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2003/6/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28659 Activity:high
        So lila&kchang are bitter suicidal ex? Is lila a psycho?
                                               \_ No.        -mice
        \_ i never even met him in real life.  i just enjoyed making
           fun of him on wall along with everyone else.   -lila
                \_ your page certainly makes you look like a psycho.
                   \_ Man, you need to meet some real psychos before you
                      call that stuff bad.
                   \_ nah, it just makes her look childish.  it doesn't make
                      kchang look any worse than her.  the whole thing looks
                      like a bitter ex-gf and her friend bashing the guy in a
                      bitter psycho ex-gf kind of way.
        \_ If I was lila, I'd take down the kchang pages.  Or better yet, would
           never put them up in the first place.
        \_ Isn't this the girl that posts pictures of herself with big
           black dildos and then wonders why she can't find a job?
           \_ Depends.  Were the pics X, R, PG13, PG, or G rated?
2003/6/7-8 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:28660 Activity:nil
6/6     Why do I get this message when I starts on my debian laptop?
        "warning: process set to nice value 0 instead of -10 as requested"
        \_ because XFree86 is trying to set its priority to higher than that
           of a standard process, (presumably to make things more reponsive
           in X but since you're a non-root user, you're not allowed to boost
            the priority of a program to higher than normal -dwc
2003/6/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/SCO] UID:28661 Activity:high
6/6     Why is the SCO case a big deal?  If there is indeed copied
        code (which is far from certain), what prevents the linux
        community from re-writing those files?  (Assuming that it is
        only a few files, of course - all unknown still).
        \_ SCO says:  "That's like saying, 'show us the fingerprints on
        \_ SCO won't disclose affected source code w/o an NDA.
           SCO:  "That's like saying, 'show us the fingerprints on
           the gun so you can rub them off.'"
        \_ Because you can't use someone else's IP and then get caught red
           handed and then simply stop using it without penalty.
           \_ True - but this doesn't change the fact that the linux
              source code is out in public, and once the piece that was
              plagarized (if that was truly the case) is known, what is
              to stop the community from replacing it and proceeding as
              \_ you're still ignoring the fact that you can't just say, "oh!
                 we got busted! we'll just change that bit and go on with life!
                 thanks for letting us use your IP for years at your expense!"
              \_ Nothing. But they will claim Linux's success was due in part
                 to their stolen code, therefore they can claim a percentage
                 of past and future earnings from Linux distributors. The
                 analogy is if you stole $1000 and used it to build a very
                 successful business, then you got caught. Does returning the
                 $1000 mean no crime has been committed? Does the victim have
                 any claim to the business?
                 \_ Linux distributors have no earnings.  And the analogy to
                    stealing money is a false one; most copyright cases don't
                    involve monetary damages.  The likely result is a
                    patent cross-signing agreement.  -tom
                    \_ BZZZT!  That's between real companies and this isn't a
                       patent case and what patents would IBM swap for the
                       shitty copyright on some code?  Also, they don't always
                       simply swap patents.  Sometimes it's for real and the
                       thieves owe the IP holders tens or even hundreds of
                       millions of dollars plus are not allowed to use the IP
                       in the future.  The Linux distributors certainly do
                       have earnings.  The analogy to stealing money is
                       exactly correct.  Unlike you, I've actually worked on
                       real patent and copyright cases for real lawyers in
                       real courts in the real world where the 'rules of
                       slashdot' don't apply.
                        \_ did you ACTUALLY work on REAL patents for REAL
                           lawyers?  You may be right about this but it
                           is you racking up the twink points pal.
                        \_ We greatly value your insight, O anonymous
                           coward.  -tom
                           \_ Thank goodness his anonymity completely
                              invalidates anything he has to say.      -mice
                           \_ I'm anonymous and, unlike you, still know wtf
                              I'm talking about.  Patent cross-signing when
                              it's a copyright claim?  Copyright violations
                              don't involve monetary damages?  No earnings at
                              Redhat, IBM, Dell, and other linux distributors?
                              You get a dozen twink points *and* you've again
                              proven that you're a complete idiot.
2003/6/7 [Computer/Networking] UID:28662 Activity:nil
6/6     where can I find ebook text like the Steven's tcp/ip posted
        last time?  Kazza?
2003/6/7 [Uncategorized] UID:28663 Activity:nil
6/6     UT2K4 Screenshots:  (
2003/6/7-8 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:28664 Activity:moderate
6/6     I need to fly from LAX to Denver in September and the airfare is
        like $275, which is ridiculous since I can fly cross country
        for barely more than that.  Is there some trick to get a
        reasonable airfare for a market that obviously doesn't have
        enough competition.  I'm assuming that I'm not going to be able to
        save $100 by using priceline.  Am I wrong about that?
        \_ why dont you enter your price in priceline and find out..
           thats the whole point of priceline.. you name your price
             \_ Cuz I won't get frequent flyer miles, nor will I be able to
                choose the time of day of the flight.  Priceline would be a
                last resort.
        \_ It is ridiculous.  Half of that is probably just taxes so
           I wouldn't expect priceline to give you that huge of a discount.
        \_ laugh, priceline will take your money if u underbid
        \_ Try searching on and save the itinerary for
           a few flights.  The price fluctuates depending on fuel prices,
           bookings, phase of the moon, etc., so if you check every few
           days you can buy the ticket when the price is lowest.  I've
           seen fluctuations on the order of 20-30% over a few weeks.
           Also, try flying into and out of other nearby airports.  Finally
           flying on certain days (Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think) is
           cheaper.  Good luck. -emin
             \_ Do you think it could go down by 30% even during the summer
        \_ RIDE BIKE!
2003/6/7-8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:28665 Activity:high
6/7     What are some programs that can automatically word wrap (like how
        pine does it)?
        \_ pico
        \_ emacs
        \_ emacs, pico, vi, any vi clone, any emacs clone, any word processor
           written in the last 20 years
           \_ to be fair, emacs and vi aren't exactly helpful about doing it.
              For emacs M-x auto-fill-mode toggles word wrap, M-q rewraps
              the lines if you add into the middle of the paragraph, and
              in general it is kinda a pain in the ass.  I forget how to
              do it in vi.
              \_ How is M-q any more difficult than, say, Pico's C-j? If you
                 want constant word-wrapping, use a real word processor.
                 \_ word-wrap is enabled in pico by default.
                    \_ and emacs auto-fill can be stuck in .emacs.
                    \_ and auto word wrap can be inserted into .emacs
                       \_ duh.  I didn't say it couldn't.  the point is that
                          it's not emacs' default behavior.
          \_ As for vim, use: set tw=N (number of characters per line).
             The "gq" command in vi mode formats unformated lines (over line
             ranges if you like) . You can also configure it to use set tw=X
             automatically when you open certain types of files (e.g. only
             when editing mail messages and /etc/motd.public
             \_ and if you don't run vim, you can pipe to fmt:
                 !}fmt -72<return>
                pipes the content of the file from point to the end of the
                paragraph to fmt. you can also bind this to a key.
             \_ why would anyone want to word wrap when editing /etc/motd.public?
                \_ nice.
2003/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Reference/Religion] UID:28666 Activity:nil
        Dubya is deporting 13,000 Muslims who came forward to sign up for his
        registration list who have no ties to terrorism.
        \_ Yes but hes giving them each a free pig as consolation.
           This story was written by Blair no doubt.
           \_ Racist!
2003/6/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:28667 Activity:kinda low
6/7     What are some programs that can automatically add 1 + 1 like my
        free 4 function solar calculator does it?
        \_ uh, what?  are you having trouble adding 1 + 1?
        \_ expr
2003/6/7-8 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History/WW2] UID:28668 Activity:kinda low
6/7     First Wave at Omaha Beach - a recounting by military
        historian S.L.A. Marshall from 1960
        \_ More dead rich white men tooting their horns about how bravely
           they murdered and oppressed a foreign peoples.
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