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2003/7/7-8 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:28941 Activity:nil
7/07    CVS gurus, what's the deal here:  cvs update on one of my boxes
        is not getting "added" files.  It still get updates from files that
        are commited and changed, just not newly added (and commited) files.
        But it gets worse:  another box, running the same version of CVS DOES
        get the newly added files.  ARG!  What could possibly be causing this?
        \_ Did you check out an older branch of the code at some point?  If
           so, CVS will try to stay on the old branch and not get new updates.
           To get back to the newest branch you have to clear the sticky
           tag or something.  I think cvs update -A does that.  -emin
        \_ Also, if there are new directories that are not appearing,
           use "update -d" to get those.  --scotsman
2003/7/7-8 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:28942 Activity:very high
7/6     Does soda do any sort of smtp auth?  It seems almost everyone auths
        smtp by ip address which is really annoying if I have a computer that
        switches networks all the time.  I just want to be able to send out
        mail damnit!
        \_ I don't know about smtp auth on soda. Why not login via SSH
           and run one of soda's mail clients? (pine, mutt, etc)
           \_ because I've recently realzied that non ascii text mail clients
              are actually a neet thing.  Ascii text is useful, but when you
              have the ability to do more, well, it is cool.  I'm slowly
              realizing that there is no reason mail needs to be stuck in
              in the 80s anymore.
              \_ Neet?  What is so neet that us ancient text only losers are
                 missing out on?  Which neet GUI are you using?  I know of
                 a neet thing text mailers do!  They work on soda.  Neet!
              \_ text-based programs seem to always work, they don't get
                 viruses, spammers don't know you've open their mail,
                 and you can get your mail from anywhere, on any computer
                 and you never have to say, "oh, I left that email on my
                 other computer." maybe you'll rediscover that email is
                 a text-based medium that lends its self well to text.
                 You're not limited to ASCII, UTF-8 is pretty darn rad.
                 \_ 1) Just because outlook is a piece of crap doesn't
                       mean all graphical mail clients are.
                       And for the spammers putting images, my client
                       let's me say "for anyone but the poeple in my
                       address book don't dl anything when reading mail
                       unless I tell you to later".
                    2) Email doesn't have to be a text only medium now.
                       Having the ability to inline an image in text is
                       great.  Inlining links makes life a lot nicer.
                       Hell there is a reason we use html not gopher.
                    3) And hey, just being able to bold, or use italics,
                       or even change fonts, is really nice.
                       \_ Great, as long as your client also sends plain
                          text as well. Since not everybody likes reading HTML.
                          \_ this I do agree with.  the client should send
                             mail as plain text unless I say otherwise.
                             My client does this.  As I said, outlook is ass
                             but that doesn't mean that all html mailers
                             are ass.
                                \_ Your mail client should send plain text
                                   as well, whenever you send HTML email.
                                   Some people have old clients that cannot
                                   display HTML. I am not one of these
                                   people, but sending them HTML is a
                                   really bad idea. ever heard of
                          \_ mutt displays HTML perfectly reasonably.
                    4) IMAP lets me keep my mail on a server, so if I need
                       to I CAN read my mail anywhere, but if I'm at my
                       computer I get the other benefits.
                       \_ Plenty of text clients speak IMAP just fine.
                        \_ I didn't mean to say they didn't.  I just ment that
                           with IMAP I still have the advantage of being
                           able to keep my email on the server and reading
                           it jsut by sshing in and viewing it as text.
                    Really, it sounds like you fear change for fearing change's
                    sake.  If all I used my mail for was bug tracking and
                    customer service I'd agree, I wouldn't want all that
                    extra crap, but as a way to communicate with friends,
                    the ability to do more with email is quite a boon.
                    \_ Uh, not quite. I used GUI email and switched back
                       because I prefer it. text is simpler and more efficient.
                    \_ I'm so glad you're taking advantage of the New Media
                       Email!  Without people like you who would we send our
                       bloated 20 meg mails to?  And thank god we can now
                       cHaNGe fONtS and have colors!  You RoCK!  Do you run
                       your unnamed GUI on LINUX?  LINUX RoCKs!
                       \_ nope.  A mac.  And I don't send 20 meg emails, maybe
                 \_ lets you get your email from anywhere
                    so long as your ISP gives you IMAP or POP access.
                    It's a great service.
                    \_ he said send, not read
        \_ since you're using ssh to get to soda in the first place
           open up a tunnel and forward your smtp port to soda's smtp
           port.  set your mailer to hit localhost
           \_ cool idea.  I'll see if it works.  Too bad that means I need
              to run ssh as root then.
              \_ what for?
                \_ smtp is on a port < 1024
                   \_ If you're running this from *nix, it's trivial to change
                      just about any client to use a different (read >1024)
                      port for sending smtp.  If you're running from windows,
                      you're probably running as "root" already.
                        \_ osx, dunno if I can.
                           \_ osx has ssh. what mail client are you using?
                              By the way, this is exactly why I use the
                              mail client on the soda. less hassle.
        \_ Or you could send outgoing mail through the SMTP server of your ISP.
           \_ What for?
                \_ nevermind, it wouldn't work if the op is switching networks.
2003/7/7 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:28943 Activity:low
7/6     Is there any way to get scp to not overwrite a file that exists on
        the remote host?
        \_ Use rsync instead.  You can use rsync through ssh for the
           encryption and auth.
        \_ Unison is a nice tool for syncing things between two machines.
2003/7/7 [Uncategorized] UID:28944 Activity:nil
7/7     Perhaps body piercings should come with warning labels:
2003/7/7 [Uncategorized] UID:28945 Activity:nil
7/7     <DEAD><DEAD> - they counterIT FUD marketing.
        Too bad they're going out of business.
        \_ Too bad you can't spell.  maybe:
2003/7/7 [Finance/CC] UID:28946 Activity:very high
7/7     re: lonely geek thread a couple of weeks back.  If people think that
        money doesn't matter in a relationship, you're in fantasy land.  A
        friend recently broke up with a guy because she discovered that he had
        several thousands in credit card debt.  He's a native and she's not.
        It's not like he's unemployed.  He makes a decent living, but just
        can't save any money.  That's completely unacceptable to her (to me as
        well).  I think most people agree that "marrying for money" is bad.
        But I'd rank compatible financial goals as #2 on marriage
        criteria.  -happily married guy
        \_ You are out of your forking mind. "Several thousands in credit
           card debt" is a refrigerator or television these days. Forget
           about a car, huh? Lots of debt isn't good, but "several
           thousands"? Your friend is in for some trouble. I'm glad for
           the guy, though.
           \_ My TV cost 300 dollars.  My car wasn't financed at 18.6%
              intrest.  I haven't bought a fridge so I can't comment there.
              \_ If you're paying 18.6% interest on anything then you've
                 got issues. My CC is 3.9% right now. Sorry you have such
                 a shitty TV.
                 \_ I bet your 3.9 CC has a gotcha you don't think about.
                    Oh and I spent that money I saved on a tv on things
                    that matter.  I'm sorry you think a tv is that important.
                 \_ how did you get 3.9%?  Is it a temporary rate?
                    \_ No. 3.9% fixed. I was offered it so I took it.
              \_ I bought a refrigerator recently: $750.
                 \_ Sorry you have such a shitty refrigerator.
        \_ Ever thought that she left him because of his lack of financial
           savviness (i.e., cannot save any money) rather than the simple
           fact that he is currently in debt?  Being temporarily in debt
           is OK but he should have a solid plan to get out of it.  Most
           girls would have been OK with that.
        \_ I don't think anyone said that money doesn't matter. I know
           that I said that no one, or almost no one, marries for money
           only. I said, and still believe, that money is only part
           of the package. If you don't think that tall, handsome,
           smart, well-spoken, poor men can't find love, I'd like
           to know what planet you are from.
           \_ You say that. Jay-Z sez "Money Cash Hos". He has more of all
              three than you so he wins as far as I'm concerned.
        \_ isn't mortgage a loan? And if I have a big house, I have a big
           debt hence no gals would like me? Your logic fails.
           \_ There's good debt and bad debt. CC = bad, house = OK. Compare
              how much a house appreciates in value over time compared to
              your car, refrigerator, tv, etc.
              \_ Yeah. Look at margin accounts. Good debt. Appreciates
                 over time... uh oh.
2003/7/7-8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28947 Activity:moderate
7/7     Is there a program that mount a tar or tgz file as if it is a disk?
        I searched the web but only found something that does not quite work.
        \_ Things like WinRAR on windows can open them in a gui and let you
           more easily manipulate the files but I've never seen something
           that lets you truly mount a tar file like you're talking about.
           What are you really trying to do?
        \_ If you open a tar file in emacs it shows you the files in the
           tar archive as if you were using dired.  If you hit return on
           one of the files it shows you that file. -emin
2003/7/7-8 [Consumer/Camera] UID:28948 Activity:nil
7/7     Anyone has a digital SLR camera like the Nikon D-100 or the Canon EOS
        10D?  Do they have mechanical shutter curtains in front of the CCD just
        like their film counterparts do in front of the film?  Thanks.
        \_EOS D10 Does
2003/7/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:28949 Activity:low
7/7 - holy crap they're making an extreme elvis doc!
        \_ hi paolo! - danh
        \_ EE appears in this month's Hustler.  No I have not seen it. - danh
           \_ Why not? -ausman
2003/7/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28950 Activity:nil
7/7     I want to use perl for some inplace substitution a la
        perl -p -i.bak -e 's/pattern/replacement/g' but I want to know if
        my pattern will be matched correctly.  I've tried
        perl -pe 'print if /pattern/' * but that just prints all the lines.
        What's the right way to do this?
        \_ -p implicitly prints the line. Try -n instead.
           \_ thanks, is there a perl manual section that describes CLI opts?
              \_ from "man perl"
                 perlrun             Perl execution and options
                 so... "man perlrun"
                 \_ argggg.... thanks.
2003/7/7-8 [Reference/Languages] UID:28951 Activity:low
7/7     Are there any Latin-American countries besides Brazil whose official
        language is Portuguese?  I vaguely remember there were some but I can't
        recall now.  Thanks.
        \_ STFW.
        \_ No.  Google for 'Treaty of Tordesdillas'.  Angola and Mozambique,
           as well as Macao, all use Portuguese.  -John
           \_ Of course!  The Treaty of Tordesdillas!  I think BH talked about
              that once over vodkas and pot stickers in between force fed
              sessions on the perfectness of OO.
2003/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:28952 Activity:high
7/7     Justice Breyer: U. S. Constitution should be subordinated
        to international will.  A justice goes on television
        to argue his case.
        \_ Scalia's a homophobe!  (News bulletin!!1!)
           \_ At least he defined the homosexual agenda.
2003/7/7-8 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:28953 Activity:high
7/7     Another printer question. I bought a HP LaserJet 6L about 4 years
        ago and for the past year when it pulls in a new sheet of paper,
        it actually pulls in a bunch (1-5 additional sheets). I don't want
        to send it to HP (which is what they want me to do). Are there
        places around the bay area that can repair this sort of problem?
        \_ HP was class actioned for this awhile ago; I've heard that for some
           models they'll send you new rollers for free.  There's also
  which charge ~$30 for the rollers and
           a fairly helpful .avi on a CD that shows you how to do the
           replacement.  I ponied up to fix my 5L and I'm pretty happy.
           \_ that's $30 too much. you can get it for free from HP's website.
              \_ the video too?
                \_ where for free? I haven't found anything free
                   on their website.
             > home/small office > support > laserjet 6L
                      > troubleshoot > FAQ > multiple sheets feed through
2003/7/7-8 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:28954 Activity:kinda low
7/7     My Epson Stylus Color 600 is getting a bit old and feeling a bit slow.
        I'd like to replace it with a cheap (<$200) color ink jet.  I'm not
        printing photos, but I occasionally use color.  Reccomendations?
        \_ Office Depot has decent printeres (canon, epson) for <$100.
           \_ Yes, but how robust are they?  How much does the ink cost?  What
              PPM count? I've been using the Epson for 5 years now, and I'd like
              something reliable and fast.
        \_ Go to Best Buy.  There's a cute HP combo scanner/printer that's
           very space efficient -- chicks dig it.  HP PSC 1210.
           \_ I'm actually looking to replace my scanner too, but I don't want
              one of these combo products.  The scanner is typically limited to
              8.5x11 and there are now 2 components that can break.
              \_ It has copier functionality too.  I highly recommend you
                 at least see it; it's a lot smaller than a single-function
                 inkjet.  I wouldn't be using it to scan, either.
              \_ But the chicks dig it!
        \_ For $200, you can get a Brother 1440 laser printer which is on
           sale from Dell right now. Unless you need photo quality color
           printing, don't bother with the inkjets.
           \_ The HL-5040 is the next version and similarly priced.  Anyways,
              he said inkjet, which means he wants color.
           \_ What part of "color ink jet" and "I'm not printing photos" didn't
              you understand? -OP
        \_ I really like the Epson C80/C82 series.  It's bulkier and not as
           cute as the HP PSC 1210, but the C80/C82 prints fast at reasonable
           quality when compared to HP printers.  Loud paper loading though.
           Don't know much about Canon.
2003/7/7-8 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:28955 Activity:very high
7/7     Someone posted some decent headhunters a while back. I'm in NYC but
        want to relocate to Cali (preferably SoCal, NoCal ok too). Can someone
        repost that list? thanks.
        \_ There are no decent head hunters.  Just HHs that are slightly less
           scummy than others.  They'd all screw you and give you aids for
           a chance at half a penny.  They're in the business of buying and
           selling people.  Think about that.
           \_ Second that.  Crocodiles aren't evil, but they will kill and
              eat you--it's just in their nature.  I have _never_ met a
              head hunter who understood (or was really interested) in placing
              me in a job that matched my skillset or interests.  Best way
              to find something good is through contacts.  -John
           \_ They are as useful (or not) as a real estate agent.  Some are
              anyone with anything more than 6 months old. -mel
              very good.  Others are dumber than Davis.
              \_ And like real estate agents all of them will fuck you if you
                 give them half a chance.  You can resell your house.  Your
                 career only continues forward building on the past for better
                 or for worse.  Your career is at least as important and maybe
                 more so than your house.
                 \_ I had a decent real estate agent, one that did not
                    pressure me into over bidding and also helped me
                    by letting me know when a house I was interested
                    in came back on the market. Then again, this was
                    his first sale and he had been an agent for less
                    than a year, so maybe he hadn't learned yet.
                    \_ Clearly he was new and you probably lost out on many
                       ways to fuck the seller because of it.  If he isn't
                       helping you fuck the other party you paid for nothing.
              worked at sapient for the last 4 years. fwiw,
              he went: engineer -> lead eng -> project manager... -abe
                       He provided no services.  In what way was his fee worth
                       anything to you?
        \_ Sign your name.  There are a few hiring managers who read the motd,
           and the valley is starting to hire again in earnest. -hiring manager
           \_ whoah! does this mean things are finally turning around?
              -3000 miles from Valley
              \_ no they aren't.  sorry.  check the bay area job listings
                 online.  sucking.
           \_ /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs is a start if you can ignore all the
              old postings.  Come to think of it, I'll go send nag mail to
              anyone with anything more than 6 months old and post one of
              my own I need to hire  -mel
           \_ actually, i was posting for a friend of mine. he has five+
              years experience, worked at a few startups, and has
              worked at sapient for the last 4 years. he's looking for a
              product/project manager position. -abe
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