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2003/6/16 [Uncategorized] UID:28738 Activity:nil
6/15    How many bytes does a 60m mini-DV tape take?
2003/6/16 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28739 Activity:nil
6/15    I've been using a free email account for the past few years
        and it's been great in terms of reliability and being nearly spam-free.
        But lately its reliability has been going down (~1 out of every 5 emails
        I send doesn't make it to the other end, nor do I get a 'message not
        delivered' email) and I've been getting a lot more spam. Does anyone
        have a account and/or been experiencing similar problems
        with other free email providers? Thanks.
        \_ All free e-mail providers are by definition spammer's playgrounds
           so they all end up on various anti-spam blacklists.
        \_ You get what you pay for.  You're so 1999.  There's nothing good
           *and* free on the net anymore.  The VCs have left the building.
        \_ I setup a yahoo mail account as a spam magnet and I think yahoo does
           an OK job at filtering out spam.
        \_ I've said it before and it still applies.  Get your own domain,
           set it up at home (use a dyndns name if you must) and configure
           a decent mail server/webmail package.  You have way more control
           over spam, privacy, whatever.  -John
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