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2003/5/30 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28576 Activity:moderate
5/29    Need resources on applying to bschool. Hints, advice, etc. ok thx
        \_ Don't be lazy. Do your own research.
           \_ this is what bschool is all about.  someone on the motd will
              do his research for him, he'll get into bschool, get an
              MBA, and be hired at a fancy management consulting firm.
              He will then give all of his consulting advice based on
              responses to motd posts.  In a couple of years, look for
              fortune 500 companies to start using ED as their standard
              text editor and giving huge campaign contributions to the
              libertarian party.
              \_ anonymous motd comic, is that you???
                 \_ nah, I was in meetings all day.  sometimes a person just
                    doesn't get a chance to be around for these things.  --amc
                    \_ perhaps "amc" should really stand for "anonymous motd
                       chorus." -mbamocker
                       \_ I'm willing to share.  It's a self amusement thing,
                          not an ego thing.  Feel free to sign off.  --amc
        \_ Don't be this guy:
           \_ My coworker passed by him when we ran the Bay to Breakers.
              Rather sucky story.
        \_ bschool?
           \_ Prolly, beeznus skool.
        \_ hints, tips, advice: study hard for the test.  there's nothing
           intellectually difficult but there are types of problems you won't
           find on other bubble tests.  carefully research the schools you
           might want to attend.  it's all about who you'll meet and making
           contacts.  do *not* at anytime slack off with the belief that your
           superior intelligence will get you through any part of the process.
           it won't.  keep in mind that MBAs aren't getting jobs now and most
           never will.  ask yourself why you'd spend that much money to get a
           degree that won't be worth much when you graduate in 2-4 years. i
           got as far as taking prep courses and taking the test.  i did fine
           on the test and the schools i was talking to said i'd almost
           certainly get in but i never applied.  definitely call the school
           and establish a personal relationship with the people there.  an
           mba is the ultimate in the "who you know, not what you know" line
           of thought.
2003/5/30-31 [Recreation/Media] UID:28577 Activity:high
5/30    The best Matrix:Reloaded review you'll ever see:
        \_ Also damn good:
                \_ This idiot lost any credibility with his first point.
                   And I hated Matrix:Reloaded.
                   \_ I think he was trying to be facetious, but sadly,
                      he forgot to include the actual humor.
           \_ You might mention that this has the spoiler for the ending of the
              movie.  I'd avoided up until now.  Thanks a lot.
              \_ Fairly sure that "ending" is a joke ... like the rest of
                 the site. Lighten up.
                 \_ I'll let you know after I see the movie.
        \_ Nice site.
        \_ Also
           \_ Yay: I didn't even toot my own horn! -=Aubie
              \_ What's wrong with you?  Everyone else does.
        \_ What a shitty movie. I asked for (and got) a refund.
          \_ oh it wasn't that bad.  you suck
           \_ Was there a way you asked for a refund? I've always wanted to
              try it but never had the balls to.
              \_ Uh. Have balls?
                 \_ start with one ball.  then invoke the axiom of choice...
                    \_ there is no ball.
2003/5/30 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28578 Activity:insanely high
5/30    "US choice of disarmament to justify Iraq was political: Wolfowitz"
        \_ *HELLO*  you just figure that out?  Look at the obvious:
           1. we impose sanction against Iraq in name of WMD.
           2. we topple the government there by force.
           3. we lift the sanction without proving that Iraq doesn't have
              WMD from reliable sources.
           We are in a catch-22 situation. If Iraq has WMD, then the lift
           of sanction won't be justified.  If we can't find WMD in Iraq,
           then, the most persuasive arguement to go to war at first place
           won't be justified.
           \_ Why would you maintain sanctions if there is no government there
              to build or launch WMD?
                \_ Why?  We're good at whup-assing people we don't like.  We
                   just happen to a bit too selective about it for my
                   liking.  -John
           \_ You're right, we knew that all along. There is no need to remind
              us about it. However, what's peculiar about this article is that
              it's being published in mainstream press and it quotes a
              high-ranking government official (and not say, some anonymous motd
              poster). -op
              \_ Dear OP Scum, you're more likely to get the truth from me than
                 you are to get it from any government official in any
                 administration.  --some anonymous motd poster
        \_ Hint: there was no second war in the gulf.  The first one was never
           finished.  We were just finally finishing what was started in '91.
           \_ you then should finish off the revolution war and war of 1812
              and topple the crown in Britian
                 \_ We should finish the Korean ware too. If nothing else
                    will will make the world safe for H07 K0R3AN CH1X, LCDs
                    and cheap DRAM.
                    \_ We already have all those.
                        \_ If NK attacks, we would lose all of them so we
                           should preempt them and protect our investment
                           in free access to H07 K0R3AN CH1X, high quality
                           LCDs and cheap DRAM.
              \_ Idiot.  The shooting never stopped in Iraq.  We continued to
                 bomb them since the "end" of the "first" gulf war and they
                 continued to shoot at our planes.  But you knew that and were
                 just being intentionally stupid when you wrote your drivel.
        \_ In his quote above, Wolfowitz is saying that those in the Bush
           administration wanted war in Iraq for different reasons:
           . To free the Iraqi people from a tyrannical dictator
           \_ Why, in 12 years of discussing it, did they never use this as
              a talking point in the press?  This is a bullshit afterthought
              that they threw out because focus groups pounced on it.  We
              have never used our military soley for "freeing people from
              tyrrany."  In fact, more often, we've been the ones installing
              the tyrranies.
              \_ The current administration hasn't been in office 12 years.
           . To depose a government which may sponsor terrorism
           \_ Against us?  That's a BIG "may"
              \_ Terrorists are terrorists.  You think they're choosey who
                 they target?
           . To enforce UN resolutions
           \_ HAHHAHHAHHHAHAAAHAHH!  wow.  You really swallow this stuff whole?
              Our selective choices of which UN resolutions deserve enforcing
              should give anyone pause.
              \_ We should've let the UN sink years ago anyway.
           . To facilitate movement of U.S. military out of Saudi Arabia
           \_ And into Iraq?  Yeah, that'll win us points with the imams..
              \_ Actually, yes.  It will.
           . To create a democratic secular Arab government
           \_ Wouldn't it be nice.
              \_ You had a better plan for this or you think Arabs are
                 genetically inferior and incapable of secular democracy?
           . To prevent the distribution of WMDs to terrorists
           \_ Find the stash first...  We claimed, very publicly that we had
              solid proof of when and where development was happening.  We have
              a little trouble with the truth.
           The only reason the Bush administration could agree on was the
           last.  Disarmament was the reason selected to be emphasized
           to the American people and the world at large; hence, this was
           a "political" decision.
2003/5/30-31 [Finance/Banking] UID:28579 Activity:low
5/30    I can't find home equity line papers, but normally, what happens to the
        loan if I sell my house?  Is the full balance due immediately?  I have
        the loan with CalFed, which is Citibanks now, for about 1 year.  I
        don't want to talk to the bank's loan officer without being slightly
        armed with knowledge about the subject.
        \_ Call your real estate agent.
        \_ Generally, yes, it is due.  They should have a copy of your loan
           papers.  Call and ask them to send them to you.
2003/5/30-31 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:28580 Activity:high
5/29    There's a MIPS assembly file foo.s.  It's unoptimized.  The makefile
        compiles it into foo.o and then links with the rest of the program.
        I know there's a way to dump the actual assembly listings that is
        produced by gcc -c foo.s.  And this assembly is not the same as what's
        in foo.s because compiler optimizes it and adds in a lot more stuff
        to make it runnable.  Anybody remember how to get the assembly listings
        from a foo.o object file?  I tried playing with GDB but can't seem
        to find the options to do this.  Thanks.
        \_ no disassemble #5!
           \_ Reference to "Short Circuit" duly noted.
        \_ gcc -S, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree.
           gcc is not optimizing your code, it is just calling
           the assemble and then the linker.
        \_ objdump -d
            \_ YES!  Thank you very much.  I love the motd.  :-)
               \_ And we luv yermom. It's all good.
                             \_ When everyone starts to love yermom
                                that's when it becomes a tragedy of
                                the commons.
        \_ this sounds like a violation of the DMCA.
           \_ how is reverse engineering his own assembly code a violation of
              anything? i think you should be violated for being stupid.
              \_ it's not his code.  he's reverse engineering the compiled
                 output from someone else's program.  DMCA violation.  you
                 can think anything you want, you'd still be a criminal.
                 \_ he has foo.s, he has foo.o which he generates using
                    gcc and foo.s. he can disassemble foo.o and take a
                    look at what gcc did with his foo.s without violating
                    the DMCA.
2003/5/30-31 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:28581 Activity:kinda low
5/29    Has anyone here tried Digital Path for internet?
        \_ I always use digital paths for my internet.  Analog internet is so
           300 baud.
           \_ Perhaps he meant
        \_ Stupid wannabee funny comments deleted.
           \_ Dick.  As if the comments prevented anyone from giving a real
              answer.  There's still no real answer and just your dumb ass
              deleting something funny and replacing it with... well, your
              dumb ass saying nothing.
2003/5/30 [Finance/Investment] UID:28582 Activity:very high
5/29    From todays Wall Street Journal:
        In short, the U.S. is experiencing the most protracted job-market
        downturn since the Great Depression. It has left behind a remarkably
        broad swath of workers -- from young to old, and from high-school
        to the highly educated -- even as the economy has started growing again.
        \_ The economy is just more efficient.  It doesn't need all those
           workers.  You want to establish a union for loom workers or what?
           \_ I don't know where you learn your economics... are you saying
              that Saudi Arabia, which has unemployment rate of mid teens (and
              remember, women can't work there, thus, excluded from
              unemployment figures) has a much more "efficient" economy?
              \_ That's an incredible lame example.  Saudi Arabia doesn't have
                 a real/modern economy.  They're a one product exporter.  When
                 the oil runs dry or the world switches to another energy
                 source, they'll have 100% unemployment.  Care to try again?
                 \_ they don't have "REAL" economy? who has "real" economy?
                    then?  Germany's unemployement is also running at low
                    teens (~12%), so they are twice as efficient as ours?
                    \_ an economy with more than a single export and some sort
                       of real industry.  Yes, Germany.  No, Saudi Arabia.  The
                       Saudis don't even run their own oil industry.
                    \_ The German economy is tanking because they're a bunch
                       of socialist ninnies and also because the rest of the
                       world (their trading partners) are also hurting.  If
                       they weren't socialist ninnies they'd be doing better
                       but still not great.  No country is doing great now.
2003/5/30 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28583 Activity:nil
5/29    sigh... AOL/TimeWarner surrendered the browser war...
        \_ You just noticed?  That happened years ago, genius.
           \_ I think he's referring to the $750M settlement with MS today
           \_ yup, that is what I am refering to.  While the outcome of
              the war is clear years ago, AOL didn't wave the white flag
              until now.  Notice the word "surrender" I refered earlier..
                                - OP,   not as genius as you think
              \_ They waved the flag years ago.  Netscape was never serious
                 competition after the sale.  AOL could have put real resources
                 into it, used it for their own services, etc, and never did.
                 This $750m thing doesn't make it official.  It was already
                 official in 97/98.
        \_ Only if your definition of "winning a war" is synonymous to
           "winning a war through DoJ punitive actions"
2003/5/30 [Recreation/Humor, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:28584 Activity:nil
5/29    Dear MOTD censor:
        Why did you censor the Phil thread?  It was funny.
        \_ Censors have a limited sense of humor.  If it isn't funny to them,
           then it isn't funny.  Right?
2003/5/30 [Uncategorized] UID:28585 Activity:high
5/30    I want the truth!
        \_ ob: You can't handle the truth!
        \_ ob: The Tru7h is out there!
2003/5/30 [Academia/GradSchool, Finance/Investment] UID:28586 Activity:high
5/31    If you want to know how much your degree is worth, go the library
        and read: "Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College:
        An Application of Selection on Observables and Unobservables,"
        Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 117, No. 4, November 2002.
        \_ So now that you're all at Cal are you really going to read some
           book and switch schools based on what it says??  A bit late, maybe?
                \_ First, smarty pants, it's an article - not a book. Second,
                   there are many reasons to attend a selective school, not
                   just income. I think there a lot of great things about
                   Cal that go beyond your future salary. And yes, if you
                   want, you can change schools. It is not too late. Haven't
                   you ever heard of a transfer?
2003/5/30 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:28587 Activity:nil
5/30    Does it take the most or the least amount of power to have a laptop
        screen completely black.  What about completely white?
        \_ doesn't matter
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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