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2003/6/23 [Uncategorized] UID:28809 Activity:nil
        the URL says it all.
        \_ in case you need more background:
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28810 Activity:high 53%like:29080
6/23    Hey djyoung - why don't you nice some of your perl jobs so other
        people can use the freaking machine as well?
        \_ ps -ua | grep "djyoung" reveals no such processes.  Finished?
           \_ try ps aux | grep djyoung .  I mailed him a week or so ago about
              using spamc but got no response.
              \_ look at his .forward file.  Mail sent to him go to Never-never
                  \_ no, it goes to  /home/sequent/djyoung/foo
           \_ Just try "top". You'll see what op is talking about. BTW is
              spamd set to restart automatically now? i.e. can I switch back
              from using spamassassin to spamc/spamd and expect it to stay on?
              \_ on a related note, how does spamassassin compare to ifile for
                 CPU/other resource usage?
              \_ How _do_ you use Spamassassin on Soda?  On a WinXP box running
                 Outlook?  Can someone point me to a FAQ?  - SA newbie.
                 \_ man spam
                 \_ look into CloudMark
                    \_ CloudMark is way cool.
                        \_ Why do you care if you're running Outlook.
                           Outlook users just beg for spam & viruses.
        \_ He has been warned. Squish him!
        \_ There should be a way group of users can kill a user process.
           Enough people vote for a specific process, it kills it.
           \_ You want to know about voting?  Go here:
              but not if you're squeamish.
2003/6/23 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:28811 Activity:moderate
6/22    I remember reading a brochure from a parcel company (UPS or Fed Ex)
        that recommend against using duct tape for seal and strengthen
        the edges and openings of shipping boxes.  Why?  Duct tape seems to
        be the strongest tapes around, and certainly stronger than the striped
        shipping tapes recommended for shipping (the linear stripes make them
        strong against tear in the directions orthogonal to the stripes
        but vulnerable to spliting in the parallel direction).
                      \_ uh, use two strips of tape orthogonal to each other?
        \_ duct tape comes off in high humidity.
        \_ Why don't you call them and ask
                \_ Like anyone answering the phone would know that. They are
                   all clueless.
        \_ i believe it has something to do with them not being very
           sticky and peeling off quite easily
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28812 Activity:high
6/23    perl open3 question: according to the manpage, both of these should
        work. The first one does. Why does the second one produce an error
        message?   "open3: wtr should not be null at ./open3.cgi line 20"
          open3(\*WTRFH, \*RDRFH, \*ERRFH, $command);
          open3($wtr, $rdr, $err, $command);
        \_ How did you assign $wtr?
           \_ Do I need to assign a value to them?
              the example just shows declaring them: my ($wtr, $rdr, $err);
              \_ don't breed.
              \_ ill assume for a moment youre not a new form of troll: yes,
                 you need to put something in a variable before passing it as
                 a parameter to a function or subroutine of some sort.  not
                 just in perl but in _most_ languages.  you scheme/lisp freaks
                 and other assorted nuts should count down slowly from 10
                 before replying.
                 \_ Okay, assigning some random value works, but not in
                    "use strict" mode.  I'm not trolling. I'm serious.
                     'Can't use string ("one") as a symbol ref while
                     "strict refs" in use at ./bin/open3.cgi line 27.'
                 \_ Not true, but I'll assume that you're just uninformed.
                    Ever heard of autovivification? Try this on a system that
                    has a resonably recent perl installed:
   perl -e 'open $foo,"</etc/passwd" or die "It didnt work!";print <$foo>'
                    (by the way this won't work on soda since the version
                     of perl on soda is fairly out of date)
                    (by the way this won't work on soda since perl5.00503
                     installed on soda is fairly out of date and doesn't support
                     this feature).
                     \_ Thank you. The machine I'm using open3 on is also
                        an older version of perl. Is there a way to use
                        $variable filehandles, or do I need to stick with
                        the glob notation?
                        \_ See the notes about IO::File in the "open" section
                           of the perlfunc man page. In summary, it's still
                           fairly simple, e.g.:

                           use IO::File;
                           my $handle = new IO::File;
                           open $handle ... blah blah
                     \_ It's a hack.  "Install latest version of perl to
                        avoid sloppy coding" isn't a real answer.
                        \_ autovivification is not a hack. It's a widely
                           used and supported feature. Take a look at the
                           third edition of the Camel book and numerous
                           articles on the net.
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:28813 Activity:very high
6/23    I'm thinking of making a big investment in LCD display (20+ inches).
        When working from home and using a laptop, I spend a lot of time
        moving windows around.  It's getting tiresome. Anybody recommend a
        particular brand or model?  It's a lot of money I know.  $2000+
        dollars.  I figure I'll have the display for at least 5-10 years.
        \_ dell 21 inch display.  Less than 1000 dollars and 60htz refresh.
           \_ i believe dell are really just samsung LCDs, so you can go with
              samsung LCDs as well.
                \_ yeah but for some reason the dell versions cost a lot less
        \_ CostCo has a 19" display with 600:1 constrast ratio for sale for
           $600.  Buy three of those instead.
           \_ I would.  But I only have a laptop.  I don't think I can add
              another graphics card to support a dual-headed machine.  Unless
              there's some fancy way to do this with one graphics card???
              \_ Keep the two spares in case you get a dead pixel.  21" isn't
                 that much bigger than 19".
                 \_ 361 vs 441 square inches?  That's not much bigger??
                    \_ Do the math again.  It's 173 vs 211 sq. in.  Or about 1
                       inch in the y and 1.5 inches in the x.  I switch between
                       19" and 21" displays all the time, and it's not a big
        \_ I don't think it will last 10 years. Maybe 5. Limited data so far
           suggests they will not last as long as a CRT. Dell makes a decent
           20" LCD for ~$1200, FWIW. --dim
                \_ My Apple 15" LCD has lasted for almost 6 yrs now. It look
                   just as nice today as the day that I first got it. Can't
                   say the same for my Sony CRTs (most have died or have
                   developed color issues).
                   \_ Hitachi 21" still rock solid after much abuse over 7 yrs.
                      \_ I've got a few dozen here at work from Sun, HP,
                         Apple, and Dell. So far they seem to have a higher
                         failure rate. YMMV. --dim
                         \_ I wont/cant/dont tolerate a bad screen.  If there
                            was *anything* wrong with the Hitachi I'd have
                            replaced it the next day.  Note that I got it
                            retail and not as part of a package of throwaway
                            cheapo crap from an OEM like SunDellAppleHP.
2003/6/23 [Uncategorized] UID:28814 Activity:nil
6/23    I'm trying to find a synonym for the verb "nag" that is not
        as colloquial, but still conveys the annoyingness of nagging.
        No dictionary/thesaurus has helped. Does anyone have any
        suggestions. Thx.
        \_ badger (use for whatever nefarious purposes)
           \_ We don't need no stinkin' badgers!
        \_ pester
2003/6/23 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:28815 Activity:low
6/23    Sweet Foosball action:
        \_ That's the foosball equivalent of the over-the-head backwards
           kick in soccer-- brilliant!
        \_ That's the foosball equivalent of the bicycle kick-- brilliant!
           (Thank you, soccer fan!)
           \_ aka bicycle kick
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28816 Activity:low
6/23    How about a blacklist that blocks out URL/sites that are sent out
        by spammers? The downside is that someone could send out spam
        telling you to go to google or amazon, but that could be worked out...
        \_ why not just block out spam?
           \_ I do... but we have to "make 'em pay".
              \_ No, you'd just make a mess of the net.
        \_ it's been done in various forms.  google: "block spam hosts"
           and yes, from experience with an organized relay blocking
           effort, it can make a "mess of the net."
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:28817 Activity:kinda low
6/23    Sendmail gurus: Is there a way to use a different character for
        user+detail?  some broken mailers do not accept "+" in the
        \_ You'd have to put in your own rewrite rule for this.  It shouldn't
           be terribly hard, though.
           \_ Can I just replace " + " with " . " in  Or will
              that break something?
              \_ It would be easier to do some sort of catchall virtuser thing
                 to do that. like "user.*"
2003/6/23 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic] UID:28818 Activity:very high
6/23    Justice O'Connor is a disgrace.  Souter and Stevens are morons.
        The court ruled that 'diversity' is a compelling state
        \_ You don't agree, so they are morons.  Compelling.  This was states'
           rights decision-making at it's finest.
        \_ Well, the old boys network is still like 200 million to 2.
        \_ i think Grat came out great. It says diversity is a state interest,
           but the university's policy is not narrowly enough construed. it
           strikes a really nice balance, in my opinion. -ali.
        \_ Dear Troll, real conservatives don't believe the judges serving
           the American people on the Supreme Court are morons because they
           didn't agree with *your* personal philophy.  As a real conservative
           I'm more happy than unhappy with the ruling.  Next time you try to
           make conservatives look like idiots, please make some minimal
           effort to get it right.  Thanks!  -rc
           \_ The Freepers disagree with you.
        \_ yeah AA is really based on "race" - esp when Asians are a smaller
           minority but get no preferences. Don't forget the first race to be
           discriminated against in this country were the Chinese. Any policy
           with AA is racist pure and simple.
           \_ got some revisionist history going on there?
           \_ at one point asians were outscoring the ethnic majority at
              Cal, they had to sue to allow more in. How's that for racism?
              Sounds like AA for the ethnic majority. And it wasn't so long
              ago. Also, the first race to be discriminated against in this
              country were the native americans.
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