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2003/7/3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28908 Activity:nil
7/2     LURD Performs Ritual To Hold Ganta -Buries Alive Girl, Cow
        \_ you read free republic.
        \_ we all know that it's ecchang posting all the free republic links.
        \_ wrong -op
        \_ wow, you are pathetic. you delete my freeper post and replace your
2003/7/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28909 Activity:nil
7/02    anyone have any idea why NET:FTP would take 60 times longer
        to grab a file than just going throught ftp on the (linux)
        command line.  (but only on one box, my other box goes to
        the same destination fine, similar perl/cmd_line ftp times).
        \_ DNS? totally a guess
2003/7/3-4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:28910 Activity:high
        \_ followup (shortened):
                \_ Vaguely related--in Germany there is a large problem with
                   "car forgery".  Eastern Europeans (mainly Poles) build
                   copies of luxury cars in their garages and sell them at
                   cut (but still high) prices on German car flea markets.
                   It's the ignorant and greedy who get caught by it, but some
                   of the wheels are amazingly well done (while some have
                   ridealong lawnmower engines.)  This is pretty amusing:
        \_ (very very) long story short: some poor sap flys all the way from
           Spokane to West Palm Beach to buy a BMW that he thinks is a good
           deal based on a phone conversation with the seller. He forks over
           $10K CASH, and when the car breaks down as he's driving it home he
           finds out its been stolen. what a loser.
           \_ he doesn't seem that greedy, he just belongs to that
              weird world of BMW fetishization.  the guys starts
              cleaning the damn thing before he even gets it back
              to his home state (which I guess was good since it
              allowed him to see more flaws in the car's story)
        \_ fuck you. i just wasted an hour at work reading that entertaining
           \_ ditto that.
        \_ When you at your greediest, you are most vulnerable.  Divest
           yourself of greed and people won't be able to screw you like this.
           Con artists can also prey on your loneliness, your stupidity,
           and to a lesser extent, your pity.  But greed is definitely the
           worst.  Greed is the most common lever used to pry an idiot away
           from his money.
           \_ The buyer didn't strike me as particularly greedy.  But I
              wouldn't fly cross country for a 'good deal,' not when so
              many would be in California.
        \_ Some lessons to learn:
           1. A fool and his money are soon parted.
           2. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
           \_ 3. BMW enthusiasts are idiots even when they're not driving. -tom
                \_ Most enthusiasts are idiots even when they're not doing
                   something they're enthusiastic about.  -John
              \_ damn it! i agree with tom about something.
                        \_ A stopped clock is right twice a day.
                           \_ Or every few months in this case.
                 \_ Old jungle saying:
                    Its spelled B-M-W but its pronounced IDIOT!
                    \_ Ever own one? If you did you'd see why. I've started
                       doing idiot things like double-parking and cutting
                       people off. It started slowly, but BMWs are FUN TO
                       DRIVE and that leads to a little recklessness.
                        \_ My dad has three. He drives like a world
                           class jerk. The best was when someone in
                           a 3 series tried to pass him in the shoulder
                           and he rolled down his window and shouted
                           "7 is bigger than 3!" (he was driving his
                           7 series that day) and then proceeded to
                           hog the left lane and the shoulder for
                           the next several miles.
                           I've driven his BMWs and I just don't see
                           it, they drive like almost every other
                           luxury car out there. Personally I think
                           that a STi is much more fun to drive and
                           you can coax it to do lots more things
                           (on and off road) than any BWM.
                 \_ so what "enthusiasts" are not idiots, opinion master?
                    you name it, i can crap on it. whee!
2003/7/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:28911 Activity:kinda low
7/3     So anyone get an IM from their friendly RIAA telling them to stop
        trading Mp3s? I think it's just a scare tactic.
        \_ No.  I'm not a thief so the RIAA doen't bother me at all.
           \_ all bets are off when current IP law as it is.
        \_ No.  Of course, I do all my theft using ssh.
2003/7/3-4 [Science/Battery] UID:28912 Activity:kinda low
7/2     hello have any of you used a solar charger for a laptop in
        particular a g4 mac powerbook 15"? do those supply enough juice
        to power a laptop or can they only trickle change the battery?
        ok tnx. --psb
        \_ There are some that will allow you to run a pb on solar
           power alone, but these are quite big and not portable (mostly
           designed for people who can find a good spot to camp out and
           setup a mini-solar array to power their computer). The ones
           that are portable provide only a trickle charge.
        \_ I'm not a thief; I pay for my energy instead of stealing it from
           the sun.
2003/7/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:28913 Activity:moderate
7/3     Is Mozilla 1.4 really broken?  I seem to be having some major layout
        issues with it in Windows.
        \_ I've been using.  It's so much the same I forgot I'd gone from 1.2
           to 1.4.
           \_ Odd, when I reverted to 1.3.1 the problems seemed to go away.
        \_ what is wrong with firebird?  I love it :p
           \_ I used it once and i think it doesn't support SSL.
              But I could be wrong.
2003/7/3 [Uncategorized] UID:28914 Activity:high
7/2     I know this won't last more than 1 second after the socialist censors
        see it but what the hell.  Maybe a few of you will get a chance to
        read it and ponder for a moment before it goes:
        \_ "Bring Them On!"
        \_ Well written essay - freeper guy
        \_ I was right.  It didn't last 1 second after the haters saw it.
        \_ Damn, it's still gone. Must be them haters.
           \_ Because it's been restored 4 times but you knew that since you're
              one of the ones who deleted it.
        \_ So was the word 'neocon' an overt attempt to call conservatives
           'neonazis' or what?  What does it even mean?
           \_ Just some idiot too stupid to post a real reply who mistakenly
              thought editing some else's post was clever.  Restored again.
              I always know I've hit home when they edit my posts.  That's
              much more satisfying to me than when they simply delete them.
2003/7/3 [Recreation/Computer] UID:28915 Activity:high
7/2     Friendster is Temporarily Unavailable
        The site is down for scheduled maintenance. We are working to improve
        the performance of the message subsystem. Please join us again at 8am
        Pacific Time.
        \_ "Now that we have 26 million known-good active email addresses
            worth approximately $1 each to commercial email marketers we won't
            need to do a fake IPO and run!  With only 3 of us here, that's a
            cool $5.5m each after taxes!  Thanks America!  Only _you_ could be
            that stupid!     --Spamster Management"
            \_ I bet you think p2p is really funny. - danh
               \_ funny?  Why would I think that? I've no idea what you're
                  trying to say.  Do you?
                  \_ if you're dissing danh you are just a hater.  Fuck you.
                     \_ No I'm trying to figure out wtf he's talking about.
                        Maybe *you* could explain.  Talk about 'haters'.  You
                        said 'fuck you' without even knowing anything.  Meds,
                        lately?  Missed em a few too many times?
2003/7/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:28916 Activity:high
7/3     Activison sues Viacom over Star Trek:
        \_ yay!  bring them on!
        \_ that's nice... if only ppl still cared about trek.
            \_ Well, clearly that is Viacom's fault -Activision
               \_ star trek is nearly dead. when TNG took off was
                  when they violated Roddenberry's vision of
                  no-interpersonal-conflict world. it was a hippie
                  fantasy hijacked by corporate america, milked for
                  all it was worth.
2003/7/3-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28917 Activity:moderate
7/3     Stupid Regex question. I am trying to print if the line contains $word:
                print if /[^a-zA-Z]?$word[^a-zA-Z]/;'
        this won't work if the word is the last word on the line. i can't see
        a nice way to do that... what am i trying to accomplish? trying to
        teach someone regexp and show them how things can be more complicated
        than they seem and that
                print if /$word/
        is not sufficient.
        \_ print if /\b${word}\b/
           \_ ahhhhhhhhh. nice.
           \_ The braces aren't necessary. -geordan
              \_ but a semicolon is while we're being pedantic
                 \_ I figured that he was smart enough to figure out the
                    semicolon.  I couldn't remember if the {} were necessary so
                    I put them in.  I hoped he'd read the docs to find out what
                    \b was and all the other goodness there.  Why didn't you
                    answer the original question instead of nitpicking my
                    \_ 1) because I didn't care to, and 2) he really
                          could've (and should've) looked in the perl book
                          for 2 minutes and it would've been obvious.
2003/7/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:28918 Activity:very high
7/3     If the US can put out a $25 million reward for a hit on Saddam, why
        hasn't Osama Bin Laden put out a similar offer on eXtreme Elvis's head?
        Last time I read Bin Laden has a few hundred million in inheritance.
        I'd like to see Al-Jazeera broadcast something to that effect.
        eXtreme Elvis wanted dead or alive.  $25 million in reward.
        \_ are you trying to get the secret service to confiscate
           Soda?  - danh
                \_ Isn't it almost the 10th anniversary of the last
        \_ unfortunately Bush's head is worth shit.
                   time the feds took Soda?  What better way to commerate it?
           better politician than Bush will ever be. Offering a $25M reward
           for his head does nothing towards actually capturing him and
        \_ Supposedly Osama's not exactly swimming in money anymore.
        \_ unfortunately eXtreme Elvis's head is worth shit.
           \_ This coming from a person who supports a president whose
              head is empty.
        \_ Because the unfortunate truth is that Osama bin Laden is a far
           better politician than eXtreme Elvis will ever be. Offering a $25M
           reward for his head does nothing towards actually capturing him and
           makes him look craven in the Islamic world. Of course, he is
           playing to a domestic crowd, so he doesn't care. I wonder,
           does anyone think:
           "Osama bin Laden, Wanted Dead or Alive"
           plays well in middle America? I know it sounds good on a
           Freeper poster, but I think the average American just finds
           it childish.
           \_ You have far too much faith in the average American
           \_ you think wrong.
           \_ Because no one would admit to collecting the money. You'd make
              yourself an international pariah. Plus bin Laden's view of the
              war would be actions first, then rewarding your next of kin.
           \_ What did they think of Bush's "bring 'em on" statement regarding
              Iraqi attacks? What a boneheaded thing to say. I guess it's easy
              to talk shit when his ass isn't over there.
        \_ This thread made FBI-safe.  Thank you for your participation.
2003/7/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28920 Activity:nil
7/3     Cygwin on NT4 question: is there any way to make the following work?

        % ls -l s
        -rwxrwxrwx    1 joeuser  mkpasswd     7512 Jul  3 15:36 s*
        % perl -p -i -e 's/define/FOOO/g' s
        Can't do inplace edit on s: Permission denied.
        % ls -l s
        ls: s: No such file or directory
        So perl says it can't write to the file, but it can, and then it
        deletes it.  This happens on every file I've tried.  TIA.
2018/11/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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