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2003/5/26 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:28551 Activity:very high
5/25    Hi I'm looking for a job and I want to look really old and mature
        so that I'll have a better chance of getting hired. What are some
        ways to look more mature?       -graduating senior desperately looking
                                         for a job and still looks like a HS
                                         \_ mail me, my company is still
                                            hiring. - rory
        \_ The old and mature guys have trouble getting jobs because they
           cost too much.  A cheap smart young thing they can abuse is all
           the rage right now.  Much more important is not coming across as
           desperate.  I interview here and there and the reek of desperation
           is a huge turnoff for any candidate.  Be yourself, don't make shit
           up, stay calm, *THINK* about the questions.  I've asked several
           people to write a simple script that at one point requires they
           loop from 1 to 50.  Most people write a 0-49 loop.  *THINK*.
           \_ people don't have budgets to train newbies anymore, "old and
              mature" ppl are being hired over new people because of this.
              check how many ads nowadays are for senior eng's as compared
              to entry-level.
              \_ Training?  Since when did anyone get trained?  The job ads
                 for senior guys are mostly crap.  Most job ads today are crap.
                 This kid isn't applying to those anyway.  He's applying to
                 jobs that are clearly non-senior so what you're saying doesn't
                 apply to his case.  He still needs to write the 1-50 loop,
                 not the 0-49 loop which these so-called senior guys kept
                 writing for me.
        \_ Assuming this isn't a troll; ever heard of the saying "Clothes make
           a man"? Dress maturely; NOT suit & tie if you're applying for
           technical post but a nice button-up shirt (long sleeves if it
           isn't too hot; or polo shirt and slacks). NO JEANS. Get nice black
           shoes (not the cheap kind, please); if you lack facial hair, grow
           some. Wear cologne, but not too much. That's a start.
           Then start talking like a mature person and stop using immature
           words like 'Like...', 'Duh', 'Dude', etc. Start watching CNBC and
           see how those guys in the corporate world talks. Pay attention to
           issues and the haps in your community.
                \_ why not suit&tie for a tech job? people do that all the
                   time (e.g. ever been to the Career Center?)
                   \_ I've interviewed nearly a hundred engineers and nothing
                      says newbie quite like a suit & tie left over from
                      your highschool prom.
                      \_ You don't want to get this interviewer.
        \_ Or, you could be yourself. That'd be mature.
        \_ Set yourself a reasonable budget for clothes.  Go to a good men's
           clothing store (I like Brooks Brothers--do not even bother with
           Macy's or Nordstrom or the likes.)  Say 'here's my budget, I don't
           \- i like brooks brothers too [for a non-white person] but what
              is wrong with macys/bloomingdale/n'strom ? assuming this Q is
                \_ The problem is that the sales clerks are far less trained
                   than at the specialty men's clothiers (Barney's, BB, etc.)
                   They earn less, so they're more commission-driven.  Mind
                   that this is a generalization.  Also, I've often found
                   them incapable of offering creative suggestions, and
                   unwilling to send me somewhere else if they haven't got
                   something I'm looking for.  -John
                             \- ok fair enough, although usually i am not
                                asking too much of the sales staff.
                                barney's is insanely expensive. dont the
                                staff there make like +$150k? --psb
                                \_ Barney's is very expensive, but less so
                                   than most comparable European stuff.  And
                                   their clothes are generally very durable
                                   and classic.  But yeah, the price is why
                                   I like BB (plus last time I was in Barney's
                                   the staff were snooty, which I won't ever
                                   put up with.)  And if you spend above
                                   a certain amount of money (I include
                                   Macy's/Nordstrom prices in this) you should
                                   get expert advice.  If you don't want/get
                                   it, find a good tailor and get your suits
                                   mail order.  Much cheaper.  -John
              in earnest [which i sort of doubt given the phrase "old and
              mature" ... or at least that makes me question OPs ability
              to pull this off] i think you would do best dressing reasonable
              and spending some more time thinking about/researching the
              company. if i were interviewing you and asked at some point
              "do you have any Qs for me" and you said something reasonable
              that would count more than how well you accessorize. dressing
              up shows that you are serious ... i think for tech jobs you
              either are trying or not. i dont think people look too critically
              at whether you are wearing $100 "nice shoes" or Bruno Maglis.
              i dont do a lot of interviews what the thing that probably
              annoys me most frequently is when people waste my time. this
              means "don be late" and "dont babble" or make things up. --psb
           know much about clothes, I need to look good for an interview' and
           maybe the kind of look you'd like.  The nice uncle salesman
           will help you.  Never use the phrase 'um'.  Don't fidget.  Don't
           talk too much--never interrupt, and think before you speak.  Shave.
           Look the interviewer in the eye at all times.  And don't believe
           anything you read in the motd.  -John
        \_ When I hire fresh grads I'm more interested in the fact that they
           have taken the time to put together a decent looking resume and
           that they can tell me what courses and projects they have worked
           on rather than how they look or what they are wearing. Its okay to
           wear a suit to a interview for a coding job, but most people don't.
           Just wear a clean business shirt and slacks (even something like
           dockers will do), make sure to shave, comb your hair and remove
           any body piercings.
           If you want to make a good impression find out something about
           the project the group you are interviewing with is working on
           and ask one or two intelligent questions about that.
           \_ when in doubt, wear a suit/tie. even better, call the company
              and talk to hr or the receptionist to see what they prefer.
              \_ I always ask, they always give some vague bullshit reply.
                 I've never once been told anything more than "we're a really
                 casual place but whatever you're comfortable in".
2003/5/26 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:28552 Activity:high
5/25    Check out this game
        It's guessed all my characters -- Arnold Jackson (from Different
        Strokes), Seven of Nine, Michael Knight, and Ronald Reagan
        \- This has gotten better. It got Laurent Kabila. It didnt get
           the Roman Emperor Galba. --psb
        \_ It got McGyver.
        \_ Yo, it's just the "animal game".  I copied this out of a book
           in BASIC in 1978.
        \_ is more interesting. General 20 questions game.
2003/5/26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:28553 Activity:high
5/25    Does anyone think Sharon is really going to stick by his word?
        \_ Let say, give him benefit of the doubt, he is going to.  But
           how much control does he really has over this matter?  It's
           interesting that Israel, which founded based upon the act of
           terror (zionist movement against the British rule at the time),
           is plagued by the very same act which the nation is build upon.
           Same thing can be said about United States and its racist root.
                \_ I learned in elementary that United States fought the
                   civil war to help African Americans and that Lincoln
                   is kind to people of all colors. US is anything
                   but racist because my elementary teacher said so.
                   \_ Lincon rallied the war effort on the slogan of
                      "preserve the Union," not "abolish the slavery,"
                     as there are a lot of people in the North don't necessary
                     support it.  Only after the battle of Gettysburg, when
                     Northen victory is assured, then Lincon brought the issue
                     of slavery to the nation.   Even afer that, Blacks
                     didn't get any political right until the 1960's.
                     From the establishment of colonies in the 1400's, until
                     civil rights movement 30+ years ago, i am sorry, but
                     racism is part of American culture.  America has
                     made tremedous progress in this issue, but racism
                     is a such natural part of social DNA that it has great
                     tendency to going back to its racist past.  Cock's
                     report on Chinese spying, and today's homeland security
                                \_ Except the Chinese *are* spying.
                                   \_ So are the Israelis.
                                      \_ Yeah, that's why Pollard is still in
                                         jail.  What's Israel got to do with
                                         this?  So do many other allies.  Why
                                         do you go out of your way to mention
                                         Israel?  Hate Jews recently?
                                         \_ Err ... this thread started out
                                            with Sharon.  Last I checked, he
                        civil war.
                                            is still a Jew.  Why, if anyone
                                            mentions any negative facts
                                            about Israel, she is a Jew hater?
                                            \_ Because the topic had changed
                                               on this subthread to something
                                               unrelated to Israel and as
                                               usual the we-hate-Jews committee
                                               crawled out from under their
                                               rock.  It gets pointed out a
                                               lot because the Jew haters do a
                                               lot of crawling around here. Why
                                               do you never mention the 300+
                                               other countries with far worse
                                               records for just about any
                                               negative behaviour?  Because you
                                               hate Jews.  I understand that it
                                               isn't a concious choice, that
                                               you were raised with it and Jew
                                               hating is not only acceptable
                                               but a good thing in many places
                                               and families but it isn't going
                                               to hit the motd without comment.
                     targeting Arabs are just couple examples.  How to steer
                                \_ And the terrorists *are* Arabs.
                     America away from its natural tendency is the challenge
                     which constantly plaguing the leader of this nation.
                     \_ There were several proposals to save the union
                        before the civil war, and all of these deal
                        almost exclusively with slavery issues.  Slavery
                        and its abolishment is the central issue of the
                        civil war.  - chinese dude
                        \_ to say US fought civil war, thus, US is not
                           racist is an gross simplification.
                           \_ 'racist' is such a tired, overused word.  Sorry
                              to say, but it's such an abused catch-all that
                              it no longer carries much weight.  -John
                              \_ RACIST!
2003/5/26-27 [Computer/Theory] UID:28554 Activity:nil
5/25    Dear nice math helper person, I found this from my old CLR book:
        Sigma k=0 to n of x^k = (k^(n+1)-1) / (x-1).
        Can someone please repost the question I posted yesterday? Thanks...
        \_ Almost --- the "k" on the RHS should be an "x".
           Hint 3. Figure out how to use this to get a closed
           formula for 0*1 + 1*x + 2*x^2 + ... + n*x^n
2003/5/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Database] UID:28555 Activity:high
5/26    I saw _The Matrix Reloaded_ and thought that I "got it".  I didn't.
        revealed much to me.  --darin
        \_ what? the guy didn't even know how tank died?
        \_ He got it all wrong. Here's how it works:
           Architect: Bill Gate$/Tanenbaum
                \_ You think Microsoft ever actually created anything?
                   \_ Other than a large software mess that enslaves
                      most of the worlds coders/computer users?
                      Notice how bugs are still being worked out in
                      Version 6.x.
           Morpheus: RMS
           \_ RMS? Who's that?
                \_ A hacker.  See:
                \_ random psycho idiot who makes a lot of sense if only he'd
                   let go of some of his weirder bits.  at least he's very
                   consistent.  btw, anyone remember playing xtrek in the
                   planets cluster on the rms/rms account?
                   \_ of course.  Faster than the web, plus you could get
                      into sequent before 11:00 PM.  -tom
           Neo: Linus Torvalds
                \_ One is a hot young star, the other a greasy fat hacker who
                   has no political opinions.  I can't buy this one.  Sorry.
                   \_ Have you ever talked to Linus? The guy is pretty
                     \_ Donald Kunth
                      opinionated (about everything not just politics).
                      And his wife kicks some major ass a la Trinity.
           Zion: Bitkeeper
           Oracle: ESR
                \_ So you think ESR is working hard to keep Microsoft alive?
                        \_ It is debatable whether or not the oracle is
                           working to keep the matrix alive.
           Keymaker: Phil Zimmermann
           Merovingian: NAI
           Agent Smith: SCO/Redhat
           \_ Who is Cornel West in your mapping?
                     \_ Donald Knuth
2003/5/26 [Reference/Tax] UID:28556 Activity:insanely high
5/26    Who is in favor of restructuring the tax system so that it penalizes
        people who have more than 2 kids?  Right now this child tax credit
        applies to all your kids.  I say, it ought to apply only to the first
        two. And if you have more than 2 kids, the credit goes away and you
        have to pay MORE tax for every child you have.
        \_ Because?
        \_ I hate child tax credits period.   - single and without kids
           \_ That's nice.  As a matter of public policy what's wrong with
              \_ What's right with them?
                 \_ It's the status quo.  Don't like it?  Propose a reason
                    for change.
                    \_ obviously, this system is giving tax breaks to people
                       so the rest of us have to pay more. -differentguy
                       \_ The entire tax system is built like that.  Did you
                          vote for Steve and his 3x5 tax return?  A flat tax
                          is the only way to not have someone get an "unfair"
                          break.  The fact of the matter is that it is in the
                          country's best interest to encourage people to have
                          children.  The tax you should be upset about is the
                          marriage tax penalty which discourages and punishes
                          people for trying to have a stable family.  Stable
                          family structures are good for the country, so this
                          tax should go but the child credit should stay.
                                 --married guy, never having kids
        \_ Well, the US economy depends on growth, and with an aging
           population, who will take care of this aging population? We are
           making up for our lack of procreation by increasing immigration.
           So tax credit or no we will have more people in the US. To see
           the affects of zero-growth population, take a look at Japan.
                \_ And Europe.
           \_ I said eliminate and increase tax only after you have TWO kids.
              How does that lead to zero population growth?  -OP
              \_ Your changes penalizes ppl for having too many kids. So if
                 the gov't encourages you to have at most 2 kids (to replace
                 you and your SO), that is zero population growth.
        \_ After reading the above replies, I think the answer to the OP's
           question is, "no one with a clue who cares about the country is in
           favor of reducing or eliminating the child tax credit".
           \_ It's not about eliminating it.  The question is how much is
              enough.  Kind of like welfare.  Some is good, too much and
              it's bad.  Poor immigrants from Mexico have the most number
              of kids.  Subsidizing that is always good for the country?
              Similarly why should I be subsidizing rich people who have
              more than enough to take care of their kids?  Some well-
              directed subsizing is ok, but too much of it, and you are
              imposing on my freedom to choose what kind of life I should
              have, forcing conformity and too much social control like
              boring Singapore.
              \_ I'm going to ignore your bizarre comment about SG and freedom.
                 Kids are kids.  It doesn't matter if their parents came from
                 somewhere else.  They're here now.  In three generations do
                 you want those Mexican-parented-now-American kids to have
                 grand children in jail, selling drugs, and hooking or do you
                 want them in college, serving in the military, working in
                 offices, and being good neighbors?
                 \_ I want them to have less kids unless they can take good
                    care of their kids themselves (with a little subsidizing
                    from me, but not too much).
                    \_ And there you have it.  You want to give a child tax
                       credit but not "too much".  Who defines "too much"?
                       Right now, by right of status quo, the current number
                       isn't "too much".  You also (I assume you're OP) want
                       to charge a "too many children tax" after some
                       unspecified number of kids.  Who are *you* to decide
                       how much is too much?  Who are *you* to decide that
                       someone has had too many kids?  Once you get into any
                       tax system beyond a simple flat tax, you *will* be
                       giving bonuses and slapping penalties on people in a
                       government controlled effort to force the populace to
                       conform to your utopian ideal of what everyone should
                       be doing with their lives.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I'd
                       rather keep our current broken system then have you
                       break it worse in your utopian ideal image.
                    from me).
2003/5/26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28557 Activity:nil
5/26    SARS is from Space:
        \_ 'the Sars coronavirus is so unlike other viruses that an
            extra- terrestrial origin is logical.' Uh, yeah and it just
            happened to "like" humans. What luck.
            \_ It's like Babylon 5 where they tailored a virus to humans.
               Obviously they've been watching I Love Lucy re-runs and
               recognize our tremendous potential and fear us so this is
               the alien pre-emptive strike.
2003/5/26-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:28558 Activity:high
        Totally work safe but might cost a few SANity points.
        \_ I don't get it.
           \_ Yeah, what the hell is that?
                 "Female fans of top Magic the Gathering player Ben Rubin
                 await his arrival at a Pro Tour tournament in Sydney,
                 \_ There's a recognized top Magic player?! Words escape me...
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