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2003/5/21 [Industry/Jobs] UID:28501 Activity:high
5/20    This happen to you. You get laid off, but your loyalty entitles
        you to 'salary continuation.' You ask you former company if it's
        ok to get unemployment insurance. They say yes. You collect.
        A year later the EDD send you letter saying the 'salary continuation'
        is considered wages, they want the UI $ back plus penalties and
        suspension from ever getting UI for 3 years. The company won't
        help you now in writing a letter saying it was severance. Everyone
        else who was laid off and did the same thing, doesnt have that
        the EDD breathing down their necks. I STFW of EDD's site. The
        info says the case is hopeless.
        \_ Even severance is considered salary in terms of EDD's view.
           Your unemployment benefit starts only when your severance
           runs out.  I think you are f*cked.
        \_ What is salary continuation exactly?  -- new to workforce
        \_ hack their system already, jeez, what kinda cs geek are you?
2003/5/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:28502 Activity:nil
5/21    Can someone recommend a good starting book for IPv6?  I had the
        Christian Huitema one suggested, but I understand it's pretty
        theoretical.  -John
        \_ what is wrong with reading the RFCs?
                \_ Sigh.  Nothing is wrong with reading the RFCs.  However, I
                   may be working together with someone who could use a, how
                   shall we say, gentler introduction, and I don't understand
                   enough about it yet to be able to explain it authoritatively.
           \_ also, RFC's won't speak to particular implementations
              \_ This is Berkeley.  We don't implement anything.  That's not
                 important.  It's only coding.  Anyone can code.
2003/5/21 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:28503 Activity:nil
5/20    Where does Mozilla (firebird) store its cached data on W2k?
        \_ STFW:
2003/5/21 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28504 Activity:nil
5/20    Does Soda have a collection of SPAM carcases I can use so I can
        train my Bayesian filter?  If does, where are they?  thanks
                 \_ Bayesian filtering works best with your own spam corpus.
        \_ post your login, i'll spam you good.
                                          \_ well
        \_ where did this trend of capitalizing SPAM to mean UCE come from?
           you've got it backwards; "SPAM" is the (pseudo-)meat; "spam" is
           UCE.  yeah, yeah, fuck me for being a pedantic troll.
           \_ STFU you pedantic troll.  Language changes (except in France).
        \_ I have a spam archive of approximately 40,000 letters I could
           upload somewhere if u want. -ERic
           \_ Anything h0t?
           \_ spamassassin said it prefer 1000-2000.  can you dump couple
              thousands to learn.  would you dump it into a tmp directory
           \_ seperate note.  The bayesian token files tend to get quite
              big (~ 1 mb per 1000 messages)  how do you guys deal with
              that? or you just let megabytes of these token files occupies
              your precious disk space?
              \_ so 40000 spam would be 40 meg.  Big deal.  My keychain
                 can handle that.
                 \_ err... my soda account has a quota of 30mb...
2003/5/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:28505 Activity:very high
5/20    For those if you worried about the SCO/IBM/Linux Lawsuit:
        Read this, from the cnet article by Bruce Perens:
        "The real story here is the lack of substance to the SCO claims, and
        the increasingly remote chance that its lawyers will prevail. A
        similar case alleging plagiarism of Unix by an open-source
        operating system was litigated in the early '90s. AT&T sued the
        University of California, claiming that the BSD system infringed
        upon AT&T's copyrights. Eventually, the court narrowed AT&T's
        concerns down to only four source files, which the university
        simply replaced rather than argue about them. AT&T then settled the
        case by paying the university's court costs. SCO is not likely to
        do any better."
        \_  Thanks.  I thought I am the only one who cared about Linux
           in this BSD crowd    -- not geeky enough to use BSD
           \_ see, it's not about care.  we're just not concerned because
              there is nothing to be concerned about.
        \_ Uhm, why exactly should *any* of us be concerned about one random
           smallish company suing some other random very large company about
           anything?  Worried?  What for?
           \_ there is a real chance that big company abandon Linux as
              platform due to legal issues, however slim that chance is.
                        \_ That would be great. We could finally get
                \_ Dell and IBM (maybe HP? i have no idea) have been
                   selling hardware with linux to "big company" for
                   a while now.
                           the stinking penguin feces off of our
              \_ Linux isn't made for "big company".  Why should anyone give
                 a damn if all "big company" don't use Linux for anything?
                 Linux doesn't have market share.  It isn't sold.  No one who
                 makes it makes money on it.  Whatever.
                  \_ Linux was created to have a UNIX-like US on the PC.
                  \_ Dell and IBM (maybe HP? i have no idea) have been
                     selling hardware with linux to "big company" for
                     a while now. <interruption moved to more polite place>
                  \_ Linux was created to have a UNIX-like OS on the PC.
                     Linux is a powerful, stable, multi-user OS. Isn't that
                                \_ HA HA HA HA! Good one.
                                   \_ What do you mean? Compare to any M$ OS.
                                      What is your problem with Linux?
                                      \_ He's not comparing it to MS.  He's
                                         a brainless reactionary, and anyway
                                         My Ford is WAY better than his Chevy
                                         \_ Have you tried using linux for
                                            any real purpose other than
                                            disposable web serving? Even for
                                            non-critical redundant clustering
                                            we have lots of reliability
                                            problems with linux. The boxes
                                            keep crashing in with vm errors,
                                            hanging on network io. Linux is
                                            also a pain in the ass to keep
                                            updated and exploit free (even
                                            I don't mind linux for light
                                            desktop or server use but to
                                            call it powerful and stable
                                            is a joke.
                                      \_ UC Engineering used to sell a t-shirt
                                         with a bell curve that says "Smarter
                                         Than The Average Bear".  Engineering
                                         students may indeed be smarter than the
                                         average bear, but that doesn't mean
                                         they are smart in any absolute sense.
                     what big companies want? If big companies (IBM) adopt
                     Linux, it may be more likely that software companies
                     will release Linux versions of their wares. Peoplesoft
                     for example. This would make it easer for Linux market
                     share to increase, which I believe would be a "good
                     thing". I do not like Microsoft, and I beleve that
                     Linux is our best hope.
              \_ It's far more likely that IBM will simply acquire SCO.  Of
                 course, then IBM could litigate everyone else...
              \_ Obgoogle.  (how hasn't this been said already ?)
        \_ The disconnect is that BSD was completely rewritten to remove all
           AT&T code during the late 80's and early 90's. This was a largely
           volunteer effort that made the AT&T case moot.
2003/5/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:28507 Activity:moderate
5/21    Has anyone taken a technical online course through Berkeley
        extension?  What's your feedback?
        \_ fwiw, A friend of mine (EECS'99) took some econ courses through
           UCB Extension and is now getting an MBA at MIT (Sloan).
        \_ I took some DB classes there.  they were very UNacademic.
           \_ Which good or bad?
           \_ Which is good or bad?
2003/5/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28508 Activity:very high
        In a sick and perverted way, I hope this spreads to the US and a lot
        of people die from mad cow disease.  This will teach you fat people
        to stop eating meat.  -vegetarian
        \_ I don't think mad cow disease is all that transmissible by
           eating mad cows.  I think just a subset of people are vulnerable.
           So I think you're SOL.  BTW, I hope you die of pellagra or beriberi.
        \_ I think you need to read up on some basic nutrition.
        \_ leave it to some dumb hippy vegetarian to draw the wrong lesson.
           The fairly obvious (and should have been obvious even before hand)
           lesson is don't feed dead members of farm Species_X back to live
           members of Species_X.  It is appalling that was done.
           \_ we have already created a race of cannibalistic cows,
              we recycle dead cow into the food we feed our cattle - danh
        \_ what about us skinny meat eaters?
           \_ The OP is an idiot with self esteem issues.  He's trying to
              validate his basically absurd point of view -- so the fact that
              an alternate lifestyle can be just as healthy, if not
              healthier is largely going to be ignored.
        \_ i don't eat cows. i eat vegans.
        \_ I don't think you realize what mad cow is, or you wouldn't be wishing
           this anywhere.  Also, man has been eating meat for millions of years.
           It's foolish to thing this will (or should) change in less than (say)
           100 years.
        \_ I don't think you realize what mad cow is, or you wouldn't be
           wishing this anywhere.  Also, man has been eating meat for millions
           of years.  It's foolish to thing this will (or should) change in
           less than (say) 100 years.
           \_ Man has not been eating meat for "millions of years", because
              mankind, as a species, is not "millions of years" old.
              Religious people would put that at about 5k years, maybe?
              And scientists might say 100k years....
              \_ Do a search on Homo habilis.  That's about 2 million years
                 since toolmaking.  Okay, 100k for Homo sapiens.  Also, I was
                 making the evolutionary argument for meat.  If I were making
                    \_ This is necessary.  Life feeds on Life feeds on...
                 the religious one, I'd just say that it's our right to eat
                 \_ Creatures have been eating other creatures for billions
                    of years.
                 \_ Human evolution as a consequence of natural selection
                    stopped when we began social programs to feed the poor
                    and enable the disabled.  Meat-eating is a choice now,
                    governed more by market forces than natural forces.
                    Accept responsibility for your own destiny and stop
                    blaming your obsolete biological inheritance.
                    -a proud meat-eater
                    \_ You are a fool.  Natural selection hasn't stopped.  We've
                       just changed what we're selecting for.
        \_ We'll just switch from cows to panda, cheetah, elephant, etc.
        \_ Congratulations on a lame yet successful troll.  I thought it was
           really weak but you score full points for raking in the suckers
           which is all the really counts when it comes to trolling.  Give
           yourself a happy sticker and a gold star for your achievement.
           \_ Does a troll get credit for all replies or only for first
              level responses?  Regardless of whether the initial post is
              a troll, some of the stuff under it is interesting.
2003/5/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:28509 Activity:very high
5/21    I sometimes get asked why my CS degree from Berkeley is a BA and
        not a BS.  What's the best way to answer that to a potential
        \_ BA means you took more than one english class.
                \_ It's really an arbitrary distinction, but some schools
                   give you BS in math if you do some courses in applied
                   math. Otherwise, you get the BA. The idea is that "BA"
                   is for theoretical stuff, while "BS" means you have to
                   get your fingers dirty. At Berkeley, the CS degree
                   in LS requires less engineering and lab courses than
                   the CS tracks in EECS. Thus, you get the BA. I would
                   not put much credence into the distinction.  -fab
                \_ Not true. I took 3 English classes to satisfy the
                   GE requirements. Still got a BS from the Dept. of
                   Engineering. I just wish that I had taken those
                   classes for a letter grade, 12 units of A's would
        \_ Because the college of L&S does not hand out BS.  That's reserved for
           business school (rim shot).  Seriously, a physics degree is a BA too.
                   have boosted my gpa.
           \_ Nah.  My AP exam exempted me.  I didn't take a single English
              class @ Cal.  Now don't get me started about American Cultures...
              \_ I am hereby getting you started on American Cultures.
                 \_ My one P/NP class.  History of the California Frontier.
                    Taught by Kent Lightfoot.  What a waste of time.
                    \_ oh, come on.  you call that a rant?  start a new
                       thread with a lenthy rant if you really care.
        \_ why is a math degree a BA and not a BS? I remember Brian Harvey
           talked about this on the 1st or 2nd day of 61A.
           \_ I remembered some years ago I checked out the BS program
                under College of Engineering.  It had very strict requirement
                that one must maintain a 3.0 GPA at all time or will be on AP.
                It was a major for graduate school preparation. -- ivy
        \_ "I was not as 1337 as the College of Engineering studs, so I
           took the L&S program and met more hot chix."
           \_ AKA: I actually learned something important at college
        \_ Because the college of L&S does not hand out BS.  That's reserved
           for business school (rim shot).  Seriously, a physics degree is a
           BA too. [I'm going to start deleting your shit on the spot if you
           don't learn how to format.  -evil formatd]
           \_ I understand this myself, but what's the best way to explain
              it to a potential employer who doesn't understand and not
              make him feel that I don't have enough "science" training?
              \_ Tell him a physics degree is a BA.  If that's not good enough,
                 you probably don't want to work there.
        \_ I tell them the physicists, the chemists, and just about everyone
           else gets a "BA" from Cal, that it's just a Cal thing, shrug, and
           don't try to get too defensive about it.  Look bored by the
           question in a "sigh, I have to answer this stupid question again"
           kind of way, but be polite.  Do not under any circumstances allow
           them to say you have a lesser degree.
           \_ actually, i think the chemists get a B.S.  it's all about what
              college you're in.  The college of chemistry and the college
              of engineering both give out B.S.'s, and L&S gives out only BA's.
              That's the long and short of it.  obviously, this means that
              all science majors except engineering and chemistry get BA's.
              \_ there are a few L&S chemistry majors.  they are the proverbial
                 redheaded stepchildren.  pity them.
              \_ I would not confuse the issue by getting into different kinds
                 of majors and colleges.  The OP wants help in intelligently
                 answering a question a non-Cal person will never understand.
                 The right answer is that "everyone" gets a BA and to not make
                 a big deal out of it.  If you start explaining things you'll
                 look like an idiot and not get the job which is the whole
                 point.  They don't give a shit about the inner workings of
                 your school.  Just get the job.
        \_ Well, the real question the interviewer is asking is, "Why are
           you in L&S?  Are you too weak to be in the College of Engineering?"
                \_ If you aren't interested in hardware, there is little
                   point in doing Engineering CS. Most people would give an
                   arm and a leg for the opportunity to major in LS CS degree
                   at Berkeley. -fab
                   \_ Yes, but then you wouldn't be 1337.
           \_ No.  You're wrong.  Only a Cal alum would know the difference.
              The rest of the world is just baffled and is asking exactly the
              question they want answered.
              \_ You're assuming that the interviewer will only see L&S
                 grads and would be satisfied by the everyone gets a BA in
                 L&S.  I am assuming the interviewer will see a mix of
                 EECS and L&S CS, and would wonder the EECS guys get a BS
           \_ For me, I didn't know what the difference was when I was
              filling out the adminssion application.  I thought to myself
              I am not really interested in EE, so I opted for just CS,
              not realizing it would be a BA instead of BS.  It had
              nothing to do with thinking I might not be strong enough for
        \_ Sigh. BS implies applied physical science as opposed to BA which
           implies more theoretical education.
           \_ Wrong.  The Division of Physical Sciences at Cal (Physics,
              Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Science, Statistics, Math)
              gives out BA's.  -tom
              \_ Youre not paying attention.  You missed the point of this
                 thread.  the point of this thread is for EECS majors to
                 blather on about their m@d 33kZ sk177Z0rz.  as a math
                 physics double major, I just wish I was k3wl enough to
                 get a BS like them.  Then I would have actually learned
                 something practical.
              \_ Actually not sooo wrong.  It is applied vs. theoretical--
                 so what if he said physical instead, don't be so argumentative
                 just to throw out points.  And remember, the boundaries are
                 blurry, I actually took more hw classes than most EEs and I
                 was L&S.  And my GPA was as high as it gets, so there goes
                 the can't cut it in EECS idea.  Personally I enjoyed taking
                 a lot of astronomy, physics, biology, and chemistry without
                 anyone looking over my shoulder and complaining.
        \_ Just put down undergraduate degree in computer science at
           UCBerkeley and it will never come up.
2003/5/21-22 [Health/Men] UID:28510 Activity:high
5/21    Claritin/Nicoderm become non-prescription medications, Viagra could
        be ordered online via "online consultation". What's next, RU486? Are
        the big drug companies trying to milk the cow at the risk of the
        \_ What's wrong with RU486 being an easy access medication?
           \_ It's used in conjunction with other medications which are not
              so easily accessible.
              \_ How so?  Ru486 has multiple uses.
                 \_ Those being as a contragestive, an abortion facilitator,
                    and an aid in difficult delivery in obstetrics.  There
                    are other contragestive approaches that are easier to
                    obtain, and should be consulted with a doctor in any
                    event.  The other two must have medical supervision of
                    some sort.
2003/5/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:28511 Activity:moderate
5/21    After illegally using the homeland security department to hunt down
        the Killer Ds, all records of the hunt for the missing democrats are
        ordered destroyed before an investigation can get started.
        \_ That's pretty sad.  Of course, the so-called Killer D's should be
           removed from office, but so should any nitwit who ordered the
           destruction of records.
           \_ One set was hired, the other set elected.
        \_ Didn't I see this on alt.conspiracy.hate.hate.hate.bush?
2003/5/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28512 Activity:high
5/21    Is the term "rice-boy" taillights (with respect to cars)
        \_ to some asians, yes.
           \_ I'm Asian and the Asian friends I have aren't offended. I'm sure
              some are though. Actually, several didn't even know the term
              "riceboy" until I explained it to them
        \_ The term is Rice Boi and the taillights are called Altezzas.
        \_ What does "rice-boy" mean?
           \_ asian boys that take $12k cars and put $30k m0dz in them and end
              up with ugly funky silly looking under powered $42k cars.
              \_ but where does "rice" in the name come from? -clueless
        \_ I'm white and I love rice. Am I a rice boy?
           \_ no
           \_ I think the term was originally meant for those from Vietnam,
              which rice consistutes majority of their stable diet.
              Rice = Asian is not strictly true as those northern Chinese
              eat a lot of wheats.
2003/5/21-22 [Uncategorized] UID:28513 Activity:high
5/21    Does anyone know a non-sexist mnemonic for the resistor color
        \_ What's the sexist one?  -- forgotten everything
        \_ found this on the net:
        bad boys rape our young girls but violet gives willingly. get some now
        \_ This is the one I learned, with s/rape/rob/ as the other one.
        Big Bears Run Over Your Gladiola Bed Vexing Garden Worms (go see now)
        \_ I, too, learned the sexist mnemonic first. When I asked
           someone about a different mnemonic, the guy said, "just learn
           the colors directly." So now I know the above plus "black brown
           red orange yellow green blue violet gray white".
           \_  yeah, in the end i guess we all just end up memorizing them,
               and thinking "six" when we see a blue stripe, but I'd like to
               have a mnemonic I can tell young people without making them
               think electrical engineers are all sexist pigs.
               \_ I suggest, "black brown red orange yellow green blue violet
                  gray white".  It'll take about 30 seconds to memorise.
               \_ How about "black, brown, ROY G BIV, grey, white" without
                  the I for indigo? Even less time to memorize.
                  \_ 30 seconds is too much??
                     \_ What is the GSN?  Gold, silver and ???
2003/5/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Academia/GradSchool] UID:28514 Activity:high
5/21    Explosion reported at Yale University.  Check AP wires.
        \_ I'll wander over and check it out  -new haven resident
        \_ I was just on the roof of the yale engineering building with
           binoculars checking shit out.  Engineering is a couple
           blocks form the law school.  there is nothing to see.
           the reports of "white smoke rising over the city" are almost
           certainly some numnutz reporter's observation of the steam from the
           physical plant building right next door to the law school.
           There are lots of cops and reporters, obviously, but they have
           reached a steady state by now. No one was hurt, and there have been
           no threats against yale or new haven.  Barbara Bush is not in
           New Haven right now(yale just finished exams last week.)
        \_ No reported injuries so far.  When did it happen?
        \_ Confined to one mail room, Bush was on campus a few hours prior.
           \_ He was in New London, not New Haven.
              \_  ...briefly, earlier in the day.  almost certainly unrelated.
        \_ I hope Rory hasn't got there yet!
        \_ It's a University.  Shit blows up at schools all the time.
        \_ Did someone leave the gas on in the lounge kitchen?  Yes, I know
           some people said it was the mail room.
           \_ Current wherabouts of Ted Kazynski?
              \_ Federal Pen, duh.
2003/5/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:28515 Activity:high
5/21    I just found out that my group at Yahoo has some summer intern
        positions working on different things DOE and your interest.  Some of
        the works that you might work on are automation scripts, interacting
        with DB's, and integrations.  These are open to both grad and undergrad
        students.  Email me for more information if you are interested.
           \_ Sunnyvale, CA.  Mathilda exit on 237.
        \_ where is it?
           \_ Sunnyvale, CA.  Mathilda exit on 237.
              \_ Wait, wasn't Sunnyvale swallowed up in the collapse of
                 the Hellmouth in the final episode of Buffy the Vampire
                 \_ No.
2018/11/13 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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