you make money, by taking
              it from suckers. Maybe I will have to try this out.
              \_ It also means your variance increases and using "correct"
                 play may leave you frustrated.
2003/7/10-11 [Consumer/Camera] UID:28997 Activity:high
7/10    Hello,
        Beau Bonneau Casting is doing some reshoots for The Matrix 3.  We
        are currently looking for one photo double. We are looking for a
        Caucasian woman in her 20's - 30's very physically fit with dark
        hair that has a boys (buzz cut) hairdo. If you know of anyone that
        fits this type please have them call 415.777.1114 a.s.a.p. Only
        those fitting the type should call. We are only looking for a photo
        double. Please do not reply to this email.  Thanks.
        \_ trinities need not apply.
        \_ what if i'm an early 30s slightly brownish white guy with dark
           hair i'm willing to cut and im not too fat?  thats pretty close
           right?  do i get the glasses, black outfit and non-makeup makeup?
           \_ Score!  They called me in and loved me!  Next time you wankers
              are getting off to CAM's photo it might be me if "she" has
              the dark glasses on.
        \_ what are photo doubles for?
           \_ Mostly for the posters and other 'sexy' shots that go out to
              the public.  She doesn't have time for that.  I'm going to be
              unfamous!  --white guy in trinity outfit and glasses
2003/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:28998 Activity:moderate
7/10    What is a good way to check to see if a host is alive when ICMP is
        blocked? Attempting an ssh connection to it stinks if the host is down,
        since the client takes a long time to give up. Other ideas? --dim
        \_ Interesting, you'd need to know a service that is always up
           when the host is up. If ssh is running, you could try
           telnet host 22
                                                             \- not true
                                                                with udp --psb
           when the host is up. then netcat that port.
           'netcat hostname 22'
           \- you cannot tell the difference between a host that is
              blackholing you and one that is down ... i.e. you arent
              getting any FIN/RST/ACK etc. i suppose you can hit random
              udp ports and look for icmp port unreachables ... basically
              you either need to know/guess something about the machine
              to pick the "single" highest probability technique or
              you need to OR together a bunch of tests, some of which
              are expensive. i am assuming you are a few hops away
              and you want an active rather than passive technique. --psb
        \_ Port scan 'em.
        \_ Call the sysadmin or send email and ask.  If you're the admin,
           then look at the screen.
2003/7/10-12 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA] UID:28999 Activity:high
7/10    Can anyone recommend a good GMAT study guide?  I'm thinking about
        taking it but don't have the first idea of where to start.  -John
        \_ You want an MBA?  Don't bother.  The market is flooded.
           \_ All the more reason to get one, no? Otherwise you will be
              left behind.
              \_ No, quite the opposite in this case.  The point of an MBA
                 used to be that there were very few and getting one was
                 difficult and expensive and only the elite got them so it
                 had intrinsic value.  Now that any prole can get one it
                 loses all value.  It is not the same as a HS diploma or BA/BS
                 or whatever standard minimal degree is required today.  Unless
                 you're already enrolled/halfway through or already have one
                 there's no point in thinking about it.  You're too late to
                 that game.
                 \_ Duly noted, but there are other reasons for going to
                    business school than what everyone else is doing.  So,
                    can anyone recommend a good GMAT study guide?  -John
                    \_ Other reasons?  Like you don't get anything from your
                       trust fund without another degree?  What reasons?
        \_ The kaplan book + CD was incredibly helpful for the GRE, and
                \_ Have fun being a minimum wage reject, Naderite.
           boosted my scores by *alot*.  If I were to study for any other
           standardized test, that's the first place I'd look now.
                \_ Many thanks  -John
        \_ Have fun selling your soul, John.
           \_ Nah, those days are over.  I know a few MBAs and looked into it
              myself.  There's no money in a freshly minted MBA anymore.  If
              you had 10+ years of real world *business* experience and then
              got an MBA then it'd be worth something maybe.  John isn't
              selling his soul, he's wasting his time and money.  I was going
              to do it about a year ago and it was a bad idea then.
                \_ God how fucking THICK ARE YOU?  I'm not selling my soul,
                   I'm not doing it to earn more fucking money, I'm thinking
                   about going to bus school to LEARN shit.  I've spent the
                   last three years helping to put together a consulting
                   business, a large part of which consists of knowing how
                   to talk to our clients' senior management staff, and
                   anticipating what they think their needs are.  Like it or
                   not, these people talk MBA, they do not talk "unemployed
                   slacker living in mom's garage", like you obviously would
                   like more people to.  And sign your posts, you cretinous
                   ignorant poltroon.  You are pathetic.  -John
                   \_ Touchy.  Ok, you're so smart so lemme learn ya sometin!
                      You don't learn shit getting an MBA.  The purpose is to
                      meet people, make connections, etc.  Sounds you're
                      doing just fine there thus you don't need an MBA.  I
                      wish you well despite your ignorance and anger
                      management issues.  At no time did I state or imply I
                      wish others to do poorly so it isn't all that obvious,
                      is it?  I wish people would find the right thing to do
                      for themselves and do it, not mindlessly sign up for
                      now worthless MBA programs.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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