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2003/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:28669 Activity:insanely high
6/8     Can anyone recommend a better email client?  I've been using
        Pine and I'd really like more functionality such as sorting of
        emails from lists into different bins.  I've tried mutt, but I
        can't get the hang of it and I don't want to waste the time to
        learn all of the special keys to make it work.  I need it to work
        in a UNIX console, but having a windows version would definitely
        be a plus.  IMAP support would also be useful.  thx
        \_ btw, you don't have to learn all those "special keys". you can
           do your own keybindings.
        \_ Sorting mail into different mailboxes traditionally is not
           a MUA task. This is typically done by MDAs like procmail or
           slocal. I suggest to take a look at procmail for mail sorting.
        \_ (n)mh is the best mail client ever. Combine with fetchmail
           if you need to get mail from an imap(s) server. Add mh-e
           and emacs if you want a nice front end.
           \_ assuming fetchmail does what i assume it does, doesn't that
              kind of defeat the purpose of imap?  (specifically LEAVING
              the mail in one central local for access and all that).
              Back when i worked I had pine on my linux box set up to
              access our exchange imap server.  It was extra sweet.
              \_ pine, extra sweet? you're extra silly.
              \_ fetchmail can leave mail on the server.  you could run
                 fetchmail from each place you might read mail and use the
                 same filters and you'll get the same mail everywhere and
                 it'll be safer than leaving it all in one basket waiting to
                 break like MSExchange.  But really what you'd do in the real
                 world is just fetchmail to one account and ssh in and leave
                 yourself logged in to deal with mail.  By playing with the
                 replcomps and other mh files you can reply to mail as anyone
                 based on where the mail was sent from so you always look like
                 you're sending from whatever account@domain.ext you'd like in
                 each case.  n/mh is harder to setup than other mail programs
                 but is also much more powerful if you need to really take
                 control of your mail.
                 \_ don't be a doofus, if the guy can't handle mutt there's
                    no way he can handle mh.  (And it's a stupid suggestion
                    anyway).  Besides, sorting mail isn't the job of your
                    mail client; use procmail.  -tom
                        \_ I disagree. (n)mh is much simpler than mutt or
                           any other mail reader (and it comes with nice
                           sorting features built-in, such as refile and
                           slocal (for those you don't want procmail)).
                           No control keys, menus or other nonsense is
                           required. It works on even the slowest of
                           connections. All you need to know how to do is
                           to use the shell and an editor and you don't
                           have to jump through hoops to get it to play
                           nice with fetchmail/procmail/etc since it has
                           the simplest of all possible mail sorting and
                           storage mechanisms.
                           \_ I've tried to use mh for mail quite a few times,
                              but each time I realize that it is far too
                              clunky if all I really use mail for is, well,
                              reading mail.  If I had tons of email from
                              50 different mailing lists and trouble tickets
                              etc etc, well then I might be convinced it is
                              useful, but I happen to like the ui of mutt.
                              It works, it what I want, and most importantly
                              I DIDN'T HAVE TO FUCK WITH IT to get it to
                              be easy to use.  -aspo
                              \_ Not sure why you have so many problems
                                 with (n)mh. I mostly use it to read mail
                                 and I was able to set it up and get it
                                 running in all of five mins. And the
                                 advantage of (n)mh is that you can run
                                 it on the cmd-line or you can use mh-e
                                 and run it in emacs allowing you to use
                                 one unified interface for reading mail,
                                 reading news, coding, surfing the web
                                 etc. The GNUS - (n)mh hooks also allow
                                 you to sort saved news into mh style
                                 folders so sorting your news and reading
                                 saved news can also be done using cli
                                 mh in some cases.
                    \_ mh and procmail go hand in hand, but you knew that,
                       didn't you, Doofus?  other people give options and
                       explain the why's, whatfors, and difficulties, whereas
                       you only spew hatred and put people down.  why are you
                       here?  do you get off on being a useless asshole?
                        \_ how is "mh" any more of an option than "procmail"?
                           procmail doesn't go hand-in-hand with mh any more
                           than it does with any other mail client.  the
                           original poster could use procmail to get the
                           functionality he wants, and continue using his
                           current email client.  The idea that a pine user
                           should switch to mh and fetchmail so he can
                           sort mail into folders is totally absurd.   -tom
2003/6/8-9 [Finance/Banking, Consumer/Audio, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:28670 Activity:kinda low
6/8     recommendations for settings to use for cdrecord
        in unix/linux to make cds that will play in one of those
        cheap mp3/cd players?  I tried burning at 4x and
        getting rid of spaces and joliet extensions.
        \_ 4x?  If you were serious you'd burn at 1x.
        \_ many of those cheap mp3/cd won't do above 128k bps, or VBR
2003/6/8-9 [Recreation/Pets] UID:28671 Activity:moderate
6/8     I just saw a disturbing video of a dog humping Pikachu. Why would
        a dog do something like that?
        \_ It's what dogs do.
        \_ P1K4CHU 15 4 H07 4514N, UM, CH1X!
           \_ there's a girl at my work named Pik Chu.
              \_ And my workplace a Kim Chi.
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