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2003/7/6 [Recreation/Music] UID:28935 Activity:high
7/5     I'm going to Davis Symphony Hall for the SF Symphony this month.
        Never been there before. How should i dress?
           6. What should I wear to a San Francisco Symphony concert?
              Contrary to what many people think, formal attire -- such
              as tuxedos and evening gowns -- is not required at
              Symphony concerts. In fact, most people only wear formal
              clothing to our Opening Gala. At our other concerts, most
              concertgoers wear business attire or slacks,
              skirts, sweaters, cocktail dresses, etc.
              \_ Coattails for the women, cocktail dresses and gowns for guys
        \_ If you have a tux, wear it.  If you just have a nice suit, wear it.
           You don't "have to" but it's nice for everyone if people are well
           dressed for an event like an opera or symphony.  Plus at something
           like that, you're never overdressed.  -John
           \_ very true.  which is why classical music and opera are for
              pretentious assholes.
           \_ Nekkid at the symphony!  Yaw!
2003/7/6 [Uncategorized] UID:28936 Activity:high
7/5     T3 >>>>> M2 (I'm boycotting Matrix by the way)
        \_ what you're saying is that you found T3 to be much better
           than you're guessing M2 was, right?  This is not useful information.
        \_ On political grounds I assume?
        \_ maybe he means mission impossible
            \_ That would be MI2.
2003/7/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28937 Activity:high
7/5     I want to delete my C: partition and expand my D: partition
        on a Windoze box using Partition Magic. I tried doing this once
        but I couldn't figure out how to turn D: into bootable (essentially
        turning it into the C: partition). Anyone
        have done this or have pointers on how to do this? In other words,
        I want to turn partition 1 into partition 0 after deleting partition
        \_ I haven't played with PM for 3 years so this isn't everything you
           need to know but for starters, you'll need to tag partition 1 as
           'active'.  You'll also need the boot up files at the start of the
           disk.  Which files varies with each version of Microsoft Windows.
           If you had said which version instead of being a kewl Slashdotting
           MS basher, I could've given you more details.  Less religion = more
           information.  --MS Lovin' *NIX Guru
        \_ Why? It sounds like you are halfway into a disaster. What problem
           are you _really_ trying to solve? if windoze annoys you switch to a
           better, free OS.
           \_ Better?  There aren't any 'better' free OS's.  If there were,
              MS would be gone already.  There *are* no cost up front OS's
              that are harder to use, install, and configure.
                 \_ more secure and stable as well
                    \_ More secure and stable?  Both are chock full of holes
                       right out of the box.  My linux boxes crash way more
                       often than my windows boxes.  Gotta love seeing the
                       kernel dump trying to handle a simple nfs request.  Oh
                       yeah, it must be that I suck and LINUX RULES!
                 \_ MS is still here not due to their software quality.
                    They are here because of unlawful monopolistic business
                    practices.  For me, Linux is more efficient and more
                    fun.  Wait 10 years, Microsoft will not be a monopoly
                    any more.  Similar to IBM, there were cheaper
                    alternatives to their products. Using a free OS is like
                    going to college: spend time now learning to do usefull
                    things, and use what you've learned for years.
                    \_ If they weren't better in the first place they could
                       not have established a monopoly.
        \_ Would you ask a rock to swim?
        \_ Why not delete D and expand the C partition and boot from it?
2003/7/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:28938 Activity:high
7/6     If you're a student in L&S, what are the chanses of being able
        to register for your last semester (say to complete a minor in CS) if
        you have already completed over 130 units (say, 136)?
        \_ What's wrong, Afraid of facing the awful job market? or
           getting thrown out of the country for not being able to otain
           a non-student visa?
           \_ If you're Afraid, does that mean you have The Fear?
              \_ Yes.  I Think So.
        \_ Here's the secret to survival at Cal: there are no rules.  You can
           break any and all rules no matter how deeply carved in stone with a
           good story and a signature from someone.  For a situation like
           yours, it used to be possible to simply ignore the credit limits
           and keep signing up for classes forever.  I'm not sure how the
           current computer system works.  It might automagically graduate
           you and not allow the next semester signup.  If the computer lets
           you do it, then you're golden.  If not, go to L&S and beg, plead,
           and sob how you love CS and never got a change to finish and didn't
           realise you couldn't just finish it up, etc, etc.  Unless you get
           some complete asshat they'll give you an extra 1 or 2 semesters
           without a big fuss.
           \_ I second that.  It's really true of any big institution, though.
              I think one of the best things you learn, or should learn, at
              cal is how to deal with this and have it work to your advantage.
        \_ You asked in the best place for this sort of advice. Got tons
           of slackers on soda. But yeah, agree with the above stuff but
           also read the L&S rules and regulations and work them to your
           favor. You can always deduct the AP and transfer units from your
           max. Besides, you can easily beg for ONE last semester if for good
           reason like your CS minor thing -- but they'll double-check
           you on it to make sure it really is true and will work.
           Also, if you ever had to repeat a class, make sure they didnt
           double-charge your 130unit limit because the class changed
           class-numbers, even though it was the same/overlapping class.
           I always tried begging only as a last resort, as in life, work
           the hard rules before working the soft.
           There are others tricks, but i gotta go for now.
           \_ [stupid out-of-order followup deleted]
              \_ fuck you
           \_ Thanks. I was a transfer student, and LOTS of classes I took
              before going to cal simply don't count. That's why I am having
              problems with the unit limits. I had earned 70 units before
              transferring to Cal, yet more than half of that probably doesn't
              count for anything at Cal. Of course, I should have known better
              what classes to take at the previous college in advance but
              transferring to Cal did not occur to me until something like the
              end of sophomore year. Would that make a good case to stay one
              semester longer? -OP
              \_ Pretty much anything that sounds reasonable will do.  That
                 sounds reasonable to me.  "Oh woe, I just didn't know!" is
                 usually enough for a simple request like an extra semester.
                 You should still find out how the computer thing works first
                 before going in and getting it in your record that someone
                 did you a favor.  You might need that favor for something
                 else later.  No reason to burn it if you don't have to.  And
                 to the person 2 up from here: slackers on soda?  Au contraire
                 mon frere!  They are merely engaging in advanced studies!
2003/7/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:28939 Activity:high
7/5     Besides method lookup of non-virtual methods, how is C++ considered
        slower than pure C?  The follow-up question: why hasn't C++ or
        another OO language moved into usage in kernels and drivers?
        \_ Larger standard library + linkers which link everything =
        \_ You probably mean "Besides method lookup of virtual methods".
           large code = poor cache performance.
        \_ OO == Obscene Overhead.  Lack of Language Maturity vs featurebloat
        \_ Non-virtual methods are as fast to dispatch as c functions. OO
           languages have been used in driver implementation: NeXT drivers
           could be written in Objective-C. Mac OS X uses a subset of C++,
           Embedded C++, for driver implementation.
           \_ So are there other areas of serious speed decreases besides
              method lookup?
              \_ I don't think virtual methods cause serious speed decreases
                 (the cost of looking up a method in the vtable is pretty
                 small). Templates and Exceptions have their potential gotchas.
        \_ Linux is writen in C so C must RULE!
        \_ Only in the last year or two have we had compilers that actually
           implement the full C++ standard (okay, only one does--Comeau C++ with
           the EDG front end).
           \_ Not really a valid point; plenty of software projects use /
              have used C++ in its present / previous incarnations.
              \_ True, but the standard was evolving pre-1997.  Hence people
                 tended to use C++ conservatively (which lost a lot of the
                 benefits of the languague).  Also, the comment below about C++
                 sucking is pretty much the same thing.
        \_ Wasn't BeOS kernel written in C++?
           \_ Where's BeOS now?
              \_ Isn't Windows all C++ now?
        \_ Because the major kernels in use are over a decade old, and
           C++ really sucked then.  Completely new kernels rarely happen.
           \_ There's only one kernel!  Or well, there's the odd numbered and
              even numbered and then there's the -AC branch and maybe you
              put the SMP and thread/locking patches in and oh no, now you've
              gone ahead and done it!
                \_ Serves you right for not using '1337 GN00 HURD!
                   \_ Actually, I did.  It was a bitch to scrape off the drive.
                        \_ That is the "viral nature" of GPL software. - BillG
        \_ From what I understand, it's easier to be a moron with C++, but
           the raw performance issue is negligible for an experienced
           development team.
2003/7/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28940 Activity:nil
7/06    My windows 98 laptop restarts when i tell it to shutdown.
        It keeps doing it.  Upgrading to a different OS is not something
        i want to do right now.  Any ideas on how i can fix it?
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