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2003/6/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:28684 Activity:very high
6/9     Israel-Palestine question.  Most people agree that return of
        1967 border and waive the right of refugee's return is somewhat
        more viable peace plan than anything else.  My question is:  I
        thought that Gaza Strip was taken away from Egypt.  Howcome that
        during the discussion of Palestine statehood, no one talked about
        returning Gaza Strip back to Egypt?
                                Ignorant Chinese
         \_ The West Bank was taken from Jordan, so you should be asking
            the same question about Jordan.  But Jordan doesn't want to
            deal with the West Bank, and Egypt probably doesn't want to
            deal with Gaza.
        \_ because Israel is no way no how going to give that back to Egypt.
        \_ hey moron - Israel *wanted* and *wants* to give the gaza back
           to egypt. If you read up on the peace plans of the past, Egypt
           refused - they didn't want to deal with it either.
           \_ yeah... Israel *wants* to give the gaza back.  I thought
              Gaza Strip is part of the promise land.
           \_ I just thought that i would make more sense, and it shows
              a good gesture to the Arab world that Israel is serious about
              the settlement.  Further, it can deflect some of the problem
              to Egypt... let Egypt to deal with Palestinians in the Gaza
        \_ Here's the real answer: Jordan doesn't want the West Bank back.
           Egypt doesn't want the Gaza Strip back.  Why?  Because they're both
           packed full of palestinians.  *No one* wants palestinians in their
           country.  They're kept in poverty and in permanent refugee status
           by the other Arabs to give their dictators something to distract
           their own people from their own very real problems.  There were
           hundreds of thousands of Jews all over the middle east who got
           forcefully evicted from their homes.  Places where Jews had lived
           for more than a thousand years in many cases.  Israel took them all
           in.  No country has taken in the palestinians and never will.  The
           palestinians are considered garbage people by the other Arabs.  As
           far as "most people agree", you should find a larger set of people
           to talk to.  Israel will never go back to the '67 borders.  They
           aren't defendable.  As far as the right of return goes, they have no
           more right than the Jews have to return to their homes: none.  ok,
           enough being trolled.
                \_  This is true... Kuwait evicted all of its Palestinians
                    after GWI, the Saudis also evicted and put others in camps.
                    Jordan is over 50% Palestinian.
                        \_ Might also want to look up massacres of
                           Palestinians and expulsion of PLA/PLO by Jordan in
                           1970. -John
           \_ hey, I am just looking at this whole situation and trying to
              make sense of it.  I just thought that a Palestine State (for
              sake of arguement, 100%  of West Bank) AND Gaza Strip is not
              viable at all.   And by the way, I don't buy the "undefendable
              border" arguement.  If you look at the national border over the
              world, you will see borders, for the most part, are not
              defendable.               --OP
              \_  Ummm.. Maybe so, but most places
                  A) Don't get much choice about it regularly
                  B) Aren't surrounded by other countries obseessed with
                     killing them, and them in particular.
              \_ So you think once there's a "viable Palestinian state" that
                 the various palestinian terrorist groups will suddenly stop
                 killing Israelis and the rest of the arab nations will put
                 Israel on the maps they use in their grade schools?
                 Israel on the maps they use in their grade schools?  While
                 we're trolling on Israel, what do you think of China releasing
                 Tibet and also stop threatening to invade Taiwan and let it
                 be independent?  Or maybe the other way?  Tibet and Taiwan
                 should STFU and stop rejecting their natural motherland?
                  < non related topic deleted >
                 \_ Terrorism is an act of desperation.  Mind you that
                    there was once upon a time when Arab nations were
                    reasonable, rational, and even democratic.  But we
                    took advantage of that by creating an Israeli state,
                    evicted people who lived there close to 2000 years, and
                    installed pro-western government so we can extract
                    oil from them.  If we were following the democratic
                    principle, Israel wouldn't of created at first place.
           \_ Why are they packed full of palestinians?
              \_ Because palestinians breed like rats and no one and I mean
                 *no one* wants rats in their house.
                 \_ Interesting. My boss is Palestinian. He may be overweight
                    and a blowhard, but I can't say he's been breeding like a
2003/6/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:28685 Activity:low
6/9     Anyone out there use any of these PHP IDEs?  Any one better than
        the others?  (this ain't for me i'm happy with slickedit).
        \_ I use ed.  It's the STANDARD PHP IDE!
2003/6/10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28686 Activity:high
6/9     I recently modified my inetd.conf file on my FreeBSD-4.7 box
        to allow for ftp. I ended up restarting my machine to put
        this change into effect, but I'm not sure that was necessary.
        Was there another way to do it? Thanks.
        \_ kill -HUP <inetd PID>        -John
        \_ man inetd  (John, give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day....)
                \_  es yes, light a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
            Light a man afire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
                    I just prefer enjoy throwing fish at people.  -John
2003/6/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28687 Activity:nil
6/9     Democracy: that was what the war is all about:
2003/6/10 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:28688 Activity:high
6/9     is anyone using the following SSH client?  Is it any good?
                ssh windows client
                version: Aug 4 1998 (32)
                by: Cedomir Igaly, 1995/1998
                Revision: 2.100
        \_ If you're just looking for a recommendation, either SecureCRT
           or TeraTerm Pro have worked well for me.
        \_ Agree with the above, or putty (simply because it's the first google
           hit on a search for putty, and is a single executable of about 500k.
           i call it my tissue paper ssh client) --scotsman
        \_ I use the free non-commercial ssh client from Works fine
           and allows for easy file transfers.
           \_ It also has the advantage of recognizing urls and letting you
              click on them, which i like since i follow every link posted
              on CSUA.  It has the disadvantage of being very bugy.
              \_ buggs ar eprobabyl frm cdoing typos, eh?
        \_ PuTTY works very nicely:
           \_ Indeeed, I switched from TTerm to putty and haven't looked back
              (the single executable/no install is very nice).  It does X
              tunnelling which IIRC TT doesn't.
              \_ Actually, TT tunnelling is pretty good, and does X fine.
                 \_ Yup, and teraterm cut/paste is much more friendly.  Also
                    its UI is much leaner, which I prefer.  TeraTerm will also
                    do serial connections, which IIRC putty does not.
                 \_ Does TT do protocol 2 yet?
                    \_ Not the last time I checked.  That's the *only* reason
                       to use putty.
        \_ cygwin
        \_ SecureCRT, hands down! Putty is not bad, but SecureCRT has
           almost everything you ever wanted in a telnet client. Ultra
           robust, highly customizable.
2003/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:28689 Activity:nil
        I'm glad Hillary finally got a chance to explain her side and did it
        so well.  She finally got her chance to put those rat bastards in their
        place.  This is a *great* book review.  Read the review even if you
        don't read the book.  Hillary/Gore '04!!!
2003/6/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:28690 Activity:high
6/10    I'd like to have a \section heading be typeset as small caps in
        LaTeX, but just putting {\sc ... } doesn't work. is there any way
        to do it?
        \_ In the LaTeX file, the letters you want to be smallcaps
           should be lowercase --- are they in your file?
                \_ Yeah, they are, and it doesn't work.
                   \_ Odd. E.g. \section{{\sc Introduction}} works for me,
                      using the "article" document-class.
                        \_ I'm actually using a style file (actually a .clo
                           file). would that affect it? -op
                           \_ That's my guess.
        \_ Why do some people still use *tex for anything?
2003/6/10-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28691 Activity:high
6/10    I want to grep for the ocurrance of the ']' and '[' character in a file
        I've tried all sorts of quoting on the command line, everything seems
        to give a ayntax or 'unmatched' error. How can I do this?
        \_ grep '\['
        \_ to search for both, use "egrep '\[|\]'<filename>" -jnat
           \_ That doesn't seem to work as an "or" perhaps the version
              pf egrep is too old?  egrep -V  =  grep (GNU grep) 2.4.2
              \_ It looks like you're not really running egrep -- perhaps
                 it's aliased to grep?  The pattern above works in egrep;
                 you could also use '[][]', which works everywhere.  --mconst
                 \_ Yup, it's just an alias to grep. thanks
              \_ he probably meant '[\[\]]' or '(\[|\])' --scotsman
                 \_ Nope.  And I used egrep on soda.  egrep -V:
                        egrep (GNU grep) 2.4d      -jnat
           \_ That works for me:
        soda% egrep '\[|\]' /tmp/testfile
        lsdkfsjdlf sodjf sdlfj sodfj [sjfls] sfjls
        sdl [fjso slsjfosf sfosjf os sfjlsfj ssj
        sjflsdfj ofijwe wof owejf] oweo swfowejoi
        soda% which egrep
        soda% egrep --version
        egrep (GNU grep) 2.4d
2003/6/10-11 [Science/Physics] UID:28692 Activity:moderate
6/10    Physics buffs: back in physics 7C, the prof said that some physics
        genius/nobel laureate wrote a PhD dissertation that was only 3
        pages, but I forgot who he was. Does anyone know about this?
        \_ might have been laplace. -ali
        \_ I think I remember Prof. Zettel saying something about
           de Broglie's thesis on matter waves being really short. -emin
                \_ bingo! That was it. I had Zettl too. (looking it up
                   it was actually 7 pages. oops.) Thanks.
                   \_ it's always better in the retelling.  did you note he
                      used sub-pixel fonts and no margins?
2003/6/10 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28693 Activity:nil
6/10    Whenever I go above 100MPH (100-110) on my Ninja 500R, I feel like
        my body would be blow off from the bike. Is this common on all
        sportbikes? Should I get a bigger windshield or something?
        \_ You should stop driving so fucking fast that _when_ you hit some
           poor bastard unfortunate enough to share the road with your dumb
           ass you kill you and them instantly.
           \_ I fondly remember the one incident where I was driving on 880
              and two motorcycles zoomed past me as they weaved in and out
              of traffic. Two miles later, there was a big traffic jam. Turns
              out one of the cyclists met a pickup truck.
              \_ Cool!  Justice was served.
             \_ What the fuck is wrong with you guys? The op is asking
                for some simple advice that doesn't need your lame
                opinions. So what if it's dangerous? I'm sure he doesn't
                agree with some of the boring habits you all have. Just
                because you shit bricks when you hear the word
                "motorcycle" doesn't mean you should react like this. Be
                a pussy in private.
                \_ If by "shit bricks" you mean "cringe at other people's
                   stupidity and carelessness", then ok.
                \_ He's asking for advice on how to safely be a moron. That
                   definitely calls for derogatory comments.
                        \_ Maybe he's racing, legally.
                           \_ If so, I'd expect him to know such matters or
                              know of better sources of info than the motd
                   \_ He is asking for advice on how to comfortably do
                      something dangerous. It is not the same thing at all.
                      \_ oh.
2003/6/10 [Consumer/Audio] UID:28694 Activity:nil
6/10    Anybody would like to predict when I'll be able to buy a device that
        has the following functionalities (all in one device).  This is stuff
        I need for business on a daily basis.  Having to carry 5-6 gadgets is
        getting quite ridiculous.
        * cell phone
        * address book and notes that can be backed up onto a PC
        * FM/AM radio (no mechanical frequency changer, but digital tuning)
        * digital recorder that can record from microphone, phone
          conversation, or from the radio.  Must be able to download the voice
          recording onto a PC.  And upload conversations onto device for
        * upload MP3s onto the device.
        * integrated GPS and navigation
        * basic internet that can receive email and fax.  Doesn't need
          fancy web browsing.  But need something like yahoo's directory
          listings that is tied in with GPS.  E.g., ability to tell the
          device to give me a list of gas stations within 1 mile radius of
          where I am. And display them in a map relative to where I am.
        * color screen at least 3x3 inches.
        * And the most important feature: batteries that last for 1 week
          with active use.
        Yes, I'm asking a lot.  We will get there. But when?  Predictions?
        \_ I suspect that some of the high end Sony CLIE models may do what
           you want.  See also the Palm Tungsten T (don't know if it's out
        \_ Everything except the battery within 2 years.  Oh, I just
           noticed that you did not specify a size requirement.  In that
           case, the device already exists.
        \_ You actually *need* and/or *use* mp3s and AM/FM radio for your work?
           Are they hiring?  I want to slack off and get paid, too!
           \_ answer the fucking question.
2003/6/10 [Science, Politics] UID:28695 Activity:nil
6/10    aaron, why do you misuse your power at Google? Have you no ethics?
        \_ what is the point of having power, if you can't misuse it? -!aaron
        \_ google has no power.
        \_ why are you wasting time trolling me --aaron
        \_ what did he do?
2003/6/10-11 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28696 Activity:high
6/10    When I bite into a York peppermint patty, I get the sensation of
        going over 100MPH on my Ninja 500R while receiving fellatio from
        a porno star featured on my 50" projection TV, purchased due to
        the great job I got where I spend all my time slacking off!
        \_ lol.  that made my day.
           \_ you must've had a really bad day.
        \_ what the hell is a Ninja 500R?
        \_ And why did you get that job?  That's right, because you didn't
           wear a crappy suit to the interview!
        \_ You funny. I giggle.
2003/6/10-11 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:28697 Activity:nil
6/10    I was thinking of buying a large projection tv (50"+/-).  Does
        anyone have recommendations or warnings on brands/models?  TIA.
        \_ Check forums at .  If the setup of your
           room is correct, you should consider a LCD/DLP projector.
           Check for projector stuff.
2003/6/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:28698 Activity:kinda low
6/10    For people working as programmers: what percentage of your time at
        work do you spend slacking off (web surfing etc?) and do you think
        some amount of slacking off is necessary in order to be productive
        the rest of the time?
        \_ Depends on the person, and the company.  If you burnout easily
           and need recharges through the day, but nail or beat deadlines,
           a good manager would be able to recognize this.  Keep in mind,
           though, that there are a lot of bad managers out there.  Also,
           as a manager, I would want to know that you can handle being
           "heads down" if you have to.
           \_ Do good managers ask employees to swallow?
              \_ Good employees will offer to swallow before a manager has
                 to ask.
                 \_ Good employees swallow without having to be asked.
                    \_ A good employee-manager relationship involves mutual
                       and simultaneous swallowing.
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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