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2003/7/4-5 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:28921 Activity:nil
7/3     I need to convert powerpoint files to web-presentable form.  No, the
        built-in functionality doesn't work because my cms can't handle
        anything with FRAME in it.  Any other easy way (yes, i could output
        everything to PNG files and write whole bunch HTML myself) ?
        \_ ok, I installed 50+mb Open Dufus just for this purpose.  Stupid,
           but it works.
2003/7/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28922 Activity:nil
7/3     Motd restored, and no, the idiotic motd transliteration is not funny
        and never has been, so please stop doing it, asshole.
        \_ Thank you for saving us from evil, oh protector of the Sacred Motd!
2003/7/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:28923 Activity:nil
7/3     The BLOB:
        New Solaris System found:
2003/7/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:28924 Activity:high
7/3     MMC: T3 yeah or nay?
        \_ I bet it sucks.  Go see 28 Days Later instead. - danh
           \_ Great movie, IMHO.
           \_ Thanks for letting us know it sucked without even seeing it.
              Your power to see the future rocks!  You rock!
              \_ I rule.  Thank you.  - danh
              \_ you really need to work on reading comprehension
                 \_ No, you do.  I knew exactly what dan was saying and he
                    knows I did and responded appropriately.  You are the only
                    one here that doesn't know what's going on.  Figure it out
                    next time before opening your dumb trap.
                    \_ Letting your inner bitch out again eh?
                       \_ It always comes out when dumb people open their
                          dumb traps trying to look !dumb and fail.
           \_ or go rent The Omega Man.
              \_ don't rent it.  cable/sat shows it almost every week.
        \_ 70% on rottentomatoes. that's surprising for an summer action flick
        \_ Haven't seen it yet.  Probably this weekend as a matinee.  I'll let
        \_ I've seen it 2X - arnold's #1 fan (though it violates a major tenet
           of the terminator series - no fate but what you make it) - just to
        \_ Skynet == Bit Torrent serving the L1NUX K3RN3L!
           you know.  --MMC
        \_ Skynet == Bit Torrent serving the L1NUX K3RN3L!
        \_ I've seen it 2X - arnold's #1 fan (SPOILER DELETED)
           \_ Yeah but it's not like Terminator was a deeply philosophical
              movie anyway.  It was never more than about seeing Arny blow
              shit up.  Please don't try to turn T[123] into some wacky
              They're just movies.
           see all those dead humans
              religious thing like the drones are doing with the Matrix[1234].
              They're just movies.
              \_ 4?
                 \_ Yes, 4.  It's coming out this fall and won't be any more
                    'deep' than the first 3 pretended to be.
                    \_ are you counting animatrix as one?
                       \_ No, I was counting this last one as 2 because it was
                          so painful it lasted twice as long as it should have.
        \_ yeah. it's hilarious.
        \_ It had lots of great parts and good acting.  Overall change in
           philosophy from previous two movies was risky but came off well.
           Lots of humor -- some might say almost as gratuitous as the guns
           and destruction, but then so was the T&A and a great deal of it
           fit in with advancing the plot.  Tons of inside jokes, one or
           two of the Terminator signature lines/etc were gone, but worth
        \_ yeah. it's hilarious.
           noting.  Lots of tributes to previous Terminator movies.  It was
           a nice touch to make the John Connor character look a little
           like Reese in appearance.  My only crticism is that the writing
           felt like it was rushed (or cobbled together from many writers)
           as there were too many places where the movie did not flow well
           and the great parts didnt fit together well.  It's a big story
           to tell though, so it could have been much worse.  It definitely
           sets things up for a T4 that will be of a very different nature
           that could be very good.
           \_ I stopped reading at "T&A".  Thanks!  I'm going to go see the
              next show!
2003/7/4-5 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:28925 Activity:moderate
        Thank God we didn't waste more money than we did on that Star Wars
        insanity.  We know they wouldn't do anything until they had a few
        thousand nukes and could overwhelm any system anyway and besides
        they're more likely to run the shipping blockade and bring one right
        into harbor instead of firing one on missiles they've already launched
        in tests that overflew Japan.  No need to be nervous, we'll just
        use diplomacy and talk out our differences.  Everything will be fine.
        A capable defense just makes the world a more dangerous place.
        \_ This is just a guess, but I'm thinking you're the type to get
           angry if someone points out that this was more of a threat than
           \_ Of course NKorea is more of a threat than Iraq but that doesn't
              mean Iraq wasn't a threat and the world isn't better off with
              Saddam, etc dead, captured or in hiding.  The world isn't black
              and white.  Just because there's a worse thing going on doesn't
              mean you can't or shouldn't deal with a lesser worse thing.  I'm
              not only *not* angry but I more than agree with the statement
              that NKorea is more of a threat than Iraq was.  If we smashed
              every oppressive dictator who starves and murders his own people
              the world would be a better place.  It would be even better if
              the hypocrites in Europe helped out since a lot of these are
              their messes.
        \_ "Bring Them On!"
2003/7/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28926 Activity:moderate
7/4     Iraq policy critics now want U.S. in Liberia
        No Blood for Rubber
        \_ Nonono, this is a *good* war because GWB doesn't want to go there.
           Iraq was a *bad* war because he did.  That clear now?
        \_ This is another perfect example of why Democrats should
           not lead troops. Remember the last civil war the U.S.
           forced its way into?
           \_ Definitely.  The world thinks we're the greatest threat
              to peace, according to polls, yet they urge us to get
              into another war.  wtf?!?
              \_ Getting into a war is very different from starting one.  Isn't
                 \_ Maybe, but by this logic we would get into every
                    ongoing war and there are supposedly thousands going on
2003/7/4-6 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:28927 Activity:very high
7/4     I recently got a 12 inch notebook and am looking for a good case.
        Sadly all the cases I like are made for 15 inch laptops.  I want
        something small, light, and that has easy access to the computer.
        Something like the shaun jackson laptrap would be cool if it was
        made for a 12 incher.  Anyone have any good suggestions? -aspo
        \_ something for a sony laptop?
           I have one of these for my thinkpad. It is minimalist.
           It fits inside a bike-messenger back, or carry it on its own.
        \_ Thank you, anonomous motd editor.
           \_ You're welcome.  I'm drunk.  Happy 4th!
              \_ Perhaps one day we'll have laws against drunk computing?
                 Nah, chaos is fun =)
           I don't know if the "small" will work for you.
        \_ The following all make bags designed to fit 12" PBs and iBooks:
            My sister got a SportFolio for her 12" iBook from an Apple
            Store, so if you live near one, that's an option too. -ciyer
            \_ some of those willowdesign bags look really nice, but a bit
               pricey.  Anyone have one know someone with one?  -aspo
        \_ I have bought one of these for my 12inch iBook. This bag is very
           convienient to carry by itself or inside of a backpack or some
           other bag. Lots of Mac stores carry them:
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