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2003/6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:28603 Activity:nil
6/1     Is the net slow for anybody else this evening / afternoon?
2003/6/2 [Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:28604 Activity:low
6/1     What are some of the good IDEs for Java on Win platform? Thanks.
        \_ Lots of people like eclipse.  Codeguide is also nice.
        \_ depend upon you want to abide the intellectual property law or not.
           If you do, then, Eclipse is a good choice because it's free.
           If you have no problem violating intelletual property laws, then
           IntelliJ has good review from many java programmer.  JBuilder also
           as a very large user base.  Of course, you could become an odd ball
           and actually pay for these tools :p
        \_ avoid emacs's jdee.  pain in the butt on Win32
        \_ I've tried various IDE's and never liked any of them until I
           used IntelliJ. It's really well designed.
           \_ ditto. buy it so they don't go out of business.
           \_ so sayeth me.  Especially if you are at some company, make them
              pay for it.  I've known people at companies that bought crappy
              overpriced app servers like weblogic, but had their developers
              working on stolen versions of IntelliJ.  If you are doing that
              you are no better than a common thief.  Fill out a PO, jeesh.
              \_ who is jeesh?
        \_ You should take a look at NetBeans too and SunONE Studio.
2003/6/2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:28605 Activity:very high
6/1     PBS's Pontificator
        \_ Ah, Bill Moyers... societal threat. Evil incarnate. A loose Liberal
           boogieman. Blah, blah, blah. Sheesh, try again. You bore me,
           conservative poster.
           \_ Are you serious?  Accuracy and disclore aren't important to you?
              Is this what's become of 'liberals'?
              \_ Please. When is the last time a casual liberal quoted Bill
                 Moyers to you? I find this motd-unworthy. BORRR-ring
                 \_ What does that have to do with anything?  If Moyers is a
                    raving loon with conflicts of interest, being aired on PBS,
                    he should be nailed to the wall by everyone.  Are you a NY
                    Times journalist?
                    \_ Are you as upset with Haig/Weinberger's World Business
                       Review?  Also gets funding through PBS, also touts
                       itself as journalism, also has major conflict of interest
                       issues. --scotsman
                       itself as journalism, also has major conflict of
                       interest issues. --scotsman
                       \_ Yes.
                       \_ I haven't heard of it, but if what you say is true,
                          then yes I'd be just as upset.  Do you have a link to
                          an article discussing it?  --emarkp
                    \_ Because it's OPINION, not journalism. It's like getting
                       mad at Limbaugh because conservatives give him money.
                       \_ They don't.  He has a contract to do his radio show
                          for $x.  If he stopped doing his show or if his
                          ratings dropped, he'd get kicked off the air.  Rush
                          is paid to bring in audience for advertisers.  If
                          he was a leftists and brought in the same audience
                          he'd get the same money from the same people.
                                \_ He is still carried on many small radio
                                   stations. The fact that 90% of the radio
                                   stations are owned by three media
                                   companies has more to do with the
                                   lack of distribution.
                          \_ Not really true. The Jim Hightower show was
                             hugely popular, but ABC/Disney cancelled it.
                             \_ Apparently not popular enough for someone
                                else to pick up for profit.  Funny how the
                                free market works.
                                \_ He is still carried on many small stations.
                                   The fact that 4 companies control 90%
                                   of the radio market has more to do with
                                   him not being able to be heard by most
                    \_ Compationate conservative that you are, you should feel
                       better that they can now go to your local church.
                                   Americans. Funny how the free market "works"
                                   \_ actually it is 5 controlling 40% but hey,
                                      why bring in facts?  if he was popular,
                                      the free market would sell his show.  he
                                      isn't so he gets banished to the outland.
                          \_ So, he doesn't do speeches for conservative
                             groups for money? Or give endorsements for money?
                             Or get paid for being part of a conservative
                             forum/think tank? Ooo. Never. Extra money? Ick.
                             \_ Not that I know of.  Not that I know of.  Not
                                that I know of.  I do know that his current
                                contract is for $500m.  That's 500 hundred
                                million dollars.  I don't know how many years
                                it covers but I don't think length matters for
                                $500m.  He doesn't need to do any of those
                                things or make "extra money".  He golfs.  If
                                you listened to his show, you'd know that.
                                \_ Sure it matters. You think it's a contract
                                   without behavior clauses or rating limits?
                                   If he's goes DUI and runs over a kid, that
                                   contract vaporized. If he turn demo, ditto.
                                   He's making money while he can do it.
                                   \_ He's probably making $50m a year. You
                                      seriously think he's going to waste his
                                      time on some lame-o Clintonesque speaking
                                      gig for $100k?  You're a) nuts and b)
                                      clearly not a listener of his show.
           \_ the point is Fed tax dollars go to NPR, PBS, and Moyers.
              \_ Less than 2% of NPR's operating budget comes from federal
                 \_ Good.  Then they can do without it.
              \_ Fed Tax dollars go into LOTS of things people disagree with.
                 Defense, ATF, Dept. of Education, etc. Should we ban Frontline
                 for showing things you disagree with?
                 \_ Fed tax dollars should not go into NPR anymore than they
                    should go to my local church.
                    \_ Yah.. wouldn't it be nice if there were a constitutional
           several hundred billion dollar deficit.  Helpless victims
           want a nanny state, from cradle to grave, that someone else pays for.
                       line between state and press?  Then they might actually
                       have an interest in exposing gubmint lies.
                       \_ I'm with you on that.
                    \_ Compassionate conservative that you are, you should feel
                       better that taxes can now go to your local church.
                       \_ I'm not.  I don't.  They should go to neither. Thanks
              \_ tax dollars should go to functions clearly
                 mandated by the Constitution, defense and ATF are enumerated.
                 Neither of these organizations demagogue.
                 \_ So there are nukes in Iraq? And we need those B-2s and
                    mini-nukes? And the Waco fiasco really wasn't part of a
                    failed publicity stunt? Ban the FBI, CIA, OSHA, EPA, and
                    DOE. Who cares about trying to evolve government? Let's
                    suck hard with the strict constitutionalists, re-enslave
                    the blacks and go back to an agrarian landowners society.
                    \_ Probably.  Maybe, you'd be sorry if we did need them
                       and didn't have them.  Evolve government?  There's a
                       process for that which wasn't followed.  Your last
                       comment is trollish nonsense.  You were doing well until
                       you lost it and started spewing and frothing at random.
                        \_ Hmm, Lincoln was the first Republican president and
                           South was solidly democrat until the past decade and
                           a half.
                           \_ It was solidly Democrat BECAUSE Lincoln was a
                              \_ whatever the reason, the Democrats were and
                                 still are the party of southern white racists.
                       \_ It isn't nonsense. You're arguing against those
                          departments because it's not in the Constitution,
                          which is very strict intepretation. It's denies the
                          basis of a dynamic government and offers only one
                          that is set in a late 1700's world and mindset.
                          \_ nonsense = frothing about re-enslaving people.
                             you're being intentionally stupid.  when you
                             stop the rhetorical dancing in the wind, we'll
                             have something to talk about.
                             \_ I did, you missed it. Strict interpretation
                                vs. evolving government. Try harder.
                                \_ Now you're beyond intentionally stupid and
                                   just outright lying with the text right
                                   there to show it.  Amazing.  You win.  I'm
                                   too stunned at your chutzpah to go on.
                                   \_ You're right. I do win. HAHAHA! Watch
                                      my superiority dance, clueless one.
        \_ The mentality in this thread illusrates perfectly why we have a
           several hundred billion dollar deficit.  Helpless victims want a
           nanny state, from cradle to grave, that someone else pays for.
           Then have the audacity to display outrage when the government
           intrudes further into our lives - never making the connection how
           the government acquired the resources and ability to do so in the
           first place.  -op  [formatd]
           \_ No, I just didn't think the original post was really that
              interesting. If you want to find a liberal scapegoat, find one
              that people listen to and agree with to on a regular basis. And
              tear them apart. Who REALLY cares about Bill Moyers?
              \_ The problem with that is there isn't a liberal that people
                 listen to and agree with on a regular basis so we have to
                 make do bashing the extremists, the liars, the criminals and
                 the frauds.
                 \_ I thought the media was Liberal? What about them?
                    \_ As a class.  No individuals worth naming.  Just a large
                       shapeless blob of idiocy chanting the same mantra.  It
                       doesn't matter which one you listen to because they're
                       all the same.
                       \_ So point out where they lie, where they're having
                          conflicts of interest, etc and go from there.
                          Attacking Moyers isn't really worth the effort.
2003/6/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28606 Activity:nil
6/1     Anyone ever farted while saving sex?
        yes: ..
        no: .
        no, but I've never had sex:
        \_ passed gas while jerking off?
        quiefed: .
        \_ Holding back a fart and an orgasm at the same time is surprisingly
           not that difficult.
        \_ only with obyermom
2003/6/2-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:28607 Activity:very high
6/1     Some idiot where I work brought in a netgear router and plugged it in
        and broke DHCP for a whole bunch of buildings. Is there a way to
        prevent idiots from breaking DHCP? I know that win2k has some domain
        authentication BS, but not all our hosts are running win2k.
        \_ fire the idiot.  most problems are much more easily fixed with
           social engineering than some halfassed 'technical solution'.
           \_ The idiot is the Dean of Students. I work at a high school.
              If we had all managed switches, I could have found him easily,
              but we have a lot of old infrastructure, so I could only nail
              it down to the bulding.
           \_ Let me also add that this idiot also starts blaming others,
              saying that he had that router for over a year and that we must
              have changed our configs or something... so if anyone were to
              get fired, it would probably be me before him... so social
              techniques don't really work here. What I'd really like is for
              there to be a memo saying that you *can* get suspended/fired for
              \_ If the people in charge lie and do stupid things, there's
                 little you can do.  Leave at the first opportunity.
                 \_ I really enjoy my job. I just try and ignore stupid lying
                    and politics (that's hard to do).
                    \_ You're going to get canned eventually as the fall guy.
                       \_ Indeed.  And surely this may cut into the enjoyment
                          of your job a bit, no?
        \_ tech. suppot at my old job used to do stuff like this all the time.
           even worse they SPECIFICALLY AND WITH INTENT, SET UP A DHCP server
           The help-desk people would get all bent out of shape, like those
           above, but, come-on, you can't fire a person every time they do
           something stupid, else you would have to fire damn near everyone.
           (The same help-desk people were constantly bringing the network to
            a crawl by Ghosting images over it, even though the computers they
            were ghosting to were in the same room as the ghost server).
           \_ Sure you can.  Let's start with rule #1: do not plug any
              device into the network.  or you're fired.  simple, see?
              Rule #2: always ghost over a private network or use a
              cross over cable between the two hosts.  or you're fired.  works
              like a charm.  it's simple, elegant, even a moron could follow
              the rule.  or get fired.
                \_ Rule #3, IT people are a lot less important than they
                   think they are, now shut up and get back to work and
                   drinking diet coke you fatass.
                   \_ sadly, agree.  Tech people's social status is about
                      the same as plumber.
                      \_ Highly subjective.  What size company?  What type
                         company?  Product-based?  Service-based?  At my
                         company, tech is rightly seen as the engine, and
                         techies are treated very well.
                         \_ what is the name of your company again??
                   \_ everyone is less important than they think they are.  IT
                      people aren't special in this regard.  was there some
                      sort of point you were trying to make or were you just
                      trying to look tough to yermom on the motd?
2003/6/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:28608 Activity:very high
6/1     Anyone want a BS CS in Gaming:
        \_ when I grow up, i'm going to Bovine University!
           \_ MOO!
           \_ I've had just about enough of your Vassar-bashing, young lady!
2003/6/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:28609 Activity:high
6/1     I'm perl debugging under emacs. Everytime my script tries to open
        "/tmp/foo*" perl complains that it can't find it. But if I run it
        outside of emacs, it works. What gives??
        \_ I suspect that you're trying to access one specific file named
           /tmp/foo*, but perl is interpreting the * some sort of glob.  Email
           me the code where you call open and I'll see if I can figure out
           what's going on -darin.
                \_ open XX, "zcat -f --stdout ${YY} |";
                where YY is "/tmp/foo*" and is meant to be multiple files
                perl correctly interprets it as a glob when executed outside of
                emacs. But under emacs, it complains of file not found.
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