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2003/6/27 [Uncategorized] UID:28848 Activity:high
6/26    RIP 100 years of racism -ST
        \_ "Time brings changes, and you can't go too far ahead of your
            people.  You have to lead the [white] people as best you can."
        \_ That is rather optimistic.  Are you saying racism has died with
        \_ All of those liberal supreme court decisions probably did him in
        \_ why would racism rest in peace? sure, cuz what he said/did he
           could be called that. but do you honestly think we can all get along?
        \_ Completely clueless, why even bother make an effort.
2003/6/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:28849 Activity:high
6/26    This command is hanging on my RH linux box:
        ping -c 1 -t 1
        It doesn't hang from here on timeout.   What should i do?
        \_ you are setting your TTL to 1 hop? why would you do that?
           you are basically saying "if you have to go through more than
           1 router, die.." and im sure yahoo is at least 5 hops away.
           -t is in hops, not seconds.. read the man page.
           \_ Wrong answer.  -t is timeout.  -T is ttl.  He almost certainly
              has a problem with his resolver.  Check /etc/resolv.conf and
              make sure your nameservers are working properly. --scotsman
           \_ The man page says " -t ttl Set the IP Time to Live."
              That's *IT*, though I don't really care.  I'd be happy to be
              saying what you are saying above.  It still shouldn't
              HANG.  It doesn't if you do it from here and it doesn't if I
              do it from my other linux box (diff network).  The question
              is:  WHY IS IT HANGING? (this is related to a bunch of hanging
              pings i get from my network test that run without the -t flag)
              Normal pings work the vast majority of the time.   (haven't
              got one to fail for me manually, just 8/1440 in the cronjob)
2003/6/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:28850 Activity:moderate
6/27    Anti-Telemarketing List Opens for Registration
        \_ ( easier to remember than )
           \_ nononono! is the STANDARD! way to post motd urls!
        \_ is this too good to be true?
                \_ Yes.  Not applicable for charities or political
                   organizations.  -John
                   \_ Or phone companies. But at least one can get those
                      Chronicle pushers to stop calling.
                      \_ actually i thought it only applies to interstate
                         calling. Does the Chronicle pimp out their
                         telemarketing to another state?
                         telecommuting to another state?
                         \_ The federal rule may affect only interstate calls
                            but the recent CA state rule limits all calls.
                         \_ The FCC is going to police intrastate calls.
                   \_ Political speech is constitutionally protected. For
                      example, communities that ban door-to-door solicitation
                      still have to allow "canvassing."
        \_ a lot of people must be signing on.  The web site keeps timing out.
           I can't do a successful submission.
           \_ Hit the CA one. It covers both:
        \_ My anti-telemarketing initiative involves GPS and cruise missiles.
           Death to all telemarketers!
        \_ If you though telemarketting was bad, just wait till this takes
           \_ If I can hit the National Do Not Call Registry, do I need to
              enroll through CA's?
           \_ It was on the front page of slashdot today.  Try again Monday.
        \_ My anti-telecommuting initiative involves GPS and cruise missiles.
           Death to all telecommuters!
        \_ If you though telecommutting was bad, just wait till this takes
           off (you won't be able to get any legit mail ever again):
2003/6/27-30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28851 Activity:low
6/27    mutt 1.5.4 installed, along with Chris Walker's patch to view and
        sort by spamassassin scores.  Thanks to jwang for doing all the work.
        --jwang: some useful muttrc examples that automate the new feature.
        # default folder hooks
        folder-hook .    reset index_format
        folder-hook .    set sort=threads
        # spam folder hooks: list spam-score in index, sort by spam-score
        folder-hook spam "set index_format='%4C %{%b %d} %-15.15L (%5.1p) %s'"
        folder-hook spam set sort=spam-score
        \_ Thanks, but why'd you guys explicitly turn off compressed folder
           support (which some people were using)? --dbushong
           \_ i preserved the old 'mutt -v' options when configuring
              /csua/tmp/jwang/mutt-1.5.4, and compressed folders didn't
              appear as an option. if you know what needs to be done to
              enable this, e-mail me. --jwang
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