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2003/6/5 [Reference/Tax] UID:28637 Activity:high
6/4     Employers often pay 31 cents per mile for mileage reimbursement.
        Where can I get this official ".31/mile" figure for tax or court
        purposes? Thanks.
        \_ It's $0.365/mi for 2002.
2003/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:28638 Activity:nil
6/4     "its what the WEB used to be for for undergrads."
        \_ What does this mean?
2003/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:28639 Activity:high
6/4     Is there a game review site that covers all these new MMOG games
        out now?  I was in compusa today and there's at least 4 new ones
        I've never heard of.  The boxes of course don't tell you anything
        about any of them.  Thanks!
        \_ ign and gamespot seem to cover the big ones eventually. i
           think they're all worthless. stick to diablo 2... no monthly
           fee and the same basic game mechanic.
           \_ Some Neverwinter Night servers have job systems implemented
2003/6/5-6 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28640 Activity:moderate
6/5     In my Yahoo account I'd been getting ~25 spams/day, mostly sorted
        into the bulk folder, for the past few months. I got sick of it and
        started using the "unsubscribe" links when present in the spam. Now
        it's down to just a few per day. This is good. Other people's
        experience using spam unsubscribe links?
        \_ I'm down to 1 unsolicited spam in a week. Is that good? I do
           subscribe to solicited spam, so I guess the groups are doing
           a good job at keeping my email addreess out. It took a while for
           this to happen though, but assidious use of yahoo's "this is spam"
           seemed to have killed 90% of my spam. I've used the unsolicit
           link but not consistently enough to know if it helped or hindered.
        \_ none. spamassassin and a spam score of 2 to get tagged as spam
           and it all gets sorted properly. i wouldn't risk one of them
           being extra scummy and just using the unsub as confirmation and
           then reselling me as a known-good address.  multiple throw away
           aliases takes care of a lot of it too.
        \_ why do you care if the spam goes in the Bulk Folder?
           \_ exactly. there's an Empty link so you don't even have to go
              to that folder. Only spam that gets to my Inbox annoys me.
              \_ what percentage of spam goes in your Inbox?  Do you have
                 any cases where good emails go to your Bulk Mail folder?
                 \_ actually, lately, i've gotten a lot fewer spam in my Inbox.
                    before, it was nearly 50-50, with about 300 spam a week.
                    i still get that much spam, but most of it to the Bulk
                    folder nowadays. oh, and i always select all the spam in
                    my Inbox and click on This is Spam from the pulldown menu
        \_ I was skeptical of people who said those "remove" links just added
           you to more spam lists, so i went to one and entered an alias that
           I had just created and that i NEVER used or gave to anyone.   It
           took a while but after a couple of months i noticed spam coming to
           that address.  Now, i wouldn't expect this to happen if you remove
           yourself from Dell's spam list, but it happens with some. -crebbs
2003/6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:28641 Activity:high
6/4     Slow Day, n.: when the spam doesn't arrive quickly enough.
        \_ buy more net
2003/6/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Security] UID:28642 Activity:high
6/4     Does anyone know if there's a web interface for FORTRAN?  Basically,
        I want to write and run FORTRAN programs from a Web browser without
        having to install anything on my desktop.  Thanks!
        \_ no
        \_ Hmmm. If your goal is just to write FORTRAN programs without
           installing on your computer, you could SSH into soda and
           use g77. Is using a web browser really important? Maybe
           the Java SSH interface would suffice.
           \_ Thanks for that thought.  I have a need where it would be more
              than just myself and not all my users would have an SSH
              client... I just figured Web browsers are ubiquitous.  Also, I
              was hoping for a richer UI.  Any other thoughts?... I
              appreciate any ideas.
        \_ How about install a VNC server?  VNC has java applet client
           and it works reasonably well.
           \_ The problem with VNC is all users share the same desktop.  So
              if two people needed to work on their own project, they
              couldn't.  I didn't mention this as a requirement previously
              so I definitely appreciate the suggestion... but I cannot use
              it.  Please keep 'em coming, though.
        \_ you can run them from a browser as a cgi like anything else.
           writing them is no different than any other web based input system
           that you see message boards,etc using.
           \_ In other words, you mean use an HTML TEXTAREA where the
              programmer can write his/her code; but when the submit button
              is clicked, the code is fed to the FORTRAN compiler on the
              \_ something like that.  In short I mean "use CGI".  that's what
                 it's there for.
        \_ more stupid idea.  How about install an X-client on the
           FORTRASH computer, install an X-server on your own computer,
           and access that way?  It will resolve the problem.  I know,
           you said you don't want install anything on your computer, but
           i personally think an x-server should be an exception: everyone
           should installed X-server (and FTP server :p )
           \_ and a kazaa server and put at least 200 gigs online so we can
              all share because the information wants to be free!!!  you're
              truly brilliant in a k-12 sort of way.
2003/6/5-6 [Computer/Theory] UID:28643 Activity:moderate
6/5     Someone explain the big-O notation again. Basically O(X) means
        a computation cannot be worse than constant*X, where X could be
        log, exponential, or what not. So isn't it correct to say that
        the big-O for quick sort could be any of the following: O(nlog n),
        O(n^2), O(n^n), O(n!), since quick sort will never be worse than
        \_ all of those are technically correct (except for O(n log n),
           quicksort is O(n^2) in the worse case). however, when your
           characterization of the running time is that far
           off from the true upper bound, that's not very useful.
           \_ you should look into the difference between big-O, big-theta
              and big-omega notation. I believe SICP and CLR(S) both have
              decent introductions. --twohey
        \_ no because that suggests it could actually be of n! time
           which it can never be. (unless u implement it wrong)
           \_ if you implement it wrong, it shouldnt be called quiksort, it
              shoudl be called slosort or something like that.
              \_ how about "spellsort" or "sloppy, lazy typo sort"?
        \_ If you can give a girl the big-O - youre set.
           \_ But only if you can do it in 0(n) time.
2003/6/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28644 Activity:very high
6/5     Does anyone have a copy of the Guardian article saying that Wolfowitz
        said that Iraq was about oil? They removed the article and apologized.
        \_ Try google's cached pages.
           \_ Does google cache news? I can't figure it out. I did find:
        \_ Except it's not what he said, troll.
           \_ Dude, read the page.  The explanation of the retraction is on
              the right hand side (of the commondreams link, anyway)
              \_ Read it.  Not impressed.  It's the Guardian for God's sake.
        \_ Here is the retraction:
        \_ some more thorough quotes from the wolfowitz interview, albeit
           from the ever-obnoxious conservative "weekly standard":
           \_ what's "ever-obnoxious" about the weekly standard?  is it that
              you find the writing poor, the research is poor or you simply
              disagree with their political views so it must be automatically
2003/6/5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:28645 Activity:high
6/5     Nine Illegal Aliens Arrested [working construction.
        No Americans were willing work perhaps?]
        \_ At the primo rate of $50/day with no more chance of getting into
           the union? Oh yeah, gotta jump on that job.
           \_ HEY! No whining about our free market!
              \_ A market where capital can move freely over borders but
                 labor cannot is not really free.
        \_ They shouldn't arrest the illegals, just ship em south.  They should
           arrest the employers.  That would quickly put an end to all this
           illegal border crossing bullshit.
2003/6/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:28646 Activity:moderate
6/5     Hi I'm an engineer and I have a whiny voice and I want to improve
        myself (for the sake of meeting women and to sound better on job
        interviews). Where can I go? Acting class? Voice lessons? ok thx
        \_ try saying "mm hmm". that's your natural voice. then say
        "mm hmm 1, mm hmm 2, mm hmm 3". for more informatoin, go to
           \_ Hey, that's good.
        \_ i know psb.  psb is an idol of mine.  and son, you are no psb
           -psb #24 fan
        \_ grow some balls, son
           \_ *imagining two balls growing on a petri dish*
        \_ Try Toastmasters:
        \_ watch lotsa dirty harry movies.. he always gets laid.
                \_ Yes, watch all the early Eastwood westerns and action
                   movies - just on general principles.
                   \_ Especially "Paint Your Wagon" where he sings...
        \_ It's hopeless.  Improve the gene pool.  Conserve precious
           resources.  Kill yourself.
        \_ Some of the advice on this thread might be of help to you:
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