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2003/7/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:28874 Activity:insanely high
6/30    related to the friendster thread below.  Do most of you even have time
        to 'try new stuff on the web'?  When I was a student I had time to
        screw around and surf all day.  After graduating and getting a job
        and getting married, I don't have time for that.  My web surfing
        consists entirely of a few sites like yahoo and google and some
        technical web sites like or financial info like
        Even then I'm looking for specific info.  I don't randomly surf.  I
        stop as soon as I find the info I need.  Anybody else in the same
        \_ Occasionally while taking a break or eating at my desk or waiting
           for a client to get back to me (when I'm at their office with
           nothing else to do.)  Not for hours on end, though.  -John
        \_ yet another reason marriage is for suckers
           \_ if you think randomly surfing the web is better than having a
              life, you're either very very young or I pity you. --done both
                \_ having a life != being married
                   \_ randomly surfing web == not having life
                      being married == having life for those with real marriage
        \_ Just don't be so PW. My wife expects me to spend an hour or
           two online a night. Beats sitting in front of the TV set.
        \_ Try friendster and you will learn.  Bye bye marriage and job
           sucka!!! You're HOOKED.  h0oK3t!
           \_ yeah, right after I get one more everquest level.
        \_ it makes it easier to set up extramarital affairs.
           but yeah, after marriage, you pretty much disappear.
           i think they call it "growing up". -sl
        \_ I see webbrowsing as roughly equal to reading magazines.
           Do you read Time/Life/NewsWeek/Harpers/Barrons/Economist/etc?
           People/Cosmo/Red's Digest/SciAm/Nature/Science/etc?
           \_ science, nature, sciam and economist are available online,
              and the other things you named are fucking trash.
              \_ The Economist and Barrons are trash?  Fucking trash?  ????
                 You must have a really amazing reading list.
                 \_ maybe you should add the motd to your reading list before
                    posting.  I did not include the Economist in the
                    "fucking trash" list.
           \_ I beg to differ.  Web surfing is highly personal and
              individual.  Reading a magazine can be a social event.  I can
              easily show my wife some interesting article when she's sitting
              next to me on the couch.  Can't do that with computers.  And
              not easily with a laptop also.  Plus with a magazine or book
              I can rest my head on my wife's lap while reading (or vice
              versa). It's a lot more fun reading while you stroke your wife's
              hair.  ;-)
              \_ though I am loth to respond to idiot trolls, let me make the
                 point that our definition of what is "social" changes with
                 technology.  When the telephone first was introduced, luddites
                 had the same idea, that somehow you weren't socially
                 interacting if you couldn't see the other person.  Most
                 of the world has gotten over that by now.  Email and other
                 electronic communications are just another type of social
                 interaction, with different parameters.  While you can't
                 "show your wife" a web page you're looking at, you can
                 mail her a URL.  -tom
                 \_ Every day I wake up and recite a long prayer thanking
                    God I don't work with Tom.
                 \_ Your redefining "troll" to mean "anything I disagree with"
                    is like the NOW bimbos defining sex in marriage as rape.
                    You make the term meaningless.
              \_ Yeah I love stroking your wife's hair while reading, too.
2003/7/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28875 Activity:nil
6/30    Perl Q: How do I "rewind" when iterating through a file?  I want to
        do something like
        while (<FILE>) {
           if ($_ =~ /pattern1/) {
                search backwards/upwards for pattern2
        What's the best way to do this?  I've tried decrementing $. but that
        doesn't seem to work quite right.
        \_ This is probably a "there's a better way to do this, grasshopper"
           thing.  Search for pattern2 first, then throw it away if pattern1
           doesn't exist.  Perl likes to move forward through files.  The
           suggestion below also applies.
        \_ If the file is small, you can do something like...
           @file = <FILE>;
           foreach (@file) {
             if (/pattern1/) {
               @file2 = @file;
               foreach $inner (@file2) { ... /pattern2/ ... }
           Or do a last and restart a search for pattern2. i don't know
           what exactly you are trying to do. alternatively, you can open
           up a second file handle on the same file...
2003/7/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28876 Activity:high
6/30    It's only war crime when someone else is doing it...
        \_ Perhaps because it is not in our nation's best interest to defer
           to vague international bodies on this or any other matters?  Also,
           while you're chewing over that consider that the US has a real court
           system, a culture that creates citizens opposed to any sort of war
           crime (in fact, the US invented the concept), and given that any
           body that lacks the power to enforce it's edicts is useless so is
           the ICC.  The US is the only thing that gives the UN or any other
           similar entity any authority.  If we withdrew and ignored all of
           these pesky little socialist clubs they'd all collapse.  I'm not
           sure if you were trolling or you actually believe in all these
           silly little multinational oddities but they do not and in fact
           can not work as you might wish.  There is no such thing as
           'international law' outside the fantasies of certain anti-American
           Europeans (France, Belgium, Germany) and the Blame America First
           crowd in the US. -xyz
           \_ Of course it's not in the purity temple's interest to submit to
              foreign oversight.  They're all terrorists.  Probably have
              weapons of mass detruction too.  Let's nuke them, because any
              nation that threatens another...
              \_ If you had a real response instead of knee jerking I'd be
                 happy to discuss it with you.  -xyz
           \_ bye bye "isolationism" -- being sold with the same rationale1
              bravo doublespeak miracles from the new reich!
              \_ I'm not in favor of isolationism.  Submitting to the will of
                 Eurocrats and the third world is not the only way to
                 participate in the world. -xyz
           \_ Most countries' citizens are opposed to war crimes, except that
              they tend to overlook the crimes when it's committed by their
              own country.  It is the same for US.  That's why we need UN.
                                                                - fgh
           \_ It is in our nation's best interest to work through international
              bodies rather than act like a gung-ho cowboy.  US is suffering
              from classic overextension, and its strength is overrated.
              Our military rules but it is resulting in huge budget deficit,
              and putting a huge drag on our tired economy.  States are
              close to bankrupt, trade deficit is soaring, fed has no more
              room to cut interest rate.  US economy is supported by asian
              nations buying US treasuries, stocks and US dollars.  That should
              not be something we should count on forever.    - abc
2003/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:28877 Activity:moderate
6/30    The coders for are incompetent.
        \- clearly.
           \_ why do you say that?
2003/7/1 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:28878 Activity:moderate
6/30    Bring it on!  Whoo ya!  70 feet of solid rock, no explosives!,12271,988612,00.html
        \_ finally, world domination.
        \_ wow, that is a scarry bad idea.
           \_ While it might induce scar tissue, it's scary as well.
           \_ What is so *scary* about it?  We could've destroy the whole world
              by the mid/late 60s in a matter of hours.  This is just techie
              toy fun by comparison.
                \_ Donno, maybe it's not a bad idea. Just seems like
                   the more omnipotent the US apprears, terrorism seems
                   like more of a threat.
2003/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:28879 Activity:nil
6/30    What's the difference between a studio and an efficiency?
        \_ Efficiency has minimal kitchen and often a shower stall rather
           than a full bath.
2003/7/1 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28880 Activity:nil
        Okay I have a UK report to share too.  This one about lockdown and
        reprogramming of U.S. youths.  I'm sure you'll all be most enthused.
        \_ US youths need re-education.  They need to learn how not to
           be members of criminal gangs and how to read, write, do arithmetic,
           show up to work consistently, and not have kids during teen years.
           \_ RACIST!
           \_ So you probably didn't read the article, which depicts
              brainwashing techniques straight out of Red China.  I agree
              with you regarding what kids should and shouldn't be doing,
              but this definitely isn't the way to acheive it.
           \_ Yup, all US youths are thugz and smooth criminals.  Right.
2003/7/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28881 Activity:high
7/1     A Real Conservative take on the Bush War:
        \_ Yet more evidence that the world is ending: I agree with Pat.
           Repent, sinners!
           \_ yes, the world is ending.  The worlds top golfer is black, and
              the worlds top rapper is white.
2003/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:28882 Activity:low
7/1     With outgoing SMTP, does the "Date:" field get set by the
        client machine's clock or the SMTP server's clock? THanks.
        \_ Geeze, just try it out on 2 machines with different clocks if you
           can'tr google it.
           can't google it.
           \_ I already did. The server set the time on one of them, and
              on another the client did. It depends on the client.
        \_ client machine.
2003/7/1 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28883 Activity:high
7/1     Things sure are going great with Bush's little nation building
        schemes. 1000 American dead so far and counting!
        \_ 1000 isn't bad.  Over 5000 were lost in the first *hours* of DDay.
           \_ against an enemy that murdered 10M+ civilians and had a damned
              good chance at taking over the planet.  Taliban routed?  Good.
              Saddamn out of power?  Good.  Did the latter have to happen?
              \_ Which planet do you live on, Mars? The Taliban couldn't
                 even hold on to most of a medium sized country against
                 their own bandits.
                 \_ I think he was talking about Nazi Germany & DDay.
2003/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:28884 Activity:nil
7/1     Restored as usual.  Why do you bother censoring anyway?  I'll never
        understand.  Good thing I've got this handy restore script.
        \_ Yeah, except your "restore" just removed most of the comments
           people have added in the last six hours. Good job, bozo!
           \_ Nothing important.  Just Tom babbling about how the web is a
              true form of modern social interaction.  Sort of like Everquest
              or Netrek or something I guess.  You weren't really going to
              read 15 lines of Tom drooling, were you?  Anyway, 6 hours? No.
              About 45 minutes.  You'll recover and go on with life I'm sure.
2003/7/1 [Uncategorized] UID:28885 Activity:high
7/01    What does it mean that i have "carrier" transmission errors?
          TX packets:2460642 errors:36804 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:73608
           \_ I can't believe nobody knows this.  Anyone?
              \- well it depends on the media and the devices ... the most
                 common cause of ethernet frame errors i see these days are
                 boned duplex negotiation. but if this is linux, i've heard
                 about lots of different problems with linux. --psb
2003/7/1 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28886 Activity:nil
7/1     What's a .pif file?
           \_ brilliant!
2003/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:28887 Activity:moderate
7/1     Does anyone use any SMTP antivirus scanning software for unix/linux?
        I'm looking at Sophos, McAfee, etc. Symantec seems to have the worst
        \_ Using Sophos.  Not to shabby.  They stay on top of new viruses
           pretty damn well, and its resource footprint is quite small.
           Only thing is you must restart to load updates, which is a touch
           obnoxious. --scotsman
        \_ My group uses TrendMicro's VirusWall via sendmail milters.
           If you use sendmail, try to get something that works as a
           milter instead of as a stripped down SMTP daemon. --Jon
        \_ I've used TrendMicro.  It was the least bad.  They all pretty much
           suck.  Fortunately today most viruses are still of the linked .exe
           sort, so purging those will get 99% of them.
2003/7/1-2 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:28888 Activity:high
7/1     A witness of an accident I had refuses to come to the court house
        because he said "there is nothing in it for me." How do I issue a
        subpoena in a small claims court?
        \_ behold the power of google
           \_ All well and good, but it's pretty difficult to make a
              witness show up AND be useful if they're not interested.
              Will small claims accept an affidavit in place?
           \_ Damn this google crap. Pretty soon, I'll have no use for the
              motd! Curses!
              \_ well, it's still good as an intelligent google front-end.
                 \_ what about this resembles intelligence?
        \_ "If you show and say the right things I won't kill you, that's
            whats in it for you, you selfish stupid bastard!" always worked
            for me.  --never lost a court case
                \_ isn't this "assault" or some fancy legal term?
        \_ You better have a reaaaally open-and-shut case, because the
           testimony of a witness that you forced to show up could be worse than
           no testimony at all...
           \_ I second that. We are having to resort to an uncooperative
              witness in one of our cases (on the bright side, the opposing
              party isn't having much luck either). Your best bet is to get
              him/her to cooperate, but beware of anything that may be
              construed as creating bias. Otherwise, you'll have to go
              through the trouble of impeaching him/her on the fabrications.
        \_ Look up "Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court in CA", Nolo
2003/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28889 Activity:moderate
7/1     The amount of spam I receive from usenet posting is growing out of
        control. Is there a f***ing way to hide my email address from
        csua usenet posting? why does it append my real email address
        as part of the post? Can root do something about it? I am
        using tin and I've already modified my address, but the f***ing
        thing appends my real email address and there's no way to change it.
        \_ There is some way to do it, but I don't know how, short of
           modifying the source.
        \_ change the mail_address variable in .tin/tinrc. I usually set it to
           my real address with a +string attached to username part of the
           address just to track how much spam gets sent through usenet.
           \_ does not work. Tin appends your email in a separate field.
              anyone know how to stop that behavior?
              \_ Which field?
          \_ If you're talking about the Sender: field, I think there is
             no way to modify that other than modifing the tin source code.
             I had written a patch for tin 1.4.x that would build the
             Sender: field from TIN_USER and TIN_HOST environment variables but
             I have lots it since then..
          \_ yes, the stupid Sender: field. Can't get rid of it!!! aaaahhh!!!
        \_ Why all this stress about "oh dear!  I'd have to modify the source
           and compile my own!"  Just do it.  You're on a computer science
           undergraduate hosted machine and in theory know how to do this.
           If not, you'll actually learn something in school for once.
           \_ no space in my account.  Plus.. i think it's a waste to ask
              everyone doing the same thing.
              \_ But once it's done it can be installed for everyone.  You can
                 also ask for more space to do it.  Those are the lamest
                 exuses for not doing something for yourself *and* others the
                 motd has seen in a long time and probably ever.  You're just
                 lazy and want something for nothing on someone else's time.
                 \_ don't see you are being any more productive than I am,
                    and at least I have better attitude than you are
                        \_ Not really.  He's just had the incredible gall
                           to suggest you follow a general tip he gave you,
                           and then let everyone use it, as opposed to having
                           a snit when someone won't do it for you.  -John
                           \_ BINGO!  *I* don't even read usenet from soda and
                              have *never* posted to it.  I don't care either
                              way about tin or the Sender: field or usenet
                              scraped spam.  I'm perfectly productive.  I'm
                              not a spam magnet to this host and made the
                              standard community friendly suggestion.  I'm sure
                              this will keep coming up every year and each one
                              will indignantly refuse to look at the source for
                              themself or future students.  "C is hard! Let's
                              go shopping!  --CSUA Barbie"
2003/7/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:28890 Activity:nil
7/1     Clearly you all need some MORE hate in your pathetic little lives,
        \_ freak
2022/01/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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