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2003/7/2 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:28892 Activity:nil
7/1     fuck fuck fuck fuck
2003/7/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:28893 Activity:nil
7/1     mutt 1.5.4 reinstalled, this time with compressed folders enabled;
        sorry about that.  Thanks to niloc for noticing, dbushong for saying
        what to do, and jwang for doing it.  --mconst
2003/7/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28894 Activity:nil
7/1     What kind of chix like geeky nerds in Silicon Valley who make over
        100K/yr?                        -lonely geeky nerd
        \_ the 19 year old kind from the midwest who calls it
           "sillycone valley?"
        \_ 100K is peanuts.  It would be impressive if you also had social
           skills, but without them you need to multi million range.  Just
           accept you are doomed to a life of dumpy ugly boring girls for
           the rest of your life.
          \_ yes. peanuts.  what is your home planet?
           \_ it is peanuts if you are using your money to attract women.
              If you are going by money alone you need a lot more than that.
              \_ No one really tries to attract women with money alone,
                 or at least almost no one. It is part of the whole package.
                 I still say he should give the Russian mail order bride
                 idea a thought.
        \_ Look, I gave him a useful and accurate answer and the motd
           censor deleted it. Well, f*ck you, then.
        \_ Is that ALL you can say for yourself??  geeky nerd in Silicon
           Valley making $x/year?  You know, maybe girls actually go for,
           uh, content?  (yeah yeah insert joke here)   -- alice
           \_ come on, he admitted he's a geeky nerd already. he is lacking
              content, knows it, admits it, and is working to find someone.
              At least he knows who he is and isnt trying to be someone else.
        \_ this girl i like is deciding between me ($92k/year) and a guy
           PhD stanfurd, $450k/year salary working in finance. Hmm, who she
           gonna pick? i'm going to lose :(   She earns $100k/year.
           His extra $$$$ make up a lot for "content". Shit, they can pay
           to overcome troubles or buy content from elsewhere.
           \_ Let her pick him and dump him when she finds out he's an
              ass. You can both then spend his money together after the
              \_ She already knows he's an ass. Okay, he's all right, but
                 a lot left to be desired. But still, money makes up for it.
                 There is no such thing as true love, because in the long-term
                 the woman will go for the money for the marriage. Even if she's
                 her own woman (Software Engr, businessperson) who makes big
                 bucks, because his extra money allows her to do whatever she
                 wants, even quit her job, raise kids, take whatever job or
                 classes she wants w/o worries.
                 \_ maybe you like gold digging hoes or otherwise high
                    maintenance women. i can't imagine that you couldn't
                    live comfortably on ~200K/year, unless your idea of
                    comfort is rather extreme.
                    \_ 200k before taxes? Not that much. Have you seen
                       the price of homes? Not to mention that they need
                       to hire a housekeeper so there is no arguments
                       about housecleaning. Then another cook so they
                       dont argue about dinner. Then a nanny so they dont
                       have to argue about child-care. Then they need the
                       money for boarding school so once the kids are old
                       enough, they dont have to take care of them. Not to
                       mention the normal things women like -- for the home,
                       for vacation, for clothes, for jewelry -- so they
                       can impress their gfs and relatives. Hey PhD from
                       Stanford, makes $$$$/year, isnt that a woman's dream
                       husband? Not to mention the mother-in-law's dream?
            \_ What was his Ph.D. in?  How does he make 450k / year?
               \_ Some math/finance thing. He makes money off the market
                  itself. Sort of like arbitrage, except he's the grunt
                  who helps the guys with $100+ million make more money.
                  They have the money, he has the brains/training.
                  He gets a base salary and then bonus and percentages.
                  Not bad eh?
        \_ i think you need find a russian or chinese bride, who needs
           a green card, but one who has a university education so she
           can at least pretend to talk and be interested in you. Something
           with a reasonable exchange. either that or some fucked up girl
           who didnt finish college, is struggling to earn $35k/year in
           the bay area and who would be pleased to have someone like you
           take care of her. Perhaps a stripper. Someone with a good body,
           can't make money easily, and would be impressed with you.
           Don't expect it to last. Either that or a single-mother, but
           that's probably a lot more trouble than it's worth, esp. if
           the husband is still alive and around and is a jerk (most are).
           Also, how old are you? Maybe can introduce you to someone.
           Friendster? heh.
2003/7/2 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28895 Activity:kinda low
7/2     Ugh!  I am seeing lots of CMD.EXE and net.exe processes on my w2k PC.
        Has it been commpromised?
        \_ nimda?  Run netstat -an to see where all your connections are
        \_ nimda?  Run netstat -an to see where all your connections are going.
           \_ Crap my netstat got deleted.  Replaced.  Ugh!  I think they are
              using my computer to launch DoS port 445 attacks.
        \_ try one of the freebie/demo virus scanners.
2003/7/2 [Uncategorized] UID:28896 Activity:nil
        The domainname speaks for itself
2003/7/2 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign] UID:28897 Activity:high
7/1     Hey kid, start here:
        Some of them are attractive, Russia is pretty much a western country,
        they can't be any worse than you'll meet here and they're much more
        likely to appreciate your brains and stick around even if they may
        never truly love you.  Best of luck.
        \_ Scary thing is, I know a few guys who've done this.  It's very
           odd, and all the women, while perfectly nice and educated, have
           something cold about them.  -John
           something cold about them.  It's a weird thing trying to have a
           chat with a friend's import-a-bride.  -John
2003/7/2-3 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Security] UID:28898 Activity:high
7/2     I need to renew my domains soon.  I'm currently registered under but with the high cost of the euro, I think I'll switch.
        Can anyone recommend a registrar for this?  Does it cost money
        to switch?
        \_    It does not cost additional money to switch
           \_ It looks like they offer only 5 subdomains with the basic
              package.  Can I add more?  How much would they cost?
        \_ has the best domain registration service.
           \_ but not quite as good as
2003/7/2 [Uncategorized] UID:28899 Activity:nil
7/2     I wondered why their url's were
        reason:   Server: Microsoft-IIS/4.0.
2003/7/2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28900 Activity:high
7/2     "Bring em' on", Bush says of Iraqi Attacks:
        \_ "We got plenty tough force there to make sure the situation is
        \_ Easy for him to say.  He's not in the line of fire.
           \_ he landed that plane on a carrier, though.  that must have
              been rough.  Wasn't he a combat pilot in Vietnam?
              \_ he was on the plane that landed on the carrier, but even
                 the white house staff never said he piloted that plane.
                 Bush Jr was AWOL for his Vietnam duties; he supposedly
                 flew planes in Texas though.
                 \_ I know.  I just wanted to get someone else to admit this.
                    \_ Um, mazel tov?
            \_ let's see your boy Klinton say the same thing with same effect.
               \_ What effect?  Looking like a moron?  Your boy George has
                  that one all sewn up.
            \_ There is a difference between 'loathing' and disdain for
               military exhibited by Clinton and Bush's handling of
               military affairs.  The national guard does not put morons
               in fighter jets.
2003/7/2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28901 Activity:insanely high
7/2     i need to share files on 2 solaris machines. i was going to use NFS
        but someone suggested that smb might be more reliable. this shocked
        me, but i figured i'd see if anyone else agreed with this opinion. i
        think she recommended smb because djb says that nfs sucks.
                                                \_ djb sucks.  ignore him.
                                                   \_ djb is a smart guy,
                                                      and he is usually
                                                      right (on security
                                                      and performance
                                                      issues) but he is
                                                      just not practical
                                                      most of the time.
        \_ she's wrong, especially with solaris.
        \_ smbclient is like using ftp.  If you want to *really* share files
           you'll need to *purchase* a third party smb-fs to run on solaris
           since samba doesn't support smbfs like linux.  In short your
           'someone' is locked in a linux world and doesn't know wtf they're
           talking about.  NFS sucks but you don't have a *free* (as in beer)
           option and I doubt you'll want to pay to link only 2 boxes.
                -Motd Storage Guru
                      \- "what is wrong with NFS" ... not in theory but
                         practice. --psb
                         \_ Linux.  It's NFS has been broken for a decade.
                            \_ Bullshit. Ever since Linux 2.2.14 kernels,
                               I didn't have any problems with Linux NFS,
                               at least when serving files from Linux and Linux
                               or from a Solaris server to Linux clients.
                               The only problem is that you're limited to the
                               functionality supported by the Linux NFS
                               implementation (e.g. no ACLs, no secure
                               authentication, server-side NFS v3 support is
                               still considered experimental)
                               \_ Actually it still sucks.  It just isn't as
                                  bad as it used to be.  -MSG
                         \_ It's a huge pain in the ass to configure for each
                            client/server pair.  Compatibility between vendors
                            is weak at best so performance is going to suck
                            until you spend a week beating on it until you get
                            the right options for your client/server combo and
                            your data set as well.  There are other problems
                            but that's the big one for me.  --Motd Storage Guru
           \_ And if she is "locked in a linux they're talking
              about..." that'd be a reason to recommend SMB over NFS.  NFS
              in linux sucks ass. - a guy trapped in the linux world
              \_ Yes, but in this case the recommendation was wrong because it
                 not only doesn't apply to Solaris but is flat out wrong. -MSG
2003/7/2-3 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:28902 Activity:moderate
7/2     I just installed Emacs and XEmacs for Win2k. They both seem to kind of
        suck. Neither seem to automatically fontify. Does Xemacs vs emacs
        have a better reputation on NT (on UNIX I usually prefer emacs bc of
        the faster load time)
        also, anyone have a good NT .emacs file that I can steal?
        \_ Hmm.  I run emacs on win2k and have no problems getting emacs to
           fontify.  Are you sure you've got it set up correctly?
        \_ Post your username so I can send you mine.
        \_ Do you have "(global-font-lock-mode t)" in your %HOME%\_emacs?
           -- yuen
2003/7/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:28903 Activity:moderate
7/2     what's the siren for?
        \_ what siren?
        \_ for making loud noise?
        \_ Homeland Security warning siren.  (I am not making this up.)  -tom
           \_ Is there a terrorist act taking place?
              \_ No, it's just there to warn you that Homeland Security is
                 taking place.
        \_ Can anyone watch Brazil and not think about our current
           "Homeland Security"?
           \_ yes.
2003/7/2 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28904 Activity:high
7/2     Europe is a strange place:,2763,989078,00.html
        \_ I think you mean, "Europe is a cool place."
           \_ Util you're hit by a guy having sex with a hitch hiker at
              road speed on the highway.
              \_  They're talking about the autobahn here.  If a nation has
                  already shown they're stupid enough to have no speed limit,
                  why stop there?  Besides, I don't think oral sex while
                  driving is that bad, as long as the driver is the
                  recipient.  It's better than the asses who try to read in
                  the car.
                  \_ What was the name of the movie where Robin Williams rams
                     his car into the back of his wife's car while she's going
                     down on some kid?  You're right.  It's not that bad.
                     \_ The World According to Garp
                     Seriously though, if you can drive and not be distracted
                     by a good solid dick sucking then either you're broken or
                     you need a new lover.
2003/7/2 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:28905 Activity:high
7/2     FOBs use more of their brains than us:
        \_ this is interesting.
        \_ I've always known this. I kick ass in school when my ABC &
           whitie friends struggle to get to top 5% of the class.  -fob
           \_ umm, by your reasoning, abc's who speak chinese will do
              about as well as you. whereas your inferior english probably
              probably puts you at a disadvantage is some cases.
                \_ abc's in general don't speak mandarin very well. Their
                   vocab is limited to "hello", "i'm hungry", "i'm full",
                   "i want more rice", and "goodnight." You're right.
                   Superior grade doesn't get me very far in the industry.
                   Mingling, backstabbing, climbing up the corporate
                   ladder require good social skills. That's why I'm still
                   just a petty programmer.     -fob
                        \_ qu si ba. -abc
                   \_ No you're a petty programmer because you don't understand
                   \_ ABCs are better because they spend their college
                      years "networking" rather than focusing on grades:
                      ni hun kuh ai, ni hun piow-liang,
                      wo shiang ching ni chu-lai? ni shiang tiow-wu ma?
                      wo shiang ni, wo yow ni, wo ai ni.
                        \_ Bi zui ba. Bai chi. -abc
                      \_ I'm white, but at least i fucking know
                         proper use of pinyin. jackass.
           \_ I always laughed at how hard the FOBs worked to get into the
              top 25% while I coasted through in the top 1%.  --whitie
                \_ zi da lao wai, chi si ba.
              \- i think "use more of their brain" doesnt mean much.
                 if anything it suggests it is more expensive to process
                 mandarin. is emacs better than vi because it takes up
                 "more" memory? anyway, on the fob question, there is a
                 big selection bias in terms of who comes over. in other
                 words, you have to do to india to find stupid indians. --psb
                        \_ disagree.  Brain grows so it becomes second nature.
                                Always better to use more brain. -abc
                           \_ No.  Your brain doesn't grow when you speak
                              Mandarin.  It isn't a matter of opinion.  Maybe
                              you could read the link next time, eh?
                 \_ Indians: really?  I've met *plenty* of stupid Indians here
                    and the others *always* cover for them no matter how bad
                    they are, how much it hurts other people including them-
                    selves or even kills the company.  Loyalty, not smarts
                    seems to be the #1 trait of Indians in SV.
                    \- i think you are over racheting. yeah some might not
                       wite good code, but i dont think you will find many
                       indians who cannot find say canada on a map or cant
                       tell you what change should be from $5 on a $3.93
                       purchase. --psb
2003/7/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:28906 Activity:nil
7/2     Will soda be a target of the July 6 mass hacker attack?
        \_ why bother?
2003/7/2-3 [Health/Women] UID:28907 Activity:high
7/2     Let's list the countries where caucasian women are on average still
        fit and healthy.  Either because american junk food hasn't reached
        there or where they choose not to eat that crap.
        \_ Estonia
        \_ let's see YOUR sixpack, pathetic geek!
           \_ You don't need 6pack abs to be fit and healthy.  Simply *not*
              being 180+ lbs at 5'4 would do it for most women.
        \_ BIG is BEAUTIFUL.
        \_ Russia.
           \_ Russian women are both beautiful and skinny. Why skinny?
              They smoke like chimneys. I can't think that makes them
              healthy. But they are hot. In my European travels, though,
              I think the country with the most beautiful women was Poland.
              And the most beautiful girl I saw was in Prague.
              \_ eastern european women often have messed up teeth
                 \_ that doesn't stop asiaphiles
              \_ Check out Yulia Nova, all natural:
        \_ All the Dutch women I saw were in pretty good shape. I think
           it is because everyone bicycles everywhere.
        \_ Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany.
           \_ Germany?  You like the fatties, eh?  It's ok, lots of guys have
              a fatty fetish.
        \_ Any girl in this country who looks like she works at a library.
           Librarians!  Mmmmmm, yum!
           According to this the Italians are the thinnest, the Russians
           the fattest.
           \_ Old Olga skews the Russian curve. if they are <24, they are
              skinny twigs. Over 40, and they are "Mother Russia" fatsos.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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