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2003/6/30 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:28861 Activity:high
x6/28   Do We Want Mexifornia?
        Other studies suggest that the average California
        household must contribute at least $1,200 each year to
        subsidize the deficit between what immigrants
        cost in services and pay in taxes.
        \_ err... California used to be part of Mexico at first place.
           What do you mean by "Mexifornia" anyway?   --kngarv
        \- what is the per familiy deficit between CA Fed Tax receipts
           and what CA gets from the Fed govt? --psb
        \_ A few years ago, the Urban Institute released a study claiming
           that undocumented workers pay more in taxes than they receive
           in government services:
           \_ Headline at the Urban Institute homepage:
              "What we're doing is departing from our historic policy:
              first you were elderly, and only second, poor. Under
              [the administration's Medicare reform proposal] we're
              doing just the opposite, saying first,
              you're poor, and then we don't really care if you're elderly.."
              Unbiased source of information indeed.
2003/6/30 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:28862 Activity:high
6/29    I've been out of California for about 4 years ... but I've reacently
        found out about something called "2 Buck Chuck" -- an allegedly
        adequate wine found a Trader Joe's for 2 bux/bottle. Has anyone
        had any and, if so, would they care to comment about their exprience?
        \_it's o.k. for the price, and it sure beats cooking with "cooking
          wine," but i don't think it's really good enough to just sit around
          and drink
          \_ Yup, it's an OK table wine and good for inexpensive parties
             for college students ;)
        \_ I've heard its really good... have never tried it, but friends
           have had "tasting parties" and most people rated the $2 bottle
           higher than other more expensive ones
2003/6/30 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW] UID:28863 Activity:nil
6/28    Ok, a break from politics.  I am attempt to use Xoops Content
        Management System.  I have encountered a minor problem.  A lot of the
        "contents" are in form of PDF format.  I would like to somehow index
        it.  I used ps2ascii to produce text file for each corresponding PDFs.
        I thought i can dump this unformated text file in the "index" section
        similiar to wikki so the search engine can look for it.
        But Xoops' default "download" module does have
        "index" sections. It has file URI, text description field.  I really
        don't want just put everything in text description field cuz it will
        display all the bloody text on the page.  Thanks
        \_ RACIST!!!!!
2003/6/30 [Uncategorized] UID:28864 Activity:nil
6/28    I administer a mailman2 email list. I'm trying to see all the members
        on one page, rather than grouped by first letter in email address.
        I can't get the "Find Members" Regular Expressions to do what I expect.
        Is there something I'm missing?
2003/6/30 [Reference/Languages] UID:28865 Activity:high
6/29    What does Mutatis mutandis mean (from Economist)
                - latin rookie
        \_ dict "mutatis mutandis"
        \_ google is your friend
           "The phrase Mutatis Mutandis is Latin and means "that
           having been changed which had to be changed" or more
           commonly, 'with the necessary changes.'"
           \- Helo, one reason the E'ist rules is stuff like this:
     ... it's a great title, the latin
              is more "obscure" than mutatis mutandis and you dont
              really have any context to figure it out.
              I suppose that violates ORWELL'42, but "Video meliora
              proboque, deteriora sequor.".
              Mors est vita hominis sine Economist.
              \_ fucking post the excerpt.  economist is paysite
              \_ god youre an idiot, psb.
           \_ Hello, all use of obscure Latin is ridiculous. oktnxbye
2003/6/30-7/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28866 Activity:very high
6/30    -rwxr-xr-x+   1 fooxer  fooxer     6345 Jun 23 17:33 structs.h*
        Anybody know what that "+" on the right side of the permissions list
        is for?  This is on a cygwin/NT4 system and I'm having weird trouble
        with saving files (my IDE keeps complaining that it can't write to the
        \_ It is unixes way of saying there is ACL information regarding
           the file perms. The NT4 security model is richer than the
           standard unix model. As a unix guy, it really hurts to have
           to admit this. -ausman
           \_ There are unix variants with mandatory access controls and
              more than the usual uga privilege model.  -John
           \_ Thanks... so, zealotry aside, what's the easiest way to
              a) remove all ACL info (which I don't care about)
              b) tell SourceSafe to use more basic permissions
                ? -- unix guy #2
              \_ Chmod 0755 from the unix side will probably remove the
                 ACL information from the file. This works with a NetApp
                 in a mixed environment, anyway. Can't help you with b.
                 \_ Ugh bad idea. Why not use the ACL commands to clear it?
                    \_ what are those?  -- ug#2
                    \_ Yeah, exactly. What are the equiv to getfacl and
                       setfacl on a cygwin box?
                    \_ You can potentially corrupt the file permissions
                       if you mix chmod and fact, that might
                       be why it's in a busted state right now.
                       \_ You still have not answered the question. How
                          do you manipulate ACLs on a cygwin box?
                          \_ Thanks to all those who posted a response; I
                             finally went into Explorer and recursively gave
                             full access to Everyone, which seems to have
                             solved the (immediate) problem.  -- ug#2, aka op
           \_ yeah but M$ could build on unix's 25 years of experience and
              they still often fail to get it right. But recent unix
              versions have much more finer grained permissions capabilities.
2003/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:28867 Activity:very high
6/30    Are shampoos gender neutral?
        \_ the Star Wars ones are.  My wife and I both use the Star Wars
           Galactic shampoo and body wash, with Forest Moon scent.  Some of
           them have a picture of Queen Amadala on them, but it's the same
           stuff as the Darth Vader ones.
        \_ strong enough for a man, made for a woman...
           \_ isn't that underarm deoderant?
              \_ *ding ding* give this guy a cookie!
              \_ Actually it's "pH balanced for a woman"
        \_ Yes.  They are.  However, they add perfume to almost all of them.
           It won't do anything bad but do you really want to smell like
           Forest Moon scent?
        \_ most shampoo commercials feature women and their hair.
                   \_ Except ones which feature anti-dandruff shampoos.
                      \_ forgot to add that point
        \_ humans should just live in the woodlands like they used to
        \_ Are deodorants gender neutral? Are soaps? Are the girlie poofy
           things and loofa-pad-stone things gender neutral? Have any
           sodans had a "facial"?
           \_ no, no, no/no, probably
2003/6/30 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:28868 Activity:high
        Can anybody back up what he says about the flag being replaced?
        \_ It was taken down because it was "larger than the stars and stripes"
           which is funny because they didn't claim that for the previous
           \_ so it had nothing to do w/ the court decision?
              \_ Wait, that was a different thing..  This I haven't read about,
                 but I found an AP article talking of it.
                 at the bottom.
                 \_ thanks, that's pretty cool.
           \_ It only flew once in previous years and the local rules weren't
              the same then.  Stop looking for some sort of VRW anti-gay C.
              The world does not revolve around your penis and where you
              put it.  I promise.
              \_ As was stated, this was separate from the actual discussion,
                 so your troll is almost not worth replying to.  But your facts
                 are wrong.  It has flown at least three times during pride
                 celebrations, and the stated reasons for taking it down were
                 from the federal flag etiquette code.
                 \_ "As was stated"?  No such thing was stated.  This was in
                    direct response to the posting so piss off.  And no it has
                    not flown three previous times.  It was flown the first and
                    *one* time later.  You can't shut down the truth by
                    trotting out that troll crap.  Just because you disagree
                    (and you're factually incorrect as well) does not make my
                    posting a troll.
              \_ Now all you have to do is convince the Republican party of
                 that statement and it will be true.
                 \_ I'm a (R) and don't recall seeing anywhere on recent party
                    platforms that your penis and it's location is the center
                    of the universe.  Maybe I missed a paragraph.
        \_ ignoring the troll fodder above, yes, the gay pride flag was taken
           down for the day and a US flag flew in it's place.
2003/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Computer] UID:28869 Activity:very high
6/30    Is anybody doing the Friendster thing? Just curious about this
        thing/fad and i'd like to test it out. -sl
        \_ Moments after danh forced me to sign up I got a message from
           some random bozo in Iowa.  It scares me.  -John
           \_ The Iowa email or that danh has control over you?
        \_ it's a dotcom style fad.  it's free now but they'll be charging
           a monthly fee later this year to friendsterise anyone outside your
           immediate circle or something like that.  most people already know
           who their friends are and aren't interested in finding people they
           used to know.  thats why they *used* to know them and dont now.
        \_ for a fad, kinda interesting. found a coupla friends from several
           years back that i had lost contact with.
           \_ It might be, if they had a decent IT/dev staff that could keep
              the thing up under load.
                \_ staff?  what staff?  it's just one guy and 2 employees.
        \_ you're asian, just do it. everyone on friendster seems to either
           be asian or gay/punk.
           \_ "everyone" on friendster is related to who your group of
              friends is. everyone on friendster to me is either a raver,
              goes to burning man, or is a friend of danh -ausman
                \_ I have the best profile on friendster! - danh
              \_ I guess all my friends of friends are either asian or
                 punks. i think you'd fall into my punk category (raver,
                 burning man, punk rock, goth, etc)
                 \_ who said anything about being *your* friend?
                 \_ "Punk" is a pretty specific term.  I would hardly categorize
                    ravers or goths as "punks."
                    \- it's also a quite general term. i'm using punk how an
                       old person would use the term "whippersnapper", not
                       someone who listens to blackflag or thinks they are
                       punk because they listen to Sum41 and JEW.
                    \_ dict synecdoche
                        \_ unix apps don't work with cable modem.
              \_ much as a mirror reflects the narcissitic idiot in front of it.
        \_ Friendster is Temporarily Unavailable
           We are experiencing heavy site traffic.
           Please try back in 5 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.
           \_ yay. new feature. before, you'd just timeout 90% of the time.
              \_ andd lose any typing you did.
                 \_ i'm so paranoid about this now that i always copy what
                    i type (whether it be friendster, blog, email) before
                    sending and paste it if needed.
        \_ I thought already drove this business plan through
           to bankruptcy.
           \_ nothing says the same plan cant be driven twice or more, eh?
        \_ FRIENDSTER IS JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS.  And 870 page kidbooks.
           \_ it was better when books were under 50 pages so we could get
              back to pong.
        \_ sounds like an email harvesting scheme to me...
           \_ one of my idiot friends 'invited' me to get spam, I mean join
              friendster using my primary email address.
              \_ Unless spammers are now routinely stripping off +detail
                 stuff from email addresses, I have not received any spam
                 directed at the address I gave Friendster. -geordan
              \_ Have you gotten any spam because of it? I think you are
                 being overly paranoid. Not everyone is out to spam you.
                 \_ It's only been 3 days.  Wait until their 'business model'
                    doesn't pan out and they need *something* to sell to pay
                    their bankruptcy lawyers.
2003/6/30-7/1 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:28870 Activity:moderate
6/30    Follow-up question to the Academy of Arts thread last week. Someone
        posted this answer:
                           \_ If you want to make $$$ then learn Inferno/Flame.
                              My gf worked for a large FX house and the
                              Flame artists all cleared $200K+. Maya is
                              good to know, but less specialized.
        Any info on why Flame is in demand, and what are some FX houses
        that use Flame? -thx
        \_ There are fewer artists who know it, therefore they make more $$$.
           Part of it is that it is expensive to buy. Any kid can sit down
           and fool with Maya. Flame is UNIX-based, which throws a lot of
           people off, too. My gf's company was Digital Domain, the company
           that did Titanic, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Backdraft, and
           others. --dim
           \_ I also want to mention #1 talent needed is artistic. People take
              classes to learn all the software and want to be digital artists.
              That's only enough to get you grunt work. You have to have the
              artistic talent. They would hire people who submitted drawings
              who had hardly TOUCHED a computer and turn away people who knew
              all of the software but still no talent. Imagine someone going
              to ITT and then wanting to be a software engineer. They know
              how to use the compiler, right?
              all of the software but had no talent. Imagine someone going
              to ITT and then wanting to be a software engineer. He knows
              how to use a compiler, right?
2003/6/30 [Uncategorized] UID:28871 Activity:nil
6/30    Wow, Soda's been up for almost 160 days. Is that a record?
        \_ no.
2003/6/30 [Uncategorized] UID:28872 Activity:nil
6/30    Where can I find statistics of crimes committed by different races?
        For example what is the percentage of homocide by white/black/asian?
        \_ "homocide" is now legal per the supreme court. narrow it down,
           you mean in japan/korea/singapore? Or USA? Or Argentina?
2003/6/30-7/1 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:28873 Activity:high
6/30    RIP Katharine Hepburn:
        \_ How DARE you be intimidated by me!  Screw the gays and the
           republicans and the trolls and the freepers and and and.  This
           is sad.  :(  -John
           \_ so is foxnews.  -- not being sarcastic or disrespectful
           \_ Gay Republican Freeper Trolls (GRiFT) unite!
           \_ incidentally i was completely unsaddened. except for the usual
              brief moment of being reminded of death in general
2018/12/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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