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2003/6/28-30 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:28852 Activity:high
6/28    I'm "upgrading" my basement server.  I got a free new PCI-ATA133
        card with a Promise PDC20269 chip. (not raid, just fast IDE). How
        would I research if this card will work in a particular used P2
        mobo that I haven't bought yet (an Asus P2B).  I also wondering how
        a computer boots from hard disk connected through a PCI IDE
        controller card?  It can't depend on drivers, cause they'd be on
        the disk, so I suspect it needs bios support?  Seems like a silly
        question, but I've never used an add-on IDE controller before.
        \_ it'll work.
            \_ How do you know, pray tell.
            \_ Could you indluge me with a breif explanation of the
               mechanism by which that will occur?
               \_ automagic
        \_ The card has it's own bios.  The same way you stick a scsi card in
           and can automagically boot off that without drivers from disk, etc.
           As the other person said, it'll work.
           \_ Thank you!! -op
2003/6/28 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:28853 Activity:very high
6/27    Landmark Studies Reveal Virtually All Of California's Population
        Explosion Due To Immigration
        Could it be that this is somehow related to the 30$ + billion
        \_ most states are having budget crisis now.  compare to states
           without immigration in large numbers or your hated democratic
           governer.  Most states had lots of money a few years ago
           when the economy was doing well.  They spent rather than saved
           because that's what 99% of all politicians do, and now we all
           pay the price.  I live in a state with a fiscally conservative
           republican govorner and no population growth for the last 10 years,
           and we're totally fucked right now(well, ok, not as fucked as CA.)
           \_ Maybe that "not as fucked as CA" part is the difference between
              having an (R) vs a (D) in office.
              \_ I'm sure there are alot of reasons, but mainly our bubble
                 wasn't as big a few years ago, so it didn't pop as hard.
                 Besides, this is just a small state (CT).  BTW, Rowland is
                 currently under investigation for curruption.
        \_ Or could it be the cause of our ever growing economy?
           More people spend more money
           \_ And pay more taxes.
        \_ Ah, the inevitable "blame it on the immigrants" troll.  Didn't
           we get enough of this with Wilson?
           \_ How is this a troll? I don't agree with the person, but it
              seems like a reasonable attempt to discuss the issues.
                \_ now this one is a better troll.
                   \_ Uh oh, someone said something you don't agree with!  It
                      must be a troll!  How dare anyone have an opinion or
                      espouse a political philosophy different from yours?
                      Diversity in opinion and thought is ok as long as every
                      one believes what you believe, eh?
           \_ Uh, Wilson was against *ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS* not immigrants
              in general. Illegal immigration was and still is a problem.
        \_ No, that's due to Davis spending billions that we didn't have on
           energy futures.
           \_ And various give aways to special interests on the left such as
              the prison guard unions and big acre farmers.
              \_ I knew it! Those big landowners are all secretly communists,
                 right? Have you completely lost your mind? Prison guards
                 are another group of well known anarchists and socialists.
                 \_ Nice dodge but no cigar.  Maybe next time you'll do better
                    at completely ducking the point, eh?
        \_ Y'all rekon them furiners ain't payin' 'nof taxes compare to us
           pau native folk?
           \_ Because everyone to your right on the political spectrum is
              obviously a backwoods southern hick stereotype.  If you can't
              debate them, insult and smear them.  Very Clintonesque of you.
              Hillary would be proud.
                 \_ Its a fricking joke. Do I have to add j/k after
                    my jokes so that people like you won't overreact?
                    (BTW, Buchanan-ites are probably the only people
                     further right on the political spectrum than me)
                     \_ Fuck you.
                     \_ You're on the motd; yes you do.
              \_ well, it's better than deleting the thread.  no matter how
                 annoying you find someones blather, you should admit that
                 they are above the untouchable scum mother**ckers we call
                 "motd censors."  Besides, Clinton *was* a southern hick
                 stereotype.  Can you name one instance in Bill Clinton's
                 carreer when he used stereotyping smear tactics?   I just
                 saw him in an inteview saying that he thought trent lott
                 had been the victim of an unfair smear campaign. I'm pretty
                 sure you'll never hear bush say that about a democrat.
                 \_ Read just about any Hillary speech.  Start with the VRWC
                    stuff and work your way forward.
        \_ And *how* was this not a troll again?
           \_ And again *how* is it possible for anyone who has different
              political opinions from yours to *not* be a troll?  I think
              you're a new form of a troll.  You're a meta-troll.  You troll
              about trolling.
        \_ The older you get, the more you will realize idiots are ruining
           our country for ours as well as future generations.  -ax
           \_ Yes.  Who did you vote for the last several elections?  Very few
              of the candidates I voted for made it.  And do you also vote in
              the midterm elections?  If you don't vote you don't count.
           \_ The Federalists said the same thing about Jefferson. The
              Confederates said the same thing about the Republicans.
           The National Research Council found that in California, ... each
           native household is paying about $1,178 a year in state and local
           taxes to cover the gap between the services used by immigrant
           households and their tax receipts.
           \_ yeah, give Texas and the southern states back so that the native
              north american people don't have to be called illegal immigrants,
              and whose quality of life has eroded steadily since 1492.
              \_ You know nothing about native americans or how they lived.
        \_ What the illegal immigrant haters always forget is that those tax
           dollars are more than offset by the incredibly cheap prices we
           pay for fruits, vegetables and grains harvested by the ultra
           cheap labor that illegal immigration makes possible.  No American
           citizen is willing to work for $5000 to $7000 dollars a year, yet
           in order for you to pay the price that you want at the grocery
           store, someone must do it.  The next time you eat a strawberry,
           think about the life of the person that picked it.  Have you ever
           picked strawberries for any length of time?  Do you know how
           backbreaking it can be?  Now think about doing that for 12 hour
           days, three months at a stretch, with no healthcare and no bathroom
           \_ Kick them all out and patrol the border properly and we'll have
              safer streets, fewer prisons, and less disease.  The tax savings
              will more than make up for what might be a few pennies saved on
              a basket of strawberries picked by criminals.
                \_      next time you eat a strawberry, consider that some poor
                        illegal immigrant peed on it because he couldn't have a
                        bathroom break
2003/6/28-30 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28854 Activity:kinda low
6/28    I've been playing around with cygwin and it looks like it doesn't
        have nfs client support.  Is that true or am I just blind?  Thanks.
        \_ I think it's true.  NFS is usually an OS thing.
        \_ or you could run a SMB server and mount the smb share
           with cygwin - danh
        \_ you can run an NFS server on your cygwin box. i don't know about
           a client. -ali
           \_ I want my cygwin box to nfs mount my unix box.  It doesn't
              look like there's a native cygwin nfs client.  I was hoping
              I was wrong.  -op
2003/6/28 [Uncategorized] UID:28855 Activity:nil
6/28    wow, sbc offers 1.5mbps up / 6mbps down for $99/mo.
2003/6/28-30 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:28856 Activity:very high
6/28    Do all 2point driving offenses (in CA) stay on the record for 7years?
        The CA Driving handbook is a little ambiguous, and couldn't find the
        relevant section in the CA vehicle code. Is there a list of 36month
        versus 7 year ones?
        \_ does going 100+ stay for 3 or 7 years?
           \_ 2 points, so stays on record for 7 years
        \_ You are a good driver if you only have 1 point in 3 years. An
           injury accident (2 points) should only count against you for
           3 years no matter how long it stays on your record.
           \_ No.
              \_ Yes.
                 Whether it stays on your record is not relevant for purposes
                 of insurance rates. It may be relevant for other purposes.
                 \_ no. nobody mentioned insurance.
                    \_ I did. "You are a good driver if..." So in 3 years
                       the OP doesn't have to sweat it if he stays clean.
                       The 7 years is not relevant. Maybe the OP can mention
                       if insurance is a concern for him.
                       \_ The 7 years matters to the DMV and the State of
                          California.  Get too many points and they'll pull
                          your license and then you're fucked.
        \_ STFW:
           2 points stay for 7 years:
           Common violations and points:
                \_ It doesn't specifically say that all 2point offenses
                   stay for 7 years. It says most violations such as foo,
                   bar, are 2 points and stay for 7 years.
                   \_ nevertheless, it does.
                   \_ what specific violation are you interested in?
                        \_ going 100+
                   \_ i think you are reading too much into the informal
                      language on the dmv site. Read it as a normal dumb
                      common-sense citizen, not as an overly-educated
                      Vehicle Code section 1808. As for how your insurance
                      co treats it -- ask them.
                      UCB alum.  2 points means 7 years on your record.
                      So, sorry, your 100mph isnt much different from
                      reckless driving -- you dont get a free pass.
                      Vehicle Code section 1808.
                      By the way, my cousin, non-citizen, was thrown in
                      jail when he tried to re-enter the USA after visiting
                      Hong Kong for chinese new year in Feb. because a 100mph+
                      ticket was issued to him 8+ years ago, but the
                      new post-9/11 federal database still had it, so dont
                      think such a ticket wont haunt you beyond 7 years.
                      He had cleared the ticket when he first got it, but
                      the Feds didn't care -- all they saw was that he
                      had a "record", so they detained him for almost 2 months
                      \_ The Feds are systematically destroying Americas
                         ability to conduct serious scietific collaborations
                         with this bullshit.  There's a great rant about this
                         in the first few pages of Science this week. basically,
                         if we continue down the path of treating all foreigners
                         with suspiscion, even tenured faculty at top
                         universities, we will loose our position as the
                         uncontested scientific wold leader.  That would
                         be very very bad.  This is a very serious threat
                         to national security, and unfortunately, it comes
                         not from enemies, but from well-meaning but totally
                         moronic officials.  As non-moronic Americans, it
                         is our responsibilty to fight this now, before
                         it's too late.
                         \_ If we don't let foreign scientists in without
                            scrutiny how will the Chinese ever catch up?  We'd
                            have to open a whole new Federal branch to email
                            all the stuff!  You know how expensive a network
                            pipe over the Pacific Ocean is?  Or satellite
                            time in bulk?  They'll have to raise taxes to
                            afford this new branch of government.  I say let
                            them all in and make them pay for their own
                            espionage costs!
                            \_ random harassment!=scrutiny.  you don't
                               know what the fuck you're talking about.
                      \_ Can you email me? I have questions about this.
        \_ If you were stupid enough not only to drive 100+ but to get caught
           doing it you're too stupid to worry about points; you're too stupid
           to drive; you're too stupid to continue living.  Please stay off
           the roads... and the sidewalks... and the grass.
           \_ but by all means keep posting to the motd.
2003/6/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:28857 Activity:nil 50%like:11291
6/28    [ sbc thread deleted because i was wrong -op ]
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