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2003/6/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:28624 Activity:high
6/2     Is there a standard way to get new/improved software into /csua/bin?
        For example, it has "whothefuckis" which probably isn't too helpful,
        but stuff like motdbrowse kind of floats around ~/homes.
        \_ Mail politburo and ask to be put in group contrib, then you can
           install whatever you like.
2003/6/4 [Uncategorized] UID:28625 Activity:high
6/2     How does one do the following:
        Sigma j=0 to i-1 of log (n-j)? How to get started? ok thx
        \_ Question 1: Did you ask about that summation problem last week?
           Question 2: You don't expect a closed formula for this one, do you?
           Hint 1: Look at Stirling's Approximation.
        \_ I'd fire up my VB IDE and got for it!
2003/6/4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28626 Activity:high
6/2     Any independent contractors out there?  Are you finding work these
        \_ Yes.  But I'm in Europe.  There is a lot of international contract
           work for experienced specialists, but much of it is through UK
           agencies, which are slimier than most (and currently there's a far
           higher proportion of headhunters just harvesting resumes than I've
           elsewhere.)  If that doesn't bother you, is a good
           start.  -John
           \_ How hard was it for you to get work authorization in Europe?
              \_ Very.  The US is the easiest country in the world to get a
                 permit as an alien.  Europe and certain Asian countries are
                 near impossible.  They have their own job loss issues.  What
                 do they need you there for taking up a job of a local?
2003/6/4 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:28627 Activity:high
6/2     So why did Anonymous Motd Censor remove the DIY Cruise Missle link?
        \_ No one can truly understand the motives of AMC. Anyway here is the
           \_ thanks for restoring the link.  Now even I am curious and
              want to build a pulsejet myself :p
        \_ Because it had nothing to do with RIDE BIKE! or USE LINUX! of
           course, which are the only topics that are allowed to be of any
           interest to the "Berkeley computer science community".
2003/6/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:28628 Activity:low
6/4     Motd Movie Critic reviews "Wrong Turn":  Although a friend paid for
        the MMC's ticket in exchange for fixing the friend's computer, the MMC
        was still robbed.  Robbed of 82 minutes of precious life.  Robbed of
        an uncountable number of brain cells.  Robbed of a piece of the MMC's
        very soul.  The highlights: the nameless girl in blue with the all
        natural C cup and her giggly breasts.  The lowlights: the rest of this
        cinematic disaster. The MMC gives "Wrong Turn" a "flee for your
        life!".  (The MMC has studiously avoided the obBadJoke combining the
        movie title and the quality of film.  Do it for the children.)
        \_ will the motd movie critic give us a review of the matrix reloaded?
           \_ i believe the mmc did so last week. check the archives.
        \_ aren't all horror movies just about giggly boobs?
           \_ IHYM "jiggly"
              \_ I like "giggly" better.  - !op
        \_ [spellingd]
           \_ Please don't mess with my jiggly boobs!
              \_ [spellingd]
2003/6/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:28629 Activity:high
6/4     'What's the point of all this?  Berkeley really should be a really
        cool place to be a CS person, but it's usually not.  If you're reading
        this book, it's probably *your* responsibility to help make Berkeley a
        cooler place to be.  Even if you're just a CSUA member, or nonmember,
        and not an officer or anything.  It is important that people do stuff
        that's for more than themselves, but the Berkeley computer science
        community I have been witnessing is stuck in a deadlock of mutual
        laziness and exhaustion.' - Jon Blow, from the CSUA log book
        \_ I think the above is perhaps the single finest exposition of what
           the CSUA should be about. -dans
           \_ Your webpage is hillarious.
              \_ The way you spell hilarious is hilarious. -dans
           \_ laziness and exhaustion?
           \_ whining aimlessly while trying to look like you care about
              something unimportant or nonexistent like the "Berkeley computer
              science community"?  as soon as someone starts drooling about
              a 'community' that's a keyword trigger that tells you it's ok
              to tune out and think about something important.
              \_ Like, perhaps, expanding your pr0n archive?
                 \_ That and anything else imaginable would be more meaningful
              \_ Wow, I pity your sad, lonely, self-loathing existence -dans
                 \_ Wow, I pity your arrogant, sanctimonious, self-important
                 \_ Take a deep breath and repeat after me, "it's only school,
                    it's only school, it's only school".  If you need the csua
                    to have some sort of great social meaning in order to
                    bring meaning to your own life then well, nevrmind, this
                    should be self evident.  There's no such thing as the
                    "Berkeley computer science community".  Most "communities"
                    don't exist.  If they did they wouldn't require "work" to
                    keep them going.  Think about it, genius.
                    \_ You, too, have missed the point. College, as an
                       experience, should be more than a process of getting a
                       good job. In blojo's POV, the CSUA should be part of a
                       better, smarter, more inventive, more mind expanding
                       computer experience. And ALL communities require work
                       to keep them going.
           \_ The CSUA has had this problem since XCF split off from UCF and
              the proliferation of affordable computing power. Without the
              need for machine access, the CSUA falls back on a social agenda.
              And since nerds by definition aren't social, it falls apart.
              Unless, as written by Jon, you can find a core group to hold it
              together and attract other likeminded people.
              \_ I see nothing falling apart.  What's wrong with the CSUA?
                 \_ Nothing really. It's just not a great hacker group.
              \_ why shouldn't be the CSUA be a social organization?  Do you
                 know how many people got married as a result of the CSUA?
                 \_ Name all of the CSUA social events/activities. If there is
                    a strong leadership, it's fine. They can drive them. If
                    not, it all falls apart. If the CSUA can develop a core
                    place for people to do computer nerd hacking, it becomes
                    a social organization by default. The question has always
                    been what does the CSUA want to do?
                 \_ and how many marriages has BDG stopped?
                    \_ He stopped mine. One must listen and obey.
                       I repeat the daily invocation: T B T H!
                        \_ what is TBTH???
                           \_ "The B&%#h took half!"
              \_ The OCF split off from UCF?  When did this happen?  Neat
                 \_ Oops. Too much drinking. It has been fixed...
              \_ I don't know about you, but I joined to get another
                 e-mail address and shell account.
                 \_ nononono, it's all about the warm fuzzy feeling you get
                    when you code late into the night with other nerdlings
                    and share tales of GNUvictory over those who would keep
                    the information from being free!  it's all about the
                    Berkeley computer science community!!  Do it for the kids!
              \_ blojo never said anything about a social agenda. -dans
                 \_ You're right. But the CSUA becomes just a social club
                    when there is no centralizing computing environment where
                    likeminded nerds can hack code, talk about code hacks, and
                    create stuff for world use/domination. So many CS nerds,
                    so little code generation.
                    \_ its what the WEB used to be for for undergrads.
        \_ Remember kids.  It's only school.  However important you think the
           CSUA and your CSUA 'friends' and just about anything else in school
           seems now it won't mean shit onec you've graduated, have a job, a
           wife/husband, a mortgage, car payments, and start thinking about
           what you're going to name your kids and if you'll raise them in a
           religion or not and which one.  The CSUA is mere trivia at best.
           \_ I graduated a decade ago and the community of friends that
              I made in college is still the people that I spend time with,
              still the ones that I visit on vacation, still the ones
              that I live with and still the ones that I know will be
              there for me when I need them. I respect your choices, but
              you should not think that your way is the only way.
              \_ Did you ever leave Berkeley?  Maybe you'd be better off with
                 a more diverse group of friends.  Sounds really inbred to me.
              \_ ditto.  Most people i know/know_of are like that too.
                 Probably something about the first people you know well
                 when you are away from home, (or the first people you know
                 after you are over age?) but there is definitely somthing
                 about college-connections that seem to last.
                 \_ For many folks, it's the last time they're exposed to
                    a broad group of people.
                    \_ The CSUA represents a broad group of people?
                       \_ College.  Retake that reading comprehension course.
                          \_ College doesn't represent a broad group of
                             people.  It's 99% the 18-22 year old children
                             of the wealthy or the educated.  It's the elite
                             of society, especially at Berkeley.  We can all
                             read.  It's you that fails to comprehend.
                             \_ So where do you get your "broad group"
                                exposure?  Spend a lot of time at the
                                supermarket? --scotsman
2003/6/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28630 Activity:high
6/4     How many of you think this Abbas guy would be assassinated soon.
        \_ Why hasn't someone blown up recently (it seems to happen whenever
           peacebrokers come to town)?  It seems like this is the real deal.
           Dubya, though, must be pretty upset that Martha stole all his
           \_ It's not the only thing Martha stole.
              \_ She's not the only one who stole.  Where are the rest
                 of these white collar criminals?
                 \_ I'm sure they feel really bad about what they did.
        \_ I think it more likely that an Isreali will assasinate Sharon.
           Remember what happened to Peres? If Sharon seriously tries
                                     \_ Do you mean Rabin?
                                        \_ Yeah Rabin, sorry.
           to dismantle the settlements, the settlers will kill him.
           \_ You just don't hear about every Palestinian killed by Arafat
              and his boys as a 'collaborator'.
        \_ Hes a 'former' PLO terrorist, with Arafat from the beginning. So
           hes one of them.
           \_ ... but palatable enough for Sharon and Dubya to talk to.
              \_ Because he has a long history of being outspoken that the
                 current form of resistence is useless.
2003/6/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28631 Activity:nil
6/4     phpBB or phorum?
        \_ WWIV or vIsIOn2
2003/6/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28632 Activity:high
6/4     Bathroom poll:
        Do you put the tab on the toilet seat napkin at the:
          front of the bowl: ..
          back of the bowl: ..
          \_ jesus you poeple use toilet seat covers?  And I get accused of
             being gay?  -aspo
             \_ Damn right. Real men contract their skin rashes with pride!
                That said, I've barely ever used a toilet seat condom and
                I've been fine for many years of use.
                \_ Still using the "I got it from a toilet seat HONEST!"
                   excuse huh?  Who is the idiot who falls for that one?
             \_ so being the manly man you probably don't wash your hands,
                shower, brush your teeth, and only ride bare back with
                the men you meet in bathroom stalls at public parks.
        Do you wipe:
          between the legs: .
          around the back: ..
2003/6/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:28633 Activity:very high
6/4     U.S. property laws allow millions to thrive, prosper
        \_ WRONG! Its all because the evil oppressor polluter
           gun-owner rapist white man raped, murdered and stole
           the Native American's earth and foisted upon it a
           vile capitalist materialist system designed to keep
           the poor people down.
           \_ I am curious. Does anyone but the guy who posted
              this think it is funny? It was midly amusing
              the first time, but it is pretty boring now.
              \_ well the ridiculous thing about the above attempt
                 at comedy is that s/he's trying to be sarcastic,
                 but that is, more or less, the true story.
                 \_ This one is much better.
                 \_ "That's not funny!"  --best punchline
        \_ This is a nice story, but only half of it. Land reform,
           aka The Homestead Act created the rural middle class,
           while Labor allowed urbanites the chance to escape
           poverty. Without legal protection, it would have
           been unsustainable though, I agree with that.
        \_ Hernando DeSoto is generally regarded a crack pot. and
           I dont know if I would consider this "news"... his
           views have been around for a while now, and I'm sure
           there's tons of stuff about him on the web. While
           many "objectivist" top-dog sympathizing libertarians
           will no doubt orgasm at the site of this, he is
           basically an economic advisor to latin american
           politicians grasping at straws to save their economies
           ... and I think he's declining in popularity at that.
           its just scary how much thsi philosophy has caught on.
           \_ There is that passive tense again.  'Regarded' by whom
              \_ Ya know, regarded.  By uhm people.  People who uhm think
                 exactly like the poster does in his 'cell'.
2003/6/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28634 Activity:moderate
6/4     Y'know, the prevalence of phrases like "!op," "as suggested by a
        different poster above," and the like are getting obnoxious.  Just
        sign your posts... --scotsman
        \_ ok -- !scotsman
        \_ ok -- !0x73636f74736d616e
        \_ What if we just number ourselves?
           |_ use hex. -0xbeefbabe
                \_ hex only is a great idea! - 802070e9
              \_ That's a double-edged sword. -0xdeadbeef
           \_ I AM NOT A NUMBER, I AM A FREE MAN. - No. 6.
        \_ the prevalence of idiots who whine about other not signing their
           posts and the like are getting obnoxious.  Just mind your own
           fucking business.  --!op
        \_ this is all lame.  -30473dcceb504b50337abfb5a2376a13
           \_ Yeah!  And I rule. - #1 from "The Prisoner"
2003/6/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:28635 Activity:nil
6/4     How come collision/deductible amounts to about 1/2 of my insurance
        rate? Shoudln't bodily injury cost more  because of potential for
        big lawsuits, etc?
2003/6/4-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:28636 Activity:very high
6/4     What is the name of that Indian restaurant at the corner of
        Shattuck and University?  Is it good?  I thought I saw it on
        some news before.  thanks
        \_ Viceroy?  I've eaten there once before and the vegetarian
           food was decent.  I have a friend who likes the chicken there,
           though I can't personally vouch for it.   -sax
        \_ or do you mean Curry in a Hurry?
         \_ Curry in Hurry is ok.  Cheap, some stuff is prtty good.  I didn't
            like the lamb stuff too much.   For the price and location not bad.
            Although I'd normally jsut spend a buck more and go to Naan 'n
            Curry on Telegraph.
            \_ Ew! No!  Naan 'n Curry is greasy, bland, and awful.  Try the
                vegetarian place on Dwight.  -- athithi #1 fan
                \- the N&C on t'graph is inferior to the N&C in the 'loin.
                   KhannaPeena on upper Solano seemed to be good quality
                   based on one dinner but a little pricier. Dunno about
                   their buffet.
                   What kind of food is at athithi? That's a good name,
                   meaning "guest". --psb
                   \_ it's healthy, vegetarian stuff.  Don't remember
                      names, but stuff like cream of wheat with peas
                      and other veggies, lentil soup, onion bread...
                      I recommend the veggie squares and some sort of
                      potato dumpling with a mint-cucumber sauce.  Oh yeah
                      there aren't any curries if that's what you're after.
                        -- obviously not indian
                           \- ok tnx. i was wondering if they had a
                              regional desingation. they seemed pretty
                              friends but empty unfortunately when i
                              walked by there a while ago. is the place
                              getting some business ... think they'll
                              survive? --psb
        \_ By the way? Are there any tasty Indian dishes that are not very
           spicy? I have tried a few curries at Naan 'n Curry and sort of
           liked them but they were still too spicy for my tastes.
           \_ We know but we're not going to tell you cuz you're a wuss.
              \- a paneer should not be spicy. at some restaurants
                 hotness may be negotiable. --psb
           \- try the korma (lamb or otherwise) -- not at all spicy
              \- you might try south indian food [madras, not andhra ...
                 andhra might be the hottest cuisine in india]. the stuff
                 from the south is often really hot [vindaloos] or totally
                 nonhot [like yogurty stuff]. food from a lot of other
                 parts of india often are at least a little spicy ... kormas
                 can have chilli powder. but if you are so senstive even
                 whole chillis make things too hot for you, you may have to
                 negotiate with the kitchen. --psb
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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