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2003/5/19 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:28481 Activity:kinda low
5/18    How much is a carpool lane ticket on 880 around Fremont?  I thought
        it's around $271, but the notification I received said I owe $321.
        And, what's the easiest way for me to find if I qualify for traffic
        school if I can't remember if my last traffic school is within the last
        18 months?
        \_ $271 is the minimum
        \_ You scumbag, I hope you get socked with more than that next time,
           and I hope your insurance company doubles your fees.  Bastards
           like you ought to be executed on the spot.
           \_ Yeah because no one ever made a mistake.  You're an idiot. -!op
           \_ Fuck all that.  Kill the cars. Jackhammer the roads.
              \_ Why destroy perfectly good roads?  Abortions for all!
                 Retroactive ones!  The human race is a virus!
        \_ Take it to a judge, admit guilt, ask for a reduced penalty because
           you're a poor student or you're an idiot and didn't notice the
           signs or something.  The judge can also send you to traffic scool
           no matter what for simple driving infractions like that.  Whatever
           you do, do not plead innocent.  You're guilty as hell and you're
           just going to annoy him.
2003/5/19 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:28482 Activity:low
5/18    Ride Bike!
2003/5/19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:28483 Activity:high 75%like:28476
5/18    Fighting Censorship:  Thread Restored
        Taiwan has been accepted into WHO as an "Health Entity."
        Congrats Taiwan!
        \_ That's like the WHO accepting Alabama.  Taiwan is an illegal
           entity that is an indivisible part of the PRC.
           \_ ignore those Taiwan's child play.  People in Taiwan are dying,
              Ministry of Health is stockpiling tens of million of N95
              masks and refused to distributed to hospitals.  Infection is
              out of control as one hospital after another show cases of
              cross-infection.  Instead of trying to fix the disease,
              Taiwan is playing politics...  The really funny part is,
              Taiwan is ALREADY in WHO (as Province of China).  I really
              don't know what is the big fuss is all about.
                                -- reporting from Taiwan
              \_ If you really don't know what the fuss is about, then
                 you need to brush up on your history.  Cf. Chiang-Kai
                 Sheck, Kuomintang, the airlift from the mainland after
                 WW2, and recent election of a pro-independence President.
           \_ I didn't know there were any mainlanders here.  I thought most
              of the ethnic chinese here were from Taiwan, HK, or SG.
              Identify yourself!
                \_ What is SG?
                   \_ Singapore, also known as Singapura.  Singa is from
                      Singh, an Indian / Sikh word meaning "lion".
                      Thus Singaore is also known as "lion city".
           \_ The US is an illegal entity that is an indivisible part of
              the British Crown.
                \_ British Crown recognized US's independence long ago.
                   Pull your head out of your ass.
           \_ if it was indivisible it couldn't have been divided.
              \_ Your family will be sent a bill for the bullet.
           \_ Nah, Taiwan declared independence and the establishment of
                    declaration of independence
              the Taiwan Democratic Republic in 1895.
              \_ which is as legitimate as the Manchuguo in North East China
                 \_ People of Taiwan were betrayed and disowned by
                    China to the Japanese in 1895.  Of course the
                    declaration of independence is legitimate, or
                    are you saying Taiwan should belong to Japan?
                    \_ the independence was out of desperation as China
                       signed the shameful treaty, which 1. no one ever
                       recognized, and 2. if you ever read history, people
                       fought bravely resist Japanese's rule.  It caused
                       so much casuaty that Japan resort using naval
                       bombardment to whipe out the resistance; a
                       Sharp contrast of what people in Taiwan is doing
                       today, which trying hard kissing USA's butt-hole
                       hoping US will do something for your cause.  And
                       if you look at USA's track record, you would know
                       that Taiwan is just a bargain chip which USA will
                       give up if China is willing to pay the price.
                       \_ After betraying and disowning Taiwan for
                          50 years, Chinese came to Taiwan and promptly
                          butchered tens of thousands of Taiwanese
                          in 1947.  Furthermore, in the following
                          decades, China butchered tens of millions of
                          its own people.  Sorry, but the people of
                          Taiwan has every right to declare independence.
                          We don't owe China anything.  US is a friend
                          and trading partner of Taiwan.  No US
                          administration would survive the loss of
                          Taiwan to a PRC invasion.  I am personally
                          not an advocate for Taiwan independence
                          because I still have some affinity for
                          China, and hope that it would continue to
                          change for the better, but please don't
                          give me bullshit like "Taiwan ... is an
                          indivisible part of the PRC".
        \_ Taiwan is as valuable to the US imperialism as Israel. Just as
           Israel distablizes the middle-east, Taiwan distablizes the
           Far East.
           \_ Hegemon!  The DNC fax said "Hegemon!"  We don't use "Imperialism"
              anymore, idiot!  That was last year!  Fucking aye!  Get it
           \_ destabilize .. learn engrish first lah. without taiwan and
              US investments, prc still in stone age.
           \_ Stability?  Yes, nothing should change.  Bad things such as the
              nightmare that is the Arab controlled middle east should always
              be that way because... well.. uhm... it's stable!  Yeah, stable!
              That's the ticket!  I'm glad you're here on the motd and not
              the State Department where you might be doing real harm to the
              country and maybe the world.
        \_ I claim legal dictatorship over the entire planet.  You are
           all my property.  Start obeying my commands at once or I will
           demand that the WHO eject you. --SupremeDictatorForLife
           \_ Infidel!  There is one true ruler.  All Hail Joe!!  Hail Joe!!!
              be sure to watch the "call to action" video.
           \_ I think Belgium has a pre-existing claim of planetary wide
              control over the world's legal system.
2003/5/19-20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:28484 Activity:low
5/18    Is it possible to force two (cpu-hungry) programs to each
        run on a separate processor, on a dual-processor Dell running
        \_ The OS isn't doing this for you?
           \_ I'm not sure. Is there a way to check under Win2k?
              \_ Look at your performance graph and see if the cpu's are
                 balanced.  I don't know if you can do anything more.
2003/5/19 [Politics/Domestic/California/Prop, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:28485 Activity:very high
5/18    Thank you Gray Davis, who increased state employement by 30%, and
        who rewards his primary contributor, the Prison Unions, with fat
        pay raises.
        Vehicle-tax plan praised - Fee hike would spare drastic local cuts
        \_ I'm really tired of all this budget bullshit.  Is there not a
           single state that believe in fiscal responsibility?    Any state
           that require balanced budget in their constitution?
           \_ The last time California ran budget surpluses during a boom
              time, we had a "taxpayers revolt" and ended up with Prop 13.
              We get what we deserve here. Every recession is like this.
              Remember Pete Wilson's big round of tax increases?
              \_ No, we had prop 13 because people were losing their houses.
                 I was here and I remember it.
                 \_ People were not losing their homes. That was all
                    \_ Idiot.  I was there.  Get out of the ivory tower and
                       join the real world where real people are hurt or helped
                       everyday by the real decisions real politicians make.
                       \_ I was there too. Everyone wants to pay
                          less taxes, but the money for things like schools
                          has to come from someplace. School quality in
                          California, which had been in the top 10% of
                          the country, plummeted and has stayed low since.
                          How old were you when this happened? No way can
                          you remember what was really going on. If you
                          go back and look at the newspaper archives, you
                          will find one or two people on fixed incomes who
                          supposedly lost their homes, out of a state with
                          a population of 20M. You live in a fantasyland.
                          \_ Yeah all the neighbors who put their houses up for
                             sale and left the state were just figments of my
                             deranged and aged mind.  CA has many reasons for
                             being at the bottom of the school rankings, not
                             teaching the "three Rs" anymore is the primary
                 \_ And now people are losing their houses because they can't
                    afford the property tax that's subsidizing the people who
                    are benefitting from prop 13. Irony is delicious. Munch.
                    \_ The problem with prop 13 is that while it was
                       motivated by a need to protect a primary residence
                       from fluctuations in the real estate market, it
                       was written to include *all* property.  For humans,
                       frozen contribution rates on a primary residence
                       are a good way to apportion the total tax burden
                       over the life of the taxpayer.  For coporations and
                       other entities that never die, Prop 13 is a nightmare
                       that has only just started crushing our economy.
                       \_ Actually it's been crushing it a while. Each
                          economic downturn just emphasizes it. When the
                          economy recovers, it'll be forgotten again. After
                          you finish the cookie, you'll feel right as rain.
                          \_ Can someone explain what prop13 is?
                             \_ Quickie version: In 1978, property taxes
                                assessed according to 1976 prices with a max
                                +2% change until prop sold. Then it's
                                reassessed and taxed at current price. Note 2%
                                is below COLA and certainly way below real
                                estate increase. Plus, to raise taxes takes
                                2/3 vote of the legistlature.
                                \_ Only because we learned the term "double
                                   digit inflation" under Jimmy Carter. In any
                                   sane world, the COLA would be about 2%.
                                   \_ Communist!
                                   \_ Ford invented double digit inflation.
                                      Carter just carried on the tradition.
                                      \_ Ford?  Oh pleeeeeaaaaase.  It's the
                                         only thing the news talked about for
                                         his entire term.  Oh yeah, that and
                                         the Hostage Crisis.
2003/5/19-20 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Academia/GradSchool] UID:28486 Activity:very high
5/19    I know most people here are alumni.  Anybody know new grads graduating
        this year?  I'm wondering how they're doing in terms of job search.
        CS/EECS grads I mean.   Are people moving back home with their parents
        and spending their time goofing off?
        \_ The smart ones won't be goofing off.
        \_ We used to call it meditating.
           \_ Do you like to meditate with your left hand or your right?
              \_ Or your own mouth?
                 \_ Ew.
        \_ It took me about 6-7 months to find a job. - 2002 grad
           \_ same here.
           \_ tobin do you live across the street from Sigma Kappa?
              how many tobins can there be in this world? - danh
           \_ clearly we need more H1-B people, it should have taken you a year
              \_ no, he should've worked at McD's serving H1b's on their once
                 a week lunch break.
        \_ working at CERN for awhile.  Then... the World! -- tobin (2003 grad)
           \_ So you plan to retire from CERN, eh?
                \_ Nobody retires from CERN.  They are retired.  -John
                   \_ Good point.
        \_ I'm moving back home and looking for a job - sp 2003 grad
           \_ Where's that?  India?
        \_ New grad hiring is fairly limited right now.  We generally
           won't look at a new grad seriously unless they built something
           as a special project or outside of class.  The ones that just
           listen to lectures and do their homework aren't typically
           productive enough to bother with.  -hiring manager
           \_ heh, when the economy turns around you'll be here begging for
              the ones who 'almost' graduated.  --less obnoxious hm
        \_ graduation, have yet to find a job, will be working on a
           research project part time this summer while looking for
           employment, and yes, I will be moving back home.  --darin
           \_ St. Louis?  Are there jobs there?
        \_ Most of the guys who interned in my group last summer have
           all found jobs. I'm trying to set the last few stragglers
           up before the end of the summer. They are all moving back
        \_ How does moving back home help you find a job?  To save money?
           Unless your parents live in San Jose, you're stting yourself up
           for a lifetime of shitty jobs and zero social life.
           \_ San Jose, wooohoo! Party! Why would you hold up San Jose
              as a good place for a social life?
                \_ i think he is implying there are decent jobs in the san
                   jose area
                   \_ Also, housing is so expensive, there's less social stigma
                      attached to living with your parents.
                \_ Because in SJ you might actually *get* *a* *job* unlike
                   living with your parents in BFE trying to get PC support
                   gigs at the local dentist and flower shop.  SJ is also
                   close enough to the rest of the BA that you can have any
                   social life you like and frankly with so many other laid
                   off people in the area, you'll have plenty of people to
                   hang out with.  What's *your* plan for where these kids
                   should hang out while job hunting and trying not to be
                   forgotten by life?
                   \_ Honestly? I think they are spoiled brats who should
                      learn to fend for themselves. There are plenty of
                      jobs out there, just not high-paying, cushy, high-
                      status jobs like these children of the upper middle
                      class believe is their birthright. Move to Las Vegas
                      if you want a job. I never hung to my mother's apron
                      strings after I left home at 17.
                      \_ Getting a low paying job now will cost hundreds of
                         thousands over the course of their careers....
                         \_ Not learning self-reliance costs much more.
2003/5/19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:28487 Activity:high
5/19    Here's one vote for extermination of the human race.  Its obvious
        that we just can't live up to the standards set by the CSUA motd,
        so we're better off with universal suicide.  Who knows, maybe
        evolution will produce an intelligent race less concerned with
        narcissism and self-aggrandizement.
        \_ Tch, tch... Where were you during the nuke war fantasies of the
           early 80's? Po' chile, missed out on it?
           \_ They weren't fantasies.  The world was almost destroyed several
              times from the mid 60's until The Wall fell.
              \_ Compare and contrast that to Sodans almost getting laid.
              \_ Another time coming up with the threats from North Korea.
                 \_ NK?  Piffle.  That's not world destruction.  At worst,
                    they'll hit SK or Japan once or twice.  Their odds of
                    hitting SD/LA/SF are about zero given that they've never
                    tested anything with that range and don't claim it.  After
                    the maybe nuke Japan/SK, we launch and wipe them off the
                    planet, everyone sheds a tear, makes a pretty speech at
                    the UN, life goes on for the other 6+ billion people.
2003/5/19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:28488 Activity:nil
5/19    Goodbye, Ari Fleischer.  You managed to keep a straight face for
        so long.
        \_ URL?  Given a choice I'd rather be Ari than do the same job for BC.
           \_ Heh, I'd've been fired if I'd been the spokesman for Bill:
              "I'm sorry, the President has nothing to say about the
               allegations regarding Monica Lewinsky.  I, on the other
               hand, have plenty to say: C'mon, folks, it was a blowjob!
               Get over it!"
               \_ Probably not the right spin BC was looking for but it'd be
                  funny as hell if it got on the air.
2003/5/19 [Uncategorized] UID:28489 Activity:nil
5/19    Civic, u wished u 0wn3d 1:
        \_ A non-working, non-street legal 73k mile '93 civic for $11k?  I'd
           need a lobotomy first.  Is that included in the $11k some sucker
           bid for this?
        \_ Yucks!
2003/5/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity, Computer/SW/Security] UID:28490 Activity:nil
5/19    My refinance showed someone (LA) is using my SSN. What can I do?
        Who do I report this to? This is a serious question. thx.
        \_ First contact the police.  One of the things they will do is
           give you a form with a lot of different crdit agencies to
           contact.  Contact all major credit card companies as well.
           Although you can get a free credit check if you suspect fraud
           you get the wimpy version, so you want to shell out 25 bucks
           for the full one you can double check.  Hell, you probably want
           to do it every couple of months for the next half year or so.
           Yes it is a bitch, I've been there before, but it the long
           run things got corrected and the person stopped using my SSN.
        \_ Call your local SS office.  They will give you the number of the SS
           Inspector General.  That office handles stuff having to do with SS
           fraud and criminal activity.
           \_ And the IRS. When you contact the three credit agencies,
              ask to put a freeze or a fraud report on your listings.
        \_ See if you can get an address and kill them.
2003/5/19-20 [Health, Health/Men] UID:28491 Activity:high
5/19    Exercise advice sought:  If I am just trying to tone up a little
        can I do something like 400-500 curls with 10lbs dumbells or will
        that little weight not do anything?  Better to do half as many
        with 20lbs?  I am a small stature person.
        \_ Hi, small stature person!
        \_ If you want to bulk up, do enough weight so that you can just
           barely do 3 sets of 12. If you just want toning, take yoga.
           \_ 2nded.  You'll get results more quickly this way, and at 20lbs
              you need not fear of turning into that enormous guy at the gym
              with hairy shoulders.  Just make sure your form is good if
              you're just starting off w/ weights.
           \_ tone != bulk.  If you want tone and definition, you do want more
              reps with lower weight.  Try 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps.  More reps
              per set if you like.
              \_ That is why I asked if 400x10lbs or 200x20lbs would be
                 \_ You should never need to do 400 or even 200 reps (I hope
                    you're just giving exagerrated numbers for effect). The
                    above poster is right... find a weight where you can just
                    barely do 20 or even 25 reps and work from there. Oh, and
                    something that gets lost in the equation of toning/bulking:
                    diet. You can have the perfect workouts, with the ideal
                    weights, sets, reps, exercises, form, etc., but it won't
                    that the hard way (yes, I've been improvement once I cut
                    down on the french fries)
                    make a difference until you start eating right. I learned
                    that the hard way (yes, I've seen improvement after I cut
                    out the fast food)
        \_ Don't listen to these people who haven't tried it!  I would
           recommend 800-1000 curls with 5 lbs, I have had very
           effective results with that.  Try it for yourself!
           \_ Sounds like a recipie for tendonitis.  Curls, like most
              weight work, isolates a particular muscle group.  Unlike
              exercizes that impact a larger number of muscles, weight
              work is not suitable for rep counts.  There is debate over
              whether the 30-rep sets are safe.  Even the high-rep clique
              at the gym would agree that 800 is crazy.
           \- I dont claim to have a particularly sane exercise program
              but some comments: 1. first i think doing a few hundred
              curls of low weight should be ok. it is probably like using
              a rowing machine for 20-30 min. 2. if you goal is tone and
              general fitness with a low target and without joining a gym
              or buying pricey equipment, then i'd just run like 3miles
              3-4 times a week. that moves large muscles unlike the curl
              program and will probably burn more calories and get your
              mtabolism up and your fat level down. if you ear a reasonable
              mtabolism up and your fat level down. if you eat a reasonable
              amount of protein, it is easy to bulk up arms for men. legs
              are a lot more work. --psb
              \_ The problem is that with any serious weight and crazy high
                 repetitions, it's very possible to give yourself a RSI.  This
                 is especially true if you have no idea what you're doing and
                 have little or no idea of good form.  This is a very hard
                 lesson to learn by injuring yourself.
        \_ Isometrics, son.  It's all about isometrics.
        \_ I don't think you ever need to worry about bulking up
           unintentionally.  If it was that easy to get big, you wouldn't
           see people spending 24x7 in the gym, drinking protein shakes,
           taking supplements, and reading muscle magazines.  Start with
           a standard excercise routine which you can find in any excercise
           book or web page and if you notice yourself getting "too big",
           cut back on the weight and increase your reps/sets by 15%. -emin
        \_ Here's a question. Why do any of this? Simply to look better? I
           can think of a dozen kinds of exercise that will keep you in shape
           and certainly sound more enjoyable than endless reps in a gym or
           some room in one's house. I suppose I need to give partha credit for
           hinting at the same point. I swim about a mile a day and I'll bet,
           if nothing else, I have more interesting things to look at. :)
           \- i sort of got addicted to swimming for a while and was swimming
              maybe 10-12 miles a week. i dont think swimming gets you very
              far unless you have a lot of discipline [i.e. you do the
              equivalent of running intervals] or you combine with weights.
              if you do the equivalent of a slow jog in the pool, it doesnt
              get you very far. if i am totally out of shape then i start
              my aerobic conditioning by swimming, since it's hard to get
              motvated to run if you cant even run 2 miles. but otherwise
              swimming alone to me is like exercise bike or walking ... for
              old people or people who for some other reason, e.g. 50lbs
              overweight, cant run or something like that. --psb
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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