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2003/6/15 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:28734 Activity:nil
6/14    The Times' Designated Man in the Street (Coulter outs Times)
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6/14    Motorcycling motd'ers: why are some harley handlebars so high?  It looks
        stupid and uncomfortable. Is there any reason for having them set like
        \_ High handlebars are for men.  Little boys should stick with lower
           close to the chest girly bars.
        \_ because harley riders are just a step below primitive apes.
           \_ Just like the sopistication of your humor.
2003/6/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:28737 Activity:very high
6/14    Techie interview attire question: what should I wear? Suit & tie, or
        paolo shirt + dockers? or??? help me obi-wan-motd-gods!!!
        -tired of looking like dork
        \_ I always just wear my jedi robes. some places get touchy about
           the lightsaber, though.  -owmg
        \_ depends on the place.  asking HR never hurts although the answer is
           usually a worthless "dress business casual/professionally" reply.
        \_ Corollary question:  Has wearing a suit and tie for an interview
           ever cost you a job?
        \_ Basically -- dress up as much as you can without "feeling like
           you're not yourself."  If you are usually a Tshirts and jeans kind
           of person whose "formal" means a button down shirt with khakis,
           then wear that.  Whatever stresses you out the least, because
           the important part is the content of the interview and if you are
           uncomfortable in your dress, you might just ruin the most important
           part.  I'd say minimum is a polo shirt and non-jeans (e.g., khaki or
           chino pants).  If you feel comfortable in a suit and have a GOOD
           suit, then go for it (it won't hurt whereas a dirty tshirt and
           crumpled jeans might).--chris, who used to be HR and hiring manager.
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