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2003/5/22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Networking] UID:28516 Activity:high 76%like:28523
5/21    Brian Harvey on NYTimes
        "Computing's Lost Allure"
        \_ Great, the leftish liars talk to the leftist propagandists.
        \_ what's the deal with those random pictures?
           \_ Walk into an undergrad CS class:  I see Asian people.
        \_ Good.  The market is oversaturated anyway.
           \- hello wouldnt some large fraction of the enrollment difference
              be explained by on-sequence/off-sequence semesters? ok tnx--psb
              \_ don't ask questions. statistics never lie
        \_ I see yellow people!
           \_ orientals don't work with cable modem.
        \_ good.  CS departments don't need all those wanna-be code monkeys.
2003/5/22 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:28517 Activity:high
5/21    Is there any decent open source html2pdf converter?  I've seen some
        that do the reverse, but the only html2pdf are commercial.  Thanks.
        \_ OpenOffice?  Has HTML editor and 1.1 beta can save as pdf.
        \_ /usr/local/bin/html2ps $1 | /usr/local/bin/ps2pdf - $2    -crebbs
           \_ Perfect, thank you.
        \_ Now how about a util to convert a pdf file to a 2up (2 pages per
           side, like enscript) pdf?
        \_ pdf->ps->psnup->pdf
           \_ Thanks.
2003/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:28518 Activity:high
5/21    What's the best "phone card" to buy in the USA to take to
        England and Switzerland for making calls back to the USA?
        Where can I buy it in/near Berkeley?
        \_ type "phone card" in google and buy online from them
        (I used to call MiddleEast). Your get your pin in
        email a few minutes after signing up. They actually called me to
        verify my oder. order too.
        \_ You're probably better off buying a phone card over here if you'll
           be calling here.  They sell them at any newsstand/kiosk.  -John
           \_ not everyone knows that you live in Swiss-land. now they do.
        \_ I bought an MCI card from Costco for the sole purpose of making
           call from overseas.  So far the card has worked from Canada,
           England, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Argentina.
           Strangely enough, my wife couldn't make it work from Japan.  Of
           course, this card is quite a bit pricier than the deals you can
           get off the net.
2003/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:28519 Activity:high
5/21    Is there a way to specify hex numbers in /usr/bin/bc?  Thanks.  -- yuen
        \_ RTFM.  ibase and obase
2003/5/22 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:28520 Activity:very high
5/21    Is it worth taking someone to small claims court for $150?
        More specifically, will it be woth it after all the hassles,
        headaches, and fees associated with it?
        \_ You can recover fees, so if you win it's just time.
        \_ With small claims court, it's all relative. If you've got the time
           to spend in court, it's worth it. If not, then it's not.
        \_ doesn't that really depend on how much 150 (and getting even) is
           worth to you?
           \_ Yeah, I don't really care that much about the money. It's
              just the principles of the whole thing that I want to get
              the bitch back. -OP
              \- assuming you are employed, at $150 it is going to be
                 about the "principle" and not the "principal". one thing
                 to remember is after you have served the other party,
                 he too will be facing "is it worth going to SCC for $150"
                 [unless you up the claim amount], so he may decide to
                 settle to avoid the hassle. although you may be out the
                 service costs and such. so what to do sort of depends
                 on your guess about how the other person will react ...
                 like the other party might not show up so you win a
                 default judgement, but you might have still had to prepare
                 your case. there is a good NOLO book on SCC. --psb
        \_ Small claims court doesn't help you collect the claim.  It just
           rules that you are legally entitled to the money, but that's it.
           \_ Yeah but collecting the claim can be fun if you're a bastard
              and do things like attach their wages if they have any.
              \_ is their a nolo book that covers how to do that?  thanks.
2003/5/22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28521 Activity:nil
5/21    Re: spam filtering.  I'm using an older 2.x spamassassin on my
        system (pre-bayesian) and by doing nothing other than lowering the
        spam limit from 5 points to 2 points I catch 100% of spam and don't
        get real mail flagged as spam.  Why does everyone go through all this
        hassle with newer versions, different filtering techniques, etc and
        still get mail mis-filtered?  Am I just special or do a lot of you
        have friends sending you info about how great viagra is working for
        them and their new wife tiffani from russia in the home they got with
        a low rate mortgage with money down which they made fast?
        \_ Yes, you are special.  In my own case, for example, many of my
           friends email me from the mainland China and Hong Kong / Taiwan,
           which translate that the email is in all sort of encoding.
           Further, I got a lot of idoit friends whose email server is on
           just about all the black-list there... Simple rules simply doesn't
           work.  I used to rely on whitelist exclusively to prevent
           misfiling.  Still need to test out this Bayesian filter thingy.
2003/5/22 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:28522 Activity:high
5/21    Bayer sells medicine that carried high risk of transmitting
        AIDS in Asia and Latin America after it stop selling it in
        the west.  100 people in Hong Kong and Taiwan got HIV after
        using Bayer's medicine.
        \_ So?  Don't those other countries have their own control over drugs
           in the marketplace?  You know there are drugs approved for use in
           Europe that aren't allowed here?  They should protect themselves
           better and not rely on foreign nations to decide what drugs are
           good or bad for their people.
            \_ you have no idea what your great country is doing.  USA
                never reluctant to throw their weight around to sell their
                products.  if the government is not co-operating... well,
                the worse case is what happened to Guatemala, Iran, and
                Iraq - government got overthrown by US either conventional
                or covert forces.
                \_ uhhh, Bayer is german!  damn nazi's experimenting again.
                \_ So the Great White Satan goes to these countries and says,
                   "You must accept our poisoned drugs or we'll invade your
                    country and install a government that will sell our broken
                    drugs to your citizens"?  Stop reading so much
                \_ You've read too many Gibson novels.  Perhaps you should
                   sit down, put a damp towel over your head and take a long
                   \_ Hasn't government basically dissapeard in Gibson's
                      futuristic novels?  Is the US government mentioned
                      even once in the Sprawl series?
                   \_ any citizens of foreign nation who is politically
                      conscious know this.  These are facts, not fictions.
                      For most part, USA just throw its economic weight
                      around, and because USA is the largest export market,
                      that is usually enough.  It's unfortunate for Iran
                      and Iraq, because oil is too much to gave up.
                      \_ Iran?  You mean that we invaded Iran for their oil?
                         WTF are you babbling about?  You're beneath idiocy.
                         \_ You know that the US overthrew a democratically
                            elected leader in Iran and had the Shah installed
                            in his place in 1953, right?
                    \_ Could you join us in the current century please?  And
                       as always, it's not nearly as grade school simple as
                       you'd like to portray history.
           \_ Good troll. Lots of bites.
        \_ You are moron. -aaron
           \_ "You are [a] moron. -aaron" [corrected]
              \_ You are fool" -!aaron
                \_ I am not aaron - eric
2003/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:28523 Activity:nil 76%like:28516 55%like:28528
5/21    [reposting.  I'm not the OP, but I found the article informative.
         why censor this?]
        Brian Harvey on NYTimes
        "Computing's Lost Allure"
2003/5/22-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:28524 Activity:high
5/22    To people with TCP/IP clue: A friend of mine has a wireless router
        at home (D-Link's DI-614+, but there doesn't seem to be much in
        the way of useful model-specific docs around of any but the "here's
        how you click a button" kind). The thing comes with a built-in
        capability for firewalling, "virtual server" (i.e. port forwarding to
        a specific LAN machine, set up by port number on the external
        interface), etc. At the moment, we can't get traceroute (from local
        machines to the outside world) to work whatsoever; it shows the first
        hop to the router, and doesn't give anything past that. I've tried
        allowing all ICMP&UDP traffic in both directions, but to no avail.
        Presumably I don't understand the traceroute mechanism
        well enough, and am missing something. Any suggestions?
        \_ I had this problem with an SMC router. I have reported this to the
           manufacturer. Later, they have come up with a firmware that fixed
           this problem. Lots of those home broadband routers have very lousy
           TCP/IP implementations, so the problems like this are expected to
           pop up all the time.
           \_ That's, err, good to know I suppose. I'll try that route,
              thanks. -op (other advice still solicited though)
        \_ Not an expert, but I believe traceroute is simply a series of pings
           with a timeout short but increasing timeout-- so you ping,
           and router1 responds but router2 does not because the timeout has
           elapsed.  For the second ping, you increase the timeout so router2
           replies but not router3.  And so on.  Short answer is that your fw
           is most likely preventing the ICMP echo from getting back to your
           \_ you're're not an expert.
                \_ hello cranky asshole router guy!
                   \_ CARG does have a point, he indicated that ICMPs are
                   \_ CARG does have a point, op indicated that ICMPs are
                      allowed to pass through, which implies that he has more
                      clue than I thought he did.  I just didn't read his post
                      all the way through and gave him the handwavy traceroute
                      explanation that wasn't very helpful. -- nae
                        \_ it's also inaccurate; traceroute is not a series
                           of pings.  -CARG
                           \_ it is for some m$ implementations, i hear. -op
           \_ timeout or ttl (time to live) based on number of hops
           \_ That's just the micro$oft "tracert" implementation (or rather,
              a distorted account thereof); most others use UDP. But in any
              case, see below; this is probably not the problem. -op
        \_ The default setting on the router is probably to filter ICMP
           \_ Yes, but I'm fairly certain I put in a firewall rule to allow
              all ICMP traffic in both directions. -op
        \_ In the Advanced->Filters menu, try setting ICMP type 11 to always
                                                      oops, 8 _/
           In the Advanced->Firewall menu, set to allow all ICMP types
           \_ WHOOPS. Upon noticing the ICMP option missing in the "Filters"
              dialog's "protocols" dropdown, I found out I'm several firmware
              updates behind. However, the latest firmware update, even though
              labelled "fixes traceroute issue" on D-Link's site, still
              has no ICMP option there and traceroute is still not working. -op
           \- hello has anyone seen the following "traceroute problem":
              on a couple of solaris boxes, all of a sudden something
              weird happens to the tcpstack and it never sends ICMP Port
              UnRchables back to you? So any udp traffic is silently
              absorbed if there is no application to fwd it to? ok tnx --psb
        \_ Look for your answer on
2003/5/22-23 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/HW] UID:28525 Activity:high
5/22    Outlook question.  If I send a piece of e-mail with a 1MB attachment to
        100 people in my company using the same Outlook server, does it take up
        100MB on the server or does it only take up 1MB?  Thanks.
        \_ There is no such thing as an "outlook server". Do you mean
           a MS Exchange mail server?
           \_ Oops, I guess so.
        \_ Yes.
        \_ I think that's considered one of outlooks major features (not
           replicating files for each member of an organization).  It's
           probably configurable, but most likely you've only got one
           copy of the message on the server.
2003/5/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:28526 Activity:nil
5/21    Is there a way to have Matlab calculate the area contained within
        a loop (a P-V loop)? These points are empirical data and thus
        aren't able to be related via an equation. Thanks.
        \_ Have you tried "polyarea"?
2003/5/22 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:28527 Activity:nil
5/21    Man question: what does flushing the urinal while peeing accomplish?
        It seems like everybody at my company does, even the young guys
        \_ Why flush a urinal at all, except sporadically?  It's got a drain
           on the bottom anyway, so it's not like the stuff's sitting around.
           \_ unflushed unrinals lead to contaminated water being splashed
              on your pecker.
           \_ Sure it is. You can smell it. Which is part of the reason to
              flush afterwards.
        \_ Never heard of or seen such a thing.  How could you flush a stand
           up urinal while still peeing anyway?  You don't you touch the thing
           with your bare hand, do you?  This is what God invented shoes for.
           \_ Mine are approximately shoulder level, which inspires careful
              scrubbing afterward.
        \_ flushing first insures that any splash-back is just your own piss
           or water--as opposed to your piss comingled w/ the piss of others.
           Personally, I agree w/ the guy who never touches the handle with
           his hand... and additionally I only piss in the stalls to further
           mitigate the splash-back issue
           \_ You probably piss on the seat too.  Wanker.
           \_ ...and i piss on your keyboard at night when you're not there
              making it all pointless.
           \_ Your kitchen is probably more contaminated.  Germs don't do well
              on stainless steel.  As long as you wash your hands after
              flushing, you don't have to worry about it.  Are you one of those
              nuts that dries his hands and then uses the paper towel to open
              the door (leaving the towel behind)?  It's freaks like you that
              make the biggest messes.
              \_ I do this all the time, but throw the towel in the trash can.
                 After you see the n-th guy walk out from a stinky stall and
                 head straight back to work, you'll pick up the habit too.
                 \_ I do this all the time too, but only after I notice
                    my manager (male) walk out from the stinky TOILET
                    back to work w/o washing his hands.
           \_ just to mention, pee is sterile unless you have a UTI or kidney
              infection.  afraid of a little amonia?  (I know it SEEMS gross).
           \_ The way I avoid splash-back is to aim at the side of the urinal,
              so that 1) my piss hits the surface at an angle rather than
              perpendicularly, hence reducing splash, and 2) any splash will be
              towards the urinal instead of me.  See the illustration below.

                 urinal          urinal
                 _____           _____
                |     |         |     |
                |     |         |     |
                 \                 |
                  \                |
                  me               me

               No splash.        Splash.

              It works well on most urinals.  It only doesn't work on those
              urinals that are very wide and have small side walls.  In that
              case I control my bladder to not piss with full force.
              \_ Here's another alternative:
                 urinal |     -    -    -      -        ---- Sodan
                        |    \
                         ---- "
              \_ Congratulations.  You win the award for most bored sodan.
        \_ On a related note.  Guys fart while urinating.  It must be
           some muscle relaxation thing.  I told my wife about this and she
           seems rather disgusted.  Apparently she never farts while urinating.
           Is this true of women in general?
           \_ It doesn't enter into her consciousness, but she does it.
              We all do.  Is she a goer?  Does she go?
              \_ "goer"???  If you're asking if she farts out loud in my
                  presense, yes she does.
                  \_ Say no more.
                     \_ Seconded.  Please say no more.
                  \_ A wink's as good as a nod to a blind bat,
                     know what I mean, know what I mean?
           \_ Release of bladder pressure and relaxing the muscles in the
              region has a lot to do with it.
        \_ Some people have a tough time letting go, and the sound of
           the running water helps them get started.
           \- hello, you may wish to see:
2003/5/22 [Uncategorized] UID:28528 Activity:nil 55%like:28523
5/21    [reposting.  I'm not the OP, but I found the article informative.
         why censor this?]
         \_ Hmmm. Boring?
        Brian Harvey on NYTimes
        "Computing's Lost Allure"
        \_ Because it was boring and had nothing to say?  Because it is just
           going to be yet another excuse to increase H1b numbers and export
           more IT jobs to India and there's nothing you can do about it?
           What did you find so informative about it?  That kids who thought
           getting a CS degree was worth a million dollars like the 19 y/old
           idiot quoted in the article are now moving on to other fields where
           they won't get a million dollars either?
           \_ ignorant fool!  all those biotech jobs washing dishes for
              35k/year will lead to billions of dollars in stock options
              any day now!  just you wait.
2003/5/22-23 [Consumer/PDA] UID:28529 Activity:very high
5/22    So I've used had my Palm IIIxe for almost 3 years.  Once, a couple
        years back, I lost all data somehow.  After almost 3 years of no
        problem, my PDA would not turn on this morning.  I did a soft reset
        and all data was gone.  Everything should have been backup up on my
        PC (I use BackupBuddy).  Well, all of the address book, todo list, etc.
        data was saved, but when I did the restore, it also brought back
        items that I had deleted months ago.  But other data, like from my
        shopping list program, password program, etc. hadn't been updated on
        my PC in almost a year.  A few hours after all this, my PDA lost all
        data again.  Anyone have any idea what would cause all this or have
        any similar experiences or advice?
        \_ Battery is probably fucked.
           \_ It takes AAA, but I had just replaced the batteries in the
              last couple days?  Do you think it could really be something
              about the batteries?  My best guess (though maybe not a very
              good one) is that it's due to the heat.  I often leave my PDA
              in my glove compartment, but the weather was warmer than
              usual the day before it choked, not hot, but warmer than
              usual, maybe 80.  I find it hard to believe this would cause
              such problems, but I have no better guess.
              \_ does Palm have a small battery to keep its memory? may be
                 it's that battery went out.
              \_ I'll bet it has a 3 year warrantee. You're a 3 years + 1 day.
        \_ did you HotSync regularly?
           \_ About once a week.  So I lost a few days of stuff.
              Anyway, I figured out what happened.  For some reason,
              back in August, BackupBuddy stopped doing it's thing.
              Thus, the nonstandard databases were restored to their
              state back in August.  In this same backup directory
              was the PDB files from addressbook, datebook, etc.  So, it
              also loaded in this outdated standard data (thus the
              entries that I deleted months ago were there).  Then, it
              took the current backup of the standard data (the only
              thing actually being backed up since August) and put that
              back in my PDA too along with the old stuff.  So, it
              (almost) all makes sense (to me).  I just don't know why
              it lost all data in the first place, or why BackupBuddy
              stopped doing it's thing.  No one else out there uses
              \_ Whoa, there, son!  What goes on between me and my Backup
                 Buddy is none of your business!
        \_ SARS?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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